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RUNNING HEAD: Team America Rocketry Challenge 1

Team America Rocketry Challenge

Progress Report 12

By Sidney Boakye and Amy Nguyen


Junior Physics Mentorship

Governors School @ Innovation Park

Objectives: To finish the construction of the 2nd rocket and to launch it in the air three more

times for the next trials

Team America Rocketry Challenge 2

Materials and Methods

List of materials:

RockSim (rocket modeling software)

Rocket Nose Cone
Body Tubes
Balsa Wood Fins
Rocket Motors
Motor Mounts

Last Two Weeks

We launched the rocket and are currently in the process of synthesizing our data into a

presentable format. We are also re-constructing our rocket as our last one was damaged beyond

Team America Rocketry Challenge 3

The Next Two Weeks

We plan to fully reconstruct the rocket and set a date for the next launch. This way we will be

able to record and analyze our data for the upcoming science symposium.


Not available at this time.

Team America Rocketry Challenge 4


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