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Drugs and Addictive Substances

his supplement outlines the addictive nature of
various substances and drugs in the fantasy
world. This supplement is not meant to Addiction Madness
condone nor encourage any drug use, but to If a character goes too long without a drug they are
offer a guideline for DMs to incorporate these addicted to, they have a chance at going mad. After
substances into their game. a certain amount of time without the drug the
character has to make a Constitution saving throw
against the addiction rating. If they fail they roll on
Addiction the madness tables.
Drugs can offer some handy benefits to PCs, but they do have
their drawbacks. When characters use a drug they make a Addiction Madness
Constitution check against the Addiction Rating of that drug. Addiction Time Without Madness
On a failed save the character becomes addicted and Rating Drug Table
sufferers from the effects in the chart below. Negligible NA NA
Addiction Rating Low NA NA
Con Addiction Medium 15 Days Short-Term
DC Rating Satiation Damage
High 6 Days Long-Term
4 Negligible 1 day 1 Exhaustion
Extreme 3 Days Long-Term
6 Low 10 days +1 Exhaustion
Vicious 3 Days Indefinite
10 Medium 5 days +1 Exhaustion -2 Charisma
14 High 2 days +1 Exhaustion -2 Charisma, -2 Madness tables can be found here
20 Extreme 1 day +1 Exhaustion -4 Charisma, -4
25 Vicious 1 day +1 Exhaustion, -4 Charisma, -4
Drug Effects
Wisdom, -2 Strength Drug effects are treated much like poisons. The character
must first make a Constitution saving throw against the
With Negligibly addictive drugs, it is impossible to exceed Addiction Rating of a drug, followed by a Constitution saving
level 1 exhaustion from withdrawals under normal throw against the Effect Save DC. Upon a fail, the character
circumstances takes on the initial effects of the drug. If the drug has a
Prolonged Use: Long-term use can increase the addiction secondary effect, after the character takes on the initial
rating of a drug. All drugs increase their rating by one step for effects they must then roll another Constitution saving throw,
every two months a PC uses them. Negligible drugs are if they fail they take on the secondary effects aswell.
immune to this effect Effect DC is specific to each drug and can be found in it's
Satiation: Satiation is the time that passes before a description.
character, whom is addicted to a drug, needs another hit or
starts to suffer from withdrawals. The first satiation period
begins at the dose that makes the character addicted. Willing Consumption
Damage: Damage is dealt to a character's ability scores If a character willingly takes a drug they
and exhaustion level each day outside of the satiation period. automatically fail both effect saves. The Effect Save
This can be prevented by a successful Constitution saving DC is provided for if a character is given the drug
throw or by taking another dose of the drug. This damage is against their will.
healed at a rate of 1 point in each ability score per day.
Recovery: If a character makes two successful
Constitution saving throws in a row, the character has fought
off addiction and recovers, taking no more damage.

PART 1 | Introduction 1
Drug Examples
Halfling Leaf
Drug Characteristics Slightly Addictive Stimulant
The following details the different characteristics
of drugs.
Delivery: Inhaled
Initial Effect: This effect takes hold if the effect Effect DC/Addictiveness: 15, low
saving throw against a drug fails. Initial Effect: Disadvantage on Charisma Saving Throws
Secondary Effect: This is another effect that takes for 1d4 hours
hold if the effect saving throw fails. Secondary Effect: +1 to Wisdom (Perception) checks for
Side Effects: These effects take hold immediately 1d4+1 hours
upon taking a drug. Side Effects: Creatures under the effects of Halfling Leaf
Overdose: These are the effects of an overdose feel extremely relaxed, and are more likely to accept things
of a given substance. they would normally disagree with. The drug also slightly
Alchemy DC: This is the difficulty of an alchemy amplifies a character's senses making them slightly more
check needed to make the substance. aware of their surroundings.
Price: How much the drug costs on a normal Overdose: None.
market per dose. Alchemy DC: 15
Price: 6 gp
Wyssin plant leaves are dried for smoking usually out of a
Agony (Liquid Pain) pipe.
Extremely Addictive Stimulant
Delivery: Ingested Luhix
Effect DC/Addictiveness: 18, extreme Viciously Addictive Psychedelic
Initial Effect: User is stunned for 1d4+1 rounds and has Delivery: Injury
disadvantage on all ability checks and attacks for the Effect DC/Addictiveness: 25, Vicious
following 1d6+1 minutes Initial Effect: 1 point of ability score damage to all
Secondary Effect: 1d4+1 enhancement to Charisma abilities for 1 Minute
saving throws for 1d10+15 minutes Secondary Effect: +2 bonus to all ability scores for 1d4
Side Effects: Feelings of intense pleasure that last for hours
1d4 hours Side Effects: The user is afflicted with intense, wracking
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 24-hour pain for the first minute after application (the time of the
period, the user must make a Con DC 18 saving throw or ability score damage). After this, when the secondary
fall unconscious for 1d4 hours. damage takes place, the user is then immune to all pain
Alchemy DC: 25 (including magical effects). The user takes damage as
Price: 100 gp normal, but may not react normally to that damage.
This thick, reddish-brown liquid is the distilled essence of Overdose: Users who take more than one dose of luhix in
pain, captured through special magical processes. It is sought 24 hours must make a Con DC 25 saving throw or die in
after by outsiders and extreme masochists, as well as indescribable agony.
torturers seeking to ply their trade more efficiently. Alchemy DC: 30
Price: 1,000 gp
Baccaran Luhix is made from the powdered stalks of luhix plants,
Slightly Addictive Psychedelic which only grow in the Abyss. It is normally sprinkled onto
Delivery: Ingested bleeding wounds, which are then sealed with bandages or
Effect DC/Addictiveness: 18. Low magical healing.
Initial Effect: 1d4 Strength damage 1d4+5 minutes
Secondary Effect: 1d4+1 enhancement to Wisdom for
1d10+15 minutes
Side Effects: -4 circumstance penalty on saving throws
against illusions for 2d4 hours
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 24-hour
period, the character immediately takes 2d6 damage and
the side effect is doubled in penalty and duration
Alchemy DC: 20
Price: 10 gp
A pasty substance that is dried and kept as a powder or
sometimes as a paste. It has numerous, difficult to obtain
ingredients, and acts as a mild hallucinogen.

2 PART 2 | Drugs
Redflower Leaves
Drug Examples Continued Slightly Addictive Stimulant
Mordayn Vapor (Dream Mist) Delivery: Ingested
Highly Addictive Psychedelic Effect DC/Addictiveness: 10, Low
Delivery: Inhaled Initial Effect: None
Effect DC/Addictiveness: 17, High Secondary Effect: As an action, the user may focus total
Initial Effect: Visions of incredible, mind-boggling beauty attention on a single target. If this action is followed by an
enthrall the user for 1d20+10 minutes. During this time, attack against the target, then the user gains a +4 bonus
the user has disadvantage on all actions. on the attack roll. This ability lasts for 10 minutes.
Secondary Effect: 1d4 points Constitution and Wisdom Side Effects: None
damage. Overdose: Taking a second dose before the effects of the
Side Effects: Compared to the poignant beauty of the first has worn off causes the user to be nauseated for 1d4
visions induced by dreammist, a user's normal life seems x 10 minutes.
drab and futile in comparison, leading users to desire Alchemy DC: 27
more doses as quickly as possible. When a dose wears off, Price: 300 gp
the user must succeed at a DC 17 Wisdom or be These crushed leaves from a tiny red bog flower are known
compelled (similar to the effects of a suggestion spell) to for their ability to heighten hand-eye coordination.
do whatever is necessary to obtain another dreammist
dose. This compulsion lasts for 1d4 hours before fading. Sannish
Overdose: If two doses are taken within the space of an Moderately Addictive Psychedelic
hour, or if raw mordayn or mordayn tea are ingested, the
drug becomes a deadly poison (Ingested DC 17, 2d10 Delivery: Ingested
Poison Damage). Regular Mordayn users regularly throw Effect DC/Addictiveness: 9, Medium
out the tea immediately after inhaling to be sure to prevent Initial Effect: 1 point of Wisdom damage for 1d4 hours
an overdose. Secondary Effect: The user becomes numbed to pain for
Alchemy DC: 20 1d4 hours, and has advantage on all Constitution saving
Price: 200 gp throws. (Excluding rolls for addiction)
Made from the ground leaves of a rare herb found deep in Side Effects: While the drug is in effect, the user takes a
tropical forests, the highly potent mordayn is taken by -2 penalty on all initiative checks.
steeping a small amount in hot water, and then inhaling the Overdose: A second dose taken while the first is still in
vapors from the resultant tea. Raw mordayn powder and effect causes a numbing stupor for 2d4 hours. Until this
mordayn-tainted water are a deadly poison, and taking either stupor wears off, the suffers from level 2 Exhaustion.
immediately results in the effects of an overdose. Dreammist Alchemy DC: 20
is well-known for the beautiful visions it induces and the Price: 15 gp
deadly peril that can come from its sinister embrace. A bluish liquid distilled from the milk of wolves and a
powdered desert plant. Sannish is known to cause a pleasant
Mushroom Powder state of euphoria, which, along with its relatively cheap price,
Moderately Addictive Psychedelic makes it rather popular. Addicts are easily spotted by the
Delivery: Inhaled permanent blue stains on their lips.
Effect DC/Addictiveness: 15, medium Terran Brandy
Initial Effect: +2 bonus to Intelligence and Charisma Slightly Addictive Psychedelic
ability scores for 1 hour
Secondary Effect: 1 point of Strength damage 1d4 hours Delivery: Ingested
Side Effects: As a mild hallucinogen, the user takes a -2 Effect DC/Addictiveness: 19, low
penalty to Wisdom for 1d4 hours, and a -2 penalty to Initial Effect: +2 Intelligence for 1d20+20 Minutes
Constitution while the drug is in effect. Secondary Effect: 2 points of Constitution Damage for
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 12-hour 1d20+20 Minutes
period, the user takes 2d6 points of damage. Using it more Side Effects: None
than three times in any 24-hour period deals 4d6 points of Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in an 8-hour
damage and paralyzes the user for 2d4 hours. period, the user immediately takes 1 point of Constitution
Alchemy DC: 25 damage.
Price: 100 gp Alchemy DC: 30
Derived from a rare blue mushroom, this powder is inhaled Price: 500 gp
to produce a state of mild hallucination and heightened A potent magical alcohol distilled from the essence of
awareness. Many magic users favor mushroom powder. dying fey. It is favored by the most heartless of spellcasters of
all types.

PART 2 | Drugs Continued 3