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May 2017 | Trevecca Nazarene Universitys Ocial Student Newspaper Since 1944 |

2017-18 ASB positions lled


More farm-fresh food

in caf than ever before
The Trevecca Urban Farm is
providing record amounts of food
to the cafeteria.

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Introducing the
new editor-in-chief
Brooklyn Dance, sophomore
journalism major, will serve as the
editor-in-chief of the TrevEchoes
for the 2017-18 school year.

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Urban Farm brings

goat yoga to campus
The Trevecca Urban Farm
recently sponsored the first goat
yoga event on campus.

Page 7 (l-r) Uy Nguyen, Joshua Ray, Brady Ray, Shelby Morrison, Kelly Hall, Jared Caperton, Sarah Goodman and Brooklyn Dance.
BY Bailey Basham
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF into the positions, ready to represent chaplain and editors of on-campus
CONNECT the student body and leave their publications, are all filled.
Each year, the student body mark on campus.
elects ocers to lead the Associated Flip to page 4 to read about each
/TrevEchoesOnline Positions for associated
Student Body. ASB is charged with of your new representatives, their
student body president, vice goals for their positions and a little
overseeing a budget to plan events,
@TrevEchoes president, directors of social life, bit about their background.
do service and represent the student
communications and intramurals,
bodys interets. New students come
along with the student body CONTINUED PAGE 4
@TrevEchoes Boonearoo is back: After a year off, music fest is on again


TNU Events App Boonearoo is back for the sev-

enth year after taking a break last
INSIDE Hosted in the quad, Boonea-
NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 roo compiles the feel of a music
festival mixed with games and a
OPINION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 newly added relaxation station,
SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 all designed to give students a
FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Ten volleyball players to Classes offered at 10 a.m. next

not return to team next year semester to accomodate growth BY Blake Stewart
The Lady Trojan volleyball team will graduate one senior, and grow, administrators made the
nine other players will not be returning for various reasons. move to add 10 a.m. classes after
A new class slot will be the undergraduate enrollment
BY Andrew Preston
SPORTS EDITOR that they would not be returning to the available at 10 a.m. on Mondays, increased 36 percent in the past
team at the beginning of the semester,
according to Athletic Director Mark Wednesdays and Fridays next three years, said Steve Pusey,
The Trevecca volleyball team is Elliot. year because of an increase in University Provost.
rebuilding its roster after losing 10 Four-year starter and senior Katelyn enrollment.
players for next year. This change in schedule will
Atkinson will graduate in May.
Five returning players recently The 10 a.m. slot has been open not affect the students as much,
Elliott said the players have
asked for voluntary release from different reasons for leaving and for staff meetings and other said Pusey. It will primarily
the team, one player was dismissed school administrators cant discuss events on campus, but because affect faculty as professors and
from the team, three other players
notified Head Coach Jayme Crowley CONTINUED PAGE 7 the student body continues to CONTINUED PAGE 2
2 | 2017 | MAY | TrevEchoes

Classes will be offered at 10 a.m. next semes-

ter to accomodate growth in student body

university staff will now have to

shift their meetings to later in
the afternoon.
The adjustment can be tough
on the staff, but our priority at
the university is the students,
said Pusey.
University officials are trying
to find ways to meet the needs
of student growth on campus.
Pusey estimates that there
will be an increase of 75 to 100
undergraduate students next
Currently, up to 70 percent
of the 50 class spaces are used
during main time blocks each
day. Adding the 10 a.m. classes
to the Monday, Wednesday and
Friday class schedule will create
40 additional classroom spaces.
The schedule change also
helps delay spending money on
additional buildings. Photo provided by Trevecca Marketing.
If we continue to grow,
he said. It would be difficult athlete. sleep and missing the horrific
this change will get us by for
to put up a building by next The change will also benefit Nashville traffic, said Relles.
a couple of years rather than
semester, so this is a good part- commuters, Pusey said.
having to build or carve up
time solution and a good option Briana Relles, senior
classroom space. It will be cost-
to accommodate our growth. general science major, will be
saving to the university, said
Pusey. The change will also help commuting to campus beginning To register for
Seth Conley, assistant
student athletes and commuters. in the fall and says she is excited classes, visit
Athletes have practices later in for the change.
professor of communication
studies, said while its nice to the day and will be able to get in I am going to be commuting tnu4u.trevecca.
have the spot open during the more morning classes. next year for the first time. A edu and make an
day, that adding 10 a.m. classes As an athlete, its good lot of my friends are commuters
is a good overall solution. because all my time goes toward and have to wake up at 5 and appointment with
I see the value in the way that school and basketball, and that
opens time in the morning for
6 a.m. to miss traffic to get to
class on time. The change in
an advisor about
its been done, but I also see
the value in the adjustment in me to take a class instead of an time will allow myself and fellow the best classes to
regards to our growth. I see it as
growing pains that will lead to
afternoon or evening class,
said Dominique Obunake, junior
commuters to schedule classes
during the 10 a.m. class period,
take for each major.
be beneficial for the university, social justice major and student which will lead to getting more

Professional development club coming to campus next year

BY Ashley Walling other Rotary clubs in the U.S. hopefully assist in the initiation persistent issues. Rotaract clubs
STAFF WRITER One of the biggest issues Ive of a dialogue in the surrounding reach 177 different countries and
A student-led chapter of Rotary noticed since coming to Trevecca, communities. The aim of this is to nearly 300,000 members worldwide
International will join the ranks for a lack of better words, is the allow students the opportunity to to invest in local economies, support
among other student clubs on frank reality of us being a city foster relationships and develop education, and provide clean
campus next fall. on a hill. We are quite literally a better understanding of servant water, sanitation and hygiene to
Rotaract, which began in 1968 separated from our community leadership. communities in need.
as the Rotary International youth and neighbors, said Layne. This The Rotary Club, whose motto One of the main goals of the
program, was designed to bring partnership with the Brentwood is service above self, is an Rotaract club is to help members
people between the ages of 18 and Rotary and the chartering of international organization dedicated develop professionally, and Layne
30 together to exchange ideas and to a Trevecca Rotaract Club will to solving some of the worlds most said it was his hope that students
develop leadership and professional on campus would see the club as an
skills. opportunity to prepare for the world
Tabitha Sookdeo, a senior at outside the gates of campus.
Trevecca, said she wanted to bring [There is] a severe deficit of
the Rotary to campus because after professional development amongst
being involved with the organization the student body, which results in
for eight years. seniors getting headshots, drafting
I am excited for new resources their first resumes and setting up a
for students as [far as] professional LinkedIn account at the last minute
development, humanitarian work, before they have to start paying
study abroads, peace fellowships loans in six months. If you know
and scholarships [go]. This service anything about the real world, you
club will be an incredible asset to the know thats not how it works, said
Trevecca community, said Sookdeo. Layne. This isnt to say it is the
Charles Layne, a freshman and administrations fault because this
Rotaract member, said he thought culture of professionalism is one
Trevecca would benefit from a club that has to be led by the student
like Rotaract on campus, so he did body. Creating this culture will be a
some digging. critical piece of the Rotaract Chapter
After meeting with leaders of at Trevecca, and everyone involved
the Brentwood Rotary club back in will be fully prepared to stand out
March, a sponsorship was created, amongst their peers in the greater
and Trevecca joined the 35,000 Charles Layne, freshman and Rotaract member, talks with Tabitha Sookdeo, a senior. Photo by Uy Nguyen. Nashville area.
TrevEchoes | MAY | 2017 | 3


Taste the Nations
celebrates its 10th year
STAFF REPORT things like pencils, clothes
and school essentials, and we
Namaste, Treveccas club for
meet so we can help students
international students, was
get used to the culture of
founded 10 years ago to provide
America. [We also want to]
a space for international
expose Trevecca students to
students and those interested
international culture, said
in learning about international
culture to gather.
In a news release from
Taste the Nations is an event
the university, Namaste
hosted by the cluband one
president Asia Norman said the
that many students on campus
opportunity to share about her
look forward to all year. At the
culture is amazing.
event, which took place earlier
in the month, students shared We all love showcasing and
foods, dances, songs and poetry sharing our culture on stage
from their home countries. with the rest of Treveccas
campus, and were all having Students performed traditional dances at the event. Photo by TNU.
For international students,
so much fun doing it, Norman
the event serves as an
opportunity to showcase some
of their favorite aspects of Norman sang the hymn
their cultures. For those who Blessed Assurance in Korean
attend the event, Taste the and English. She also shared
Nations offers a small sampling with the audience a Korean
of what cultures from acround hymn.
the world look like and how We are all so different, and
they differ from the culture in theres always something to
America and at Trevecca. learn from one another. Our
Ten years after its founding, experiences, cultures and
the club members represent 30 values all shape who we are,
different countries. and we love getting to share
that, said Norman. All of us
According to Roy Philip,
are from such different parts of
faculty sponsor of Namaste,
the world and [from different]
the purpose of the club is
cultures and religions, but
about fostering community
Namaste [and Taste the
and providing a resource for
Nations] re about how we all
students transitioning to
come together to form a single,
American culture.
but diverse group. I know
Namaste was created as a Trevecca really benefits from
help center for international having a club like Namaste
students. We have an [and an event like Taste the
emergency fund where we buy Nations] as a part of campus. Attendees of the event were able to sample foods from different cultures. Photo by TNU.

Finals schedule and library hours

Library hours: Mon., May 1 Tues., May 2 Wed., May 3
Day | Event Time Class Time Test Time Class Time Test Time Class Time Test Time
Sat., April 29 10 a.m.10 p.m. 99:50 a.m. MWF 810 a.m. 89:15 a.m. TR 810 a.m. 88:50 a.m. MWF 810 a.m.

1111:50 a.m. MWF 10 a.m.12 p.m. 10:45 a.m.12 p.m. TR 10 a.m.12 p.m. 1212:50 a.m. MWF 10 a.m.12 p.m.
Sun., April 30 3 p.m.2 a.m.
12:101:25 p.m. TR 122 p.m. 11:50 p.m. MWF 122 p.m. All classes starting
122 p.m.
Therapy dogs visit 3:154:30 p.m. 22:50 p.m. MWF 24 p.m. 1:352:50 p.m. TR 24 p.m. at 3 p.m. MWF

Mon., May 1 8 a.m.2 a..m. All classes starting All classes starting All classes starting
24 p.m.
at 3 p.m. on Mon. or 46 p.m. at 3 p.m. on Tues. or 46 p.m. at 4:25 p.m. or later
Visit from baby goats 34:30- p.m.
Wed. Thurs. on Tues. or Thurs.

Tues., May 2 8 a.m.2 a.m. All classes starting All classes starting All classes starting
46 p.m.
at 4:25 p.m. or later 68 p.m. at 4:25 p.m. or later 68 p.m. at 4 p.m. or later on

on Tues. on Thurs. Mon. or Wed.

4 | 2017 | MAY | TrevEchoes


Associated Student Body positions filled for next year


(l-r) Back row: Joshua Ray, Jared Caperton and Michael Foster, outgoing ASB president. Front row: Uy Nguyen, Brooklyn Dance, Shelby Morrison, Kelly Hall, Sarah Goodman and Brady Ray. Photo provided by Dance.

Jared Caperton Sarah Goodman Joshua Ray Kelly Hall

ASB President ASB Vice President ASB Chaplain Director of Social Life
Caperton is a junior business major Goodman is from Creve Coeur, Ill. Ray, a religion major, is from the Hall is from Atlanta and is cur-
from Mt. Juliet, Tenn. She is currently a sophomore com- Woodlands in Texas. rently a junior organizational
mercial music major. communications major.
Campaign Platform: My whole plat- Top three goals for the year:
form is that I want to serve the entire Top three goals for the year: 1. I would like to work toward Top three goals for the year:
student body, and I want to be the 1. I would like to build relationships building and reshaping our stu-
1. I want to facilitate a great-
eyes and ears for the students. I love with my fellow SGA members as dent-led worship, SOMA.
2. I want to encourage and par- er communal atmosphere
people and I cannot wait to serve. well as the student body and help through campus events.
grow our campus community. ticipate in the construction of
a prayer chapel on campus for 2. I want to bring new and ex-
Top Three Goals: 2. I want to help my fellow SGA
1. I want everyones needs to be members in creating a wide array students and faculty. citing events that everyone
met and heard. of events where all students can 3. I want to be present for the will have a desire to attend.
2. I want to work with other local find a time to participate. spiritual needs of the executive 3. Id like to carry out our tra-
schools and make Nashville one 3. I want to grow as a leader and council, the chaplain council ditions such as Trojan Idol
big community. use this opportunity to learn and for the student body as and FNL in the most upscale
3. I want to make everyones Trev- more about how to serve others chaplain. way.
ecca experience the best it can in a leadership position.
possibly be. Favorite movies: Star Wars, Pearl
Harbor and the Kingdom of Heaven Favorite movie: How to Lose a
Favorite movie: Shes the Man Guy in 10 Days
Favorite movie: The Waterboy Favorite book: The Magicians Neph- Favorite book: Mere Christianity by
C.S Lewis Favorite book: Redeeming Love
Favorite book: The Bible ew by C.S Lewis
Favorite song: The Weekend by Favorite song: Beautiful by Ben Favorite song: Nocturne in C-sharp Favorite song: Thats What I like
Brantley Gilbert Rector minor, B. 49 by Frederic Chopin by Bruno Mars

Uy Nguyen Brooklyn Dance Shelby Morrison Brady Ray

Director of Communications TrevEchoes Editor-in-Chief Darda Editor-in-Chief Director of Intramural Athletics
Nguyen is a sophomore communi- Dance is from Brentwood, Tenn. She Dance is from Smyrna, Tenn. Ray is a sophomore sports man-
cations studies major from Mem- is a sophomore multimedia journal- She is a freshman graphic de- agement major from Old Hicko-
phis. ism major. sign major. ry, Tenn.

Top three goals for the year: Top three goals for the year: Top goals for the year: Top three goals for the year:
1. I want to have smoother com- 1. I want to run a paper full of di- 1. I want this yearbook to 1. I want to increase participa-
munication within SGA. verse stories. document the history of tion in intramural sports.
2. Id like to put out the same/ 2. I want students to look forward Trevecca for the 2017-2018 2. I want to look at upgrading
higher quality material than to the paper coming out and school year. our facilities and equipment.
this year. know they can trust that the 2. I want the book to be filled 3. I want to use social media
3. I want to make less typos. paper will accurately voice their with pictures, stories and and technology to more of
ideas and opinions. more to capture the great- my advantage.
Favorite movies: anything Pixar, ness [Trevecca] holds.
3. I want to maintain a level of con-
Treasure Planet, The Way Way
sistency in reporting and writing. Favorite movie: The Blind Side
Back, Life of Pi, The Secret Life Favorite song: You & I by Colo- Favorite book: The Mannings:
of Walter Mitty, the Martian and
Favorite movie: Zootopia ny House The Rise and Fall of a Football
Favorite book: Scary Close by Don Favorite movie: My Girl Family
Book: Percy Jackson
Miller Favorite author: C.S. Lewis Favorite song: In Case You
Song: Strings by Young the Giant
Favorite song: Helium by Sia Didnt Know by Brett Young
TrevEchoes | MAY | 2017 | 5

Tuition opportunity bill failed for fifth year in a row

BY Bailey Basham
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 45 non-immigrant undergraduate
students at Trevecca, in addition to
A group of Trevecca students re- five graduate and three adult studies
cently spent time at the Tennessee students who are non-residents.
State House advocating for a state I think our character comes from
tuition equality bill that would allow people like Zacnite. No matter if it
DACA and non-immigrant students had passed this year, she wouldnt
to pay in-state tuition at Tennessees have gotten any benefits [because she
public universities. will be graduating before it would go
The Tuition Opportunity Bill last into effect]. She was working so hard
month died in a house committee because she believes in giving to those
despite support from Tennessee gov- behind her. She knows she wouldnt
ernor, state higher education ocials be here without people reaching back
and a handful of Trevecca students and helping her and she wants to do
who wanted the bill to pass. the same for others, said Thomas.
Non-immigrant students attending Thomas said if a similar bill passed
college in Tennessee are not granted it could make it harder for Trevecca to
in-state tuition. Because of that, they recruit these students, but that it was
are often made to pay up to three still the right thing to do to support it.
times as much to attend a public A lot of why we are able to recruit
college. While DACA allows these undocumented students is because we
students to enroll in college, they are are actually cheaper than the public
still not eligible for any federal or schools who are charging out of state
state financial aid. tuition. I think God calls us to look
Brodrick Thomas, coordinator of beyond our pocketbooks. If the state
student engagement and diversity, wants to deny them, Trevecca will
went to the capital with Zacnite Var- gladly fill that gap, said Thomas.
gas, a junior nursing major and DACA For students attending Trevecca,
student, and other Trevecca stdents non-profit Equal Chance for Educa-
in support of the bill. tion (ECE) offers them a way to pay
Our involvement was just to go for school. There are currently 53 ECE
up and spend some time with sena- scholars at Trevecca. The organization Vargas and Republican senator Todd Gardenhire. Photo provided by Zacnite Vargas.
tors and congressmen and make our pays one-third of the cost of tui-
pitch. We didnt run into any push to education is. [A lot of people say] erro.
tion, the student and their family pay higher education opens doors and Vargas said she hopes the bill will
back from any of them. Most of them one-third, and the university helps
were seemed to be leaning towards it opportunities that could change lives, be passed so students like herself can
through institutional aid through and its true. I have seen many doors gain the education needed to further
because of the money it would bring diversity and leadership scholarships
in, said Thomas. Any time you opened in my life while being at Trev- invest in her community.
to cover the remaining cost. ecca, and that has played a great part Give us a chance to pay in-state
can inuence revenue that much in Incoming Futuro President Sofia
a state institution, thats less money to why I was able to continue my ed- tuition to the state we live in. Give
Guerrero said the opportunity edu- ucation. How can these doors open for us a chance to get a college degree to
state funding has to cover. cation gives to students is invaluable
Pew Research Center estimates others if access to higher education invest more in the state, said Var-
and the financial barrier makes things is limited by a financial barrier? [This gas. You invested in these kids for 12
there are 750,000 non-immigrant harder on non-immigrants.
students in the U.S. bill gives non-immigrant students] an yearswhat makes them not worth it
As an education major, I cannot open door for a lifetime, said Guer- when they graduate high school?
In the fall of 2016, there were stress enough how important access

Farm to Caf: a record increase in farm food being used in the cafeteria
BY Blake Stewart able. chefs do use the items from the farm plants, said Ajulu Olok, a farm em-
STAFF WRITER For the last three years Adkins and to be served as feature items. ployee.
John Ferris, head chef in the cafeteria, One of the more popular items from Ferris and the staff of Pioneer are
The Trevecca Urban Farm is sup- teamed up to serve farm workers and the farm being served in the cafeteria working on labeling nutrition facts on
plying the cafeteria with more organic supporters a farm-to-table dinner are eggs that are used to make omelets. the menu. There is a poster in the caf-
food grown on campus than ever. where 95 percent of the food comes When certain crops are in season, the eteria that helps explain the different
The Urban Farm started serving from the urban farm. Administrators farm will sell those particular items to food items being served.
small quantities of its own food in the who attended the event told Adkins the cafeteria and the rest of the items The staff labels the foods that are
cafeteria four years ago, but this se- theyd love to see more food from the vary depending on the season. regional, organic and vegetarian and
mester the food is being used at record farm available in cafeteria. We decid- If I can get some spring mix from identify the food from the farm with
volume. ed we were going to try and meet that the farm, I will try to use that in a spe- the urban farm logo.
The farm has sold more food in the challenge to get more of our food into cialty salad. I try to use farm items as Ferris said there is something being
last three months than any previous the cafeteria to be used in meals, said specific features, said Ferris. served every week in the cafeteria from
year, said Jason Adkins, environmen- Adkins. Knowing where their food came from the farm.
tal projects coordinator. We want the This challenge has given the farm a and how it was grown is comforting to I like the idea of using farm food
farm to educate students on how to goal to work towards and an opportu- some students. because the food is healthy and is
grow food that gives life to people on nity to provide students with organi- I like having farm food served in locally grown by students. This gives
this earth and the students to be able to cally grown food straight from Trevec- the cafeteria because the food is more students pride and being able to share
eat food that gives them life. cas back yard. trustworthy. I know whats been put food that you grew with other students
Eggs, pork, greens and other veggies While the farm cant supply the into the soil and all the things that are is something that Im proud of, said
from the farm are served when avail- whole cafeteria because of volume, the going into being produced for these Dominique Obunaka, a junior.

Jason Adkins explaining dirt to listeners. Photo provided by Trevecca. The Trevecca Urban Farms farm stand in action. Photo provide by Trevecca.
6 | 2017 | MAY | TrevEchoes


TrevEchoes staff wins 10
Editorial: introducing the new Associated Press awards
editor-in-chief of TrevEchoes STAFF REPORT

BY Brooklyn Dance

To my Trevecca family, students and

faculty: hello!
Lets get right to it. My name is
Brooklyn Dance, I am a sophomore and
I am next years editor-in-chief. I am
majoring in journalism and minoring in
social justice. Im sure you have seen
a few of my stories over the past two
years. You may have seen me too, usu-
ally running late to class, drinking coffee
or avidly typing on my computer. I have
been writing for the TrevEchoes since
my first semester of freshman year,
when I couldnt even give you a solid
definition of journalism.
I have grown so much since then,
immersing myself in good writing and
Brooklyn Dance. Photo by Annalizia Cordova.
bettering my skills every day. I have a
weirdly strong passion for news. I have learning about issues that affect us can
a heart for people and being a voice to make us more aware. Awareness can lead (l-r) Back row: Blake Stewart, Andrew Preston, Jess Plyler and Alexis Garcia; Front row: Olivia Kelley, Bailey
those who dont have one. I think thats to empathy, which is important in all Basham, Princess Jones and Jo Ellen Werking Weedman, professor of journalism. Not pictured: Brooklyn Dance.
where my major and minor merge and communities.
beautiful stories are born. I am con- For all of these reasons, I am hooked Five Trevecca students were awarded 10 awards at the annual Associated Press
stantly on the hunt for a good story- not on journalism. I am so excited to take College Career Day and Awards Luncheon.
for my personal gain, but for the student the paper into my own hands, though Bailey Basham, TrevEchoes editor-in-chief was named the best college newspa-
body; a story that explains a complicated its a big responsibility. I want students per reporter in Tennessee and also received an award for Best in Show.
issue or resolves any misunderstanding. to know the paper is a place they can Andrew Preston, TrevEchoes sports editor, received four awards for his coverage
I never saw myself as the next edi- go if they want to be heard. I want to of Trevecca sports for the print and online paper.
tor-in-chief when I enrolled at Trevecca. fairly tell both sides of any given story, AP Awards awarded to Trevecca students:
I dont think my brain thought that far remaining unbiased. I want students to Best online spot coverage: Olivia Kelley, 3rd place and Andrew Preston, 2nd place
ahead, especially when I came in as a always know they can come to me with Best newspaper feature story: Jess Plyler, 3rd place
sociology major. God has a funny way of story ideas or feedback. Best online sports reporting: Andrew Preston, 3rd place
working things out, and things havent I look forward to serving as the next Best online sports coverage: Andrew Preston, 2nd place
always been easy. I am so thankful for editor. Its funny, my grandmother was Best newspaper/specialized topic: Jess Plyler and Brooklyn Dance, 1st place
each opportunity that led me to where actually the TrevEchoes editor when she Best online investigative reporting: Bailey Basham, 3rd place
I am now, and I pray for guidance as I went here. I am following in her foot- Best newspaper reporter: Bailey Basham, 1st place
endeavor in this equally demanding and steps and didnt even know it until after I Best in show: Bailey Basham
rewarding responsibility. became next years editor. Hopefully the
News can give us a glimpse or under- editing that must be in my blood will pay
standing of people or parts of the world off. The newspaper has evolved so much
that we dont interact with regularly. since then, and I am excited to watch the
Even at a place like Trevecca, read- paper continue to grow as I grow with it.
ing stories about our community and


the summer, Editor-In-Chief
Bailey Basham
farewell until

next year Sports Editor

Andrew Preston

Nicole Hubbs Assistant Editor & Online Manager

(615) - 248 - 7725 Brooklyn Dance
Congratulations, friends. You have survived another school year.
I hope that you were able to meet your goals and find success in Annalizia Cordova
small wins this year. Maybe you passed the class that you didnt think
you would. Perhaps you adapted better time management skills to help Uy Nguyen
in all areas of your life.
Even if you had goals that were not met, you have the summer to
reset and start again in the fall. No matter how you end your year, you STAFF WRITERS
powered through, buckled down and survived. That is something to be
proud of.
In last months issue, I outlined some productive ways you can use Blake Stewart
your summer to set yourself up for success in the fall. They were read-
ing, working, interning and taking summer classes. Do some of those
Princess Jones
if you can. But have fun, too. Sleep in, go see movies, read, vacation,
stay-cation, stay up late, laugh, love on your family and friends.
Enjoy all the slowness that summer has to offer. Ashley Walling
Summers during college are special, and once you graduate, they are
gone, so savor them while they last. Alexis Garcia
The dwindling weeks of the spring semester are always chaotic and
full, but we get through them knowing the beautiful gift of a flexible
TrevEchoes is published by and for the students of Trevecca Nazarene University. The views expressed in
schedule, long days outside and time doing things we love are just TrevEchoes are those of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Trevecca.
around the corner. Contributors may be edited for grammar, spelling, content, or space consideration. Our office is located in
Have a wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing you all back in
the fall.
TrevEchoes | MAY | 2017 | 7

Ten volleyball players will not return to team next year

The Lady Trojan CONTINUED FROM COVER or phone calls requesting It was a hard decision for program and Coach Crowley
interviews. me, [to quit the team] all of the all the best in their future
specific details of each players Stephanie Bouchard, a junior, girls on the team are my best endeavors.
volleyball team decision. decided before the semester friends. Were a family, said The Lady Trojans have
There were various reasons started that she needed to Bouchard. recently added three athletes
why several ladies departed give up volleyball to focus In an e-mail response, (Destinee Wilson, Morgan
will graduate one the program. We thank them on getting ready for medical sophomore Alex Reuter Swanger, Jordan Sprinkle) to
for their contributions to the school. confirmed she is leaving. the 2017-18 recruiting class.
success of our program over
senior, and nine I decided it would be better
the last couple of years, wrote for me school wise. I want to
I am honored to have
been a part of the many
Our target number is 16
(players on the roster) that the
Crowley in a statement to the go to med school so Ive been accomplishments of the
TrevEchoes. They helped school says we are allowed,
other players will bring Trevecca to the first
studying for the MCAT, which
I am taking this summer, so
Trevecca Womens Volleyball
program over the past two
for the finances to work, said
NCAA volleyball tournament I wanted to focus on school, seasons, said sophomore
in school history. We also With the recent signees, the
not be returning for wish them well in their new
said Bouchard.
She said her decision to leave
Alex Reuter. I have made
the decision to transfer to
Lady Trojans currently have
seven spots on their roster
endeavors. a different school after this
was dicult, but is hopeful for filled and are working to fill
Seven of the non-returning
various reasons. players did not return emails
the future of the program. semester for academic and
personal reasons and wish the
out their entire roster.

Student-athletes and coaches to be inducted into Trevecca Hall of Fame

BY Andrew Preston
We are going to reintroduce the Hall of Fame induct- players already elected in the Hall of Fame.
ees during the TROJYs, and have them walk through the I hope there is many more [soccer players] to come
For the first time in school history, the Athletic Hall of student-athletes on the purple carpet, said Elliott. [into the Hall of Fame] in the future, said Foster. Soc-
Fame induction ceremony will be held during the spring The purple carpet being the Trojans spin-off of the cer is relatively new at Trevecca compared to baseball or
semester with the second annual TROJY Award Show famed red carpet, celebrities walk on during formal basketball, but soccer isnt far behind. Its important for
immediately following. award ceremonies such as the ESPYs. me to be recognized for that reason.
The athletic department sponsored event has mod- The TROJYs award Trevecca student athletes in Its going to be special to have Coach Foster join us
eled their end-of-the-year award ceremony for Trojan the areas such as most outstanding athlete, Christian again at Trevecca, said Elliott. His story of how he
athletes after the popular ESPY Award (Excellence in student-athlete of the year, andfreshman of the year, got here and how he became coach is such an amazing
Sports Yearly Award) show produced by major broadcast among many other categories. story, you could even do a movie on it.
television network, ABC. The TROJYs will be preceded by the induction of three Foster chose his former head coach, Jeff Carr to intro-
Our goal is to overlap the old, with the new, said new members into the Trevecca Athletic Hall of Fame duce Foster at the Hall of Fame.
Mark Elliott, athletic director. Last year was our first including former womens soccer coach, Mark Foster. He has a very important message to give to our stu-
time hosting the TROJYs and also the first time hosting Angela Sullivan and Abby Lawson conclude this years dent-athletes, said Elliott.
the Hall of Fame induction in the spring. class. New this year the Athletic Department will introduce
The annual athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremo- I didnt get to say a proper goodbye to the girls of the team of the year award, an 18th award to be won by
nies have historically been held in the fall during Home- my friends, so I am really excited to be back and see student athletes.
coming weekendsomething Elliott wanted to change. campus, said Foster. The team of the year award is awarded based upon
In between the basketball games [at Homecoming] Foster will be making his first appearance back to team GPA, off the field contributions to the community,
was not the best time for our Hall of Fame inductions Treecca since parting ways with the womens soccer and on field success, said Elliott.
because everyone was wanting to visit. program in early January. Although most of the awards are voted upon and won
Elliott says student-athletes never got a chance to see It will be a good opportunity to catch up with people, by student-athletes, the coaches vote on the team of the
the Hall of Fame inductees, prompting him to change I cant wait to see everybody, said Foster. year award, says Elliott.
the order events, and allowing for one giant celebratory Foster has been selected to introduce the Hall of Fame To see a complete list of winners and info about what
night for the athletic department. Class of 2017 and will join three former Trojan soccer to do if you go, visit

Trevecca Urban Farm brings

goat yoga to campus
BY Bailey Basham & Brooklyn Dance
Donat said that while she is not sure
of any added benefits to doing yoga in
High lunge, childs pose and
the company of goats, she imagines
downward facing The
that being around the goats helps with
Trevecca Urban Farm on April 15 hired
endorphin levels.
a certified yoga instructor to teach the
first session of goat yoga in the barn. Being in a more natural like setting
like the farm may possibly release
Jason Adkins, environmental projects
more endorphins. Typically being able
coordinator and director of the urban
to see some sort of living creation has
farm, said the idea came from a couple
been scientifically proven to make you
farms out of Oregon and Arizona doing
happier, said Donat.
goat yoga.
Donat is right. The British Medical
I saw it, and I thought, Well, we
Journal found in 2005 that being
can do that. Weve got goats, and
around animals can increase serotonin
Bjorn the dog checks out yogis in the barn. Photos provided by Trevecca Urban Farm. surely we can find a yoga instructor,
and dopamine levelscompounds that
he said. Goat yoga is doing yoga in the
are proven to affect mood.
presence of goats. Whats the point?
Well, if you have to ask you might not According to Adkins, the event was
want to go. successful enough to warrant a second.
Money made from the event went back
Urban farm volunteer Amber Donat
into the farm to support future events.
said the event came together easily.
Were trying to figure out how
I had previously done some goat
many creative and engaging things
yoga on my own, but Tabitha had
we can do with the farm. We have an
the connections of the certified yoga
amazing barn and animals, and were
instructor, and Jason had the barn,
still figuring out the different ways we
said Donat.
can make an impact on the city with
While yogis moved into the cow pose, this unique resource, he said. It could
goats ran around the barn, bleating, make some money for the farm. Were
skipping and being generally adorable. always looking for ways to make the
Nephie Snider, yoga instructor, led farm financially sustainable, and not
the class. Snider leads classes locally at to be a drain on university resources or
the Vanderbilt Wellness center. even grant resources. This could be just
We were expecting a few, maybe 10 a little piece of that.
to 15, but we counted and had a total The next goat yoga event is June 10.
of 30 people come, said Donat. The Plan on grabbing a mat and slipping
barn was completely full. into shavasana with the goats.
8 | 2017 | MAY | TrevEchoes

Boonearoo will be April 29 in the quad. Logo provided by Trevecca student government association.

Boonearoo is back: After a year off, music fest is on again

After taking last year off, SGA will host the music festival on campus for the seventh year.
and Kelly Hall, incoming director of social
life work with SGA to put on the event.
Unlike many SGA events, Boonearoo is free, HEADLINERS:
not just with a SLAP card.
For seniors, its the last hoorah, the last
get together, Spraker said. We end with
[Boonearoo] so you have that memory and
look forward to coming back in the fall. Family Force 5
Boonearoo is arguably the biggest event
hosted for students.
Its a long process of researching, plan-
Derek Minor
ning, booking venues, making phone calls to
artists, and all the minor details in between, Halfbrass
said Hall. Seeing everything come together
to pull off one event is going to be so great.
Spraker said he hopes to see 400 students Hamil
out there.
I would love to see our entire Nashville
community come to this event and have a
Beyond the Valley
great turn out of guests who do not attend
Trevecca, Hall said. Brent Sharpe
For Hall, it is the first event she organizes
Photos of one of Boonearoo 2015s headliners. Photo provided by TNU.
as next years social life director.
[Boonearoo] has helped me prepare for
The Zach Allen
place to relax and hangout before finals and next year because I am able to see first hand
the end of the school year. what the specific logistics of planning a large Band
This year, Family Force 5 will be headlin- scale event look like, Hall said. Going
ing, as well as Half Brass and Hamil. Student through this process will help me feel more
bands Beyond the Valley and the Zach Allen prepared when planning next years events.
Band will take stage with Brent Sharpe.
There will be a rock wall, mechanical bull,
The event starts at 4 p.m. in the quad on
Saturday, Apr. 29.
food trucks, can jam, a corn hole tournament
with a $200 prize, professional massages,
puppies, a giant slide, giveaways and more.
Matt Spraker, associate dean of student life,
Rock wall
Relaxation zone
Giant slide
Mechanical bull
Body marbling
Can jam
Cornhole tourna-
ment with $200
Photos of Boonearoo from 2015. Provided by TNU Marketing.