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We would appreciate a statement from you regarding

the applicant's abilities to carry out graduate studies

and his/her preparation for a career in management.
An assessment of the applicant's standing relative to
others who have attended a similar program would
also be very helpful. Also please write any information
you think might be helpful in our evaluation of the

Gardner was my direct report for a couple of years in our previous company. Back
then our team was involved in putting science in Supply Chain- manufacturing and
distribution operations through the use of numbers as basis for sound business
recommendations and decisions. One very notable contribution Gardner had during
our time was the introduction of game changing ideas into our manufacturing
operations. One of his recommendations based on his study practically changed
how we do Production Planning in the plant, wherein multiple products are
simultaneously being manufactured and are competing for the same resources. His
recommendation was a breakthrough as it resulted to savings brought by additional
capacity through higher equipment utilization and efficiency.
Though he is my direct report, our team was constantly being consulted by other
departments with regards to improvements in Productivity in the operations.
Gardner had collaborative relationships with many co-workers whenever they seek
his advice, and even led and justified projects with them.
I myself had entered graduate studies, based on my experience he has the
technical know-how and other characteristics of what it takes to endure graduate
school. I believe that his budding leadership and management skills will further be
nurtured in an MBA program.
For the above reasons, I am highly recommending Gardner Carbungco in your MBA
Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding Gardner or this

Jose Carlos Ravi P. Lumunsad; Manager, Leaf Systems and Projects; PMFTC, Inc.
(Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco), Makati City; 09173275165,