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Upright & Grand Pianos

I fell in love at first touch.

Bechstein fascinates great artists the world over. Carnegie Hall, and earned international fame
In this catalogue, youll discover some of these through her recordings. A gorgeous and highly
outstanding pianists of several generations, photo- talented lady who loves everything beautiful,
graphed by Deniz Saylan. especially the Bechstein sound. A woman at ease
with great composers such as Bach, Schubert,
Dudana Mazmanishvili is one of them. She has Liszt and Rachmaninoff. An artist who strives
performed with great orchestras at such renowned for expression without compromise. Especially
stages as Munichs Gasteig and New Yorks when it comes to acoustic excellence.
Bechstein: tradition and
innovation, the German
art of piano-making

A fascinating sound. Loved the world over ever since the visionary
piano-maker Carl Bechstein built his first instrument.

4 A part of me is missing when were apart. The origin of the Bechstein sound dates cians composed their legendary works 5
back to 1853, to the golden age of the on their Bechstein pianos.
piano. The great musicians and amateur
pianists of the time loved their Bechstein Today, C. Bechsteins unique R&D center
instruments from the start for their dignity, has found ways to revive the tradition of
serenity, precise action and clear, colour- yesterdays pianos with their distinctive
ful voice. On a Bechstein you can play any voice: sublime, calm, perfectly balanced
kind of music, from rich romantic pieces and naturally powerful. More subtle and
to multifaceted modern works, from jazz sophisticated than ever, the new premium
to chamber music. Your Bechstein even class Bechstein instruments arouse the
enables you to render the perfect trans- enthusiasm of the most discriminating
parency of Bachs compositions. Its noble pianists the world over.
and gorgeous voice radiates a fascinating
beauty. Never hard or sharp, it features Last but not least, the action of todays
the same modulation potential as a talent- Bechstein pianos is so perfect that it
ed human voice. seduces the most demanding musicians
with its dependability and pleasant
Bechstein pianos embody the great Euro- touch. Whether you are a beginner or
pean musical tradition. They blend the a professional pianist, Bechstein is
spirit of the modern age with that of the everything your ears and your fingers
time when the greatest classical musi- could want.
A fascinating sound experience.
6 7

A piano should be absolutely reliable. Dependabili- A prizewinner in numerous international piano

ty is crucial because your instrument is your part- competitions, Denys Proshayev knows that
ner, whether youre playing at home or on stage. performing is hard work, and that a pianist must
always give the best of himself. He knows his
You can rely on your Bechstein. Thanks to the un- competitors are unforgiving and his playing must
equalled excellence of its action, it becomes an always be flawless. Every concert is a challenge
extension of your own hands, letting you express for mind and body to deliver a perfect perfor-
yourself freely and spontaneously. Your musical mance. Denys loves Bechstein. For its depth, its
expression is our top priority at Bechstein. sensitivity and its perfection.
The passion for the piano is
catching. A Bechstein is a
pleasure and an addiction

The flow of energy. Pleasure for all the senses. Emotion and
intelligence. Bechstein opens a world of musical expression.

8 A reliable partner. Bechstein instruments deliver an im- Bechstein has been favoured by great 9
pressive dynamic range, from delicate artists and intimately involved in Berlins
pianissimo to thundering fortissimo. cultural life ever since it was founded
Their rich voice gives you the liberty you in 1853. Moreover, Bechsteins history
need to express all your emotions. Their is German history in miniature: until the
highly precise keyboard and action boost Second World War, the production site
your virtuosity, enable you to control was located in central Berlin near the
every nuance and make you happy. prestigious Unter den Linden boulevard;
after 1945, it was relocated to West-Berlin,
The acoustic assembly of a Bechstein a block away from the Wall; in the 1990s,
piano incorporates a particular tension after the reunification of Germany, the
that is carefully created and controlled production was again relocated, this time
during the manufacturing process. The to Seifhennersdorf in Saxony, where all
flow of energy through this assembly pianos of the Bechstein premium class
is a magic formula that enables you to and all intruments of the C. Bechstein
create a sound of exactly the volume masterpiece class are made today; in 1999,
and colour you want. finally, the worlds first C. Bechstein Center
opened in Berlin near Kurfrstendamm.
Your Bechstein is a friend for a lifetime, This is where the companys headquarters
an investment in a happy future. Enjoy are located, where strategic decisions are
a legendary brand, an instrument with a taken, where pianists come to choose their
wonderful timbre and an elegant, subtle instruments. Bechsteins heart has never
action. left Berlin.
Uniqueness Bechstein: top class, but not elitist. A sound for innovation and two years of singing with Luciano
Music for the heart. discriminating ears. Pianos with a personal, Pavarotti and the choir of New Yorks Metropoli-
clearly outstanding profile. A sound for DJ Elbee tan Opera led him to a new joint project with
Bad, the pioneer of New Yorks house music who the P. O. D. Orchestra, during which he not only
recorded legendary tracks of the past twenty-five mixed at the turntable, but also directed a string
years under various pseudonyms. A nonconformist, quartet. Elbee Bad cultivates a note of uniqueness
the Prince of Dance Music smashes the barriers and appreciates a Bechsteins every key.
between musical styles. His passion for musical

10 11
The piano factory
as laboratory

The happy marriage of tradition and pioneering vision.

A harmony between the human senses and high technology.

12 Bechstein continuously improves its in- Such instruments made in Germany by Piano-makers put their 13
struments. No other German piano-maker piano-makers rooted in the European
has achieved comparable success in a musical tradition clearly stand apart from heart and soul into their
market dominated by Asian producers. At
Bechstein, a comprehensive team of spe-
Asian products.
cialists engineers, wood technicians, ISO certification: the state-of-the-art CNC
voicing specialists and concert tuners machines used to make the basic parts
work hand in hand with great performers of Bechstein upright and grand pianos
and piano teachers to produce exactly the guarantee the utmost precision and hence
instruments that todays and tomorrows excellent overall sound quality. More
users long for. precise than the human eye, computer-
controlled machines drill holes at exactly
Tradition and innovation: the intelligent use the right places in the cast iron frames.
of state-of-the-art technology and painstak- More accurately than human hands, they
ing processing of exquisite materials breathe saw and mill the wood of the bridges and
new life into engineering designs that have back frame. But man applies the final
proved their excellence over decades. touch and gives each piano its soul, voic-
ing the hammers by hand and by ear, so
The premium pianos of the Bechstein that the instrument acquires a voice that
brand were initially developed to meet the is harmonious and well balanced in all
demands of conservatories. Sturdy and registers. At Bechstein, craftsmen pass
powerful, with an excellent action and a on their expertise from one generation to
beautiful voice, they immediately won the next. For a lovely sound can only be
the hearts of teachers and students alike. born of love.
The key to success
Harmonious and warm.
14 15

The Gililov Quartet. Chamber music is a great The musicians of the Gililov Quartet are high-
art. Every musician must master his instrument ranking artists, some of them members of the
perfectly and be able to play in spontaneous Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. This famous
interaction with the other instrumentalists. chamber music ensemble is highly discriminat-
ing of sound quality and favours Bechstein
Every chamber musician must be not only an pianos. Sensitivity to one another, the ability to
excellent soloist, but also a perfect ensemble yield, then take the lead at the right moment:
player. Moreover, each member must be depend- arent these characteristics of great musicians?
able, committed to giving his best always. Bechstein is proud to be part of such an ensemble.
Energetic and lovely. A great brand that
will always be German.
The future is assured

Bechstein upright and grand pianos are second to none in the

premium class. Compare them and see!

16 The power of enthusiasm and the willing- its European roots. Nationalism has noth- 17
ness of every employee to give his best led ing to do with it: the company is proud
to success: Bechstein of Berlin, in German of its multi-ethnic staff. The Bechstein
ownership once more since 1986, has again philosophy is about the preservation of a
become Europes outstanding manufactu- valuable heritage of craftsmanship with
rer of top-flight pianos. Thats not all: the deep cultural roots. This heritage lives in
new major shareholder Stefan Freymuth, every single staff members passionate
a Berlin-based entrepreneur, is com- commitment to producing musical instru-
mitted to securing and developing the ments that incorporate the virtues of his-
German production facilities. toric German piano-making instruments
that have never been mass-produced, and
Moreover, Stefan Freymuth and the previ- never will be.
ous shareholders, Karl Schulze and his
wife Berenice Kpper, founded the Carl But what about Bechsteins two competi-
Bechstein Stiftung in 2012, a foundation tors in the top-flight segment, who are
aimed at promoting piano playing among now controlled by manufacturers from
young people, because music is a creative Japan and Korea? What will become of
activity that contributes to the develop- their former handmade voice in the
ment of a harmonious personality. context of industrial groups with mass
production facilities? Time will tell.
In the recent past, Bechstein has rejected
lucrative takeover offers from Asian groups, For further information on Bechsteins
because it is clear that the company can history and tradition, please visit
only retain its status as a manufacturer
of top-flight pianos by remaining true to
guided by tradition,
advanced by engineering

The primary feature of all Bechstein pianos:

a distinctive, beautiful voice.

18 Every Bechstein stands out with its typical, intelligent alliance of traditional crafts- 19
rich and beautiful voice, its sound and manship and state-of-the-art technology,
dignified character. Not just a superficial, we are able to make truly unique instru-
glittery ring, but a classic sound, master- ments: you wont find two Bechstein pia-
ful capabilities, and perfect balance are nos with exactly the same sound profile.
what the most discriminating musicians Piano-making is such a complex art that
appreciate in a Bechstein. Youll enjoy you wont discover all its secrets even
your Bechstein for its perfection and its during a guided tour of the Bechstein pro-
ability to meet your highest demands. duction site. During such a tour, however,
youll notice that the premium pianos of
Countless factors go into creating the the Bechstein brand and the instruments
harmonious, perfectly balanced voice of the C. Bechstein masterpiece class are
of Bechstein pianos: the special treat- made in separate workshops.
ment of carefully selected materials; the
application and release of tensions; the Although its impossible to explain all
interaction and synergy of many skills details of the Bechstein philosophy in
and components from many areas of a catalogue, the following pages offer a
piano-making and engineering. Nothing wealth of information on many factors
is left to chance at Bechstein a pioneer- that contribute to the excellence of our
ing company whose success is rooted in pianos and their enchanting voice.
over a century of expertise.
If you would like to know even more, dont
One pillar of the Bechstein philosophy is hesitate to ask your Bechstein dealer, or
individuality of each piano. Thanks to the watch the videos at Pianos of the Bechstein premium class incorporate many hours of hand labour.
Craftsmanship and high technology, individualisation and rationalisation intelli-
gently complement each other at the Bechstein factory.
The origin of the
Authorised foundries use sand moulds and special manufacturing processes to make the pianos cast iron
frames. The companys R&D center issues clear specifications for the different Bechstein and C. Bechstein
models, then carefully monitors the quality of the frames delivered by the foundries.

Bechstein sound

The cast iron frame and the duplex scales give the
Bechstein pianos a richer, more powerful voice.

20 The frame is made of cast iron designed cause the strings vibrate with a long, very 21
to achieve the desired sound propagation elastic attack and decay, even the bridges
speed for the rich Bechstein voice. The are able to resonate with them. The result
raw casting is measured to determine its is an oustanding cyclical flow of acoustic
topography. Then CNC tools drill and mill energy that produces a more colourful,
the frame to perfectly position the string dynamic and nuanced voice, under the
supports and the pinblock. pianists effortless yet precise control.

The system developed by Bechstein for the The energy stored in the front duplex
capo bars and the duplex scales machined scale adds to the volume and colour of
in the frame improves the overtones and the sound, and enables you to develop
gives the piano a clearer voice and more the harmonic partials that correspond
powerful trebles, creating an even more to your very personal playing. The rear
substantial sound. duplex scale provides clearer and more
powerful treble partials, enlarges the
The duplex scales take advantage of the sound spectrum and enriches the timbre.
non-speaking portion of the strings to The sustain pedal also delivers additional
optimise the acoustic energy cycle. Be- partials, of course.
The art of selecting and processing woods: A wealth of details
yields unique results.

22 The premium pianos of the Bechstein Bechstein makes the inner and outer 23
brand require extensive periods of rest rims separately in order to control the
to acclimate and mature. different tensions in the different types
of wood: German copper beech for the
Two more factors of the exceptional qual- inner rim; laminated beech for the outer
ity of the Bechstein sound are the careful rim. A perfect mix of strenght and flexi-
selection of the raw materials for the case bility is essential for this accoustic assem-
laminated beech and high-density prim- bly and its resonating heart.
ing under the lacquer or the veneer and
the high-precision manufacturing of the The cast iron plate is bolted onto the solid
braces that compose the back frame, which back posts made of carefully selected
results in an outstandingly robust assembly. pine. As a result, the back frame also
contributes to the singing voice of the
The case and the back frame without the Bechstein pianos.
soundboard are acclimated for several
months. Such rest phases at specific points Its true that ribs, bridges and sound-
in the manufacturing process are im- board are common parts in any piano,
portant for durability and are part of the just as youll find an engine, a body and
Bechstein tension management system. four wheels in any car. But there are
crucial disparities between different
The tensioned rim is desigend to support piano brands, just as there are between
the accoustic body directly. Moreover, different makes of cars.

Slow acclimation, tension management, periods of rest: between the various production steps, between
measurement and hand sanding, the Bechstein piano-makers let their works quietly mature. And caress
them from time to time as they walk by.
Bechsteins acoustic assembly: a philharmonic ensemble of perfectly
manufactured wooden parts, conducted by a master piano-maker.

24 Bechstein makes its soundboards out of which the soundboard with its ribs and soundboard curvature. Bechstein engi- 25
spruce from trees grown very high in the bridges vibrates ideally and develops its neers have developed a special, precise
Alps. The wood dries slowly in a climatic wonderful voice. process to shape the bridge caps and
chamber for several months before being insert the bridge pins. The bass and
processed by traditional techniques that The block that supports the soundboard treble bridges of the Bechstein premium
have proved their excellence over more is precisely bevelled. Repeated measure- class pianos have a root of solid copper
than a century. The soundboard has classic ments ensure that the vibrating membrane beach and a cap of solid white beech. This
dimensions and incorporates advanced ten- retains the required elasticity. The force Bechstein tradition reinforces the rich
sion management technology. The result is from the bridges and the strings opposes colour and clear basic tone character and
extreme sturdiness, efficient energy man- the upward force of the soundboard. Thus ensures the specific sound propagation
agement and optimum sound propagation. the boards curvature has precisely speci- speed.
fied resonant areas, and optimal tensions
When the inner and outer rims have been preserve its vibrational properties over The bridgewoods are dried in climatic
glued together, a coat of priming is applied generations without fatigue. chambers to make them absolutely resis-
to the case and helps to balance the ten- tant to warping. Bechstein spends more
sions. The soundboard is then inserted The bridges vibrate in interaction with the than a year in maturing these woods.
into the case. This cost-intensive manu- soundboard and the strings. The spectrum Finally the bridges are placed on the
facturing process, used on all Bechstein of partials varies with the pianists touch. soundboard with extreme precision for
and C. Bechstein models, is aimed at The crown of the bridges, their dimensions optimum transmission of vibrations from
creating a controlled closed system in and precise workmanship reeinforce the the strings to the board.

The stunning Bechstein quality arises from thorough expertise in all production steps. Careful selection,
conditioning and processing of the materials, hand craftsmanship paired with intelligent use of high techno-
logy, sophisticated time and tension management, in-depth quality control of work in progress, special-
ists who are dedicated to their jobs: these are just some of the secrets of the wonderful Bechstein sound.
Computerised tools have an aesthetics of their own. Bechstein uses state-of-the-art technology to achieve
sound excellence. German engineering, a century-old tradition of craftsmanship, a passion for precision
and detail, patience and mastery of complex production steps: these are the ingredients that bring an
acoustic assembly to life.

A dependable sound profile results from precisely made basic parts.

Premium quality needs craftsmanship and technology.

26 The ribs are also made of spruce grown Precision machining is a necessity for 27
high in the Alps. Their shape, dimensions high-quality professional instruments.
and weight have been specified to optimise The Bechstein engineers have developed
the soundboards stability, flexibility and special CNC tools that deliver the required
vibration. Computerised tools carve pockets precision another factor in the exquisite
in the soundboard support block to fit the Bechstein sound.
ribs with high precision. Tensed against
the rim, the ribs maintain the curvature Last but not least, all Bechstein upright
and elasticity of the soundboard. and grand pianos feature perfectly
balanced registers: the bass wont be
All Bechstein pianos are renowned for their dominating and all notes will retain
ability to retain their tuning for long peri- their colour even when you play forte.
ods. This is the result of the manufacturing
process used for the pinblock, a laminated Come to Seifhennersdorf and enjoy a
wood part made of extremely dense, torsion- guided tour of the German production
resistant copper beech. site! Youll discover the complexity of
piano-making and the incredible exper-
tise of the Bechstein staff.
Every single element plays a decisive role in a piano action. The smallest details influence the ensemble;
minimal alterations have considerable consequences. Touch is as important as sound in your choice of
a piano to buy. Bechstein actions incorporate highly precise parts made of carefully selected materials.
Youll enjoy playing on a masterpiece of the German piano-makers art.

A professional action assembly that

meets the highest demands.

28 Most pianists base their opinion of an in- level as a pianist, you savour an action 29
strument primarily on its action assembly. that perfectly responds to your command.
Made to sophisticated specifications and
using carefully selected materials, the ac- The new damper design does without
tions of all Bechstein pianos are the non metallic rods, using a classic wooden
plus ultra. tangent instead. This increases both the
dampers mass and its friction, which in
The action assembly of all premium pianos turn gives you better control. Moreover,
of the Bechstein brand now incorporate the hammer shank now rests on the felt
materials and components similar to those of the repetition levers, while longer keys
used in instruments of the C. Bechstein improve your playing and your comfort.
masterpiece class. This means your play-
ing is perfectly under your control, from Of course, such improvements increase the
the tip of the key to the top of the string amount of work required to make and as-
and the damper. You enjoy a smooth and semble the novel parts, but you can feel the
precise action and play easily on well- difference immediately: the new Bechstein
cushioned keys that pleasantly resist the action assemblies deliver more precision and
pressure of your fingers. Whatever your nuance, achieving professional standards.
Bechstein and C. Bechstein:

Grand pianos
two different product lines,
both made in Germany

Your budget is a key factor in your choice between a piano of the Bechstein
premium class and an instrument of the C. Bechstein masterpiece class.

30 Lets rewind piano history back to the ing the magic of the Bechstein sound and ing success. The premium uprights and A Bechstein piano is not intended to 31
second half of the 20th century. Most making it compatible with the taste of grands of the Bechstein brand are an dominate a whole symphony orchestra,
German concert halls were destroyed modern pianists and music lovers. alternative to the outstanding pianos of but it always stands out with its singing
after the Second World War. Other major the masterpiece class. Since the begin- voice and intimate character in a private
changes of the time were the appearance Schulze intended to take the company back ning of the new millennium, this brand has venue or a chamber music hall. Amateur
of new musical trends, the improvement to its roots in order to prepare it for the been tailored to the needs of conservato- and professional pianists alike appreciate
of recording technology, and the rise in future. He initiated a bold R&D programme ries and smaller budgets. Although not Bechstein instruments for their excel-
concert pitch. In a word: music became that would continue over the next two designed to perform in large concert halls, lent action. Although these assemblies
higher, faster and louder. This of course decades and give birth to a new genera- these instruments are still made to satisfy are made with other materials than those
influenced piano-making and the demands tion of concert pianos with a wonderful professional demands. Bechstein pianos used for the pianos of the masterpiece
that pianists placed on their instruments. voice true to the great Bechstein tradi- are powerful enough for performances in class, all details of the action position
tion, a fast and precise action assembly, chamber music halls and private venues, the Bechstein pianos in the premium
Because pianos had to assert themselves and an impressive volume. This was the and they are sturdy enough to withstand segment. Far from being mass-produced,
in front of orchestras, a metallic voice revival of the Bechstein legend. the playing of the most vigorous music Bechstein instruments embody a wealth
became fashionable for a time, while students. of hand craftsmanship, especially in the
instruments with a beautiful, transparent Todays C. Bechstein masterpiece instru- fine adjustment of the action and the voic-
and colourful sound fell into disfavour. A ments are a Formula One of the piano The new Bechstein pianos have been ing of the hammers. In short, they reflect
bad time for the C. Bechstein pianos, as world. They are not only powerful, but developed by the companys R&D center the great Bechstein tradition.
they couldnt deliver the required volume, also incorporate the finest parts and the based on historic models of legendary
although many pianists still appreciated highest expertise of the companys piano- quality. However, they incorporate You have the choice between C. Bechstein, the
their noble voice. But a new era dawned makers in tension management. Thanks parts machined by computerised tools masterpiece class, and Bechstein, the pre-
in 1986, when the company finally regain- to their high degree of individualisation, and their acoustic assembly reflects mium class that combines craftsmanship
ed its autonomy from American guardian- these instruments are masterpieces that a different philosophy than that of the and rationalised production processes. Dis-
ship: Karl Schulze, the new CEO, devel- embody the non plus ultra of piano- C. Bechstein instruments. Their voice is cover and enjoy the subtleties and character-
oped a visionary concept aimed at reviv- making and today they enjoy resound- softer and rounder, yet still very serene. istics of these two great German brands!
Grand pianos

Grand pianos
Model B 160 B 175 B 190 B 208 B 228 Your Bechstein dealer can provide you with full information
on the various versions and finishes (lacquer, veneers and art
53 59 59 60 63 60 68 60 75 60 cases). The Vario mute is available as an option with all piano
Dimensions models.
160 151 cm 175 152 cm 190 153 cm 208 153 cm 228 153 cm
Vario mute

688 lbs 701 lbs 774 lbs 836 lbs 922 lbs
312 kg 338 kg 351 kg 379 kg 418 kg

32 33

B 160
B 175
B 190
B 208
B 228

B 160 B 175 B 190 B 208 B 228

A magnificent compact grand piano, power- A grand of ideal dimensions, at ease even An ideally sized grand with an attractive A grand piano for all repertoires, includ- An unparalleled semi-concert grand
ful thanks to integrated sound and energy in small rooms and equipped with terrific voice, clear and colourful, and a pleasant- ing chamber music. Suitable for solos at piano. Technical perfection and a power-
flow. Precise touch and well balanced technical features. Exceptionally subtle, ly precise action that provides a wealth home or in small concert venues. The ful voice at a surprisingly affordable price.
registers. A charming and colourful voice, with a rich voice and impressive power of nuances. Its size makes it suitable large soundboard delivers a colourful A premium instrument with considerable
rich in overtones. The pleasure of piano reserves thanks to its grand piano design. for performances in private rooms and voice and a wealth of dynamics. Optimal, power reserves. Youll love it.
playing, even for demanding musicians. small concert venues. precise and balanced touch.
Brilliant white

Brilliant white
The gilt Bechstein logo is especially distinctive on a
brilliant white background. Some models are also avail-
able with a case patterned after historic pianos in clas-
sic style. Please visit
and-grand-pianos/art-case-gallery.html for photos and
the various art cases. The variety of finishes displayed in
this catalogue is available for several models and sizes.

34 35
Brilliant burl walnut

Brilliant burl walnut

A very particular piano of subtle and serene elegance.
A work of art in its own right. A jewel that attracts at-
tention and fits in any modern interior. The veneer with
noble flowers of amazing beauty is the work of experts
who love their craft. With the sophisticated shades
of burl walnut and the timeless style of the case, this
piano will be the queen of your music room. Unobtru-
sive culture, lifestyle, beauty and perfection.
The piano illustrated to the right features custom legs.

36 37
Brilliant mahogany Brilliant pyramid mahogany

Brilliant pyramid mahogany

Brilliant mahogany

Can you imagine a nobler finish? Absolutely classic,

pyramid mahogany features wonderful shades that
give a piano a regal yet unobtrusive elegance, under-
scoring your exquisite taste. This veneer with a lustre
that recalls Bordeaux wine is a statement of lifestyle:
its made for pianists who know what really matters
and allow themselves individuality. Please ask your
Bechstein dealer for the mahogany colour guide and the
delivery conditions.
The piano illustrated to the right features custom legs.

38 39

Mahogany: a noble veneer, the epitome of style.

To say that this finish ennobles any interior is an
understatement. Enveloping the case in its pleasant
shades, this veneer radiates elegance and warmth.
Choose the shade you prefer, bright or dark.
Mahogany is suitable for pianos of any size.
Brilliant walnut Satin walnut
Brilliant walnut

Satin walnut
The piano to the left is a small grand piano in brilliant
walnut, a finish that is currently making a comeback.
Just as every Bechstein is a unique work of art with
a very individual voice, every walnut finish features
distinctive patterns.

Please note that a brilliant finish has a positive influ-

ence on sound propagation, while a satin finish is un-
obtrusive and gives the piano a more natural look. Dont
hesitate to ask your Bechstein dealer: hes there to help
you make your choice among a wealth of possibilities.
40 41

The picture to the left shows a mid-sized grand with a

satin walnut case. This timeless finish expresses ma-
turity and noble simplicity. A piano with a clear design
that is rooted in sound craftsmanship.

The walnut veneer conveys various nuances depending

on the finish: in the satin version, it suggests warmth
and closeness to nature. The slim character of the case
and the particular shade of veneer which you can choose
from the colour guide harmoniously complement each
Energy in harmony

Bechstein uprights benefit from the companys tradition

and experience in making grand pianos.

42 According to the C. Bechstein principle, optimised to add partials in the trebles and components such as the back posts, the 43
all constructive elements of a piano make the sound even more radiant. bridge and the pinblock. Copper beech
contribute to an unrestricted energy flow dowels secure all joints of the ribs and
within a self-contained system of tensions. Together with the solid back posts, the back posts.
When you play, none of the energy you sand-cast plate resists to the fifteen-ton
expend is wasted. All the constructive tensile force of the strings and guaran- Specialists test and tune the hammer

elements contribute to creating a voice tees that the instrument stays in tune. heads by hand and ear in accordance
with a rich range of nuances. The optimal integration of the back posts with the IVP method.
and the cast-iron plate delivers both
Just as in the grands, the soundboard of substantial, full bass and colourful, warm Bechstein favours indigenous wood types
the Bechstein uprights features optimum mid-tones. Moreover, it makes it easy for and attaches great importance to environ-
vibration properties and improves the you to produce and modulate partials and mentally sound processing and low-resi-
dynamics, the fullness of tone and the colours in the high frequency range very due varnishes and solvents. The environ-
wide range of partials. The string lengths easily. The sound range of the Bechstein mental protection measures implemented
of all eighty-eight tones, complemented by pianos is dynamic, varied and rich. at the production site surpass even the
the frequencies in the duplex scales and stringent German statutory regulations.
the excellent pressure ratios between the Bechstein uses premium woods Euro-
strings, the bridge and the ribs, have been pean pine and copper beech for crucial Bechstein is ISO-9001:2008 certified.
B 112 Modern

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. A sensational voice. A case of ideal proportions that delivers a great
sound volume. Youll be delighted with its design and amazing

sound that embodies all the quality features of the great Bechstein
H 45 W 59 D 22.6 tradition. In keeping with todays taste: attractive, modern and in-
Dimensions novative. To say that it fulfils the highest requirements is an under-
H 112 W 149 D 57 cm Vario mute
59 22.6 optional statement. A designer piano for those who love exquisite interiors.
Weight 507 lbs / 230 kg

44 45

B 112 Modern
B 116 Accent

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. An excellent, robust and well-proportioned piano with a timeless
design, a sensitive action and a balanced voice. A look at the back

of this upright reveals its similarity with grand pianos: the triangu-
H 45.5 W 59 D 24 lar corner resonators optimise the soundboards vibration proper-
Dimensions ties. The back posts are particularly sturdy, so that the piano stays
H 116 W 151 D 61 cm Vario mute
59 24 optional tuned for long periods.
Weight 525 lbs / 238 kg

46 47

B 116 Accent
B 116 Compact

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. Finest German piano-making. A pleasant action paired with a mature and
Veneer finishes also available. well-balanced voice. The case has rounded edges that announce a strong

personality and dimensions that provide an impressive acoustic volume.
H 45.5 W 59 D 23 The picture below offers a view of the inside and illustrates the excellent
Dimensions quality of the materials and processing. All parts of the sound assembly
H 116 W 149 D 59 cm Vario mute
59 24 optional form a consistent ensemble that delivers a particularly colourful voice.
Weight 518 lbs / 235 kg

48 49

B 116 Compact
B 120 Select

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. Flowing lines give the case an elegant and harmonious silhouette.
Veneer finishes also available. The sound volume and the richly coloured voice are real pleasures.

The version illustrated below has front panels in cherry with yew
H 47.5 W 59 D 24 inlays. All models incorporate several features of grand pianos,
Dimensions including the soundboard, whose excellent vibration properties
H 120 W 150 D 61 cm Vario mute
59 24 optional contribute to optimum dynamics, harmonics and acoustic richness.
Weight 536 lbs / 243 kg

50 51

B 120 Select
B 124 Imposant

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. A mature and elegant piano with a large soundboard that ensures
a powerful volume. The ideal proportions and the advantageous
lever ratios of the action assembly provide this model with a

H 49 W 59 D 24.5 delicate, precise and highly professional touch. A dynamic voice
Dimensions with a wealth of nuances and a powerful bass register. The ideal
H 124 W 151 D 62 cm Vario mute
59 24.5 optional instrument for ambitious pianists.
Weight 562 lbs / 255 kg

52 53

B 124 Imposant
B 124 Style

Finish Black or white, brilliant finish. A powerful yet subtle concert upright. The respectable dimensions
Veneer finishes also available. of the case merge with rounded edges and charming details in
an harmonious design. Refined lever ratios result in comfortable,

H 49.5 W 59 D 24 professional playing. A voice with a wealth of nuances makes this
Dimensions piano suitable for all musical styles.
H 125 W 159 D 61 cm Vario mute
59 24 optional

Weight 562 lbs / 255 kg

54 55

B 124 Style

2013 C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG

Kantstrasse 17 10623 Berlin, Germany
Telephone +49 (0)30 22 60 559 59

Editing: Berenice Kpper

English version: MS Berlin
Photographs: Deniz Saylan, Eric Bohr, Bechstein archives
Layout: Christiane Prechtl
Production: DruckConcept Berlin

For all models, C. Bechstein reserves the right to any technical alterations
(acoustic assembly, case, dimensions, finish, design of the legs and lyre).