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Read The Case Study

Draw a strategy map of hotel paris based on the
information given in the case.

Draw in this type of format:

Same like this type of format diagram on microsft word
Do not change the format


As above diagram shows on the left hand side there is written

Strategy in brief
Strategic financial result
Customer based results
Internal business processes
Organizational and Employee capability

These points should be same in the case of hotel paris. Same heading
same structure like this on microsft word

And in the above diagram on the right hand side or in the centre
shows different boxes and there is something written in it and arrows
is there which is showing the links or connection between themm or it
is a map. Actually it is a map of Southwest Airlines

Now remember my case study is for Hotel Paris

So, You draw same structure like this same but data in the box will be
according to hotel paris and relate it according to hotel paris

Read carefully hotel paris case study and mention the imporant
points in the boxes like front desk service etc much more in the case
study and link between them like South west airlines

I am attaching file of case study in a moment so u can abale to read

that first okk

Thank You

Thank You