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Technological University of the Philippines

College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Department

The development of the Remote-
Controlled Multiple Roller Shades ROLLER
is a product of research and the
development process. Prototyping
technique was employed to prove
the different theories and ideas
underlying the conceptualized
design of the project. Jeannelyn Rose R. ESPAA
The process starts with
the proper selection of locally
available and apt materials to
their functions supported with John Kevin F. FETALCO
preliminary researches that
includes the data gathering from
books, periodicals, brochures, and
the Internet helped the Chelo Ellize C. LEGASPI
proponents to conceptualize the
project. Observing the products
that are already in the market
and recognizing a need for
innovation led proponents to
design and develop the Remote-
Controlled Multiple Roller Shade.

With the information gathered on

Engr. Jorge Yasay
the existing machines the project
design was made optimizing the
capacity and dimensions of the Adviser
This study is focused on the fabrication :
of Remote-Controlled Multiple Roller
Shades (RCMRS) to be used in industrial
windows. The RCMRS is a device that
could hold five roller shades and operate
them one at time. The RCMRS consists
of five roller shafts where each roller
shades are attached respectively. Each
of these five roller shafts is 2in. away
from a common main shaft which holds
the entire roller shafts altogether. A DC
motor is connected on one of the end of
the main shaft by means of spur gear
connection and it rotates it in order to
switch one roller shaft into another. The
main shaft stops by means of an
electronic sensor when the roller shaft is
in the position to be used. Each of the
roller shafts has a spur gear connected
on each ends which meshes to the spur
gear connected to a DC motor at each
end respectively when the roller shades
to be used is in the right position. The
spur gear connection at each end of the
roller shaft disengages when the main
shaft rotates and engages again when
another roller shaft is in the right
position and the roller shade connected
to the respective roller shaft is ready to
use. Manual was provided to teach the
operator how to operate the device
using the remote control.