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1. The Field Museum- 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605- (312) 922-9410

This is a museum in Chicago that has many different exhibits that span across science
and social studies. They have a giant t rex named SUE. But for the social studies poi t of
view, they have an exhibit for the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Americas, and various
artifacts from around the world.

2. Freedom Trail Walk into History Tour- Boston Common Visitor Center, 139 Tremont
Street, Boston MA 02108- (617) 357-8300-

This is a guided tour by people in costume telling the stories of what happened on the
freedom trail. It has stops at 11 different historical landmarks in the Boston area from the
American revolution. It is about a mile long walk with stories along the way to keep
people interested, while stopping at the historic landmarks. It takes about an hour and a
3. American Museum of Natural History- Central Park West at 79th Street, New York, NY
10024- (212) 769-5100-

This is the same museum where the movie Night at the Museum was filmed. It has
historical attractions such as the Theodore Roosevelt memorial hall and the Spitzer Hall
of human origins. It also has an exhibit on people from South America, Mexico and
Central America, and Africa.

4. The White House- 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500- (202) 456-1111
This is the capitol of the United States of America. Students can see where the president
lives and certain parts of where he does his work. Though the tours are free, they require
submitting a request to the local congressman up to three months in advance.
5. Lower East Side Tenement Museum- 103 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002-
This is a museum where students can see what the life of an early immigrant was like
when they first came to America. It has the tenement apartments set up exactly as they
would be in the times of early immigrants. There is even an option to taste foods from the
different immigrant cultures that would have lived there.

6. National Underground Railroad Freedom Center- 50 East Freedom Way, Cincinnati,

Ohio 45202- 513.333.7500 or Toll Free: 877.648.4838
This is a museum that retells the stories of the heroes on the Underground Railroad and
discusses heroes up to contemporary times. It also holds a discussion about modern
slavery, if the students are older. It is also a history museum and displays pictures and
other historical memorabilia from the era.
7. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum- 1700 Northeast 63rd St. Oklahoma City,
OK 73111- (405) 478-2250
This is a museum on the cowboys of western, historical America. At this museum,
students can see what life was like as cowboys in the wild west. Their website also has
videos on topics like Native American music and folklore that the teacher can show in
class to get students prepared for visiting or to link to their unit in class.

8. The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture- 710 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, NM 87505- (505)
This is a museum and laboratory for Native American cultures and their art pieces. It
includes artwork of native Americans dating from pre-history to modern times. It offers
lectures for the public, fieldtrips, and traveling exhibits. They aim to provide cross-
cultural education tot eh visitors. This will give students from this area a new perspective
to view life through.
9. National WWII Museum- 945 Magazine Street New Orleans, LA 70130- (504) 528-1944
This is a museum all about WWII. It has the uniforms of the different soldiers that
fought. It also has galleries on D-Day and a 4D movie called Beyond All Boundaries.
There is an exhibit that talks about and displays the different kinds of planes used during
the war.

10. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute- 520 Sixteenth Street North Birmingham AL 35203-
This is a museum dedicated to the civil rights movement. It is a walk-through kind of a
museum that goes in order from the beginnings of segregation, through the Civil Rights
Movement and into the struggles today for equal rights for all Americans. I think it will
be a riche experience for older students. There is also an option to walk the same walk the
MLK did in Birmingham Alabama