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Bahasa Inggris Teknik
yang dibina oleh Prof. H. Ahmad Sonhadji K.H., M.A., Ph.D.

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April 2017
I. Name of Workshop
The name of the workshop that is observed is Wijaya Motorcycle, Wijaya name taken
from the street where the first made this workshop. The street name is Raden Wijaya
II. Owner
Mr. Budi Yulianto. He is the founder of 4 workshops in Probolinggo, theyre Abel
Motor, Yudi Motor, Ipong motor and Wijaya. But the biggest one is in Wijaya motor.
Everything is a workshop owned by Mr. Budi Yulianto, but each workshop is
managed by his own brothers. Therefore the three other workshops are named his
own brother.
III. Complete Address
Raden Wijaya street number 47, Probolinggo
IV. Number of workers
Wijaya motor : 3 people
Abel motor : 3 people
Yudi motor : 3 people
Ipong motor : 2 people
So, the total of the workers are 11 workers + 1 administrator who manage all of the
financial, payment, transaction, procurement materials at all of the workshops.
V. Type of services
a. Tune-up
b. CB Modification
e. Overhoule
VI. Main Equipments, Parts and Materials Used
a. T Key
b. Ke Ring Key
c. Key ring
d. Wrench
e. Star Key
f. Shock Key and Stem
g. L key
h. Wrench
i. Lock Sparks
j. Screwdriver
k. Hammer Screwdriver
l. Tong
m. Hammer
n. Chisel
o. Hacksaw
p. Stingy
q. Snei and Tap
r. Vise
s. Lock Y Branch Three
t. Compressor
u. Electric soldering
v. Drill
w. Avometer
VII. Description of Activities Based on Actual Observation (Show the Process of Works
Completely and Clearly)
a. Tune-up
Preparing used cartons, used oil containers, containers, gasoline, brushes
Put the carton under the motor The
carton use to put the nut and bolt so as not to scatter
Cleaning Carburetor
Disarm any binding parts on the carburetor by using a key
Take the Carburetor to check
After getting the carburetor, removed the parts that bind to the carburetor
Then clean the carburetor and all small components meticulously using
gasoline and brushes
Do not use plain water to clean it because it can rust the carburetor

Sett Carburetor
After the carburetor has been assembled and reassembled in place the
next step is to adjust the carburettor to fuel and air mix well
Preheat the motorcycle engine until it reaches working temperature, this
is for proper carburetor adjustment.
Raise the engine rpm to approximately 1700 rpm, how to rotate the rpm
screw on the side of the carburetor.
Then rotate the air tuning screw clockwise until the engine rpm down and
the engine is almost dead, then turn the air tuning screw
counterclockwise (slowly) until the highest and stable engine rpm is
obtained. When calculated on the number of turns, the total rotating
screw air is 1.5 rounds for a cub-type motorcycle, and turns the 2.5-round
air screw for a sport-type motorcycle.
A good stationer rotation setting is about 1400 rpm.

Sett Regulate clutch freedom

Loosen the lock nut on the clutch lever or clutch cable (on the motorcycle
Turn the adjusting nippers until the clutch lever gestures are about 10-20
mm away.
Tighten the locking nut again.

Sett the Clutch Auto-Free Motion

Loosen the lock nut
Rotate the adjustment knot in the direction of the clockwise rotation of
approximately 1 round.
Rotate the clutch adjuster bolt back-clockwise until it feels a touch.
Rotate the clutch adjuster bolt clockwise up to quarter turn.
Hold the clutch fitting bolt and tighten the lock nut

Check Oil
Examination of lubricating oil is to check the amount or height of the oil
surface by looking at the oil stick, nornal condition is if the oil is at the
upper and lower limits. Engine lubricant oil should be replaced if the
viscosity is low, the amount of oil is reduced, and the oil color has
If it should be replaced, then open the oil valve on the bottom of the
motorcycle and oil container that comes out on the container provided
Wait until the oil comes out in an outright and clear way
After that close the bottom valve again
Fill the oil on the top of the desired oil valve

Check Spark plugs

On my observations on motorcycle, spark plugs are done by unplugging
the electrical conductor hose embedded in the spark plug
Then remove the spark plug with the key
After that check the following things :
Checking the insulator's crack, if the insulator is cracked or broken, the
sudan spark plug is not feasible and should be replaced.
Check the wear at the end of the electrode, and if the end of the electrode
is worn then you should replace the spark plug with a new one.
Check the color of the spark plug to determine the combustion conditions
that exist in the combustion chamber.

b. CB modification
Prepare the appropriate CB framework and motorcycle engine to be
Prepare and discuss suitable designs between deainer and consumer
Once the design has been determined, it must survey the goods or
accessories that will be placed on the CB motorcycle
Surveys are conducted at CB motor spare parts stores either through
or sruvei media on-site

Basically modify the motorcycle into CB can be seen from the tank,
Headlights, mirrors and saddles. And of course the engine. But what is done by
Mr. Budi is to change the outside only without changing the inside
The first step we can replace the fuel tank part of the CB motor. The fuel tank
of GL Max is one of the tanks that can be tried to be mounted on a CB motor.
Installing a gas tank owned by GL Max will provide considerable change. Or
you can also try to replace using GL Pro's fuel tank if the GL Max fuel tank is
hard to come by.
We can change the CB motor to be more sporty by cutting the handlebar. Then
you can also do the same on the spart board. Two things that will affect make
Honda CB become more sporty and cool.
Rearview mirror with horn model is one of the glass sepion that has a sporty
impression. You can also install the model's mirror glass to replace the standard
rearview mirror from a CB motor. Of course the rearview mirror model is also
more comfortable to use when you are on the highway.
Replacing lights with the type of halogen is one of the stages so that the
impression of ancient or classical on the CB motor can be slightly eliminated.
Besides, by using halogen light beam will get brighter, so you will be more
comfortable and safe in using motor CB at night. You can try to use halogen
lamps used on honda GL Pro motor generation.
The last stage you can try is to replace your old CB motorcycle exhaust with
the current model kenalpot which has a more sporty design and shape.

After all has been selected with matching, then the next step is to choose the
appropriate color
Coloring is done with different people, it is done in order to get good quality
coloring from the experts
Conduct chrome on the iron parts to make it look shiny
About this overhoule I have not had time to observe it because at the time I observed,
no vehicles are subject to such overhoule treatment

VIII. How to Have Transactions and Payments

Transactions and Payment
After all service and repair activities have been done. Then the motor is tested
by the mechanic and customer. After all felt safe and comfortable as needed. So,
Customer must pay all bills either about the service or replacement spareparts and
that oil.
At the time of payment made to the consumer, also included a proof of
payment in which there are things that have been done activities, replacement spare-
parts. Not to forget they also include a special set of their workshop. Usually for
tune-up service is charged Rp5.000,00 on each service part. For example carburetor
service and clutch service. So the total cost is Rp10.000,00. The cost could be
increased if there are broken spare parts.
Payroll is made on every Sunday. Pak Budi said it was done to motivate
workers in their work. Because if the salary given at the end of the month of course
the spirit of workers will grow at the beginning of monthly payday only.

IX. Other Information

Mr. Budi is the founder of the first generation CB Probolinggo, he followed
the organization in order to add friends. With the addition of a friend he said that the
knowledge he gets in the automotive field is increasing. In addition, because he
opened his first workshop on Jl Raden Wijaya. He hopes his loyal customers are his
own friends who will make his customers interested in his workshop.
Long short story since the beginning of Wijaya workshop was formed until
today the reliability of Mr. Budi in the automotive field is no doubt. Therefore, the
three branches that he founded no less crowded than the main snare "Wijaya Motor"

X. Impressions and Suggestion

Overall this home-scale workshop is quite fast and slick conditions. The point in
terms of tools and experts is adequate but there are some impressions after observing
the workshop:
Lack of PPE equipment worn
Lack of K3 procedures performed. Because from the observations that I do
the workers immediately do their work without going through good
security measures. For example, when drilling they just use both hands
only. Without the use of vise or hand protection
The clothes they wear seem improper
But it is not a constraint to maximize their performance. They assume that
customer satisfaction is a top priority
Mr. Budi also said that many of the problems that authorized dealers can
not solve, but in the workshop that these problems can be resolved. So it
can be concluded that this home-scale workshop can not be seen as low.
In this workshop I also see the workers working with pleasure because they
also intersperse the work they do with a little joke
Should wear PPE and be given special uniforms while doing the work
Should use the equipment properly to ensure the safety of workpieces and