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Table 4: Opportunities for developing aspects of preschool music:

Activity Name: Activity Type: Key elements of Resources:

e.g. Composing ; Notating
music explored:
The beat
; Singing and Playing e.g. duration; dynamics;
instruments; pitch; timbre;
Listening to music structure

References: Singing and Playing A range of preschool musical instruments like tambourine,
Instruments: The Maracas
Haynes, K. (2016). 12+ Pitch: The children
Way childern will make a different
to teach using multiple create a rhythm Litter B song (
sound from v=kzzXROKd-i0 )
for the letter "B."
intelligences. Retrieved tambourine, , for
from Flash card.
instance: loud or
Teach Hub:
http://www.teachhu Listening to Music: low sound The children will
teach-using- Timbre:The children
listen to the
multiple- will appreciate the
intelligences music that the
sound of the
teacher makes it
then they try to
and a different
imitate the same

Organisation: e.g. Whole Class / Groups / Pairs / Duration of Activity:

Dramatic Play / Circle Time Area / Hall / Outside
Whole Class & individual players in the Approximately 10-20 minutes.
Circle Time carpet area

What the children do:

What the teacher does:

The teacher demonstrate the children The children sit down in a letter corner and listen to me, and tell me
flash card that includes letter B, what the letter on the flash card.
then she will ask them (What this
letter?). She will show them the
capital and lowercase B. In this part
of engaging the children and let them
being attention.
The teacher pass to the first child that The child will take the flash card and say the letter by whispering to
sit next to her the flash card and she other child sit next to him and pass the card.
tells them the letter by whisper in
her/his ear, then tell him to pass card
to other childe and do what I did to
other child.

The teacher bring prop box that The children will be exciting to see what inside the box. They will
includes tambourine, Maracas , and I take the tambourine, Maracas and trying to beating on it.
will tell them the name of the
instrument, then I pass tambourine,
Maracas for each one and tell them to
try beat on it by playing the litter B

Extension Ideas:
The teacher could increase the range of instruments used in this activity. She could also get the hidden
child to play two items at once and see if the others could still identify them.