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Texts: Any and all forms of writing from text message to the bible

Texts are embedded with social activity

Every text is reliant on previous texts that influence and organize human
Texts create realities and inspire up to act on those realities
Social Fact
o something a group/person believe to be true
o act on it as if it were true
Ex. Going to college makes you more successful
Ex. All military personal are worthy of respect
o Have to be shared, if not conflict arrives
Colin Keapernick
Fake News
o Social facts are conveyed through speech acts
Speech Acts
o Words not only mean things, they do
Marriage I now pronounce you
Speech acts have to be said by the right people at right time
You have the right to remain silent
o Locutionary- words that are said or written
o Illocutionary- what is intended
o Perlocutionary- how its perceived/ what happens response
Harder to connect in writing; no emotion tone
Longer wait period for correction
Why does it matter?
o Leads to less conflict
o Audience
o It helps us understand patterns and how we participate with the world
Genre- recognizing, self-reinforcing form of communication pattern, typical,
intelligible textual forms
o Patterns are groupings of things that perpetuate themselves
Category of things
Genres have shared features unique to their group
o 420 friendly
Words, holidays, gatherings, publications, lobbyist
o Teachers
Language, individual work, terms, rules/standards
o Metal
Bands, look
Audience, instruments
Helps us identify where we belong
Identify components
Anticipate what response is supposed to be
Genres have features that reinforce purpose
o Genres are also situations
Genre sets- collection of texts someone/people in certain role produce
o Student, homework, note taking
o Teacher, syllabus, feedback
Genre system- interaction of genre sets
o Engrain in the normal behaviors social facts
o Diff. communities have diff. genres
There are strict expectations
Teach yourself
Stifles creativity

Summary+ Evaluate
o What kind of source
o What does it say
o How can I use it
Statements of scopes
o Describe topic for readers
o Include reasoning why theyre chosen
o Provide rational why sources chosen
o Alphabetically
o Conclusion
o Methods
o How it will be used
o How it contributed to topic