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4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks

Questionnaire on Non-performing
Assets in Banks
Respected Sir/Madam,

I am pursuing Ph.D. on the topic A Study on Risk Management by Banks in India (with special reference
to Delhi-NCR) under the guidance of Dr. Bhisham Kapoor (Associate Professor, M.M.H. College,
Ghaziabad U.P.). The research requires collection of valuable inputs regarding Non Performing Assets
from people who have worked or are working in the functional area of lending, collection, audit,
inspections, and recovery of Non-performing assets which is an integral part of risk management in

This questionnaire is an attempt to solicit your opinion regarding causes of Non-performing assets in
banks and also seeking valuable suggestions to nd out ways and means for reducing the same.
Therefore, I request your goodself to kindly take out some time to ll the questionnaire attached
herewith this letter. The information, views, opinions expressed by you will be kept condential and be
utilized only for research purpose.

Also please forward the link of questionnaire to other bankers to help in getting more comprehensive
inputs to draw relevant conclusions.

Your contribution to the research is highly appreciated and acknowledged!

With due regards,

Suksham R Aneja
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce
Shaheed Mangal Pandey Government Girls PG College,
Meerut (U.P.)


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4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
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4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
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I. Factors responsible for increasing NPA in Banks in India

Please indicate your level of agreement for the Causes which have
increased NPAs in the Banks. *
Strongly Strongly
Disagree Neutral Agree
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1. Most of the borrowers dont

repay loans 3/7
4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
repay loans

2. Lack of strong legal action

against NPA defaulters.

3. Corruption leads to increase

in NPA.

4. Prominent people or
politicians inuence the
lending process of banks.

5. Diversion of funds from the

stated purpose increases the
possibility of its becoming

6. High rate of interest leads to

more NPA as burden of
repayment increases on the

7. Inadequate staff in banks to

manage loan portfolio,
supervision and follow-up.

8. Training regarding Credit

Risk Management to bank
staff is inadequate.

9. Mortgage lending is
generally misled by legal
experts / inspecting ocers /
valuers which results in poor
credit appraisal.

10. Risk management policies

framed by governing bodies
are not properly complied with.

11. Risk analysis tools like

track record verication, pre
sanction audit system for early
detection of default are not
effectively used.

12. Loans given to

economically weaker section
increase NPAs to a large

13. Natural calamities are one

of the main reasons

responsible for increased NPA
in agriculture loans.

14. Government schemes of

debt waivers, debt
restructuring increase the
chances of being NPAs.

15. One time settlement by

banks or through Lok Adalat 4/7
4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
banks or through Lok Adalat
increases the chances of being

16. Credits guarantee schemes

and waiving collateral security
increases chances of being

17. CIBIL score has been

ineffective in controlling NPAs.

III. Suggestions to minimize NPAs

Please indicate your level of agreement for Suggestions to

minimize NPAs *
Strongly Strongly
Disagree Neutral Agree
Disagree Agree

1. Credit Information
sharing system among 5/7
4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
sharing system among
banks regarding their
experience of borrowers
repayment tendency
needs to be

2. Banks need to cultivate

an ecient Market
Intelligence system to
know more about their

3. Recovery measures
should be enhanced and
strengthened to reduce

4. Moral persuasion of
borrowers towards
repayments of their loans
can decrease NPA.

5. Maintaining a
continuous rapport /
communication with the
borrowers can reduce

6. An effective credit
appraisal system needs
to be reinforced to
reduce NPA.

7. Associations of
Exporters, Industrialists
can play an important
role in recovering bank
dues from their

8. Effective Corporate
governance in corporate
bodies itself may be
helpful in reducing NPA.

9. Proper Training should

be given to staff for
effective supervision,
follow up and risk

10. Banks should be

given liberty to reduce
rate of interest for
economically weaker

11. Appropriate
arrangements should be
made by banks to ensure
ecient surveillance and
governance of credit
portfolio to reduce NPA. 6/7
4/27/2017 QuestionnaireonNonperformingAssetsinBanks
portfolio to reduce NPA.

12. Fixing pre sanctioning

appraisal responsibility
and having effective post
supervision can put a
check on NPA.

13. Asset reconstruction

companies (ARC) can
help to expedite the
recovery of amounts
locked in NPAs.

14. Debt Recovery

Tribunals (DRT)
mechanism needs to be
strengthened and vested
with more powers for
proper enforcement of its

15. Strict legal action

must be taken against
willful defaulters.

Any other comments/suggestions about NPAs in your branch.

Your answer

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