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Food Test

Iodine Test
Test for starch
Shake a little starch powder in a test-tube with some warm
water to make a suspension.
Add 3 or 4 drops of iodine solution. A dark blue colour
should be produced.
Leaves are soaked in ethanol to soften the leaf
Leaves are boiled to break down cell membranes
Ethanol is used to remove cholrophyl

Vitamin C Test
Draw up 2 cm3 fresh lemon juice into a plastic syringe.
Add this juice drop by drop to 2 cm3 of a 0.1% solution of
DCPIP (a blue dye) in a test-tube. The DCPIP will become
colourless quite suddenly as the juice is added. The amount of
juice added from the syringe should be noted down.
Repeat the experiment but with orange juice in the syringe. If
it takes more orange juice than lemon juice to decolourise the
DCPIP, the orange juice must contain less vitamin C.