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a. Match the adjectives to the nouns to make phrases.

good the sky as good as gold
green snow ___________________________________________
brave gold _____________________________________
red a bone ________________________________________
white grass ________________________________________
light a peacock ________________________________________
blue ice ________________________________________
cold a beetroot ________________________________________
big a feather ________________________________________
dry an ________________________________________
proud elephant ________________________________________
a lion
b. Complete the sentences. Use the phrases above. (Pictures help you.)

1. Your hands are _________________________________________________. (cold


2. When Jonathan won first prize, he was ______________________________. (proud


3. When I saw that nice girl, my face went _________________________________.

(red Radish)

4. Sarahs little daughter didnt cry when she went to the doctors. She was
_________________________________. (scary Lost boy)

5. Marys got beautiful eyes. Theyre ____________________________________.

(bright sun)

6. Tom was very hat. His body was _______________________________________. (fat


c. Rewrite the sentences as in the example.

Bill is twelve years old and Tom is twelve, too. Tom is as old as Bill.

1. Computer Studies is difficult and Maths is difficult, too.

Maths is _______________________________________________.

2. Paris is beautiful and London is beautiful, too.

London is _____________________________________________.

3. Kim is very nice but Sally is nicer.

Kim isnt _______________________________________________.
4. June is hot but August is hotter.
June isnt _____________________________________________.