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Visualization of Sliding Friction Heat During the Skid Resistance Test

and Its Effect on Road Accidents

Abdulmalk Alkassim ( - Abdulwhab Alhissan( - Fahad Alrahji (
Supervised by Dr. Maher Nofal, Engineering Department-PSU

o n
i iu s
r s
e er n

V G e

r i a l o f P o s t

T r s i o n

V e
s r i a l

n i u i t h a T

r G e e a t e d

e sb

s t
o te a
e e n

P r h
p o s
h i s

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Figure 1.The SRT appartus consists of : (LEFT) (1) Trailing pointer, (2) Scale, (3) Pendulum arm and (4) Rubber slider (31.75 x 25.40
mm2). (RIGHT) The SRT is employed with IR-camera.