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Date 12-3-2017 (Sunday) Student teacher Fatima Ali

Time (45 minutes) School The First Academy School

MCT Garnel Desravins Class Grade: 1 E
Lesson Unit7: weather and seasons No of students 28
unit/page Lesson3: What are seasons?
fall &winter
Page: 278 - 281.
Context of the lesson
This lesson is about the different season and the characteristic of each one e.g. the kind of
the weather found in each one. It is the third lesson in the weather and seasons unit.
Teaching goal
The aim of this lesson is to teach the students about the differences between seasons and
help them to classify the characteristics of each season.
Learning objectives (Students will be able to)
Identify the different seasons and kinds of weather found in each one
(fall winter)
Classify and describe the characteristic of the seasons including types of
clothes people could wear, how the trees look in each season.
Assumptions about prior learning
The learners already know that
There are four seasons,
Know what happened to the tree in spring and summer
Know that the seasons repeat. But they need to know deeply about the
characteristic of each season (fall and winter )
Anticipated problems and possible solutions
Problem: Internet might be, out of service, which would prevent the video from
Solution: the video will be download on a flash
Personal focus for this lesson
My personal focus in this lesson is asking the students different questions, monitor them
while working, and assess their learning.
Target language Teacher language
Seasons Questions:
Review questions: (spring & summer):
What is a season?
Summer What are the four seasons?
Fall How the trees looks like the
Winter summer and spring?
What happens to the weather in
spring and summer?
New lesson questions:
How the weather looks like the
What happens to the tree in fall?
Where can we go in each season?
Suppose you were a weather
forecaster. What would you expect
to tell people about the weather on
a winter day? And what they have
to wear?
What are the differences between
the summer and winter?
In which season do many trees lose
their leaves?
In which season the weather
become cooler?
How does the weather change from
fall to winter?
Classify the picture that related to each
Raise your hand when you want to
answer or finish your work.
The quiet and excellent group will get
Main tasks or activities: Resources and Materials For whole
. teaching aids: class:
1. Remind students about classrooms Data show to present Envelops
a PowerPoint and
rules. video Seasons charts
2. Review the previous lesson by Pictures cards
asking questions (spring and Words cards
summer). Pencils
3. Watch video about four seasons Glue.
and what happen in each one then Colors
ask them a question about it. Seasons mini-book.
4. Differentiation activities for low Small boards and
-middle- students. markers.
5. Individual activity for all

Consider these grouping strategies: Consider where the children are working:
Pair work Working in the classroom(at their desk)

Planning Stages Within the 5-E Inquiry Model

Engage (6 minutes)

Key Question:
What is a season? A time of year
Opening activity to surface student prior knowledge:
What are the four seasons? Spring, summer, fall and winter
What happens in the spring and summer seasons (for the tree &
weather)? Spring (tree have new leaves- warm and rain) Summer
(trees have a fruit, green leaves hot)
Opening activity to engage student interest and clarify context of the investigations:
Now lets see watch video
Questions for whole group discussion:
What the weather is like in each season (fall- winter)? Fall: cool air
winter: cold air
Describe how the trees looks like in each season (fall-winter)? Fall: the
leaves change color and drop off- winter: no leaves.
Review the previous lesson Student will respond to
(spring &summer) by asking teachers questions
them questions
- What is a seasons? is a time of Student will watch the video
year about the season and they
will act with it.
- What are the four seasons? spring
summer fall winter
- Talk about what happen in the
spring and summer season (for the
tree & weather? Spring (tree have
new leave- warm and rain)
summer (trees have a fruit hot).
The teacher will show them
video about the four seasons and
what happen in each one. (2

Explore (15 minutes)

Activities (list) Driving Question
Low level: students will have a Low level question:
season chart and work in pair or In which season do many trees
group of 3, to classify the pictures lose their leaves? Winter
the related to each season .They In which season the weather
will glow the pictures and past them
become cooler? fall
in the appropriate place. For
example, if students have the Middle level question:
picture that shown the leaves of How does the weather change
tree change color and drop off, they from fall to winter? Winter is colder
will put it in fall. than fall and it may even snow.
Middle level: Students will work in How do many trees look in fall?
pair or group of 3, classify and past Some leaves change color and
the picture that related to each drop off trees.
season and then underneath each High level question:
picture they have to past the Suppose you were a weather
description (it is already typed for forecaster. What would you expect
them). For example, if a student has to tell people about the weather on
a picture that shown a girl wears a a winter day? And what they have
warm coat and gloves, he or she to wear? It will be cold and may
will put it in the winter and stick the snowy. You have to wear a warm
word coat and gloves. coat.
Note: high level students will have What are the differences between
the summer and winter? Summer
the same activity but, teacher will is a hot weather, we wear
sunglasses. In winter it is a cold
ask them different questions
weather and we wear a warm coat.
according to their level.
Teacher Student
The teacher will give each student The students listen to the
the activity and tell them the teachers instruction and then the
instructions. activities. After that students will
answer teachers question

Student Communication Product:

The students will discuss together to answer the question and do the activity.
Also, the teacher will be asking them questions while they are doing the
activities to see how they are going.

Explain (7 minutes)
Content Media:
- Power point
Teacher Student

The teacher will ask students Students will explain say what
to explain what they have they have found from the
learned from the classification classification activity.
activity for example, to Student will responded to the
explain what happen in each teachers questions.

Elaborate (10 minutes)

Activities: Teacher Student
Mini book( weather and The teacher will Student will take out
trees) (draw & color& ask student them the materials then
paste: (individual) to use the leaves they will start to glue
Materials: and past it in the the leaves then paste
Mini-book trees Then she will it in the appropriate
Glue explain how they trees. For example,
will do the activity student will past the
Extending/Applicatio and show them green leaves in the
n Questions for example. summer tree.
Whole/Small Group Student will draw
Discourse: how the what the weather in
trees look in each each season. For
season? instance, in winter,
Draw something related they could draw snow
to each season. If the student or cold
Student didnt finish the Student will complete
Communication activity they can their mini-book.
Product complete it in their
(assessment): mini- home.

Ask students to
paste the paper
(leaves) in each tree
to make spring,
summer, and fall and
winter trees.
Then ask them to
draw what the
weather in each

After that, ask them

to complete their

Evaluate ( 7 minutes)
Knowledge Learning Objectives Assessment Instrument
Riddle activity (Who am I?) Checklist (put use it during
The teacher will ask students the activity time)
riddle, students will answer it by Observe and monitor students
drawing a sign of the weather. to check their understanding.
When they will finish they will raise Walk around and ask them
their boards. different questions.
Teacher Student

The teacher will give each Students will listen to the teacher
student small board with while telling the riddle question,
maker answer it by drawing the sign of
Ask them to draw sign of the weather. Then they will raise
the season that answer the the board to show the answer to
riddle. For example: the teacher.
1. I am the season with cool air,
Leaves are changing their color
to brown, orange and may be
red. Also, it is falling off trees.
(Fall). Student will draw leaf
2. People wear jackets, gloves and
boots. The weather is very cold
and there are no leaves in the
trees. Who am I? (Winter).
Student will draw snow
3. The weather is hot. People
wear hats and sunglasses and
go to the beach. Who am I?
(Summer). Student will draw
the sun