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1. In order to realize the a.

Length of the welded portion

advantage of fluid friction, it is b. Voltage across the arc
essential to have: c. Size of the electrode*
a. No oil film d. Thickness of the plate
b. Parallel oil film in bearing * 9. A 88in diameter spoke steel
c. Diverging oil film flywheel having a 12 in wide x
d. Converging oil film 10 in deep rim rotates at
2. Maximum size of a fillet weld in 200rpm. How long a cut in
a single pass: inches can be stamped in one
a. 3mm inch thick aluminum plate if
b. 4mm ultimate shearing strength of
c. 6mm* the aluminum is 40,000psi.
d. 10mm During stamping, the force
3. In general, alloys with high exerted by the stamp varies
nickel content retain toughness from a maximum Flb at a point
to quite low temperature up to: of contact to zero lb when the
a. -250F
stamp emerges from the metal.
b. -360F
Neglect the weight of the
c. -320F*
d. -240F flywheel and spokes and use
4. A babbit is ______ lb/ density for
a. A cutectic of iron and iron flywheel material.
phosphide a. 43.2in
b. A gadget for measuring b. 54.5in
volume c. 41.1in
c. A measure of magnetic d. 45.9in
10.A turbine developing 15000hp
induction produces in a
turns the shaft at 300rpm. The
d. Antimony bearing lead or tin propeller attached to this shaft
alloy* develops a thrust of 150,000lb.
5. Flexible ropes A hollow steel shaft having an
a. 6 by 19 outside diameter of 14in. is to
b. 6 by 7 be used. Determine the inside
c. 6 by 37* diameter of the shaft if the
d. 6 by 8 maximum shearing stress based
6. The rated life of bearing on the torsion alone is not to
changes: exceed 7500psi. What is the
a. Inversely as cube of load* percentage savings in weight.
b. Directly as load a. 37.3%
c. Inversely as square of load b. 35.7%
d. Inversely as load c. 25.73%
7. The phenomenon of weld decay d. 20.57%
takes place in: 11.An apparatus used for the
a. Cast iron determination of the
b. Brass concentration of solid or liquid
c. Bronze particles dispersed in a gas,
d. Stainless steel* such as the density of smoke or
8. In arc welding operations the fog.
current value is decided by: a. Kampometer
b. Atmometer 16.Determine the minimum whole
c. Kapnometer* depth of spur gear of 14.5
d. Katharometer involute type with diametral
12.A device to measure vertical pitch of 24 and circular pitch of
distances or displacements? 0.1309inch.
a. Kampometer a. 0.0705
b. Kapnometer b. 0.0899
c. Altimeter c. 0.08900
d. Cathetometer* d. 0.089758
13.It refers to any layer or deposit 17.Find the limiting peripheral
of extraneous material on the velocity of rotating steel ring if
heat-transfer-surface the allowable stress is 140Mpa
a. Low line and the mass density of steel is
b. Pressure drop 7850kg/m3. At what angular
c. Fouling* velocity will the stress reach
d. Scaling
200Mpa. If the mean radius is
14.A gear is one in which angle is
90deg that is the pitch cone has
a. 345.76rad/s
become a plane b. 638.47rad/s*
a. Crown gear* c. 342.65rad/s
b. Angular gear d. 765.45rad/s
c. Miter gear 18.A reinforced concrete column is
d. Bevel gear
to be build 14inches in diameter
15.A sheet metal working company
and 15ft high. The concrete is to
purchase a shearing machine
have an ultimate compressive
from a surplus dealer with a
strength of 5000psi. The column
flywheel. It is calculated that
is to be reinforced with vertical
the machine will use 2380joules
rods. Esteel= _____;
of energy to shear a 1.2mm
Econcrete=3.5x10^6 psi;
thick sheet metal. The flywheel
Ssteel=10000psi. Find the
to be used will have a mean
number of vertical 1-inch
diameter of 91.44cm with a
square steel bars which must be
width of 25.4cm. The normal
used for the column to safely
operating speed is 180rpm and
carry 230,000lbs.
slows down to 160rpm during
a. 5
the shearing process. Assuming b. 6*
that the arms and the hub will c. 7
account for 12% of the rim d. 8
weight concentrated at the 19. A single square thread power
mean diameter and that the screw is to raise a load of 70kN.
material density is 0.26lb/ The screw has a major diameter
Compute for the weight of the of 36mm and a pitch of 6mm.
flywheel. The coefficient of thread friction
a. 290kg and collar friction are 0.13 and
b. 345kg 0.10 respectively. If the collar
c. 306kg* mean diameter is 90mm and
d. 385kg
the screw turns at 60rpm, find
the combined efficiency of the 24.A hacksaw blade with 34 teeth
screw and the collar. per inch should be used for
a. 11.32% cutting which of the following
b. 12.53% materials? (372)
c. 16.52% a. Brass
d. 15.27% b. Heavy stock
20.Pressurized water at 1.37mpa is c. Cast iron
stored in a steel cylindrical tank d. Thin wall tubing
1.4meters in diameter. If the 25.A hacksaw blade with 18 teeth
allowable tangential stress is per inch is best suited for
8.5mpa, compute the required cutting what material(s)?
wall thickness of the tank. a. Solid stock
a. 123.6mm b. Aluminum
b. 112.9mm c. Cast iron
c. 130.5mm d. Any of the above
d. 135.1mm 26.The process of finishing off a
21.A centrifuge has a small bucket. piece of metal with a real
Weighing 0.332lb with contents, smooth finish (375)
suspended on a manganese a. Draw filling
bronze pin (B138 A, hard) at b. Mill filling
the end of the horizontal arm. If c. Side fill
the pin is in double shear under d. Flat filling
the action of the centrifugal 27.Which of the following is the
force, determine the diameter best file to be used when
of the arm needed for finishing sharp corners or slots
10,000rpm. The center of and grooves? (376)
gravity of the bucket is 12in. a. Mill file
b. Knife file
from the axis of rotation. Note:
c. Square file
the design stress in shear for
d. Jewelers file
B138A is 48ksi and factor of 28.The purpose of tempering is to
safety of 4. make a metal what? (379)
a. 0.754in a. Harder
b. 0.774in b. Softer
c. 0.765in c. More brittle
d. 0.734in d. Less brittle
22.At what temperature where soft 29.A piece of cast iron held against
solder approximately melts? an emery wheel will give off
a. 250deg
what? (381)
b. 350deg
a. Dull yellow sparks
c. 450deg
b. Bright yellow sparks
d. 550deg
c. White sparks
23.In how many positions can a
d. Bright white sparks
hacksaw blade be placed in a 30.A process in which metal is
frame? dipped in dilute acid solutions to
a. Two positions
remove dirt grease and oxides.
b. Three positions
c. Four positions
a. Sheradizing
d. Five positions
b. Pickling
c. Polishing a. 0.5
d. Super polishing b. 0.75
31.Application of a thin phosphate c. 0.25
coating on steel to improve d. 1.00
corrosion resistance. (386) 34.How do you call the velocity of
a. Parkerizing the chip relative to the work
b. Honing piece?
c. Hard surfacing a. Cutting speed
d. Galvanizing b. Chip velocity
32.This process is known as c. Shear velocity
bonderizing when used as d. Rake velocity
primer for paints. 35.Taylors equation is also known
a. Parkerizing as
b. Honing a. Flank wear
c. Hard surfacing b. Nose failure
d. Galvanizing c. Crater wear
33.What is the typical chip d. Tool life
thickness ratio? 36.