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Activate your inner hero.

End global malnutrition.


Kid Power Heroes page 4
Map of RUTF
Countries page 6
Turn Up the Power for
Kid Power Day page 7
Extra: Meet Olympic
Gold Medalist Meryl Davis page 2
The Power to Be a Hero
We talked with Olympic Gold Medalist U: What qualities enabled you to stick
and UNICEF Kid Power Champion with your goals?
Meryl Davis about motivation, M: Resilience is a quality I think
achieving your goals, and being a hero I always had, and worked to make
to others. stronger. When faced with challenges,
Contents UNICEF: Where did your drive come
I realized I had two options: give up or
push through. Giving up wasnt an option
The Power to from to be an ice skater and dancer?
I ever wanted. The ability to keep trying
Be a Hero 2 Meryl: Since my first time on the ice,
is key to success in everything we do.
Change is on I remember feeling a freedom unlike
Its Way 3 anywhere else. I always found great joy U: Why did you become a UNICEF Kid
in seeing my own improvement. On the Power Champion?
From Refugees
to Kid Power ice, there was always a clear connection M: When I heard about the unique way
Heroes 4 between hard work and growth. Kid Power inspires kids, I had to be part
of it. By doing good for themselves, kids
Andre Briend, U: Growing up, what kind of obstacles
5 are also rewarded by doing good for
Nutrition Hero did you face?
others. They understand the beauty in a
Map of RUTF M: My greatest struggle has been with
giving, global community.
Countries 6 self-confidence. Like so many young
girls, I struggled to have a positive outlook U: How can we be empowered to be a
Kid Power Day 7 on my appearance. hero to others?
That, along with M: There are two important things to
UNICEF Kid Power
Family App 8
learning challenges remember: every little bit helps and were
(I have dyslexia), made stronger together. We often feel that
me question my value. what we can do wont make a difference.
Finding my inner Kid Power teaches us that you can make
strength over time has a huge difference in someones
inspired me to help life with just one food packet.
UNICEF works in more
young girls today to With a little effort, we can
than 190 countries to see their unique value. all be someones hero. n
help kids survive and
grow. UNICEF supplies
medicines, vaccines,
clean water, nutrition,
education, and more.
UNICEF also responds
during emergencies, Synonyms are words with similar
such as earthquakes,
floods, or war. UNICEF meanings. Circle the synonym for
USA raises awareness each of these vocabulary words.
and funds in the
United States to
support UNICEFs 1 motivation discouragement,
lifesaving work.
incentive, contentment
2 drive weakness, kindness,
magazine for Kids
Helping Kids, with determination
content that empowers
youth to make a 3 confidence sureness, shyness, pride
positive impact on the
world around them. 4 resilience frailty, persistence,
Written by Scott Hirschfeld reliability
Edited by Andrea Choi

Meryl Davis with ice dancing

partner, Charlie White, at the
2 ACT Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.
Change is on
Its Way
Australian student, Felicity
Richardson, reflects on how to
make a difference.

hange is all around us, its always
happening, like the ticking of a clock,
or the rotating of the Earth. But what
causes change?
Everything and anyone can make a difference,
whether it simply be opening a door for someone,
offering to carry someones things, or whether it is
something larger that impacts on multiple people at
once, such as advocating for human rights... Change
can happen in the blink of an eye, but only if you dont
stare off into the distance, never acting.
We all occupy this Earth, and it is ours to care for
All of us can make a difference if we try. If we get off
our couches and stand up for the things we believe in.
If we stay strong through adversity. If we believe we
can do anything because its true. Anything is possible,
nothing is beyond our abilities. Activate Your
Change doesnt care about your intelligence, race,
gender, age, social status, or any other classification
that has been placed on you. It cares about making this
Super Powers
world a better place for EVERYONE who inhabits it. n
Meryl Davis says it takes resilience to be a
hero. Felicity Richardson Compassion,
This article was excerpted from the original at Voices of says we need to believe in big heart for
Youth, UNICEFs online place for young people to learn
about issues affecting their world. Visit ourselves. What qualities caring about
to learn more. do you think it takes to be
a hero to others? Label the
body parts of the figure
UNICEF Kid Power activates above with the traits of
kids inner heroes, giving them the a hero. See an example to
power to end global malnutrition. Kids the right. n
go on Missions, where they learn about
different cultures, as they run, jump and
play to unlock lifesaving Ready-to-Use THINK AND WRITE
Therapeutic Food (RUTF) that UNICEF
delivers to severely malnourished How can you develop one or more of these traits in
yourself and activate your super powers? Write
children around the world. a paragraph exploring how you can develop the
qualities you need to help others.

Heroes Near

From Refugees
to Kid Power
Rachel Bahati and Innocent Birori are sixth
graders at Eagle Point Elementary School in
Albany, New York. They left their home
country to seek safety and now theyre

protecting others.

e cant forget the people in Africa WHAT'S IN A WORD?

we left behind. Re-read the last line of the essay. How can saving one
We are refugees from the life save the world? Rachel and Innocent know this
saying from their home country, but it comes from
Democratic Republic of Congo.
ancient religious texts. Write what you think this
We dont remember our country other than war and expression means and how it relates to Kid Power.
people dying. When the United Nations told us it was Challenge: Come up with your own saying about
time to leave for America, there was no time to get my helping others and make into a bumper sticker or
meme to share with others.
(Rachels) father. He went to another town to get a job.
I miss him so much. We are lucky to be in America.
Many children like us are still in refugee camps
around the world. Power in a Storm
When we were in camps in Uganda and Kenya,
Meet Team Golden from
we saw many children eating RUTF (Ready-to-Use
Bell Gardens Elementary
Therapeutic Food). The little kids eat them because
School in Los Angeles
they are starving. The RUTF tastes good, like peanut
(LA). They are part of
our UNICEF Kid Power
The UNICEF Kid Power Band means every time
Schools Program. As part of
we take a step, we can help save lives with RUTF.
their Kid Power journey, this
When we exercise, we help others get healthy and we
team ran a mile every day.
get healthy too. We are learning about eating good
However, when the worst
foods and exercising. We get to play new games and
storm to hit the city in six
learn about different cultures. Now we are the experts.
years struck in early March,
We are heroes because we speak for those who do
they were stuck inside. As it
not have a voice. Heroes put the needs of others before
hardly rains in LA, such a storm could have scared
their own. When we came to this country, people
them. But these fifth graders were more concerned

helped us. Now we have a chance to help others. We

about getting active. Determined to help other kids
are not rich, but we have a lot of love and kindness in
across the globe, they took to the hallways of their
our heart.
school. They kept walking back and forth so they
Its like what we say in Africa: If you save one life,
could maintain their average daily steps, which was
you save the whole world. n
well over 11,000 per day. Now thats willpower!

And Far
Andre Briend, SCIENTIRST
Nutrition Hero POWE

bout 20 years ago, French nutritionist
Andre Briend ran into a problem. He
was working to fight child malnutrition.
At the time, the best treatment was Nyajime Guet, 4,
a powder made from oil, sugar, vitamins, and stands for a
photograph as she
minerals. It was packed with nutrition, but had to is weighed by
be mixed with clean water, which was hard to find medical staff to
monitor her
in poor areas. The special powder was often mixed progress.
with contaminated
water and children
grew sicker. Therapeutic Food
Briend struggled to
solve this problem. He
Saves LivesFast!
talked to other scientists When fighting broke out in the city of Juba, Michael
and tried creating new View moved his family to a UNICEF-supported clinic.
products. Then the He was worried about his daughter, Nyajime. There
answer appeared right Ready-to-use therapeutic was no food at home and we couldnt feed her well,
before his eyeson a jar food (RUTF) is a fortified
peanut paste used to treat said Michael. She was getting more and more sick
of Nutella! He studied severe malnutrition. every day.
the chocolate spread on As war raged on in South Sudan, thousands of
his kitchen table and discovered that the contents families were driven from their homes. Nyajime
were similar to the nutrition powder. And Nutella was one of more than 250,000 children suffering
didnt require water or refrigeration. The only from malnutrition. But she was lucky, thanks to
problem ingredient was milk. Briend replaced this therapeutic food and other treatments. Read about
with peanut butter and Ready-to-Use Therapeutic her remarkable recovery below.
Food (RUTF) was born.
DAY 1: On arrival, Nyajime is not moving. She is too
The high-energy paste was low-cost and could
weak to walk or sit up. She lays silently in her fathers
last for two years without refrigeration. And best of
arms, severely malnourished and near death.
all, it required no mixingjust open and eat! Before
long, RUTF was making its way around the world, DAY 3: After several days of therapeutic feeding,
saving young lives everywhere. n Nyajime is strong enough to sit up on her own. She

manages a small smile.

DAY 8: Nyajime is back on her feet shaky and
YOUR TURN TO INNOVATE weak, but standing.

Can you think of an everyday product (like Nutella) DAY 11: Nyajime is growing stronger. She watches
that might be used to solve an everyday problem curiously as the doctors weigh her (see photo above).
(like malnutrition) and turn you into an everyday
hero (like Briend)? Sketch or write about your A YEAR LATER: Nyajime is still being treated by
solution and share with others. her doctors, but she is well enough to go to school. n

We Did It!
By getting active for children around the world, UNICEF Kid Power Teams have helped deliver
millions of RUTF packets worldwide. This map shows how many packets nine countries received.

Mediterranean Sea

445,350 Pakistan
2,400,000 1,237,350
Arabian Sea


Indian Ocean
Atlantic Ocean Mozambique

# Number of RUTF packets sent to country

* This amount is approximate; final numbers pending.

1 How many RUTF packets in all did Kid Power Teams help to unlock? What is the average
number of packets per country?

2 Which continent or region received the most RUTF packets? What does this tell you
about poverty across the world?

3 Choose two countries. For each, determine how many Kid Power Points it took to unlock
the RUTF packets received by the country. (Reminder: 10 points unlocks 1 packet.)

SUPER BONUS: For each of the two countries above, determine how many steps Kid Power
Teams took to unlock those packets. (Reminder: 2,400 steps = 1 point.)

Have a UNICEF Kid Power Day
at Your School!

his year, 170,000
students in 49
states have been
getting active
with the UNICEF Kid Power
Schools Program! May is
UNICEF Kid Power Month,
and all students can join the
UNICEF Kid Power Team
during this period. Whether
its a Field Day, an Olympics
Day, or an end-of-year picnic,
were inviting all schools to join
us on this lifesaving journey
by turning their events in May
into a UNICEF Kid Power
Day. (Teachers can learn more
in the resources section of

Turn Up the Power on Your Kid Power Day Collaborate with your teacher
1. Create teams based on countries helped by Kid to play this game during your
Power. UNICEF Kid Power Day.
2. Decorate t-shirts or posters that show how you
are getting active to save lives. Super Powers Treasure Hunt
3. Create a scoreboard to track how many steps Create treasures based on the
your school takes and how many RUTF packets. traits listed in Activate Your Super Powers (see
4. Make up a cheer! Lead your team or your entire Page 3). You can gather objects, use magazine cut-
school in a cheer celebrating your Kid Power. outs, or draw them. For example, use a heart model
5. Include games from countries helped by Kid from the science room to represent compassion.
Power (see link at bottom right). Choose two game captains to hide objects and
6. Include music and dance from countries helped create clues on how to find them.
by Kid Power. Divide into teams and give each a set of clues. The
7. Hold a contest to see who can dance the longest game captains are not part of a team, but circulate
and take the most steps without a break. as coaches. Teams compete to see which can
8. Give an award for most steps taken or points gather the most objects in the assigned time.
earned during your Kid Power Day. Come back together and review the traits represented
9. Celebrate with a festival featuring displays and by each object. Calculate the total number of Kid
food from countries helped by Kid Power. Power Points earned during the activity. n
10. Extend the day with a Million Steps Challenge
in which classes or families try to take a million Find more UNICEF Kid Power games from around the
steps in one month. world at

Keep Getting Active with
the UNICEF Kid Power
Family App
If youve been part of UNICEF Kid Power at school, continue
to help save lives after Kid Power Month in May. Simply
download the UNICEF Kid Power family App and link to your
Band (youll need a parent or another adult to help). Follow
these steps and learn more at
1. Keep your Kid Power Band charged at home. Your Coach
(teacher) will provide you with a charger.
2. Search for UNICEF Kid Power in Google Play or the
Apple App Store. Download the App on a smartphone
or tablet.
3. Follow the instructions to create
a new account and register your
4. Get started on your first Mission.
The more active you get, the
more RUTF you unlock! n

Note: Bands will only sync with devices

that have Bluetooth LE (low energy)
and will only sync with the family App
after June 1, 2017.

Personal Activity Planner

Get to five points per day!
Youve taken tens of thousandsmaybe hundreds of thousandsof steps with UNICEF Kid
Power! Dont stop now. Stay active and help save more lives. Use this chart to help you plan
activities you will do in the next month. Stick with your favorites or try something new. Just
keep moving!


EXAMPLE: Jumping jacks 10 minutes per day