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Moose Tracks

Trevor, Abby, Elijah, & Raelynn Yardley Spring 2009


• We accepted an offer on our


Prayer Requests:

• We need a place to live

KCAM in Glennallen, this is where Trevor will be working as a radio announcer once we are in Alaska.

The Northern Light Network consists of two radio stations,
Support raising ongoing
KCAM in Glennallen and KRSA in Petersburg. Glennallen is
Vision Trip to AK Summer 2009
located in the southeast region of Alaska almost 200 miles from
Education Conf. Oct. 2009 Anchorage. Petersburg is located in the panhandle islands near
MOP January 2010 Juneau. The mission statement of the NLN is to proclaim Jesus
MDP Spring 2010 as Lord across Alaska by Radio, through Evangelism,
Depart for AK Summer 2010 Discipleship, and Public Service. Both stations offer a variety of
Various other
programming to reach the needs of the communities, from music
to news and Bible teaching to sports, all the while broadcasting
Alaska Fun the Gospel of Christ to all who will hear it. You can listen too at and The NLN is also expanding its
ministry into western Alaska where villages are very remote and
Alaska has 1.1 person per life is hard. It is an area that is in much need of the Gospel.
square mile. That means
our family of four could have
Radio can penetrate into this hard to reach area where
almost 4 1/2 square miles all missionaries can’t always get into. We hope to be in Alaska in
to ourselves. time for the start of this exciting opportunity to spread the
message of Christ to the people in western Alaska.
SEND International PO Box 513 Farmington, MI 48332 800-SEND-808

Yardley’s address: 4795 S. 750 E. Bluffton, IN 46714 260-334-5399 (home)

260-450-7254 (cell)
Family Happenings
The major happening in our family right now is the selling of our
house, which this is another confirmation that God has called us to
Alaska. As you know, houses aren’t selling very fast these days.
This brings with it more stress, however, as we don’t have a place to
live as of the writing of this letter. But as we are learning, God takes
care of the things that we have no control over. We often wonder
why we worry about anything because God always provides for our
needs. It may not always be the way we want or think it should be,
but they are always provided for. As you can see on the picture to
the right, we have a pretty good looking family. Elijah and Raelynn
keep growing and we can’t seem to stop them. They make life very
entertaining. Abby has learned how to make great chocolate chip
cookies, which was her only flaw in baking, but now she’s perfect.
Trevor is about to hit the big THREE-O, but someone at his work
the other day thought he was a high school student! Thanks for Trevor, Abby, Elijah, and Raelynn
your support and prayers. God bless.

Animism is the main religion of the native Alaskans. What is

Animism animism? It is the attributing of conscious life to nature as a
whole or to inanimate objects. There is a lot of spiritism and
demonic activity involved with animism. Along with the animism
religion comes a lot of fear. The natives have a fear of life, a fear
of death, and a fear of the spirit world. Knowing Christ takes
away those fears because he is the creator of life, he has defeated
death, and he is ruler of all things, spiritual and non-spiritual.
That is why we are going to Alaska, to bring the Gospel of Christ
to those who live in fear so that they may find freedom from fear
by starting a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Speaking Engagements
If you would like to have us speak at your church to
hear more about the ministry God has called us to
in Alaska, please contact us through e-mail
( or phone (260) 450-7254.
A cemetery in a Alaskan village, the graves show the mix of
animism and Christianity

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