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I wish to be the one of Indias best renewable energy and smart grid engineers with a
focus on Demand Response, Grid autom ation and metering and Solar PV System
designing and solar power penetration in grid .

Since your Prestigious organization is working on different aspe cts of smart grid
development and renewavle enrgy, i would like to express my enthusiasm for working in
the same territory and take this opportunity to serve my this manner it will aid me
to make my pathway to attain my goal.

Institution : School of Solar Energy, PDPU, Gandhinagar July 2013

Degree : Master of Technology June 2015
Specialization : Energy Systems & Technology Focused on Solar
Grades : 7.77 CPI

Institution : Atmiya Institute of Technology & Science, Rajkot Aug 2007

Degree : Bachelor of Engineering July 2011
Specialization : Instrumentation & Control
Grades : 69.9 %

Institution / Board : Gujarat Board, Gujarat June 2006

Degree : 12th May 2007
Specialization : Science
Grades : 62 %

Institution / Board : Gujarat Board, Gujarat June 2004

Degree : 10th May 2005
Specialization : N/A
Grades : 72 %


Gujarat Energy Research & Management Institute (GERMI), Gandhinagar

Role: Project Fellow
Project: Demand Response using grid connected solar pump on agricultural Feeder. Aug 2014
Description June 2015

Designing a Demand Response Programme for PGVCL through agricultural sector which
will in turn help distribution companies to reduce their UI (Unscheduled Interchange)
energy flow and UI charges Paid by distribution companies by means of integrating
Distributed Solar Energy ( Grid Connected Solar Pump).

i. This Demand Response Programme is Designed In Excel & Matlab.

ii. Economic Analysis and Consumer Behavior analysis.
iii. Developed Business Case for PGVCL

Role: Intern
Project: Demand Response using grid connected solar pump on agricultural Feeder.

Developed a Model to help power distribution companies in selecting the best Communication May 2014
technologies and topologies for Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) and performed a case July 2014
study on the proof-of-concept project of AMI at Naroda (Ahmedabad) for UGVCL.
Christ Polytechnic Institute,Rajkot,Gujarat July 2012
Rol Role : Adhoc Lecturer July 2013
Respo Responsibility:

i. Sem 5 : Analytical Instruments

ii. Sem 6 : Advanced Instruments ( DCS / SCADA)

Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar, Gujarat

Role: Instrument Engineer ( GET, Manager)
Responsibiltiy: July 2011
July 2012

i. Studied the process detais of Captive Power Plant and the maintenance activities
of boilers, steam and gas turbines, and measurement & control systems of the same.
ii. Involved in the installation and maintenance of various temperature, pressure
and flow measuring instruments and control valves.
iii. Shutdown of Power Plant Units
o Worked as an incharge engineer during Combustion / Hot Gas Path
Major Inspection of Gas Turbines and Calibration of the measuring instruments.
o Re-Installation of steam turbine control system.
iv. Shutdown of Crude Complex
o Changed the tubing of the valves and fitted Solenoid valves to improve
convenience for maintenance activities.
o Installed the pressure transmitters on crude distillation column to make
the control more reliable.
v. Shutdown of the Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrotreating Unit
o Handled the responsibility of replacement of thermocouples of reactor.

Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals ,Vadodara, Gujarat Jan -2011

Role : Vocational Trainee

Studied Detail Process of Amonia Process Plant and Basic Instrumentation of Plant.


Solar photovoltaic workshop for Educators Nov 2014
Key Resposibities Included
o Assembling of USAID provided Solar PV kits
o Supervise Experiments
o Assisted Instructor from USAID for PV Training

Student Member of India Smart Grid Forum Feb 2014-

PROJECTS A 3.4 KWp Hybrid Solar PV System for Solar Department, PDPU Campus.
Projects Data Analysis of 10 KWp Roof top Grid Connected Thin film Solar PV Installation at
PDPU Campus.
Analysis of Demand Response in gated Community having Diesel Generator as a
Backup Power Source.
Proposed GPS/GPRS Based tracking and Mobile Charging System for MyBikes"
bicycles, Ahmedabad.

Metro train automation Wire-less water level controller
Ms.Excel C Language(Basic) Solar pv system Design
Matlab & Simulation EES
Dr. Omkar Jani Dr. Indrajit Mukhopadhyay Mr. Akhilesh Magal
Principal Research Scientist Head, Solar Research & Development Head, Solar Advisory
Solar wing, GERMI Center, PDPU Solar Wing, GERMI

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