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Date Day Lesson/Lecture Assignment Assessment LABORATORY


Quarter 3 Reflections
Review Final FRQ on Whiteboards
Lesson 1 Sniffing Around and Notes on Complete Lesson 1
Molecular Formula, Structural Formula and Questions 5.1 PPT
Lewis Dot Notes, Chem Bonding
27-Mar M Drawing using HONC 1234 Rule and Lewis Dot
Recap 5.1 Notes
Whiteboard Practice - Lewis Dot - covalent, Chemical Bonding
28-Mar T polyatomic, ionic bonds Practice 1
Lewis Dot Warm-Up Complete Chem Bonding
29-Mar W Candy Molecule Activity 1 Candy Molecules

Warm-Up- What's Wrong with These?

Review Chem Bonding 1 and Candy
Molecules Highlight VSEPR Chart
Functional Groups Card Sort (35-40 Compete Lesson 6:
30-Mar Th minutes) Where's the Fun?

Lesson 15 - Attractive Molecules Polarity Complete questions for

31-Mar F Lab Lesson 16 - Polarity Comic Strip Lessons 15 and 16 Polarity Lab
Review Lessons 15 and 16 Molecule
Lecture 5.2 notes - Bond Polarity Slides Polarity simulation and
3-Apr M Lab 6: Model Kits questions Model Kits

Close Read Mirror Polar Molecules w

Polarity in Action Mirror article and spring scales
4-Apr T Mirror Images Activity answer questions 2,5,6,7 Isomers and Mirrors
Unit 5 Quiz
Lecture Notes 5.2 Intro Orbitals and
Electron Config
5-Apr W Fill in Battleship Periodic Table Complete Lecture Notes Unit 5 Quiz
Go Over Unit 5 Quiz
Practice writing orbital diag. and e config
6-Apr Th Battleship! Orbital Filling Worksheet Battleship

Warm-up e config and shorthand config Begin Periodicity

Re-examine cardsort PTE for size of atoms - Practice Begin Unit 5
7-Apr F Intro Z-eff - Lecture 4.4 Notes Test Review

Size of Ions and Ionization Energy - Bohr

Diagrams on Whiteboards Periodicity practice and
17-Apr M Periodicity Practice and Vocab Review Vocab Review

Warm-Up - Ionic Radii and it's affect on

strength of attraction - Coloumb's Law
Go over vocab review Finish review/ check
18-Apr T Unit 5 Review / Music Wars answers Study
19-Apr W Unit 5 Test Unit 5 Test
Water Strider Phenomena
IMF and notes on cohesion and adhesion
Penny Quick Lab - group lab turned in at Penny and Water
20-Apr Th end of period Lecture 6.0 Notes Cohesion Lab
Review Dipole, H Bond, London Dispersion
and HW questions
Gecko Feet Time
21-Apr F for video IMF Video
Discussion of Weather Patterns, atmosphere,
and behavior of gases
Go Over Test FRQ
Intro Gas Laws - Hulk and Tanker - soda can Lecture 6.1 Notes-The Ice Water/Soda Can
24-Apr M demo (discuss factors that affect gases) Gas Laws Demo
Pressure Warm-Up
Review the 1st Three Gas Laws Demo Notes - Identify
Demos: Vacuum chamber, boiling blood, which law is which Demos: Vacuum
egg btl Start Gas Laws Practice chamber, boiling
25-Apr T Demonstrate/start Gas Laws 1 1 blood, egg in bottle
Warm-Up - Identifying gas laws
Boyle's Law Lab and Marshmallow in Gas Laws 1 Practice
26-Apr W Syringe CER Group Lab Report Boyle's Law Lab
Go Over Gas Laws Practice 1 Demo Pressure Gauges and
Pressure Gauges and Water Lecture 6.2 Notes Water Temp - Gay
27-Apr Th Time to finish group lab Submit Boyle's Law Lab Lussac's Law
PV=nRT mneumonic and STP Crash
Course Chem Ideal Gas Laws
Gas Laws Practice 2
28-Apr F Gas Laws Kahoot Gas Laws Practice 2

1-May M Liquid Nitrogen Day!! Liquid Nitrogen Day!!

Gas Laws Quiz
Go over Gas Laws Practice 2 Complete Be the
2-May T Laptops - Be The Molecule pages Molecule Gas Laws Quiz
Go over Gas Laws Quiz
Warm-Up - Gas Stoich and Ideal Gas Law
Review Kinetic Mol Theory Finish Take a Breath
3-May W Lesson 17 - Take a breath Start Unit 6 Review Take a Breath
Review - Warm-Up
Review Take a Breath
Work on Unit 6 Review Review
4-May Th Game? Unit 6 Test Review
5-May F Unit 6 Test Unit 6 Test
Fire Demos
8-May M Time to take Lecture 7.1.1 Notes Lecture 7.1.1 Notes Fire Demos - Lesson 1

Go over MC section Lessons 2 and 3 -

Warm-Up 1 - after Lecture 7.1 (review Complete questions for Endo vs Exothermic
9-May T notes) Lessons 2 and 3 Lessons 2 and 3 reactions and Hands
Go Over FRQ
Collect data for lesson 4 - (((consider lesson
5 together)))
Review data Lesson 2, 3, 4
Start Lecture 7.2 Notes - fill in notes (before
10-May W Therm Practice 1) Start Therm Practice 1 Lessons 4 and 5???

Lecture 7.1.2 Enthalpy on Whiteboards

Warm-up 2 Specific Heat of
11-May Th Specific Heat Data Collection Thermo Practice 1 Metals Lab

Warm-Up (handwritten-Like # 10 on Therm

1) Go
over Thermo Chem Practice 1: 8, 9, 10 Finish Lab
12-May F Finish Specific Heat Lab in groups Bring in Soda Cans
Finish Heating and
Warm-Up - Calculating Cp and kJ/mol Cooling Curve
Lecture 7.3 Phase Change Notes and Draw Thermochem 2 Due
15-May M Heating and Cooling Curves Friday
16-May T Cheeto Calorimetry Lab Cheeto
Thermo Practice 2 Warm-Up Finish Cheeto Lab write-
17-May W Finish Cheeto Calorimetry Lab Data up Cheeto

Warm-Up - Writing Endo vs Exo Rxns Lecture 8.1 Kinetics

18-May Th Review Thermo 2 Practice Notes
Review Key Points of 8.1 Notes
Activation Energy Simulation
Energy Required to Break and Make Bonds -
19-May F Lessons 11 and 12 in class Unit 7 Review Magnets Demo
Go over Unit 7 Review questions
Group Pop Quiz
22-May M Music Wars
23-May T Unit 7 Test Unit 7 Test
Unit 8 Intro - Kinetics Lesson 13 Demos -
half period
24-May W Go over FRQ?? MythBusters? Kinetics Demos
Go Over Unit 7 Test
25-May Th What is Entropy
Start Lecture 8.2 Notes - Equilibrium Complete lecture 8.2
26-May F Kinetics Practice in Class Notes
28-May M Memorial Day
Go over Kinetics practice
Discuss equilibrium and glucose demo
Lecture 8.3 Notes in class -how to write the
equilibrium expression and calculate the
29-May T equilibrium constant Equilibrium Practice 1
Review Eq Practice 1
Le Chatelier's Principle - notes and examples
30-May W Time for Equ. Practice 2 Equilibrium Practice 2

Warm-Up - Calc Keq and shifts left and

right Le
Chatelier's Principle -heat demo
Go over Lab questions and Final Review
31-May Th
1-Jun F Group Lab
5-Jun M Individual FRQ
8-Jun Th No Student Day