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Sean Walshe Traditional Harmonica Rick Epping customized and

The Wicklow Way by Cathal Johnson retuned Seans D/D# chromatic

harmonica to D/C#. This enables
Sean Walshe comes from Wicklow, Sean to play the music in D to suit
Ireland. He won Comhaltas his style of playing. As the
Ceoltoiri Eireanns All Ireland harmonica is now retuned to D/C#,
Fleadh championship in 1966 in he does not have to constantly
Bolye and the miscellaneous hold in and release for decoration
section - even harder! - in but rather press or flick the
Kilkenny in 1984. Sean button in, and so he
grew up steeped in frees up the hand for
Irish music! A lot of effects.
tunes on this CD are
from childhood The CD has 15 tracks of
memories of his father jigs as Shandon
playing accordion. Bells/Tatter Jack
Walsh, reels such as
Sean is accompanied by The Concertina
piano, guitar, and Reel/Humours of Tulla,
percussion. Seans sisters play marches Billy Bryne of
whistle and sing Come by the Ballymanus/The Three Flowers,
Hills , making this is a lovely polkas Little Diamond/The Magic
family collaboration. Sean says Slipper, Set dance - The Job of
that the CD is a labour of love that Journeyman and hornpipes such
has come about through the help as The Cuckoos Nest and a slow
and encouragement of a few great air Sweeter as the Years Roll By.
The CD is available from Cathal
In this, his first CD, he treats us to Johnson, Harmonicas Ireland,
his fine, steady, rhythmic, playing contact email:
with vamping in parts, echoing Cathaljohnson @
Eddie Clarkes style. Sean spent
many hours playing with Eddie, the
legendary Irish chromatic Or from Sean Walshe himself. To
harmonica player. Eddie played arrange for a CD you can write to
with the button pressed in, in C#, Sean at Sean at Ballinaclash,
only releasing it for triplets, and Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, Ireland or
an ornamentation and decoration call him at his home number
which is closer to tradition where 00353 (0) 404 46323,
the decoration goes down and up
in tone, not up and down.. If anyone is interested in having a
chromatic harmonica D/D#
After Sean moved to Dublin in the customized to D/C# they can
early 1960s, he spent many happy contact Cathal Johnson and
hours playing music with Eddie. arrange to have it done.

June/July 2013 HARMONICA WOR LD 25