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Merced High School

H o m e o f S c h o l a r s a n d C h a m p i o n s

205 W. Olive Ave,

Merced Ca. 95344

17 February 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my absolute honor to be writing this letter of recommendation for Seth Lamb. Seth is an intelligent, hard-
working, and highly regarded individual who consistently approaches all of his responsibilities with a sincere
sense of diligence and concern.

Although I have only known Seth for seven months as a student at Merced High School, I feel as if Ive known
him for years. Throughout Seths life, he has and still does face obstacles that would be seem insurmountable by
most. If Seth were to say, I give up, people would say, I understand. Fortunately for Seth, and those who are
inspired by him on a daily basis, he doesnt use his obstacles as a reason to give up; rather he admirably uses them
as a motivation to strive for success as a student and as a person.

As a person, Seth is one of the most respectful and considerate individuals I have ever known. Although he is a
goal-oriented person who works passionately to reach his expectations, his approach is always genuine and
selfless. Seth exudes nothing but character and class in all that he does.

Seth is wise beyond his years as he has had to view society from a variety of perspectives and lenses; some good,
some not so good. Seth is able to filter his experiences to establish priorities for a successful future. He has
maintained above a 3.0 grade point average while taking rigorous courses and working at Savemart. His
experiences have molded him into a well-rounded person who sees the big picture but also understands the
importance of the small details in life.

To merely describe Seth as a well-rounded person does not quite give justice to his special uniqueness. What
separates Seth from most others is his deep determination to reach his full potential in every aspect of life; the
intangible quality of grit is ingrained in the fabric of his overall being. Whether its earning an A on an exam;
offering a shoulder on which to cry; or doing homework after a shift at work, Seth offers all he has physically,
mentally, and emotionally.

I highly recommend Seth Lamb, without reservation, for consideration of your scholarship. I have no doubt he will
use all of the resources he has, along with his maturity and clear vision for his future, to reach success in any
educational, personal, or professional goal he may pursue. Please feel free to contact me if I may be of any further
assistance in your selection process.


Jon Schaefer
Jon Schaefer
Merced High School

Every Bear Counts