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PR 403 Client Recommendations: Student Engagement

Increase SE presence/awareness on campus to students, faculty, staff
and administration; ensure clear branding
Increase engagement across classes of students (F,S,Jr,Sr)

Who are publics:

NDC Community = Students, Faculty, coaches, Staff/Administration
Board of Directors
Liz, Student Engagement and all student activities (need hierarchy)

$35,000 budget
Weekly newsletter
Email distribution
Master calendar
Client willingness
Social Media platform including use of Hootsuite
Built in student groups via teams, clubs, majors, etc.
List of activities and attendance records

Time constraints

Assessment of Research:
Master calendar at NDC is not updated in a timely manner
Liz attends FYS courses to explain SE
Lizs newsletter has a 60% open, 20% click rate
Lizs newsletter integrates every event on campus, this is not
reciprocated by other departments
Incoming freshman are big concern Liz did big branding push last
year and there are a lot of sophomores attending this year, fewer
Biggest events are: Playhouse Square, Involvement Fair, Homecoming,
Casino Night and The Hypnosis Event.
Weakest events are: West Side Market trip, the MLK Natural History
Museum trip to wade oval and Movie Nights
Lizs priority is to increase engagement regardless of event, but would
certainly like it if those events were SEs
Many groups muddled with Lizs SE and FAB, SAB, etc.
Our research showed students find out through word of mouth, posters
and email from Liz

1. Branding SE across campus

Create a Student Engagement Ambassador students who help to

welcome other students during Welcome Weekend, share Student
Engagement branded product, and invite/advertise to friends and
classmates as programs
Use Logo on products, posters, emails, and welcome weekend baskets
Create cups to increase awareness of SE events for fall coordinate
with Falcon Caf
Video testimonies of I am Student Engagement
Brand or logo like I am Student Engagement or Get SET or

2. Create SE Traditions on Campus

Review the events offered, prioritize by attendance/interest

o Discontinue low attending/high cost events
o Develop events that student can anticipate based on class
Freshman already have a bunch of stuff name them
Sophomore ??
JR/ SR date night

Strategy (determine what and when to communicate to whom):

When to release the video testimonies? Why is that timing the best timing?
When to distribute Welcome Week baskets (cost and items included)
When to develop and distribute news articles about
SE testimony
Student Engagement Ambassadors
Upcoming events
Tactics (appropriate channels for distribution): Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
and the Student Engagement E-mail.