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It is the first day to go to our new school; our school is a "First Academic" I was

excited to know about how my school looks like? Also, who will be my teacher, and
about my students. I met my MST and science coordinator and I talked and discuss
with them.
During my observations, I noticed that my MST used several strategies while
teaching and I liked them, but the most interesting strategy was choosing a caption
for the group. She chose it depending on children's behavior and their great works
so, it is a kind of parsing. I liked it because it teaches children to be responsible,
cooperate with each other and boost their self-esteem. Moreover, this will be
challenging for children. Therefore, they will work hard to be the captain. During
the observation, helped my MST to observe students writing and I was focused on
the students who faced problems. I learnt many things from that. First of all, each
student has different learning styles. So, it is important to integrate the learning
styles in my lesson. Finally, I have to be responsible, patient with my students to be
able to deliver the knowledge. Unfortunately, this particular school applies teacher
centers rather than students centered, this means that the teacher is talking all the
time and she depend on the book. Furthermore, students are taught science in an
unproductive way, students didnt have a chance to engage, explore, explain,
extend and evaluate their knowledge. Students are just sitting and listening to the
teacher while explaining the lesson and complete the science book. As a result, I
have to change that by giving students opportunity to discover, explore and engage
and construct their understanding by providing them a various hand on activities,
experiments, discussion activities. These activities will play a critical role to enhance
students learning and make the learning flexible and productive. I think I have to
work on classroom management because it is the key for successful class, to
achieve that I have to create several management strategies to manage students
such as reward systems and bell.