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Murphy Proposes Three School "Campus"
By Richard Bell

The Eastern Shore District High school-replacement strike, but he said that he had been talking informally In a statement to the Cooperator, Michel Comeau,
pot continues to simmer away. Over the last two years, over the last weeks with the Premier, the Minister of superintendent of the Conseil Scolaire Acadien
the Community Campus Vision Association (CCVA) Education, and a number of the other principal players Provincial (CSAP), acknowledged the growing student
has succeeded in getting the Halifax Regional School in what would be a complex decision-making process. population at Beaux-Marais. "The student population
Board to include replacing ESDH on its official list of My priority remains to get progress on the high school on the Eastern Shore is in continuous growth. cole des
recommendations to the province. front, but I want to make sure we at least explore these Beaux-Marais has been a great addition to our school
other two possibilities. board and is allowing this community to grow. We
Now MLA Kevin Murphy has asked his constituents in are anticipating enrollment to continue rising and are
a letter for their thoughts on a more complicated dish, In creating a three-school campus, Murphy emphasized exploring all possibilities for this community.
combining ESDH, Gaetz Brook Junior High, and cole the importance of protecting the cultural aspects of
des Beaux-Marais, with a goal of getting the biggest the Acadian school, which he thought would be easier Lucien Comeau, a member of the Conseil Scolaire
bang for our educational infrastructure buck. (Students to do with separate buildings instead of locating all Acadien Provincial, told the Cooperator that the board
at Beaux-Marais who want to continue in the French three schools under one roof. Having a separate had not talked about the Murphy proposal. He noted
system after grade 6 now have to travel in to Dartmouth.) building gives the Acadian students the opportunity to that given the rise in students going to Beaux-Marais, he
maintain a cultural distinctness in the entire learning expected the proposal to come up at a future meeting.
Murphy wrote that he had heard from plenty of parents environment, Murphy said.
and students from all three schools who are in favour The Community Campus Vision Associations Jean
of this. He asked people to send him letters or emails Murphy also emphasized the importance of not losing McKenna said that her group, totally supports looking
with their thoughts on the need for new education track of what could be done to repurpose the existing at combining the three schools. Weve been talking
infrastructure on the Eastern Shore, which he would school buildings. This is a conversation I started having about this combination for some time, she said.
deliver to provincial officials and the two school boards. a couple of years back, he said. Housing is one of People from Beaux-Marais and the Acadian board have
the biggest challenges we face, especially for people expressed an interest in CCVA actively pursuing including
Weve had a good response so far, Murphy said in a on fixed incomes or seniors. The province does have a a new Acadian school. If we could share facilities with
phone interview. Ive already sent several dozen letters program for repurposing old schools. the French students, it would be a win-win for both
to the Premier, the Minister of Education, and the HRSB school boards. McKenna said that CCVA did not have a
Superintendent. All of the letters are supportive of the District 1 School Board member Bridget Boutilier design in mind for a 3-school campus.
concept. People are generally of the opinion that we said that the Halifax Regional School Board had not
need to replace all of these schools. talked about this proposal yet. Its never been formally Note: You can read the full text of MLA Kevin Murphy's
introduced, but its an idea thats been kicking around. letter on page 5 of this issue of the Cooperator.
Murphys scheduled meeting with the Premier and the The enrollment at the French school is going up, so the
Minister of Education was disrupted by the teachers French board is very anxious to build a new school.

Eastern Shore Karen Bradley
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Gina Dunn
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Jacqueline Sanford
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News 3
Chamber Development Plan: Water, Sewers, and Sidewalks
By Richard Bell

The Musquodoboit Harbour & Area Chamber of Commerce and Civic Affairs will soon said steering committee member Laurie Cook, who also worked on the 2007 visioning
be releasing the final draft of its Community Development Plan, put together by the plan. One of the reasons we moved it up was because of hearing how its affecting
Dartmouth-based urban design consulting firm of Ekistics Plan+Design. small businesses thinking of locating here, plus the schools trucking in water, and the
closure of swimming at the Petpeswick Inlet town beach.
The membership got a chance to hear the highlights of the report in a Power Point
presentation at a meeting at the Petpeswick Yacht Club on March 15. There were two Cook said that the committee was also concerned about the omission of access to
printed copies of the draft available at the meeting, but the draft was not available Petpeswick Inlet in the study area. Therere going to be things left out in any study,
online. The report steering committee subsequently incorporated the feedback from and we just didnt have time to deal with this issue.
that meeting into the list of recommendations and changes that it forwarded to Ekistics
to use in producing the final draft. In its final recommendations, the steering committee also called for ensuring that
economic development was a top priority. Theres talk about the importance of
The 80-page draft explicitly builds on the Musquodoboit Harbour Vision Plan that attracting more businesses throughout the Ekistics draft, but there wasnt anything about
was developed by a Community Liaison Group in 2005-2007. Several of the significant making economic development a top priority, said Cook. Economic development was
recommendations of this plan have since been realized, including the purchase the number one priority in the 2007 visioning process. But nothing happened because
and repurposing of the Old School Community Gathering Place, the MusGo Rider no one came together to deal with that. Its a more complex, difficult topic, not as
community-based transportation system, and the creation of Eastern Shore Mental tangible as Lets save the Old School, or Lets get a grant to create MusGo Rider.
Health. MusGo Rider has been so successful that it has now spun off a similar operation
serving a broad area between Middle Musquodoboit and Sheet Harbour. Board Co-chair Kent Smith told the Cooperator that he wanted to thank and praise
everyone whos worked on the report over the past months, particularly the members
In preparing the new plan, Ekistics conducted a variety of public outreach methods of the steering committee. The steering committee has done a fantastic job, Smith
for gathering information about community priorities, including 177 post cards from said. Theyve been so engaged and so thorough. Their commitment has been above
community members, a community workshop, an online survey, a small business and beyond the call.
workshop, and a community meeting on March 15, 2017. The initial draft incorporated
the companys interpretations of the results of these inquiries, with putting in sidewalks Smith had hoped to release the final version of the report at AGM meeting on March
as a top priority. 29, which was postponed until April 12 because of weather. The next step in the process
is for the Chamber to set up several committees focused on the reports priority items.
At the March community open house, members were most concerned about the Weve been working very hard to finish this report, Smith said. The boards been
companys decision to treat the long-standing problem of piped water and sewers in meeting at least once every two weeks, sometimes weekly. Im confident and proud
the village core as a second level priority that would not be addressed until 5 to 10 of all the work the board and the steering committee have done. Now its time to start
years later. working to make things happen.

Paula Milsom was one of the attendees who argued that water and sewers should be
put into the top priority category, to be addressed in the first five years of the plan.
In an interview, Milsom said she liked a lot of the plan. But we have to fix whats
broken first, she said. Whats broken is that we have people who dont have water,
or who cant use it. The high schools still trucking in water. We have to provide for the
future first. Businesses wont come unless we have water.

Milsom also mentioned the continuing pollution problems in Petpeswick Inlet that had
become so frequent that the province has canceled swimming lessons at the West
Petpeswick beach for 2017, the first time in decades. Although definitive studies need
to be done, the contamination is widely believed to be some combination of failed
domestic septic systems in the watershed and the small sewer plant that serves ESDH,
the hospital, and the Birches.

There were also questions about the failure to include Clamshell Road in the study
area. The report emphasizes the importance of developing more resources for tourism,
but with Clamshell Road excluded, the study area did not include access to the head of
Petpeswick Inlet for swimming or boating.

After the March public meeting, the steering committee did its own review of the
draft. We agreed that water and sewer should be moved to the top priority category,
4 Editorial
Clean Up HRM Elections with Public Funding
By Wyn Jones


Nancy Lobban CPA, CGA A local interest group has once again raised the subject a rapport with those on whom they depend for financial
of political donations at a recent HRM Council meeting. aid.
- Chartered Professional Accountant
The group rightly questioned whether HRM Councillors
Tel 902-476-8765 Fax 902-889-3363 should be accepting donations from local developers. Why then should we not consider banning donations of any kind and level the playing field by giving each
Some councillors immediately replied, quite categorically, contender a defined and equal amount of money
Office and Mailing Address: that donations are a necessary part of the election funded by HRM itself? Each candidate would first have
# 8005 Highway 7, Musquodoboit Harbour NS B0J 2L0 process. As indeed they are. An election campaign, even to demonstrate a serious interest in gaining elected
at the municipal level, can be expensive. office by submitting a deposit of $5,000. The candidate
would eventually be reimbursed this amount on winning

Soccer Season
But why single out the real estate developers alone, when a minimum percentage of the vote, like eight percent.
the real question is the moral implications of corporate Lower than this percentage, and the candidate would
or business donations? Despite the protestations by lose the deposit. This provision would eliminate frivolous

is just around
councillors that accepting money is not problematic, candidacies.
given human nature, a donation of any amount does, in
fact imply and create a bias in favour of the donor. The amount of money granted to each candidate in

the corner.
each riding in HRM could be in the range of $12,000 to
The simplest solution to this moral quandary is to ban $15,000, with the mayoralty candidates each receiving
all donations from corporations and businesses. But $25,000 to $30,000. These figures are in line with the
this solution would only shift the sources of money to average amounts that our councillors spent on their
individual donors, which, in turn, only heightens the election campaigns last fall. By funding our candidates
Porters Lake Soccer online implication of self-interest and special personal favour. in this way, all the eventual winners would be able to
take office unencumbered by favours owed or promised.
registration opened March 1. During a campaign with multiple candidates, the one They would be free to cast their votes in Council purely
who can raise the most money is very often at a distinct by merit and by conscience, and never have to face any
Early bird rates apply til advantage over any rival. Any candidate worth his or her suggestions of favouritism or bias.
April 10 then prices increase $25 salt will naturally spend more time and effort cultivating

to regular season rates.

Sheet Harbour and Moser River Groups Win Internet Grants
Teams for ages 4 (born 2013) By Richard Bell
to teens to adults, and everyone
in between. Three groups in Sheet Harbour and Moser River will be applications for funding last November, We looked at
getting some much-needed funding to pay for improving the criteria, and saw our area qualified. We formed a
high-speed internet access. The provincial grants are small committee at the Chamber, and brought in other part of a total of $1.44 million going to 24 municipal and community members, real estate agents, and other
community groups. This funding is part of Municipal and businesses. We talked to all our politicians, and got lots
Community Rural High-Speed Internet Funding Program of letters of support.
Questions? Email that started in November 2016. The Chamber worked cooperatively with two other
Robert Moser, president of one of the winning groups, winning organizations, the Moser River United Board of
the Sheet Harbour & Area Chamber of Commerce Trade and the Moser River Community Hall Association.
and Civic Affairs, welcomed the opportunity. Weve Each group will be receiving a grant of $75,000.
identified the lack of high-speed internet service as a
major issue deterring the growth of business, Moser The grant we got is great, Moser said, but its still a
said. Weve got a great quality of life here, but people small one. Were looking at it as the first of many grants
who want to run home businesses cant do it without for our whole area. Now that the Canadian Radio-
better internet service. Weve got businesses here that television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)
need to communicate with their home offices that end has stated that high-speed internet is a basic service,
up having to courier data instead of uploading it. were talking about applying for more funds from a
federal program. The first applications are due in April,
Moser explained that when the government solicited and were working on one.
News 5
Murphy's Three-School Replacement Letter
MLA Kevin Murphy sent out the chose to focus their advocacy efforts on excited to explore the opportunity to It is important that all your emails
letter below in early March asking the need to renew the education related get a unique "made on the Eastern or letters contain your full name and
for comments about replacing three infrastructure on the Eastern Shore. Shore" educational infrastructure home civic address. You can email me
Eastern Shore schools: Eastern Shore Specifically, the CCVA has focused on solution to better serve the needs of at or via regular
District High, Gaetz Brook Junior High, the need to replace the aging Eastern our students who are an important part mail at Unit 9, Porters Lake Shopping
and cole des Beaux-Marais. Shore District High School which was of our growing and diverse community. Centre, 5228 Highway #7, Porters Lake,
built in 1965. NS, B3E 1J8.
Since becoming the Eastern Shore Now, I need your help. I need you
MLA in 2013, and during the campaign As Eastern Shore MLA, I have been to write me, as your MLA, letters or I will be delivering your emails and
leading up to 2013 provincial election, I advocating the Halifax Regional School emails that I can deliver on your behalf letters weekly to the HRSB, CSAP, the
have had the privilege of speaking with Board, the Premier and the Minister of to the Halifax Regional School Board, Premier and the Minister of Education
thousands of Eastern Shore residents. Education while working closely with the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial, on your behalf. I look forward to hearing
the Premier and to the Minister of from you.
Education. If you are a current or future
parent, or current or future student Respectfully,
of Eastern Shore District High School, Honourable Kevin Murphy
Gaetz Brook Junior High School or cole MLA for Eastern Shore
des Beaux-Marias, please share with me Constituency Office
your thoughts and comments on the Unit 9, Porters Lake Shopping Centre
need for new education infrastructure Tel: (902) 281-3005
on the Eastern Shore. Letters from past 5228 Highway #7
students or parents are welcome as Porters Lake, Nova Scotia
well. B3E 1J8

cole des Beaux-Marais in Porters Lake

Most conversations about our area the CCVA for the past 2 years in support MLA PRESTON-DARTMOUTH
focused on what is needed to meet of their efforts to renew our educational
our greater Eastern Shore communities infrastructure for our current, and
For information or help:
current needs, specifically what is future Eastern Shore families. The Phone: 902-433-1494
needed to make our region viable and CCVA has done a wonderful job to Fax: 902-435-1712
sustainable for generations to come. make a solid case to both the Halifax Email:
Early on, one clear message emerged Regional School Board and the Nova
from these conversations: the need for Scotia Department of Education for the 3 2345 Highway #7
the new and improved infrastructure replacement of ESDH. East Preston, NS B2Z 1G6
in several areas, but most notably in
the area of education infrastructure; Over the past few weeks, the Questions about the quality of your well water?
specifically the need for replacement opportunity has emerged to examine
facilities for Eastern Shore District High the possibility of including Gaetz For info visit: or call 1.877.936.8476
School, Gaetz Brook Junior High School Brook Junior High School and cole
Test your well water regularly to make sure it is safe to drink. Test bacterial quality every
and cole des Beaux-Marais. des Beaux-Marais (along with ESDH) 6 months. Test chemical quality every 2 years. Test more often if you notice changes in
in the infrastructure replacement taste, smell or colour.
To that end, the greater Eastern Shore conversation. As MLA, I have heard
community has rallied around this need, from plenty of parents and students Below is a listing of Water Testing Labs for your convenience:
and in the spring of 2015 formed a Nova from all three schools who are in favour AGAT Laboratories Unit 122, 11 Morris Drive, Dartmouth (902.468.8718)
Scotia registered non profit community of this. I am supportive of investigating Environmental Services Lab, QEII Health Science Centre, 5788 University Avenue,
group called the Community Campus the possibilities of replacing all three Halifax (902-473-8466)
Vision Association (CCVA) to advocate schools at once with a goal of getting Maxxam Analytics Inc. - 200 Bluewater Road, Bedford (902.420.0203)
for new infrastructure to serve the the biggest bang for our educational NS Dept. of Agriculture, Harlow Institute, College Road, Bible Hill, (902.893.6565)
broader Eastern Shore area. The CCVA infrastructure buck. I am also very
6 People
Brad Smith of Tinker's Hollow: Following the Grain
By Dee Dwyer

Sample only, actual layout may not be exactly as shown

Brad Smith is one of
those gifted artists
who move effortlessly
across media, from
stained glass to
stringed instruments to

You may know Smith

as the smiling presence
Emily Stevens behind a dazzling array
Eastern Shore District High of hand-carved wooden
Class of 2016 spoons, bowls, and
Emily plans to attend NSCC in September to spurdles that he sells
study Continuing Care. Wishing you success at the Musquodoboit
and happiness as you chase your dreams,
from Dad, Mom, Brianna and Rachel. Harbour Farmers
Market under the
name, Tinkers Hollow.
NEW FOR JUNE 2017 (The name is an oblique
tribute to gypsies, also
Graduation Announcements known as tinkers.)

Celebrate the new High School, University As a young boy, Brad spent time in his grandfathers I asked Brad if there were any similarity between his
or College graduate in your family! woodshed watching him repair household items and stained glass work and his woodworking projects. A
make wooden spoons. He learned tricks of the trade spoon starts with a raw piece of wood. I have an idea
from his grandfather, such as scraping with a piece of when I start, but it may not come to be. It depends on
Only $25.00 tax incl. broken glass if you did not have sandpaper. He learned how the wood cuts, how it feels. When you sand it, the
to use a gouge and a jack knife. The first spoons he made grain comes out and then I oil it and the wood comes to
Includes your Graduates photo, were Christmas presents for his family in 1977. life. A stained glass piece, however, requires planning,
school information and message of having the right glass.
congratulations. (Messages limited to Brad now sells spoons with Celtic and Nordic motifs.
app. 25 words per 2.5 x 3.5 inch block. This began when the general store in Norse Cove in East I also asked Brad what inspires him. He replied, I want
Additional space available at additional cost). Ship Harbour asked for some of Brads work. Ever the to make something nice, something that people enjoy.
artist willing to improve his product, Brad added a Norse Its satisfying work and the wood inspires me. Maple
How to submit your photo and write-up: motif of wood spirits. and cherry are my favorites, for the smoothness of their
1. Send digital photo files (jpeg format) and grains. And birch makes good spoons.
Brad is also an accomplished musician, and a skilled
write up to: OR Send
restorer of violins. About thirty years ago, he bought an Brad loves working with wood grain. The grain around
original photos and write up by mail to: instrument case that came with a broken violin. He had roots can be affected by the ambrosia beetle that
ESC GRADS, PO Box 126 the violin assessed for repairs, estimated $600 in 1983. creates unique patterns. Where the grain changes
Musq. Hbr. NS B0J 2L0 The heck with that, Brad told me, so I went out and direction, it can be difficult. You always carve with the
*include return address and we will bought books on violin repair and rebuilt it myself. grain; you cant go against it. Birch, plum and pear wood
return your photo. are denser woods. I also like lilac wood.
2. Payment by cheque or credit card must Brad took stained glass lessons from local artist Colin
accompany booking. Cameron, leading to commissions for stained glass Come out to the Farmers Market on Sundays in
3. Please include a contact number or email windows of the sun setting over the water, two six-foot Musquodoboit Harbour to see an array of Brads
address when booking. high trilliums, and a mermaid on a rock with the waves modestly priced spoons, bowls, and spurdles, elegantly
crashing in. When he and Colin took breaks from their displayed on a black velvet tablecloth. And if you want
stained glass work, Colin would play the fiddle, leading to know anything about carving, just ask!
All photos and information Brad to take up the violin and join in. Later on, he took
lessons from the great Nova Scotia fiddler, Gordon
must be received by May 15 Stobbe.
Spring is in the Air Room 667, Wellington 7
Sustainable Spring Activities in Ship Harbour
By Lauren Latour, The Deanery Project

Springtime has finally arrived on the Eastern Shore, and

with it comes new opportunities and responsibilities.
Were opening doors and windows after months of
closing out the cold, and getting those hiking boots,
gardening gloves, and pruning shears out of storage in
preparation for the work and recreation ahead. Spring is about more than just yard workits also about
getting outdoors with friends and family to enjoy and
Here at The Deanery Project, were excited about appreciate the beauty of the Atlantic Coast. Trail hikes,
the coming season and the new life that it brings. picnics, and cycling are all great ways to experience the
Whether youre planting new beds, tending to old Eastern Shore. Whether youre new to cycling or an old
trees, supporting the growth of wildflowers, or simply pro, the Women on Wheels workshop at the end of the
renewing and rejuvenating your gardens, now is the month (Sat. April 29th 10:00-15:00) is a terrific way to
time to start planning and preparing. connect with the cycling community, and learn new
If youve got fruit trees on your property, horticulturalist
We have no vested interest with companies that sell water
Jim Turne recommends careful pruning as essential to This Easter season, get the kids out of the house and into treatment systems or drill wells. We provide an independent,
ensuring healthy and vigorous growth this season. unbiased, objective evaluation.
nature! Were having an Easter Family Picnic on Saturday,
Proper pruning does wonders to stimulate growth, April 15 from 10am to noon, including a childrens egg
especially when executed in early spring, providing your hunt, picnic lunch, and Swiss-inspired egg decorating,
trees with the fresh start they need to take advantage of using ferns and natural dyes so the final product is safe,
the rain and coming warmth. edible, and environmentally friendly!

All through April, we really dig into the dirt as we plant And on Saturday, April 22 from 10 am to 5 pm, well be
our own gardens, nurture nutrition in our edible forest, holding Spring Permaculture Skill Share mini workshops
and focus on planting and fostering saplings in our tree covering germination and planting techniques, brush
nursery and woodlot. If instruction and ideas are what fence building, huegels, seed saving, and more! DENISE E. ZARESKI
youre looking for, our Permaculture workshops can BARRISTER & SOLICITOR
provide inspiration and knowledge to help your garden For more information and to register call 902-845-1888
bloom and grow in healthy, environmentally sustainable MICHAEL BRINE NOVA SCOTIA B0J 2L0
or email BARRISTER & SOLICITOR TEL: 902 889 3437 FAX: 902 889 3541

Thinking of starting or expanding a business?

The Self Employment Benefits Program can help!
To be eligible, you must be The Program: CBDC Blue Water is proud to
unemployed and thinking about be the coordinator for the Self
starting a new business. You Supports new business or an Employment Benefits Program.
must also: existing one in which you had no
prior ownership. For further information, contact
have a current Employment Sheila Spicer, Self Employment
Insurance (EI) claim or one that Provides up to 40 weeks of Benefits Coordinator, at
ended within the last five years, funding to cover living expenses 902-827-5564 or toll-free at
(78 weeks if you have a disability). 1-800-565-2773.
Requires you to devote at least
have had an EI claim for
35 hours each week to develop
maternity or parental benefits
and carry out your business plan.
within the past five years, then
You mus also show proof of
remained out of the job market.
personal financial investment in
the business.
8 Community
The Kingdom of Heaven Belongs to Such as These
By Shelley Fashan
I take great joy in knowing a woman whom I like to call swallowing without stopping to chew. For the first few I just fold my hands and listen to her excuses as to why
a keeper of unwanted angels. Shes a foster mother, a days, she ate until she was sick. Lily would sometimes she will not sever her ties with these kids. I know she
person approved by the Childrens Aid Society to take find her crawling around the floor picking up any crumbs faced loneliness herself growing up. Her mother and
children into her home, often on a temporary or as- she could find. But it only took a few months of nurturing grandmother worked in service in white families. Lily
needed basis from some crisis situation. These children to change this outwardly neglected, frightened little girl was not welcomed in these homes, and was left alone
have inherited life circumstances they have no control into a laughing ball of energy. at home, at least until the time her grandmother got sick
over or part in making. and came home for good
Lily protects what she calls my keeds. When a close
Lily is secure in her womanhood, rooted to a traditional relative reacted negatively to her work, she cut off the This brings me to the larger question about the keeds
way of life that is rarely seen in our time. Her hospitality relationship. I tried to talk to her about not kicking her who are not lucky enough to find themselves at the
reminds me of when you could invite strangers in and relative to the curb. Lily rolled her eyes up, turned her door of a foster parent like Lily. What happens to them?
welcome anyone to share in your supper. She has cared head towards me and said, Shelley, God dont like ugly. What is it about our society that has so much wealth,
for children no one else would willingly choose to. but cannot find enough to share with these unwanted
Generally, foster kids stay in a home from anywhere from babies? While I, like so many others, sit and wait for the
I recollect one little girl who arrived with the social worker six to twelve months. The three little girls Lily has now world to change, women like Lily keep going and doing.
pushing her through the doorway. This precious gem was have all been with her for two years. The oldest is eight
just two years old. She scurried around all the rooms and the two sisters are four and five. Lily says the oldest
like a frightened animal until she spotted one space in a is now beyond adoption age: They cant find another
corner. As her eyes filled with terror, she pushed herself permanent home for her, so my home is her home now. Parents and Students Protest
as far into that corner as she could manage to squeeze in. As for the two sisters, They cant be separated. Childrens Teacher Firing in North Preston
Lily offered her a cookie that she grasped and with one Aid needs to find a home for the two, or none. By Richard Bell
movement, pushed the whole thing into her mouth,
Students and parents in North Preston have been
taking to the streets and the Internet to protest the
unexpected firing of a beloved teacher at Nelson
Whynder Elementary by the Halifax Regional School
Board (HRSB). The teacher, Joida Tynes-Simons, has
been teaching in and around North Preston for more
than 30 years.

A group of parents has already conducted a small

protest outside the offices of the School Board. On the
Internet, one of Tynes-Simons former students, Karde-
isha Provo, has produced a YouTube video testimonial
Over 40 years Experience serving the Eastern Shore! Specializing in Drilled wells, Pump installs, from herself and other former students calling for their
Clean and surge processes for all Drilled and Dug Wells, and trouble-shooting all well problems. teachers reinstatement.

When Well Driller A provides you with a quote that is much lower Provo has been making a name for herself with her
than Well Driller B you might think you are getting a great deal, forthright YouTube videos about her life and her con-
cerns. In her latest video, she and other students recall
but a great deal does not necessarily equal great value. their time in Tynes-Simons class fondly. In one of the
more telling moments, one student who had Tynes-
Simons in 5th and 6th grades says, with a wry smile,
When I was in elementary school, I was a handful.
but she could get through to me the most.

HRSB has declined media requests for comment on the

case. We were unable to reach Tynes-Simons before
2371 Lawrencetown Road, Lawrencetown NS publication. Provos video, Students Speak, is at
Phone 902-829-2474 / Fax 902-829-2795
Churches and Schools: Keeping Communities Alive Summer 1755, Acadia.
By Maelissa Watson
Can love cross the enemy line?
Stories keep people and events alive. Stories are the motivation for our social history.
The Tangier School/Church Halls silent walls record memorable and life changing
events of more than half a century of a rural Eastern Shore community. There, in the
cracks, crevices, and knots of hand hewn timbers of a local spruce, are echoed and
embedded the cries of children going unwillingly to school for the first time. Images
of generations of mothers and their children are locked within the walls. Nova Scotia
Church Halls are "the storehouse of the past and the birthplace of the future."

In this school built by local volunteers to educate their children lie the essence of
a proud and ambitious community spirit. During Nova Scotia's early settlement
days, missionary preachers, generally from England and Scotland, taught children
basic skills on individual slates in the homes of the people. Bernice Logan has noted
that there was a Tangier school in the early days before this two room school. The
foundation is not preserved, but it is recorded on a late 1800's map.

Historically, Tangiers school was the lifeblood and social lifeline of the community.
At the end of school year, the grounds bubbled with excitement in anticipation of
new adolescent life for 6th grade graduating children who had come of age. The
European ancient tradition of songs, poems, musical recitals, and perhaps a drama
or play were adopted. Recitations and elocution, coupled with good diction were
deemed important in those days; and Irene Nelson, Bernice Logan, and Valerie Prest
today have a ready repertoire. According to Irene Nelson, back in the day, Every
house had children in school because families were large, and it was a growing APril 4

We may no longer be a growing community, but we are a privileged and distinct

community surrounded by ecologically rich coastal habitats. We have a local history
and culture. Take Bill Bradley (1910-1997), a local author with a masterful knowledge
of our land, our minerals, our shipping, transportation, and the methods by which
our ancestors eked out a living from the land and sea, all in his Tangier: Birth of a
Village, edited by Anne Thomas. His philosophy as a free independent entrepreneur,
answering to no man, or punching no time clock, predominates in his book.

And just where did the launching of this book take place on October 14, 2006? Why
right in the Tangier Hall. The packed hall, with book readings afforded a cultural
Mecca for generations, young and old.

Another memorial event in 2011 was the 50th year Homecoming in the Tangier
Hall. This reunion brought home large numbers of former residents from all parts
of Canada. The joy, laughter, and comradery echoing those timbers was almost like
a sacred spiritual revival. Thanks to Dan Hutt, who made a photographic storybook
memorializing the occasion.

A must-read for fans of Canadian history.

Annual Blessing KAKI WARNER
of the Fleet bestselling author of Pieces of Sky

Learn more at
Sunday, April 9th at 2pm, Bakers Point Fisheries in East Jeddore.
Refreshments will be served following the ceremony. Weather permitting.
10 Sports & Adventure
Eastern Shore 22nd Annual
Invitational Minor Hockey
By Gina Dunn

March 27 to April 9 is a busy time this year in

Musquodoboit Harbour. It is the Eastern Shore
22nd Annual Invitational Recreational Minor Hockey
Tournament. With four age divisions, 32 teams and Chairperson Ann
Bennet with
more than 500 youth hockey players participating in this
parent volunteer,
tournament over the two weeks, it is one of the largest
Darlene Brunt
and well established tournaments in Nova Scotia.

Bantam A wins gold in New Brunswick Teams travel from all over Nova Scotia to participate in Besides being a community builder, it also is a large
this highly sought out experience. Once teams attend economic boost for the area. The tournament brings
this tournament, they want to return every year! From in between $20,000 and $25,000 for the Eastern Shore
fog, laser lights and a guarantee of five games it is truly Arena (through ice time and canteen sales, etc) and with
a great way to end a hockey season. more than 6,000 extra people traveling to Musquodobit
Harbour over the two weeks local businesses are
Tournament Chairperson, Ann Bennet credits the parents helped by the increased traffic to the area. If we had a
and other volunteers for keeping the tournament as great motel/hotel, it would be filled!
as it is. Ann says the parents, players and community
volunteers are the ones who run the tournament during Drop by the Eastern Shore Arena sometime this week.
these two weeks and without them there wouldnt be a The best time to come by would be Sunday April 9 when
tournament. From the hospitality suite to the kiosk and the final games are being played and the show is in full
yearlong tournament committee, its a real community force awesome!

Late Winter Adventures

By Kyler McGregor
Bantam B wins gold in West Hants
Are you feeling the winter blues as of now? I know a lot
of you are asking when winter is going to be over! But it
doesnt have to be like that if you make the best of the
snow we have left! If youre looking for a nice getaway
this winter, then the Eastern Shore is the right spot for
you. There are many trails and parks that are absolutely
beautiful this time of the year, and that make you feel like
you're in a winter wonderland.

My favourites this time of the year would have to be

Crowbar Lake Trails and the Porters Lake Provincial Park.
The snow sticks perfectly to the trees after a storm, and
it really has a magical feel to it. The diversity of the trees,
plants and landscape make for a very calming and satisfying
hike during the winter months. There are not many other
places that can compare to these trail systems during the
winter. They are both a must-check-out if you're in the
Eastern Shore U14 Girls take silver in Porters Lake area.

Ringette Provincials With the cold weather winding down there is going to be a
lot more enjoyable adventures on the horizon. More trails
available and less layers required. So lets make the best of
what we have now!
Community 11
Myatt Riding in World Cup Bike Races Filmmaker Looking for Stories from Veterans
By Richard Bell By Richard Bell

After a successful fall season, Muquodoboit Harbour mountain biker Mackenzie Myatt is Nova Scotia military veterans have a
headed to Europe in May for two World Cup races as one of four women on Team Canadas special opportunity to share their stories
U23 (under 23) team. Myatt was also recently honored as a member of USA Cyclings fall on video when Allan Cameron visits the
2016 class of Collegiate Academic All-Stars, one of 82 athletes who competed at a USA province. Cameron is the founder of
Cycling National Championship while maintaining a high academic standard. Veterans Voices of Canada. Since VVC
started in 2011, Cameron has traveled
Myatt, now in her second semester at Savannah College of Art and Design (in Atlanta, thousands of kilometers across Canada
GA), is taking classes in English, design, and business. She was recently selected as an recording veterans from the Korean War,
ambassador by Fast and Female, an organization whose mission is to keep girls health, the Cold War, Peacekeeping, Vietnam
happy, and active in sports through their teens. Shell be participating in Champ Chats and the Gulf War.
around the country for girls 8 to 18, doing some exercise, yoga, and dance, and sharing her
experiences about how empowering sports can be. Cameron was a professional news Cameron publishes some of his video
cameraman, starting in Nova Scotia in interviews on the VVC website, http://
But Myatt is not just Fast and Female. Shes also ferocious, signs of which pop up 1994 with Global Television, when he He makes the videos
sometimes on her blog. In a post on her most recent races, she describes one race as decided to devote himself to recording available to schools, museums, and
having had a heart-in-your-eyeballs start, while at the end of another, she was breathing veterans stories. Growing up, he heard Legions. Cameron is planning a trip from
out of my eyeballs. stories from his mother about his great his home in Alberta to start recording
uncle who was killed in France in WWI, stories from veterans in Nova Scotia. If
In an interview while home on break, she said the eyeball references described times and from his father about his uncles and youd like to share your story, send an
when youre racing so hard you cant see straight, or youre feeling cross-eyed. Its about aunt who served. email to
the effort youre putting out.

Growing up riding in Nova Scotias unique mixtures of mud, snow, and ice (what she Musquodoboit Rural High Students Win Short
calls smudge) has prepared her for the worst weather conditions. In fact, she likes bad
weather. Commenting on a recent race on her blog, Myatt wrote, Just before the course Story Contest
closed, I was able to jump out and take a look at the course. It was pouring, mind you, but By Richard Bell
I loved it. This girl has no fear of mud.
Two students at Musquodoboit Rural
Myatt most recently rode in the Bear Mountain Canada Cup race in Victoria, BC. She got High School are winners in a national
there several days early to avoid any transportation snafus and to get a good chance to short story contest. The contest is run
do course reconnaissance. Racing without going over the course first is a very bad idea! by Polar Expressions Publishing, which
will publish a Grade 9-12 book of all the
Myatt loves wrestling with the winning stories from across the country.
challenges of a new course. The winners at MRHS are Alessa Hounsell
Its super fun to learn a of Grade 12 and Ashton Tucker of Grade 9.
new course. Its a place to
explore on your bike. Youre
meeting a new course, getting
DNR Approves Non-Motorized Trail on Shore
acquainted with it. You figure By Richard Bell
out the fast sections and the
One of the longer-running land-use Councillor David Hendsbee released
technical sections, see where
conflicts on the Eastern Shore has come the DNR letter by posting it to the SATA
the climbs are, and where can
to an end. The Department of Natural Facebook page on March 29. Hendsbee
you recover. Im asking, how
Resources has sent a letter to the Marine disagreed with DNR: Personally I would
can I do this the absolutely
Riders ATV Club advising the club DNR have preferred to have seen a multi-use
fastest way possible?
will be issuing a letter of authority shared trail here because it has been the
(LOA) for the construction, operation, ATV and snowmobile users that have kept
Myatt has big summer plans: Im going to be everywhere, including the Czech Republic,
and management of a non-motorized this corridor open and useable since the
Germany, Ontario, Canadian Nationals in Alberta, the Canada Games in Winnipeg, and the
trail to the Shore Active Transportation tracks were lifted. I think a collaborative
World Championships in Australia.
Association (SATA). ATVs will not be /cooperative approach should have been
allowed on this section of the trail, from perused. Happy trails for some, not
Head of Chezzetcook to Musquodoboit all.
Deadline for May issue is April 15

Tai Chi for Everyone Musquodoboit Harbour District Ham & Potato Scallop Supper with Nova First Aid for Families
Every Wednesday until May 3rd Lions Club Craft & Yard Sale Dessert Table Saturday, April 29th from 11am-
from 10-11am at The Old School in Saturday, April 8th 9am-3pm Saturday, April 22nd from 4-6pm 1pm at the Musquodoboit Harbour
Musq. Hbr. $5 drop-in fee/class Musquodoboit Harbour Community Calvin United Church, 3795 Public Library
Folks who use walkers/wheelchairs Centre. Tables are $15 each. Contact Lawrencetown Road. Event also &
are welcome to participate. Lion Ken White at 902-889-3160 to includes bake table and mini flea Thursday, May 18th from 5:30-7:30
book your table. market. Prices: adults $12; children pm at the Sheet Harbour Public
WordDance: A Dementia Friendly 12 & under $5.; under 5 years free. Library.
Program ESFRA Children's Art Show
Every Saturday until May 4th from Saturday, April 8th, 11am-1pm Bluegrass Concert Registration required: call 902-889-
2-4pm at The Old School in Musq. Gaetz Brook Legion. Families, Sunday, April 23rd at 2pm 2227 in MH or 902-885-2391 in SH.
Hbr. All fitness abilities welcome. friends and community members Middleton United Church Everyone in the family is welcome
This unique class fill focus on the are invited to attend the 2nd annual 12430 Hwy. 224, Middle Musq. to come.
benefits of exercise, music, ESFRA Children's Art Show. Drop in For info, call 902-384-2520 or e-mail
creativity, and social atmosphere. to view the artwork, celebrate our middletonunitedchurch@
For info and to register, contact 902- children's creativity and enjoy light Lunch provided. MP Sean Fraser to Announce
454-3351 or 902-889-2735. refreshments. Free will offering. Grants to Local Groups

Emma Rush, Cdn. Classical Guitarist Ashelin in Concert @ ROCA House Coffee House and Open Mic at The Sunday, April 23rd from 2-4pm
presented by Debut Atlantic Saturday, April 8th at 8pm, doors Old School Harbour Lites New Horizon Club
Saturday, April 8th at 7:30pm, doors open at 7:15pm at ROCA House, Friday, April 28th at 7pm
open at 7pm; The Old School in 147 Glasgow Road, East Preston Suitable for all ages. We suggest a MP Sean Fraser will be in
Musq. Hbr. Tickets are $15; $12 Ashelin: Four sisters with Celtic minimum $5 donation, and youth Musquodoboit Harbour for the
for seniors 65+ and youth 18 & roots plus jazz, pop & world under 18 are free. Refreshments official announcement of federal
under. Tickets and reservations influences. Amazing harmony and available. Featured band will will be grants to the Old School Gathering
available through the Old School playing so many instruments you'll the Eastern Ridge Bluegrass Band Place, Memory Lane Heritage
by phone 902-889-2735 or email lose track! with performances at the beginning Village, and Harbour Lights. and end of the show.
There will be an informal lunch and
guitar jam session with MP Fraser
The Deanery Project Events
For more information, contact Edyth
Easter Family Picnic Spring Permaculture Skill Share Women on Wheels Shuman at 902-889-2802 or email
Saturday, April 15th Saturday, April 22nd Saturday, April 29th
10am - 12pm 10am - 5pm 10am - 3pm
$5 for lunch (or bring your own) Cost TBA $30 for the full day (or pay what you
can; membership pricing available)
The children will love Swiss style egg If youre a fan of Rural Roots then Farmers Market
decorating with natural & edible youll love this day of mini workshops A day devoted to bicycles, women, Musquodoboit Harbour Arena
dyes! Events will also include an egg covering germination and planting and our cycling community. Learn April 16 & 30, 9am - 12pm
hunt and visit with a special guest! techniques, brush fence building, to ride a bike or practice basic bike Weekly starting May 7, 9am - 1pm
huegels, seed saving and so much maintenance and repair. Group rides
We're asking families to bring treats more! Bring your green thumbs, of varying lengths and other bike
Eastern Shore makers and bakers,
to contribute to the Egg Hunt, if well provide the rest. related info will be available. Lunch
farm fresh produce, meats, and
possible. included!
organic products. For more
Contact us at thedeaneryproject@
Contact us at thedeaneryproject@ to register. Contact us at thedeaneryproject@
call 902-220-9114, or email info@ to register. to register.
apRil 2017 iSSUE #233 HAPPY EASTER


National Volunteer Week The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity The NS Provincial Government is committed
(NVW) pays tribute to would like us to celebrate the International Day of Pink on to equal opportunity and improving
the millions of Canadian April 12th. The Day of Pink is a day where communities handicap access to community facilities.
volunteers who donate their across the country can unite in celebrating diversity Under this program funds are available
time and energy to their and raise awareness to stop homophobia, transphobia, for cost-shared projects to non-profit
communities. This year, transmisogyny, and all forms of bullying. More information community organizations for accessibility-related capital
as a part of Canada 150 on the Day of Pink is available on the website: http:// improvements. Grants are available for up to two thirds of
celebrations, NVW will be or on Twitter #DayOfPink. Wear the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations,
from April 23rd29th and pink on April 12th! and/or equipment, The sponsoring organization is
the theme is: Volunteering, responsible for raising at least one third of the project
eh? To help say thank you LETS CELEBRATE 47TH EARTH DAY funding from other sources. The maximum grant amount is
to volunteers, Volunteer On April 22nd gather with members of $10,000. Projects will be reviewed and awarded as funding
Canada has developed programs to access resources your community for a Global Teach-In permits. Application period is from April 1st to May 31st or
and products through their web-site: or a March for Science event or another until the budget is fully committed, whichever comes first.
nvw2017, Twitter at #NVW2017, and on their Facebook project focused on environmental For more information visit:
page: VolunteerCanada. There is plenty of information and education and Climate Literacy. Visit: disabilities/communityaccessability.html, or contact the
ideas on how to foster more volunteerism in our society. for more Grant Co-ordinator: or call
For volunteer opportunities in HRM visit Volunteer Halifax events and ideas. This spring the NS Clean 902-424-3753.
at The group links people with Foundation will be kicking off the 2017 cleanup season
local non-profit community organizations in and around the with the Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Upthe provinces HRM TAX BILL DUE DATE: APRIL 30TH
municipality and helps individuals develop skills to advance largest litter reduction initiative. Registration is now open HRM sends out its tax bills to all property owners twice
their careers and build resources that support active at or by calling 902-420-3474. The a year. The Interim bill was mailed mid-March and is due
volunteerism. Connect with them through e-mail at: info@ Clean Foundation will provide groups with everything on April 30th. The final bill will be due October 31st. If or via the social media outlets such as needed to run a successful litter cleanup event including you have any enquiries about your tax bill, please call the
Facebook, Google+ &Twitter. Here are some other web- supplies, information on how to coordinate your event Halifax Contact Centre at 311 or go to:
sites you can explore for more volunteer recognition ideas: and a data card to track results. Be sure to post before & taxes/index.php. after photos of your pick-me-up locations to social media
& Each year the using the hashtag #GladToCleanUp. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK
Mayor and Regional Council recognize the extraordinary Emergency Preparedness
contributions of individuals and groups who volunteer LARGE LOT DEVELOPMENT ALLOWED (EP) Week is May 7th13th.
their time and skills to provide services and programs in HRM has received consent from the Province that Saturday May 13th from
our communities. I will provide a complete list of those properties of 10 hectares (25 acres) or more in size without 10AM1PM is the 11th annual
honoured from our district in my May 2017 newsletter. In public road frontage can now be developed for residential JEM Jamboree, which takes
the meantime, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities purposes. Under the HRM Charter permits cannot be issued place at the Porters Lake
in our respective communities. Volunteers are needed to for developments that do not meet the requirements of the Atlantic Superstore parking
serve on the boards of local halls & recreation facilities local Land Use Bylaws. However, some permits were issued lot. The purpose is to continue
and on community festival & events planning committees. in error, which led neighbouring property owners to believe promoting awareness in
These activities rely on the involvement of dedicated that they could also obtain development permits. These emergency preparedness,
community-minded individuals, yet it is more challenging applicants spent significant money and time preparing the training and community
every year to attract people to step up and take on the land in anticipation of the development of their homes. readiness. Our local Joint
challenge of community building. So what can you do This precipitated the need for Municipal Planning Strategy Emergency Management
today for your community? Please consider Volunteering! amendments to maintain consistency and congruency (JEM) Teams are looking for
within those subdivision developments. However, there are volunteers. For more details please visit the website at:
HRM YOUTH SERVICES PLAN other large lots that do not fall within the scope of these
As reported last year (April 2016 Issue #221), HRM Parks recent amendments. Given the distinctiveness of planning
& Recreation Department reached out to youth aged 13 policies and lot characteristics that exist across the GRANTS FOR BIKE WEEK
to 24 in order to create a Youth Services Plan (YSP) for Municipality, HRM planning staff will be approaching issues Bike Week 2017 will take place June 2nd11th. HRM
the municipality. The overall objective of the YSP is to related to rural 10-hectare lot development on a case by encourages and supports many community-based events
ensure that municipal programs and services are meeting case basis, working with property owners as they identify promoting safe cycling. Event Grant deadline is April
the needs of our young people and to provide the basis for issues to develop practical and reasonable solutions, 12th; and Events
service offerings over the next three to five years. Young while remaining consistent within the Regional Plan. HRM Registration deadline is April 21st. More details at www.
residents were encouraged to participate in this process by staff will work diligently to ensure that all landowners are
completing a survey that focused on recreation & sport, art informed of their development rights. Where there are
programming and leadership and job readiness. Feedback issues with existing policies, staff will expedite solutions
from this survey was reviewed and considered in the to Regional Council for their consideration and approval.
formulation of the YSP. For more details visit: www.halifax. I want to thank the Save Rural HRM action team for their
ca/boardscom/SCcped/documents/170216cped111.pdf. advocacy work and patience through this bureaucratic
Please provide your input! Your comments and opinions process. I am looking forward to facilitating other changes,
are appreciated. such as amending the Lot Grading Bylaw to exclude rural
areas from its auspices.
Councillor David Hendsbee Office phone: 902-889-3553
H.R.M. District 2
PrestonChezzetcookEastern Shore
Cell phone:
City Hall:
902-490-4050 311
fax: 902-829-3620
14 Geography
Where, Exactly, is Cape Antrim?
By Shelley Bellefontaine

If you Google the words "Cape Antrim", for practice in gunnery, rocketry and
you'll likely find yourself browsing light bombing, recordings from a pilot
through information about the Antrim log book indicate the Chezzetcook
Villa - a quaint eco-friendly lodge in Weapons Range began operation in
South Africa. But as a child, the Cape January, 1951. In the post-WWII era,
Antrim I knew was a strong Nova Scotia the outbursts of wailing sirens found
land mass that arched bravely into this atop electricity poles along the Grand
side of the Atlantic Ocean. Desert Road gave warning that bombing
exercises would soon commence.

that moved the sea inland by several

hundred feet.

Coastal dwellers know all too well

that the strength of the sea is very
Cape Antrim was once well known to It was a commonplace to see (and powerful. Knowledge too, is very
the local fleet of inshore fishermen. hear) post WWII-era aircraft fly a powerful. I chose to call my business
Lying at the southern most end of Grand north-to-south racetrack pattern over Cape Antrim Knowledge Marketing
Desert Beach, it graced the entrance to Grand Desert Beach, aiming bombs as a testament to the towering beacon
Chezzetcook Harbour. (This landmarks and rockets seaward at a large target that Cape Antrim once was. I like to
importance to fishermen show up on painted in the grassy field on Cape think of my company as a beacon of
some old charts under another name Antrim. Active target-bombing practice a different sort, offering businesses
entirely, Cape Entry.) spanned twenty years; a large variety of software training and e-Commerce
weaponry exploded against the Cape, website solutions.
I speak of Cape Antrim in the past greatly accelerating coastal erosion.
tense because the head bank known Acknowledgements: Many thanks
as Cape Antrim no longer exists, its cliff Time and tide finally claimed the to both Kenneth Ervanowitz and
edge eroded over time not only by the remnants of Cape Antrim. My last Michael LaPierre for sharing the aerial
menacing friction of the Atlantic Ocean, memory of the Cape was in the mid- photographs of Grand Desert from the
but in large part by its other claim to 1970s when my father and I observed 1950's.
fame, that of the DND-sanctioned air- it as but a tiny knoll, no larger than an
to-surface target practice site known as imposing sand dune. Shortly after, a Note: If youre looking for the remains Latitude:
the Chezzetcook Weapons Range. strong coastal storm took the last of of Cape Antrim, theyre at: 44 41' 0.4" (44.6835) north
the Cape, and the Grand Desert Beach Longitude:
Intended as a year-round location shoreline began a transformation 63 13' 55.1" (63.232) west
Food for Thought 15
Date the Grocery Store! Get Moving to Manage Stress
By Susanne Merrett
By Lori Youden
Anyone who has been married for any length of time the grocery store, taking the time to check out new Exercise is a valuable component of any stress
can relate to Date Night, that precious allotment of time items, the International and Organic sections, and management plan. Almost any form of exercise can
for nurturing and connecting with your spouse. lovingly caress the produce, ever mindful of the great help to relieve stress by improving your sense of
promise of the latent masterpieces locked. As I linger well-being and overall health.
They can also relate to how easily Date Night gets over preserved lemons or local lamb, I am mentally
postponed when children are thrown into the mix and going over the possibilities, already smelling and tasting Exercise can improve your sleep, which is often
life hands out coughs, colds, and fevers with ironically the potential creations that await me. a problem for individuals dealing with stress and
bad timing and a seemingly evil sense of humour. anxiety.
I love that a simple ingredient reminds me of some long
Over the years, my husband and I have missed more forgotten recipe, some delicious dish that obviously Regular exercise can also benefit your mood through
than our share of Date Nights. We now find ourselves a needs to be recreated in the very near future, enticing relaxation, improved self-confidence and self-
whole lot less choosy about exactly how we spend our me back into the kitchen where my shiny pots and pans esteem. Concentrating on your movements during
time together, content with simply being able to share await. The possibilities are staggeringly endless and exercise can help reduce your daily tension and
each others company, and being able to complete a wonderfully intoxicating. stress level.
sentence without an interruption from our walking and
talking gene pool. As we wander the aisles, enjoying the rapture of our Physical activity helps to increase the brains
culinary fore play, we savour our relationship and are production of neurotransmitters that are linked
We occasionally go for a drink together at one of our grateful for this journey together. No doubt, we have to the post-exercise feeling of euphoria. This may
local watering holes. Sometimes we even dine out and shared many past lives, for our connection was instant. enhance your ability to respond to stress and reduce
revel in the luxury of someone else doing the cooking. (We often joke that we only had half a date before we anxiety.
knew we were destined to be together). I don't know
However, when we really want to spice things up, we do if my obsession and love affair with food was part of When starting a new exercise program, build up
Date Nights at the grocery store, combining practicality one of those past lives, but I am certainly grateful that it gradually with incremental increases in activity.
with indulgence while we shop for necessities and permeates this life. This will help to reduce your risk of injury and
browse the food aisles in search of new and tantalizing post-exercise soreness. If you have trouble with
delicacies. Note: Susanne Merritt will be sharing her unique a 20-minute brisk walk, try two 10-minute walks
perspective on food, cooking, recipes, and life in the throughout the day and build up from there.
Fellow foodies can relate to a luxurious stroll through coming months.
Doing something you enjoy for exercise will help
you sustain your program and make it more fun
and relaxing. Finding a friend to join you in your
activity will help you to commit to your exercise
program. Whether it's a bike ride in the park or a
local walking club, doing it with friends will improve
your motivation and fun.

Along with reducing stress, exercise helps strengthen

your heart and bones, improve muscle tone, reduces
body fat and blood pressure, and increases your
energy level.

For those who have health problems and haven't

exercised in a while, it is a good idea to consult your
physician before beginning a new exercise regime.

Start your exercise program now and feel yourself


Lori Youden, PT is a Physiotherapist at PhysioLink

Every Superstore has been asked to decorate a picnic table for Canada's 150th birthday! Our very own Joe Purcell Porters Lake and sponsors the Pavement Pounders,
has been doing a fantastic job, showing his artistic talents, while painting our picnic table. Thank you Joe! Pictured a free walking program that runs from May-October.
is Joe and Vincent lifting the table for an easier view.