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Light Weight is the Key

Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System

System Introduction
Light weight aluminium scaffolding system with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio. Unique
design & light weight nature enables fast erection and dismantling, the simple mechanism of
ring and lock makes the assembly easier.
Various standard bay sizes along with ability to raise the working levels in 50cm assures maxi-
mum flexibility within the system to be used at any construction site.

Main Advantages:
Excellent stiffness to weight ratio, 5.50 kg for heaviest part
Pre-measured components / No measurement needed
Variety of applications which suits any structure
Simple assembly using the ring and lock connection technology
Can be used reused limitless times with careful handling
Aluminium alloy structure eliminates the metal rusty factor and lasts longer.
Reduction in construction time & labour costs
Easy maintenance and energy efficient
High recovery value for the used materials

Why Aluminium Alloy 6061

Light weight and durable
2 workers can make the building happen, which could save the construction cost greatly

Alloy 6061 Chemical Analysis Liquidus Temperature: 1206F Solidus Temperature: 1080F Density: 0.098 lb./in.3
Percent Weight Elements Others Others
Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Ti Each Total Aluminum
Minimum .40 __ .15 __ .8 .04 __ __ __ __
Maximum .8 .7 .40 .15 1.2 .35 .25 .15 .05 .15 Remainder

Mechanical Properties: Ultimate Tensile Strength = 310 Mpa Density = 2.7 t/m3
Tensile Yield Strength = 280 Mpa Modulus of elasticity = 69 GPa
Elongation at Break = 10% Poissons Ratio = 0.33

Alloy 6061 is one of the most widely used alloys in the 6000 Series. This Alloy 6061 has excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions
standard structural alloy, one of the most versatile of the heat-treatable and good corrosion resistance to sea water. This alloy also offers good
alloys, is popular for medium to high strength requirements and has good finishing characteristics and responds well to anodizing; however, where
toughness characteristics. Applications range from transportation cosmetic appearance is critical, consider the use of alloy 6063. The most
components to machinery and equipment applications to reaction common anodizing methods include clear color dye and hardcoat.
products and consumer durables.

2 Light
LightWeight isthe
Weight is the Key
Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System


1 - Base Jack FS

The Base Jack FS is mainly used to adjust the level of the scaffold
when its located on an unlevelled terrain. Also used to fine tune height
of the platforms to the required level.

2 - Vertical FS
The Vertical FS is the vertical support of the
system with a connected rosettes every
500mm allows raising the working levels in
this increment..

The Rosette provides total flexibility to lock in

any angle. The scaffold quickly and accurately
aligns at 90 degree angles using the keyhole
positions. Each rosette can accommodate up
to eight connections at one time. Our system
scaffolding maximizes efficiency and minimizes
labor time.

The Spigot connector is used to connect the

verticals according to the required height.

LightWeight isthe
Weight is the Key
Key 3
Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System

3 - Ledgers & Diagonals

Ledger 1000mm Diagonal 1000mm Ledger A 1000mm

Ledger 1300mm Diagonal 1300mm Ledger A 1300mm
Ledger 1500mm Diagonal 1500mm Ledger A 1500mm
Ledger 1800mm Diagonal 1800mm Ledger A 1800mm
Ledger 2500mm Diagonal 2500mm Ledger A 2500mm
Ledger 3000mm Diagonal 3000mm Ledger A 3000mm

Assembly Reference
1 2 3 Rosette
Wedge Pin


The high-strength Mouthpiece uses a

Wedge Pin with a reverse slope. The
4 5 6 Wedge Pin engages the Rosette
entirely through its vertical surface,
ensuring a properly seated Mouth-
piece on the Rosette while the
Wedge Pin is in place. The lobes are
reversed to dramatically increase the
compression area at the bottom of
the Mouthpiece.

4 Light Weight is the Key

Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System

4 - Truss Ledger

TRUSS LEDGER can provide you an

extensive range of solutions for temporary

access and headrom clearance to avoid
obstruction from the site.

L = nominal Length between support

5 - Platforms

Platform S Platform W
Steel Platform 28.5cm wide with anti uplift protection Wooden Platforms with steel frame
that prevents the removal of the platforms. with anti uplift protection

6 - Ladder

Light Weight is the Key 5

Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System

The easy to handle modular compo-
nents can be erected around any
structure even irregularly shaped
complex project designs. It can adapt
to meet any project requirement.

The System can be used as an exter-

nal scaffolding to high rise buildings
for masonry works, claddings, paint-
ers and other trades that requires
rigid framework and access.

Maintenance works for buildings

either renovation or rehabilitation
needs a lot of scaffold erections. With
the Flexi Scaff system you can do
each and every scaffolding works.

6 Light Weight is the Key

Future Form
Alu Flex System Alu Flex System

Item Name and Diagram Weight (Kg) Article No.

Base Jack FS 2.69 kg 0802001

Vertical FS 500 1.31 kg 0802002

Vertical FS 1000 2.33 kg 0802003
Vertical FS 1500 3.31 kg 0802004
Vertical FS 2000 4.30 kg 0802005
Vertical FS 2500 5.28 kg 0802006

Ledger FS 900 1.64 kg 0802007

Ledger FS 1300 1.94 kg 0802008
Ledger FS 1500 2.05 kg 0802009
L Ledger FS 1800 2.24 kg 0802010
Ledger FS 2500 2.79 kg 0802011
Ledger FS 3000 3.12 kg 0802012

Diagonal FS 900 2.85 kg 0802013

Diagonal FS 1300 2.96 kg 0802014
Diagonal FS 1500 3.03 kg 0802015
Diagonal FS 1800 3.15 kg 0802016
Diagonal FS 2500 3.47 kg 0802017
Diagonal FS 3000 3.73 kg 0802018

Spigot Connector FS 0.40 kg 0802019

Truss Ledger Varies 0802020

Platform S Varies 0802021

Platform W Varies 0802022

Light Weight is the Key 7

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Future 12K System Future Wall System

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Light Weight is the Key