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Reviewing Computer Games

Comparing existing reviews

Review IGN Leif GameSpot Kevin Pc Gamer Chris

Johnson VanOrd Thursten

Introduction for Leif Johnson at IGN Unlike Leif, Kevin Chris went for a
the review. starts off by giving from Game Spots similar introduction to
hints at what genre opening sentence that of IGN by
the game is along claims that To play providing a
with mechanics and Divinity: Original Sin description of an
explains that Divinity is to fall in love with experience he had
isnt a linear game. role-playing games all within the game.
He does this by over again. Giving hints to game
describing a moment mechanics and
he experienced This opening genre. The only
within the game. sentence not only difference is that
entices the reader to Chris experience has
Leif tells of how he find out what exactly comedic value.
used his mages rain the game does to
spell to douse the provide a potential Not realizing the
flames afflicting a feeling of nostalgia extent of Divinitys
boat in the starting but also confirms brand of realism
town and as he what genre it is. IGN Chris uses a lightning
started to do so achieved this but it spell on a blood
down went the was very drawn out. soaked battleground
flames and up went where his characters
the cheering arms of are standing.
the rescued sailors, Unfortunately blood
No yellow question conducts electricity
marks or blathering and as a result My
NPCs bid me do it; it entire party is
simply seemed like a electrocuted in a
good idea at the single moments
time. miscalculation, and I
learn another hard
lesson about Divinty.

Platform IGN include the Game Spot does PC Gamer only

platform the game mention the platform review PC games so
theyre reviewing in at the top of their mentioning the
the title which is review but it feels platform would be
perfect for giving more like a site map redundant. Therefore,
important information of what page youre what theyve done
easily. currently on and is in instead is included a
a boring grey font. box matching their
colour scheme which
They have however provides essential
included it at the top information regarding
of their review the game. Such as
summary at the expected price,
bottom of the page, release date,
which includes the developer, publisher,
games box art and is whether it has
easier to understand. multiplayer and a link
The problem is that to the official site. Not
its at the end of the only that but they will
review. Compared to provide a link to the
IGN it doesnt seem cheapest distributor
very well placed, of the game.
unless theyre trying
to get people to scroll Compared to IGN
through the review to and Game Spot this
find this information. is definitely aimed
towards a more adult
audience who dont
necessarily have time
to read the entire
review to find the
information they are



Gameplay The IGN review makes Kevin uses some Each review
comparisons to other experiences he had mentions the fact that
games when within the game to the game uses turn-
describing the game describe some of the based combat, with
play. They mention game play, very much IGN just simply
that the top-down like the start of IGN and stating that it includes
perspective is very PC Gamer's review. it to Game Spot
much like Warhammer describing it as
electrifying. It's only
pieces on a tabletop. Kevin first starts by
PC Gamer's Chris
This use of descriptive explaining that that actually provides
language or lack consequences for why this combat style
thereof definitely actions done by the is familiar but at the
shows that the target player appear in other same time completely
audience for this RPG's, but Divinity Sin different.
review is children to goes even further,
young teenagers. where you must Chris explains that
Whereas the other consider activities you "Every battle feels
two reviews use the would never question in substantially different,
industry term most other games. a turn based strategy
isometric in describing puzzle that
the camera style. "I dug up a grave within challenges you to
plain sight of a sobbing twist the terrain to
IGN also compare the villager grieving her your advantage. This
use of various spell buried loved one. In a might mean creating
a chokepoint with
and elemental tear-fuelled anger, the
crates or igniting
combinations to that woman turned on me, a
poison gas with a
of Magicka and the battle began, and I fireball."
lack of hand-holding sliced her up with little
to Dark Souls. The fanfare. She was not a This description
other two reviews warrior, and no match promotes just how
compare some aspects for my party." the player can control
of Divinity to other not only elements
games, but not as "I mourned over this within the
much as IGN. This one simple action." environment during
style of review seems combat but objects as
to allow the reviewer "I felt more guilty and well, which is not
to mention a more invested in this described as much in
comparison without one action than I have the other reviews.
having to go into too felt in entire quest lines
much detail as the in other choice-driven
majority of the role-playing games, and
audience has I chose not to reload an
experienced the game earlier save point. I
being mentioned. forced myself to live
with my decision."

Instead of just
comparing game play
like IGN, Kevin provides
the audience with an
emotional description
of game play. Using
such words as
"mourned" and "guilty"
really tells the audience
just how some of the
game play will make
them feel.

Narrative/ Yet again the IGN Kevin describes the Much like IGN, PC
Storyline reviewer Leif doesn't quests and story in that Gamer describe the
describe in too much "every action has a narrative as "standard
detail about the reaction." "you hew a fantasy stuff" but then
storyline but just path with every step, goes on to say that it's
compares the plot to and the game responds "enlivened by Larian's
Skyrim and Mass naturally, allowing you knowing sense of
Effect, saying that the to craft small but humour and lively
plot is essentially memorable stories" writing".
"saving the world" and
that it smothers the IGN seemed to believe Chris mentions what
experience of other that the main storyline the quests are like very
activities. overshadowed other much like what Kevin
activates and quests. did, by describing the
He then goes on to Whereas Game Spot game play.
explain that this is a appeared to have had
rather safe route to the complete opposite He goes onto describe
take the story and that experience. that "Very early in the
the game "escapes the game your party
demands of living up Kevin goes on. "You reaches the city of
to the storytelling engage in plenty of Cyseal. There's
quality of a game like dialogue, of course, shouting in the
Planescape: Torment", much of it witty, much harbour. Choose to
but then states that of it dramatic, and most investigate and you'll
the writers of Divinity of it colourfully see a group of
are competent enough written". dockworkers crowded
to make the direction around a burning
work well. Comparing the way barque, struggling to
Kevin describes the contain the blaze. This
Leif describes the quests to that of Leif at is a quest, but nobody
quests as "well- IGN, a very big contrast tells you what to do".
written adventures". in writing techniques
appears. IGN seems to This provides an
be very factual and to example of what the
the point whereas questing system in
Game Spot's review is Divinity will be like.
very descriptive,
energetic and written
with a lot more passion.
Characters Leif doesn't hit on Kevin explains in depth Compared to IGN and
many points when it the ways in which the Game Spot PC Gamer
comes to the two protagonists has the most thorough
protagonist of the communicate with each review of the
game. The first other. characters.
mention of the
characters you'll be "Intriguingly, your two Chris mentions how
playing is just the primary party members- many protagonists
description of "Two -the ones you customize there are, "I keep
Source hunters within moments of saying 'characters', and
tracking down the booting up the game-- that's because Divinity:
dastardly fiends who may not agree with Original Sin doesn't
dabble in sorcery". each other on a proper have a single
course of action. When protagonistit has
It's not till the next playing with a two, and you create
section of the review cooperative partner, both of them when you
that Leif actually this means both players begin the game."
mentions something have an opportunity to
about the characters, direct the outcome. He mentions
"the two main When playing on your customization and the
characters are allowed own, this allows you to dialogue system "You
to bicker over the role-play both of these can choose any
merits of their actions characters." arrangement of gender
in key quests". and class that you
Explaining that the This description of party wish", Chris also picks
characters not only members up on the dialogue
interact with other communicating to one system and what this
NPC but actually and other not only can mean for the
"bicker" and interact mentions character characters not
with each other. customization even if mentioned in the other
it's very brief, but also reviews "during key
Character mentions multiplayer, dialogues you pick
customization is not giving a much deeper separate speech
mentioned at all. explanation that IGN. options for each
character. This
establishes the
relationship between
the two, which can be
hostile or cooperative,
even romantic"

Chris also confirms who

the characters are,
much like IGN along
with the co-operative
dialogue system in
multiplayer just like
Game Spot.
It appears that PC
Gamer have a better
review when it comes
to the characters.

Personal Leif ends his review Kevin also provides a PC Gamer on the other
Recommendation with a positive positive hand recommend the
of Reviewer recommendation of recommendation but game for the nostalgia
the game, stating that unlike IGN Game Spot trip players will
the game is able to summarise the good experience when
hold up against big and the bad within their playing.
Triple A Titles such as recommendation. This
Dragon Age: Origins. reminds readers that Chris ends the review
Using one last the game isnt perfect with one short
comparison definitely by any means but is still sentence, Theres
shows how Leif used an amazing experience. power in that old
the same style of blood. Compared to
review throughout the other reviews this is
which cant be said for a more creative way of
Game Spot. finishing.


Game Spot

PC Gamer