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EOI Topics Review

Please write down a definition or summary for each topic

13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments Ch3:

Black Codes Ch3:
Jim Crow Laws Ch3&Ch7:
Ku Klux Klan Ch3:
Reasons for Immigration Ch5:
Chinese Exclusion Act Ch5:
Nativism Ch5:
Americanization Ch5:
Ellis Island Ch5
Reservations Ch6
Assimilation Ch6:
Dawes Act Ch6:
John D. Rockefeller Ch4:
Andrew Carnegie Ch4
Horizontal and Vertical Integration Ch4:
Gospel of Wealth Ch4:
Thomas Edison Ch4:
Alexander G. Bell Ch4:
Bessemer process Ch4:
Muckrakers Ch8:
Child labor Ch8:
Working conditions Ch8:
Womens Suffrage Ch8&Ch7:
Temperance Ch8:
Susan B. Anthony Ch7:
Progressive Movement Ch8:
Direct Primary Ch8:
Initiative petition Ch8:
Referendum Ch8:
Recall Ch8
Conservation of the environment Ch8:
16th,17th,18th, 19th, and 21st amendments Ch8, 8, 11,11,11:
Plessy v. Ferguson Ch7:
Poll taxes Ch7:
Literacy tests Ch7:
American Imperialism Ch9:
Annexation of Hawaii Ch9:
Yellow journalism Ch9:
Spanish American War Ch9:
Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders Ch9:
USS Maine, Remember the Maine Ch9:
Cuba and the Philippines Ch9:
Big Stick Diplomacy Ch9
Dollar Diplomacy Ch9:
Roosevelt Corollary Ch9:
Panama Canal Ch9:
Neutrality in WWI Ch10
Zimmerman Note Ch10
Threats to international trade Ch10:
Womens increased role in industry (WWI) Ch10:
The Great Migration Ch10:
Draft Ch10:
Suppression of Individual Liberties Ch10:
Fourteen Points Ch10:
League of Nations Ch10:
Harlem Renaissance Ch11:
Booming Economy (20s) Ch11:
Tulsa Race Riot Ch11:
Dick Rolland Ch11:
Overproduction Ch12:
Speculation Ch11:
Buying on margin Ch11:
Laissez-faire Ch11:
Bank Failures Ch12:
Bonus army Ch12:
Hooverville Ch12:
Deficit Spending Ch13:
New Federal Agencies Ch13:
Dust Bowl Ch13:
Appeasement Ch14:
Isolationism Ch14&11:
Neutrality Acts Ch14:
Lend-Lease program Ch14:
Mobilization for war (WWII) Ch14:
Interment Ch14:
Korematsu v. United States Ch14:
Pearl Harbor Ch15:
D-Day Ch15:
Atomic bomb Ch15:
Island hopping Ch15:
Holocaust Ch15:
Nuremburg Trials Ch15:
Iron Curtain Ch16:
Marshall Plan Ch16:
United Nations Ch16:
NATO Ch16:
Warsaw Pact Ch16:
United States (western) vs. Soviet (eastern) Ch16
Truman Doctrine Ch16:
Invasion of South Korea Ch16:
Berlin Wall Ch19:
Berlin Airlift Ch16:
Bay of Pigs Ch19:
Cuban Missile Crisis Ch19:
Red Scare Ch16:
Nuclear arms race Ch16:
Space race Ch16:
Domino Theory Ch20:
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Ch20:
Tet Offensive Ch20:
War Powers Act Ch20:
26th Amendment Ch20:
Desegregate Ch18:
Thurgood Marshall Ch18:
De Jure and De Facto (segregation) Ch18:
Brown v. Board of Education Ch18:
24th Amendment Ch18:
Dr. Martin Luther King Ch18:
Malcolm X Ch18:
Civil Disobedience Ch18:
Little Rock Nine Ch18:
Montgomery Bus Boycott Ch18:
Womens Liberation Movement Ch21:
Roe v. Wade Ch21:
Watergate Scandal Ch22:
25th Amendment (first use) Ch22:

Camp David Accords Ch22:

OPEC Oil Embargo Ch22:
Response to 1979 Iranian hostage crisis Ch22:
Persian Gulf War Ch23:
Operation Desert Storm Ch23:
Saddam Hussein Ch23:
1995 Murrah Federal Building bombing in OKC Ch24:
1993 attack on World Trade Center Towers Ch24:
Sept. 11, 2001 attack on World Trade Center Towers Ch24:
Dept. of Homeland Security Ch24: