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Brandon Hovinga

Eric Russell

ENG 101

18 April 2017

Matter Essay

In 2011, 73 percent of California Hispanics said theyd support a candidate who wanted

to secure the border first, stop illegal immigration, and then find a way to address the status of

people already here illegally (Coulter, 2016, p. 8). Coulter explains in Adios America! that

illegal immigration has been occurring for decades and the United States is now at a breaking

point in terms of population and economic status. Central Americans are the biggest problem

when it comes to illegal immigration, because they illegally travel to the United States and

expect to be rewarded for it, which is what amnesty would do for them. Illegal immigration

started becoming a problem around the 1960s and has been a problem ever since, impacting

millions of hardworking, tax paying Americans, who in the end pay for the welfare illegals

receive. There are a few states who have acquired more unauthorized immigrants than others

over the last few decades, such as, Nevada which has the nations largest share (8%), California

and Texas are also prime states for illegals. In 1965 the Immigration and Naturalization Act was

passed which provided for preferences to be made according to categories, such as relatives of

U.S. citizens or permanent residents, those with skills deemed useful to the United States or

refugees of violence or unrest. This Act, greatly supported by Ted Kennedy, helped to establish

family reunification which allowed family members of illegals already in the United States to

come to America and also be supported by the U.S. government. Another relevant date is 1986,
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in which the Immigration Reform Act was enacted and attempted to address the large flow of

illegals to America by providing better enforcement of immigration policies and creating more

possibilities to seek legal immigration. The act included two amnesty programs which ultimately

granted more than 3 million illegals with citizenship who are mostly hurting this country and is a

prime example of how illegal immigration has gotten out of hand in America. Immigration laws

need to be strengthened in order to stop the flow of illegals coming to America.

First, immigration laws need to be strengthened in order to stop the flow of illegals

coming to America because the United States doesnt have the resources to handle the large

numbers of migrating illegals. In 2005, Cornelius published an article that said, The evidence

also suggests that the financial cost of illegal entry has more than quadrupled; that undocumented

migrants are staying longer in the United States; that migrant deaths resulting from clandestine

border crossings have risen sharply; and that there has been a surge in anti-immigrant vigilante

activity (p. 779). The lack of adequate border security in America plays a large role in how the

large numbers of illegals are able to come to the United States and use valuable American

resources. Stricter immigration laws implemented by border security would lessen the number of

illegals that are coming and using American resources that could otherwise be used for rightful

U.S. citizens, therefore benefiting our country. One type of immigration law that could be put in

place along the U.S. border is background checks on every person trying to come to America,

hopefully reducing the amount of unwanted illegals. A good-for-America immigration policy

would not accept people with no job skills (Coulter, 2016, p. 13), proving the importance of

focusing on certain criteria while implementing new immigration laws. An increase in border

patrol would also strengthen border security in hopes of keeping illegals from taking away
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resources from hard working American people. If border patrol is increased, there will also be

less undetected illegals coming up to America through the U.S.-Mexico border because more

patrol means more ground that is covered along the border which otherwise wouldn't be. The

regulation of immigrants coming to the United States can also be helped along by an increase in

border patrol, which would let only certain immigrants who meet the criteria, into America.

Better border security strengthened by stricter immigration laws and an increase in border patrol

along the U.S.-Mexico border will keep illegal immigrants from coming to America and using up

valuable resources.

Furthermore, amnesty is another reason that there are so many illegals in the United

States because of the pardoning of their wrongdoings and their assimilation into American

society further compromising our resources. One big issue with granting amnesty to undeserving

illegals is that most of them will receive welfare that is funded by hard working Americans and if

given to the illegals will only hurt our economy. In the book titled, Trickle up Poverty, Savage

(2011) states that, They make up a shadow economy and they take advantage of valuable

resources, including healthcare and financial aid, without contributing to the taxes that pay for

them (p. 190-191). The amount of immigrants in America, both legal and illegal, that receive

government assistance is almost double that of native born citizens, proving immigrants reliance

on welfare in the U.S. Another issue with the granting of amnesty to undeserving illegals is that

in some cases their family members get to come to America too, in a process called family

reunification, which makes resources even more scarce for native born U.S. citizens. The family

members of illegals are treated just like normal U.S. citizens as they too receive federal funding

for food and/or financial help which explains why so many Mexicans migrate to America
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illegally. The family reunification process also helps families with children receive free or

reduced schooling and lunch which again takes resources away from normal citizens of the

United States. Therefore, amnesty is only hurting America and its people through programs such

as welfare and family reunification. In order to save what little resources we still have,

Americans will need to strengthen immigration laws that increase border security and decrease


Overall, resources in America can be conserved if the U.S. implements stricter laws

protecting its citizens and borders from illegal immigration. Huge problems in the U.S. today

such as overpopulation have been affected by illegals coming to America because they are taking

away valuable resources that American citizens could otherwise be using. Towards the beginning

of the flood of immigrants to the United States, Brimelow (1995) says, Existing immigration

policies appear more ineffective than they are in reality, because, under pressure from extremist

challengers, governments enunciate objectives that are unrealistic in relation to the social

processes that such policies are meant to regulate, and in relation to the means that can be

reasonably provided to carry them out without jeopardizing other valuable objectives, notably

the preservation of individual freedom, the reduction of injustice, the enrichment of life, and the

development of a more cooperative international community (p. 7). Why are some illegals

granted amnesty and allowed to stay in the U.S. after breaking the law? Another issue that illegal

immigration contributes to in America is crime, meaning a large number of illegals come to the

U.S. because they want to start with a clean slate, but continue their crime in the states. The big

question is, why haven't any laws restricting illegal immigration been put forth to stop the

deterioration of American resources?

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