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2nd Grade News Vocabulary

April 26, 2017 line segment



Hello 2nd grade families,


I hope you are having a great week. We are done vertices

with MAP testing for the year. Im very proud of each determine

student, and what they have accomplished so far this year. I know cause and effect

they worked very hard and their Spring MAP scores reflect their
work. Its hard to believe that in a little over a month they will be
point of view

officially 3rd graders. Conferences will be held next week. I will be mood

sending out the Sign-Up Genius link later this week.



From what Ive heard the students are having a good time

with this weeks robot homework. Im looking forward to seeing their


creations! Please remember robots are due Friday, April 28th.

Please see the attached flier for more information.


By now Im sure youve heard about Run for the Bus. TMSA reduce

will be holding a fundraiser to earn enough money to purchase an reuse

additional bus. Students can collect a one time donation or donations


per lap they run. As a reminder one time donations are due Friday,
over consume

April 28. Per lap donations are due Friday, May 5.


Our Student Treasure books have finally arrived! The came out impact

great. If you were unable to order one, but would still like to you can
visit the following link StudentTreasures and enter the pin #6991042. Upcoming Events
From there you will be able to purchase a copy or additional copies.
5/4 Conferences
5/11 STEM Fair
I hope you have a wonderful afternoon. If you have any 5/15-16 Talent Show Tryouts
questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask.
5/25 Field Trip (Museum
Natural Science)
5/29 Memorial Day (No
6/8 Talent Show
What We are learning this week: 6/9 Last Day of School

This week we will continue to review concepts in preparation for our MAP tests. In reading we
have been reviewing inferencing and theme. We are also learning about list and cinquain poems
to add to our Poetry Books. In grammar we have been reviewing using a comma to separate items
in a list and in compound sentences. We are also breaking words apart by prefix, suffix, root word
as well as by syllables. In math we have started learning about 1, 2, and 3 dimensional shapes. In
Science we have been talking about how erosion and weathering play a part in shaping the
Earths surface. In Social Studies and science we will strengthen our understanding of human
impact on the Earth as well as ways to reduce our carbon footprint.