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8/01/2013; 8:45 P.M. by
Full Autopsy Performed
Jupiter Chua, M.D.
147 MH del Pilar st.
Santulan, Malabon
662-234-XXXX (FAX 662-234-XXXX)


Name: Coroner's Case #:
RODRIGO, Melchor 2013-277

Date of Birth: Age:

8/28/86 27

Race: Sex:
Asian Male

Date of Death: Body Identified by:

8/01/2013 Laisa Cuartero, sister of the deceased

Case # Investigative Agency:

001294-23E-2004 PNP




The autopsy is begun at 8:45 P.M. on August 01, 2013. The body is presented in a black
body bag. The victim is wearing a white tee shirt and navy blue maong pants.

The body is that of a normally developed Asian male measuring 5 8 and weighing 150
pounds, and appearing generally consistent with the stated age of twenty-seven years.
The body is cold and un-embalmed. Lividity is fixed in the distal portions of the
limbs. The eyes are open. The irises are brown and corneas are cloudy. Petechial
hemorrhaging is present in the conjuctival surfaces of the eyes. The pupils measure 0.3
cm. The hair is black, straight, layered and approximately 3 inches in length at the
longest point.

The laceration is located on the neck, measured 5 inches in length and 1 inch in width
located 6 inches below the top of the head and 5 inches from the front of the body; it
is vertically oriented and after approximation of the edges it measures 5/8 inch in
length. Inferiorly there is a squared off or dull end approximately 1/32 in length;
superiorly the wound is tapered.

Subsequent autopsy shows that the pathway is through the skin. Thereafter, it enters
the right pleural cavity which at the time of autopsy contains approximately 100-200 ml
of predominantly liquid blood. Both the thyroid and cricoid cartilage is lacerated.
Estimated length of the total wound path is 4 inches and as stated the direction is
right to left and back to front with no other angulation measurable.

The genitalia are that of an adult male and there is no evidence of injury. Limbs are
equal, symmetrically developed and show no evidence of injury. The fingernails are
medium length and fingernail beds are blue. There are no residual scars, markings or


HEAD--CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM: Subsequent autopsy shows a broken hyoid bone.

Hemorrhaging from Ligature B penetrates the skin and subdermal tissues of the neck. The
brain weighs 1,303 grams and within normal limits.

SKELETAL SYSTEM: The hyoid bone is fractured.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM--THROAT STRUCTURES: The oral cavity shows no lesions. Petechial

hemorrhaging is present in the mucosa of the lips and the interior of the mouth.
Otherwise, the mucosa is intact and there are no injuries to the lips, teeth or gums.
Carotid artery is lacerated, resulting to fatal and massive blood lost.

There is no obstruction of the airway. The mucosa of the epiglottis, glottis, piriform
sinuses, trachea and major bronchi are anatomic. No injuries are seen and there are no
mucosal lesions. The hyoid bone, the thyroid, and the cricoid cartilages are fractured.

The lungs weigh: right, 355 grams; left 362 grams. The lungs are unremarkable.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: The heart weighs 253 grams, and has a normal size and
configuration. No evidence of atherosclerosis is present.

GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM: The mucosa and wall of the esophagus are intact and gray-pink,
without lesions or injuries. The gastric mucosa is intact and pink without injury.
Approximately 125 ml of partially digested semisolid food is found in the stomach. The
mucosa of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, colon and rectum are intact.

URINARY SYSTEM: The kidneys weigh: left, 115 grams; right, 113 grams. The kidneys are
anatomic in size, shape and location and are without lesions.

MALE GENITAL SYSTEM: The structures are within normal limits.

TOXICOLOGY: Sample of right pleural blood and bile are submitted for toxicologic
analysis. Stomach contents are saved.

SEROLOGY: A sample of right pleural blood is submitted in the EDTA tube. Routine
toxicologic studies were ordered.


Cerebrospinal fluid culture and sensitivity:

Gram stain: Unremarkable

Culture: No growth after 72 hours

Cerebrospinal fluid bacterial antigens:

Hemophilus influenza B: Negative

Streptococcus pneumoniae: Negative
N. Meningitidis: Negative
Neiserria meningitidis B/E. Coli K1: Negative

Drug Screen Results:

Urine screen {Immunoassay} was NEGATIVE.
Ethanol: 0 gm/dl, Blood (Heart)
Ethanol: 0 gm/dl, Vitreous

Jose Reyes, Ph.D.

Chief Toxicologist
August 1, 2013


1. One (1) white short sleeve tee shirt, size medium.

2. One (1) pair navy blue maong pants, size medium.

3. Samples of Blood (type O+), Bile, and Tissue (heart, lung, brain, kidney, liver,

6. Fifteen (15) swabs from various body locations, to be tested for presence of

7. Eleven (11) autopsy photographs.

8. One postmortem CT scan.

9. One postmortem MRI.


Time of Death: Body temperature, rigor and livor mortis, and stomach contents
approximate the time of death between 7:30 and 9:30 P.M. on 8/01/2013.

Immediate Cause of Death: Massive blood loss due to laceration aggravated by asphyxia
due to blood clot.

Manner of Death: Homicide

Remarks: Decedent originally presented to this office as homicide victim. Pasay City
detectives were notified of this finding immediately upon conclusion of examination.

//Jupiter Chua, M.D.

PNP Coroner's Office
August 01, 2013