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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Emily Conz

Date April 20, 2017 Subject/ Topic/ Theme Run-On Sentences and Comma Splices Grade __10__________

I. Objectives
How does this lesson connect to the unit plan?
This lesson will be taught fourth in this unit. It will come right after the lesson on troublesome pairs.
cognitive- physical socio-
Learners will be able to: R U Ap An E C* development emotional
Identify run-on sentences and comma splices E
Correct run-on sentences and comma splices U
Copy notes from the Powerpoint
Process information from their notes in order to understand comma splices and run-on sentences

Common Core standards (or GLCEs if not available in Common Core) addressed:

(Note: Write as many as needed. Indicate taxonomy levels and connections to applicable national or state standards. If an objective applies to particular learners
write the name(s) of the learner(s) to whom it applies.)
*remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, create

II. Before you start

-Students will need to have the appropriate level of reading comprehension for a 10th grader
Identify prerequisite
-Students will need to be able to construct their own sentences
knowledge and skills.
-Students will need to understand what coordinating conjunctions are and how they work in a
Pre-assessment (for learning):

Formative (for learning):

Outline assessment activities Give me a thumbs up if youre with me and understand
(applicable to this lesson) Formative (as learning):
Note sheet, practice worksheet, practice homework
Summative (of learning):

Provide Multiple Means of Provide Multiple Means of Provide Multiple Means of

Representation Action and Expression Engagement
Provide options for perception- Provide options for physical Provide options for recruiting
making information perceptible action- increase options for interest- choice, relevance, value,
- Powerpoint; there will be interaction authenticity, minimize threats
multiple colors of text to -Teachers use of the No-Opt-Out
differentiate between points method while going through the
- Handwritten notes worksheet will ensure every
What barriers might this student is included
lesson present?
Provide options for language, Provide options for expression Provide options for sustaining
mathematical expressions, and and communication- increase effort and persistence- optimize
symbols- clarify & connect medium of expression challenge, collaboration,
What will it take language mastery-oriented feedback
neurodevelopmentally, - Use of an equation to explain
experientially, emotionally, run-on sentences and comma
etc., for your students to do splices/what is included in them
this lesson?
Provide options for Provide options for executive Provide options for self-
comprehension- activate, apply functions- coordinate short & regulation- expectations,
& highlight long term goals, monitor personal skills and strategies,
progress, and modify strategies self-assessment & reflection

Powerpoint, note sheet, practice sheet, practice packet for homework
Materials-what materials
(books, handouts, etc) do you
need for this lesson and are
they ready to use?

Normal; the tables will be clumped together with no more than 4 students per table clumping
How will your classroom be set
up for this lesson?

III. The Plan

Describe teacher activities AND student activities
Time Components for each component of the lesson. Include important higher order thinking questions and/or


5-10 Powerpoint and Notes:

minutes Teacher will be going through the Powerpoint Students will be copying down notes onto their
note sheet
-Students do not need to copy down the
equations if they dont think that it will help
them remember what is present in comma
splices/run-on sentences
-Students do need to copy down the definitions,
20-30 Practice Worksheet: examples, and solutions
minutes Teacher will be floating around from table to
table in order to answer any question students Students will be working alone to complete the
(the largest
might have practice worksheet, referencing their notes as
component or
Once the majority of the class is finished with needed
main body of
the worksheet (at least 4/5 of the students):
the lesson)
-Teacher and students will go through the
worksheet together -Students will go through what theyve done,
-Teacher will call on students using the No Opt answering when called upon
Out method and Practice Success method -Students will think through other options to
-Teacher will ask for volunteers that did correct sentences
something different with the sentences
-Teacher will ask for volunteers to offer what
else could have been done with the sentences
-Teacher will push for creativity in what students
do with the sentences

Remainder Review Packet:

of class Teacher will be floating around, answering any Students will work through the review packet
questions students might have alone, finishing it for homework

Your reflection about the lesson, including evidence(s) of student learning and engagement, as well as ideas for improvement
for next time. (Write this after teaching the lesson, if you had a chance to teach it. If you did not teach this lesson, focus on the
process of preparing the lesson.)