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Name: Aubriele Elzinga

Date: 11/28/2016
Subject: Language Arts
Length of Lesson: 30 minutes (9:05-9:35)
Grade Level: Kindergarten

Core Curriculum Objectives:

Standard: RL. K. 10 and L.K.5c
RL.K.10: Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and
L.K.5c: Identify real-life connections between words and their use.
Language Objective: Students will be able to produce letters of beginning sounds from pictures
in context. (WIDA ELP Standard 2: Language Arts- Bridging)

Common Core Objectives (ELA or Math): If subject other than ELA or Math, please show
how the content could be integrated with the Common Core:
ELA Standard:
RF. K. 2d: Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds in three-
phoneme words.
RF.K.3a: Demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter sound correspondences by
producing the primary or many of the most frequent sounds for each consonant.
ELL Considerations:
As we read Cultural Festivals, we will create meaning by looking at the photographs,
finding the word meanings, and asking the students questions. I will activate students prior
knowledge by relating the festivals in the story to festivals/events they have been to. I will have
students explain what is similar between the cultures we read about and their own.

Vocabulary Development:
Within this lesson, students will learn and review the vocabulary: proud, tradition, and

The potential barriers for ELL students in this lesson are unknown vocabulary terms and
no prior knowledge of the content. To adapt to these barriers, I will pre-teach the vocabulary
beforehand and provide students with knowledge of the content before we read.

Assessment Strategies: To assess students knowledge of the d sound I will observe students
completing their worksheet and formatively assess them. For ELL students, I will not only
observe them, but also ask them questions about their understanding.

Technology: The technology integrated into this lesson will be the document reader and smart
board. I will show the worksheet on the smart board and review the vocabulary terms with the
students. I will model the first problem to have students observe to understand what is expected
of them.

School/Home Connections: I will involve parents in this lesson by having them bring
something from their cultures. Since the story in the lesson discusses festivals from different
cultures, parents could either bring in food, pictures, or other things that help students to
understand festivals in other cultures.


T Read oral vocabulary cards with Cultural Keep students
R Festivals, story on them. Throughout the engaged with
O story we will review our vocabulary words questions and
D and discuss different cultural festivals and reviewing vocabulary
U 10 holidays. I will pause within the story to
C MINUTES model the strategy of asking questions to
T understand the story.

C Positive
O Phonemic awareness- we will use our reinforcements for
N Sammy the snail puppet to stretch the those who are being
T sounds in words. As a class, we will stretch good helpers.
E 8 the sounds in different words that contain Reminders that I want
N MINUTES our rainbow letter for this week, which is to hear everyone.
T d.

O 8 We will review the letter d and the sound it Points to tables who
S MINUTES makes. Students will go back to their seats are working quietly
U to complete a worksheet with words on their papers.
R containing the letter d sound.
E To assess whether students understand the
& d sound, I will formatively observe the
Assessment students completing the worksheet.

We will talk about different cultures and the holidays they celebrate, which is integrating
social studies into our language arts lesson.