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Far Western University

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

Course of Study 2071

Course Title: Estimation, Costing and Valuation Credit: 3

Course Code.: Number of lecture/week: 3
Nature of the Course: Theory Tutorial/week: 1
Year/Semester: Third/Sixth Total hours: 60

1. Course Introduction:
The course is aimed to provide the basic knowledge of Estimation, Costing and Valuation of
civil engineering works.

2. Course Objectives:
At the end of this course the student should be able:
To understand the fundamentals of estimation, costing and valuation of civil engineering
To estimate the quantities of item of works involved in buildings, water supply and sanitary
works, road works and irrigation works,
To do rate analysis of different items of work.
To estimate the cost of various construction work.
To do valuation of properties and preparation of reports for estimation of various items.

3. Specific Objectives and Contents:

Specific Objectives Contents

Understand the purpose of Unit 1. Introduction (3 Hours)
estimating, estimated cost and
1.1 Definition.
actual cost.
1.2 Purpose of estimating.
Understand the principle of units, 1.3 System of units.
measurement andpayment of items 1.4 Principle of units, measurementandpayment for
of works. various items of works and materials.
Know to estimate varioustypes of Unit 3. Types of Estimate(5 Hours)
3.1 Approximate estimate

3.2 Detailed estimate
3.3 Revised estimate
3.4 Supplementary estimate
3.5 Annual repair and maintenance estimate
3.6Complete estimate
3.7Split up of cost of building and road works, water
supply and sanitary works.

Understand the purpose, Unit 4. Analysis of Rates (10 Hours)

importance, and requirement of
analysis of rate.
Understand the factors affecting 4.1 Introduction
4.2 Purpose analysis of rate
analysis of rate.
Know the factors affecting the 4.3 Importance analysis of rate
4.4 Requirement analysis of rate
analysis of rate.
Be able to prepare analysis of rate 4.5 Factors affecting the analysis of rate
4.6 Method of preparing analysis of rate for
for building works, road works,
4.6.1 Building works
irrigation works, water supply and
4.6.2 Road works
sanitary works.
4.6.3 Irrigation works
4.6.4 Water supply and Sanitary works
Be able to estimate building, road, Unit 5. Detailed Estimate (20 Hours)
irrigation, water supply and sanitary
5.1 Estimateoftwo storied building: Calculation of
quantities of Brick work, PCC, RCC, Plastering,
Be able to estimate joineries for
Colouring, Painting, and Varnishing of flat and
panelled and glazed doors, sloped roof.
windows, ventilators, handrails etc. 5.2 Estimate of road works, irrigation works, water
Be able to estimate Slab culvert, supply and sanitary works.
Retaining wall, Septic tank and 5.3 Estimate of joineries for panelled and glazed
Soak pit. doors, windows, ventilators, handrails etc.
5.4 Estimate of Slab culvert, Retaining wall.
5.5 Estimate of Septic tank and Soak pit.

Be able to understand and make

Unit 6. Valuation(7 Hours)
valuation of property.
Be able to write a report of 6.1 Introduction.
valuation of property.
6.2 Purpose of valuation.

6.3 Terms used in valuation:Capitalised value,

Depreciation, Rent, Mortgage, and Lease.

6.4Methods of determining value of property:

Land and building.

6.5Report writing method of valuation.

Be able to estimate building, road,
Unit 7. Tutorial. (15 Hours)
irrigation, water supply and sanitary
works. 7.1 Estimate of a two room building.
Be able to estimate Retaining wall, 7.2 Estimate of a double storied residential building.
Slab culvert, Aqueduct, Septic tank 7.3 Estimate of a portion of hill road.
7.4 Estimate of a Retaining wall.
and Soak pit.
7.5 Estimate of a RCC slab culvert.
7.6 Estimate of an aqueduct.
7.7 Estimate of septic tank and soak pit.

Prescribed Text:
1. Amarjit Aggarwal, Civil Estimating Quantity Surveying and Valuation,Katson Publishing
House, Ludhiana.

1. M. Chakraborti,Estimating, Costing, Specification and Valuation
2. B. N. Dutta, Estimating and Costingin Civil Engineering, UBS Publishers & Distributors P.
3. G.S. Berdie, Text book of Estimating and Costing