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Title : Too lost,

Pairing : Jonghyun/Jinki
Rating : PG
Summary : When they see each other again after so many years; it's like having a broken
compass meeting with a lost heart.
A/N : Unbeta-ed. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.


It had been exactly a month since Jinki owned a cafe, it's moderately sized and had made a small
name for himself already. It still surprised him, and it still surprised all of his close-friends
whenever they thought of how Lee Jinki, the student who was once ranked second throughout
the whole school, actually owned a cafe instead of being a lawyer, business and doctor which he
once targeted to. It was really funny, regarding how everything had turned out to be. How-

"Jinki ah," He finally came back to reality when his close-friend, Kibum snapped his fingers
right before his face. "Welcome back to the world."

"S-Sorry, what were you talking about again?"

"Why isn't Jonghyun here?"

Minho choked slightly on his glass of wine as soon as the question left Kibum's lips. Sometimes,
you really had to admire Kibum's courage and bluntness, even if they surprised and shocked you.
Jinki's smile immediately stiffened at that, and as he looked down, he saw Minho elbowing
Kibum. Jinki knew, this question had been in both of his friends' minds ever since they realized,
since a certain person that was so important to Jinki wasn't here when Jinki was inviting all of his
friends that had hung out with him during the high-school time to his cafe to celebrate that his
new baby, his cafe was officially one month old.

"I, well. We haven't been contacting ever since I went overseas."

"I know. He told us both of you fought, real badly."

Minho nodded.

"... So why do you still ask?"

"I thought you would have gotten his number from Minho and invite him over. Well, even if both
of you stopped contacting, it has been so long already. You aren't one to stay angry for long

"Minho's still in contact with him?"

"We both are," Kibum rolled his eyes. "It's just that, there seems to be a wall between us."
Jinki straightened his back, and concern flashed in his eyes. He never once thought that he would
be talking to Kibum and Minho about Jonghyun again, but he guessed he didn't hate the idea
since he... fine, he admit it. He missed Jonghyun, who always laughed at his cold jokes, and
walked home with him every single day in the past until what happened. Kibum turned to look at
Minho who was sitting beside him, and the taller friend took the conversation over.

"He changed after you left to Canada for studies. He started to date countless girls, and hung out
with us lesser. " Minho sighed when he looked at Jinki's puzzled face. "He went to parties more
frequently, and he just... started skipping lessons, not returning home at least thrice every week.
His mother was so worried that she approached us."

Shit. What just happened to his best-friend?

"She told us that Jonghyun was seriously destroying his life. Besides skipping lessons and
changing girlfriends every single day, he provoked the teachers whenever they lectured him, ate
chips instead of having a proper meal and he even started drinking and smoking. Many people
gave up on him." Kibum followed. "I asked him what was wrong, what made him like this and,
he answered me something so ludicrous."


"He said he deserved this kind of life."

Jinki's own glass of red wine was accidentally spilled, and luckily his friends stood up quick
enough to avoid getting the dark liquid stained onto their clothes. After apologizing continuously
for three times, Kibum shrugged it off and told him that it was better to not talk about Jonghyun,
since it still kind of upset him that a close friend drifted from him just like that. Jinki swallowed
deeply and nodded his head.

"Get away from me...!" Jinki slapped the hand that tried to grab onto his wrist away as warm
tears spilled onto his cheeks uncontrollably after he had been holding it in for so long."Jerk, you
deserve the worst!"

"You really don't need my help?"

Jinki smiled and shook his head as he turned off the running tap of the sink to look at his taller
close-friend. He hadn't changed much, really. He was exactly the same, even his personality, he
hadn't changed much at all. It's just that he could speak more, and he wasn't that strangers-shy

"Go home first, Kibum's really drunk, right?"

"He's sleeping in my car now like a log now, he will be fine." Minho chuckled. "Also, it had been
long since I've chatted with you, face to face."

Jonghyun was a best-friend to always fool around and play with, Kibum was a best-friend to get
the best advices and shopping with, while Minho was a best-friend for Jinki to chat what really
was troubling him to, since Minho was a great listener. They could spend hours just talking, Jinki

"So how are things going?" Jinki pulled the towel nearest to him and dried his wet hands from
washing the cups and plates. "All-"

"I don't know what really happened between you and Jonghyun," Minho interrupted, and Jinki
guessed that was the real reason why he wanted to stay. "Whenever your name is mentioned, he
frowns. And remember that one time when Kibum and I spoke about how funny Jonghyun's joke
was, a week after you left to Canada?"

Jinki nodded.

"You suddenly cried when it was supposed to be funny, seriously. Kibum and I didn't question
about it that time because you have your own privacy, and we knew even if we did, you wouldn't
say." Jinki cringed at the memory, where he broke into tears in the middle of the night. "And
after that, none of us even dared to mention his name in front of you. What really happened? It
has been so long already, Jinki. Tell me?"

Jinki looked at how concerned his best-friend was and smiled apologetically as he shook his
head. Minho seemed to understand, and gave him a brief hug before leaving.


Jinki returned to washing plates after Minho had left, and paused when he remembered the
previous conversations he had. He felt his heart swell at the thought of how Jonghyun had
changed, from what Minho and Kibum had said. Did the bright Jonghyun that he had known...
really turned to that? Jinki heaved out a deep breath as his hands clutched tightly onto the
counter, his head lowered, hurting from both the alcohol and the thoughts.

The Jonghyun he knew, hated those hung-over parties more than anything, and would prefer to
hang out with his small group of friends that always provided him with so much laughter. The
way how he had changed to, it was as if Jonghyun was changing into everything he hated. If
Jonghyun had really changed from the words that he spat without thinking, due to anger... Jinki
really, he would really-

Jinki heard the bells that he had hung onto the door ringing, signaling him that someone had
entered the cafe.

"Is there a cake available for sale? Any-"

"I'm sorry," Jinki pulled himself together as he turned to face the counter with his head aching
like nobody's business. "The cafe is closed for the day..."

His voice trailed off when it reached the end, and he felt his throat turning dry straight after he
saw who was the person that had entered the cafe. His head ached even more when all of a
sudden, the memory from the past just came flowing into his mind without any warning, all due
to the sudden appearance of the person before him. The person that he thought would never ever
meet ever again after he went to Canada.


"... What are you doing here?"

His voice was completely the same, it was just how distant he sounded pricked Jinki's heart.
Jonghyun, who usually loved to dress in a plain tee-shirt and jeans, who had natural black hair
wasn't here. He totally wasn't here, and Jinki was slightly surprised at himself, at how he still
managed to tell that this person before was him. Kim Jonghyun, he was currently with hair that's
dyed, and clothed in tight and uncomfortable leather.

"I.. I own this cafe, Jonghyun." There, the reaction of being surprised was always there whenever
he told his friends that he was an owner of a cafe. "It's only for a month and, welcome here?"

"It smells like, pub."

"W-Well, Kibum and Minho had been here before, to celebrate this baby for successfully
surviving one month. Kibum brought wine."

Jonghyun's sharp stare seemed to soften at both of his close friends' names, and that was when
Jinki realized that maybe, Jonghyun actually hadn't changed much. Regardless of how much he
had changed physically, perhaps... Jonghyun was still Jonghyun. He was still the Jonghyun that
he loved to fool and play around with, he was still the Jonghyun whom he loved to stick around
with for the whole day,

He was probably still the Jonghyun who Jinki had still... loved after for so long.

"Jinki," His heart couldn't help but skipped a beat at how Jonghyun said his name, with that usual
tone he always did in the past. "Is it fine if I buy a cake here?"

And that was when Jinki realized that there was only two hours before Jonghyun's birthday
ended. It was the eight of April, wasn't it? He looked at Jonghyun's round orbs, and his heart
ached again at how lost they actually looked. How long, how long had it been since Jonghyun
smiled? Jinki hoped it hadn't been too long, Jonghyun's smile was one of the brightest he had
ever seen in his life, and it was one of the things he loved the most in the world.

"I have your favorite type of chocolate cake here. With fudge, and of course, the most important
strawberries are there too." When he saw Jonghyun smiled slightly, he couldn't help but had the
corners of his lips tilting upwards too. Jinki blinked when he saw Jonghyun digging his wallet
out of his tight pants' pocket. "You told me that one was most pathetic when he has to buy
birthday cake for himself."

"Well, I'm pretty much pathetic."

"And you are not, I'm treating you." Jinki didn't know why he was doing this. He still
remembered the past vividly. But his heart just ached, seeing Jonghyun in this state. It was clear
that he was anything but happy. "And I've some unfinished wine over here, we still have one and
a half hour to celebrate your birthday before it ended, Jonghyun."

And before his best-friend could protest, Jinki interrupted with a soft smile.

"Happy birthday, Jonghyun."

They ended up sitting at the back of the counter, cutting the birthday cake after Jinki had sung
the birthday song for his best-friend. The cafe's doors were locked to prevent anyone from
coming in for birthday cakes like how Jonghyun did previously, and it was dark as Jonghyun
pulled the curtains before going to the back of the counter. They were seated next to each other,
with two bottles of red wine in between. Jinki couldn't help but freeze whenever they had the
slightest bit of physical interaction.

Jinki watched as Jonghyun cut a slice of cake out and rested it onto the plate gently, before
handing it to him. The moment their eyes met, Jinki held his breath almost immediately. It was
like earlier, like how Jonghyun looked at him when he sang the song softly. It was full of
complicated emotions, and Jinki could probably tell what they were.

"Jonghyun," Jinki stabbed the slice of cake with the fork gently and repetitively. "Aren't you
celebrating your birthday with your... family and friends? Or, you must have a girlfriend now,

"My mother gave up on me." Jonghyun drank the red wine directly from the bottle. Jinki found
his heart clenching at how really lost Jonghyun looked that time at the mention of his mother.
"No real friends, and girlfriend broke up with me few hours ago."

Jinki watched as Jonghyun placed his own plate of cake onto the floor, and brought his knees
closer to his chest. He looked like a lost kid, like a compass that had lost it's purpose. His best-
friend's colored fringe covered his eyes as he lowered his head, and Jinki felt a strong urge to hug
him. Just to hug him and tell him that everything was fine,

He was here. He came back, already.

But he couldn't, and so he just continued watching, with his heart aching tremendously. Jinki
never stopped wondering, about how they even ended this way. They were best friends, weren't
they? And they were...
"Kibum and Minho... they told me you changed." Jinki heaved out a deep breath. "They are
important people to you, why did you distanced yourself with them?"

"We aren't that close like the past already, Jinki." He tried so hard to ignore the swelling pain in
his heart when Jonghyun said that. "There are now things that I don't want to tell you."

Jinki didn't hide how upset he looked. There was just this, feeling of annoyance and
disappointment when Jonghyun said that they weren't that close like the past already. It was the
truth for so many years, ever since Jinki left to Canada. He shook those thoughts out of his head
as he took the other bottle of red wine and drank from it, three to four mouthfuls until Jonghyun
stopped him, pushing the bottle away from him.

"Are you crazy?"

"It was me who caused you to change, wasn't it?" Jinki breathed in deeply, feeling his messy
emotions piling up, hurting his heart to a huge extent. "You actually took my words seriously?"

Jonghyun just stared at him expressionlessly and there was a long silence until Jonghyun lowered
his head, his colored fringe covering his eyes again.

"Sorry, for cheating."

And that sentence was all it took to have Jinki feeling broken all over again.

"You know that doesn't help anymore, right? I was never that confused in my life before. I
thought we worked it all out, I thought we expressed our feelings clear enough." Jinki's hand
grabbed onto the bottle of wine, but a familiar warmth engulfing around his wrist, stopping him.
"And then? All it took was one day, Jonghyun. Just because I was needed to stay in the school for
another extra two hours doesn't mean I should see you making out with a random girl when I
returned home myself. My neighbor, at least make out in the room instead in front of both of our
homes and don't lie to me that you love me when you-"

"I loved, and still love you."

Jinki tried so hard, to hold back the tears that threatened to fall at any second.


"The purpose was to get you away, to Canada." Jinki looked away from Jonghyun's round orbs,
disregarding every single word he was saying. "You rejected the elite course at Canada didn't
you? Because you wanted to stay with your mother, and us."

"Don't tell me you cheated because you think that will be the best for me, it's not drama,
"I didn't even think of sending you over to Canada, because I don't want you to leave."
Jonghyun's hands suddenly grabbed onto Jinki's one, tightly. Jinki's tears fell immediately at that
contact. "It was your mother who begged me, to do something to get you to leave. Your father...
is getting out of the prison soon that time. In three months' time."

Jinki widened his eyes and looked at Jonghyun, instead of their tightly held hands. He had never
told anyone about his father. Not even Minho and Kibum, not even Jonghyun. All that knew
about his abusive father was his mother, and only his mother. All of a sudden, an emptiness
gnawed at Jinki.

"She didn't want you to experience how awful beatings could get again. She begged, and I
refused at first." Jonghyun sighed, and Jinki felt everything was spinning that moment. He didn't
want to believe, but his father... If Jonghyun knew about his father... Jinki didn't know what to
say anymore. "All I could do was to refuse and she went down on her knees, Jinki. Your mother."

Jinki didn't manage to hold back his sobs.

"I admit, I used an extremely stupid way to get you to Canada. I wished I've been more mature
that time," Jonghyun's voice sounded shaky. As Jinki looked at him, he noticed a wounded look
in his eyes, and his face... he looked so desolated. "Then I wouldn't have hurt you that badly. You
cried, and yet I didn't do anything to help but to say more hurting comments. Just to get rid of

Jinki remembered the evening vividly when he came home to see Jonghyun kissing with another
girl. He was so shocked and he felt so... betrayed. And he tried his best to not cry, to show
Jonghyun that he was actually fine with it. But those hurting comments that Jonghyun hurled,
about how Jinki was never going to be good enough, about how everything was a bet nearly
killed Jinki. He was so... angry, he felt so betrayed, and tears just couldn't stop falling that time.
He felt so torn and broken all over. He could only stare at Jonghyun with raw hurt springing into
his normally gentle eyes.

"I ..." Jinki tried to breath in steadily to calm his sobs down, but failed. "I really caused you to
change from what I said in a fit of recklessness, didn't I?"

Jonghyun didn't deny it, and Jinki felt his heart completely broken at the thought of how he
destroyed Jonghyun's life.

"You left with hatred towards me and, I found something was lacking so much. It was like, I'm
lost. I hated myself." Jinki looked and found tears on Jonghyun's cheeks. Both of them were
crying. "I wanted you to come back and tell you the truth, but I know that's the last thing I should
do. I avoided Kibum and Minho because, the past. They remind me of how I... I don't know, I felt
so lost, Jinki. Everything seemed so wrong-"

"You are going to be fine, Jonghyun." Jinki's voice quivered as he pulled Jonghyun into a tight
hug, his fingers running through his best-friend's soft hair gently. "We are going to be fine,"
It was then both of them didn't bother to hold back their sobs and tears anymore.

Their frames jerked convulsively as they wept, broken in each other arms, breaking the serenity
of the night.

Jinki smiled weakly as Jonghyun wiped off his tears with the pad of his thumb gently. Their eyes
flashed hurt and guilt, but Jinki knew that was the last time that they were going to feel any of
this again. They had cried for too long. They were lying on the floor behind the counter, wiping
their tears away gently, exhausted from all the crying. Jinki sat up at the thought of Jonghyun's
ending birthday, and looked at the clock that was hung onto the wall.

"It's only ten minutes before your birthday ends." Jinki smiled and turned to look at Jonghyun,
who was still comfortably lying on the floor, staring back at him. "Happy birthday, Jonghyun."

His best-friend said nothing but to continue staring at him. Jinki didn't feel the silence that
awkward anymore as he looked back into the round orbs, a gentle smile forming on his lips.

"You didn't change at all, Jinki."

Jonghyun suddenly sat up, his hands cupping Jinki's cheeks gently, their visions fixed on each

"You are still so..." Jinki closed his eyes when Jonghyun captured his lips for a brief kiss.

Their fingers gently touched, and Jonghyun intertwined their fingers together the next moment as
he had a faint smile. Jonghyun kissed him again, this time the kiss was much more deeper, and
intense. Their cheeks flushed, their heartbeats sped up, their bodies heated and their emotions
were overwhelming.

It had been so long. Too long.

They finally broke off the kiss when they both needed to breathe, and both of them didn't smile
but just stare at each other seriously.

"I won't leave again, Jonghyun." Jinki muttered softly under his breath. "And you are not going
to push me away. Never again."

Jonghyun nodded as he brushed strands of hair away from Jinki's eyes, and leaned in closer, their
foreheads barely had any distance in between.

"I... I still love you," Jonghyun felt Jinki's grip on his hands tightened. "I love you, Lee Jinki."

Jinki looked like he had tears brimming in his eyes again, but he smiled and tried to blink them
away as he breathed in and out deeply. As their lips barely touched, Jinki whispered.

"I love you too, Kim Jonghyun."

As the clock struck twelve, both of them knew they weren't going to be lost again. They just
found each other back, didn't they? Jinki knew Jonghyun was going to be back to himself, and
Jonghyun knew Jinki wouldn't be afraid to trust anymore. A broken compass had found it's
purpose to lead a lost heart back to the rightful path, broken hearts were going to be mended, and
shattered love were going to be pieced back again. Furthermore, they started to smile from their

They were nowhere near home, they knew. They were both still avoiding their own families and
having their own problems. But at least they found each other.

They were near home.


A/N II : Happy birthday Jonghyunnie! (: I'm sorry that I made it angst >_>;; I can't it, so sorry
^^;; Hope you have an enjoyable and great birthday! (L) And back, sorry for any grammar
mistakes I made! 0___0 It was unbeta-ed and my grammar is seriously ^^;; Hopeless so, >//<
Sorry if the grammar mistakes were annoying. Comments are well appreciated and wanted! :3
Gonna upload it to the other communities only when I get back from school. Time to go now,
bye <3 Happy birthday to Jonghyun again! (L)
Tags: fanfic : jonghyun/jinki, fanfic : oneshot, fanfic : shinee

living a lie | Jongyu, Jongkey | pg| 366

au, angst | unbeta-ed

note: Since I finished my fic for kpop_bigbang I can finally write smaller things again. yay!
(my mind was too occupied with this one story, I couldn't write anything.) so here we go, a
Jongyu/Jongkey drabble I wrote that just now in a few minutes cause I felt like it.

Living a lie
the songtext doesn't really fit but I don't care.

Jinki craves for

He sees the way
Jonghyuns touches
linger when he is
with Kibum, how
his eyes sparkle
when the younger
tells him something,
even when they fight
there is always this
something that
Jonghyun never
shows Jinki, or
anyone else. There
is a certain kind of
passion whenever he
is together with
Kibum, a passion
Jonghyun has long
lost for Jinki. At
least that is how
Jinki feels.

And after a while he

doesnt just feel it
anymore, it becomes
obvious. Jonghyun
disappears for days
without saying
anything, he barely
touches Jinki
anymore, he doesnt
talk to him, its as if
Jinki has become a
Just leave this
jerk. Is what
Taemin says every
time he has to
embrace Jinki;
fragile and broken in
his arms when
disappears. Jinki
doesnt answer, he
doesnt have to
because to him and
he guesses also to
Taemin the answer
is obvious.

One night Jinki is

lying in his bed, he
should have been
sleeping for hours
now but he cant,
not when the
familiar warmth he
so desperately tries
to keep is not there.
He hears the door
open and slam
closed and a few
minutes later
Jonghyun is in the
bed, he smells like
smoke and alcohol
and something Jinki
doesnt want to
know, or he knows
but tries his hardest
to deny it. Jinki
forces his eyes shut,
forces his hands not
to tremble and the
tears not to fall.
Jonghyun hugs him
from behind and
though Jinki stiffens
the younger man
doesnt seem to
realize that Jinki is
awake. Jonghyun
buries his nose in
Jinkis neck, his hot
breath making Jinki
shiver very so
slightly. I love
you. Jonghyun says
and Jinki wants to
believe him, he
really wants to but
he knows its a lie
when a few minutes
later Jonghyun is
asleep, mumbling
Kibums name
between soft
singing. He knows
and finally lets the
tears fall from his

And Jinki wonders

how long he will be
able to keep up with
this. He wonders
how much longer his
heart wills him to
stay by Jonghyuns
side and how much
longer will
Jonghyun force
himself to live a lie.


I apologize for spelling/grammar mistakes, english is not my native language. comments are .
Title: Your Reward
Pairing(s): JongKey, Friendship!JongYu
Summary: Jinki wanted to thank Jonghyun for cutting Kibums hair in time for the music video shoot
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Humor, Fluff, Smut
A/N: This is for jcqlnmarcos :D
She wanted a fluffy smut sequel of Hairdresser, so here you are! ^.^
I love Jinki here >D
Warning: Sneaky!Key, Sneaky!Jinki (Oh my God, that rhymed :D), bondage, sex toys (MMMMM)


The music video finished, their make-up removed, their costumes in the dressing room and the five famous boys in
their van, hoping they could get some sleep before the next day where they would have to go back to the studio to
brush up on any mistakes.

Jonghyun was right; right now, Kibum was fawning over Taemins new hairstyle, seeing as he wasnt able to give it
any special attention before.

Taemin was nodding energetically to whatever Kibum was saying about special hair care. Now, Taemin, I know
youve heard the phrase lather, rinse and repeat before. Well, thats total bull. Everybody knows that you have to
lather at least twice!

Jonghyun rolled his eyes. Is that why you spend about forty-five minutes in the bathroom and use up all the hot
water? he groaned.
Kibum frowned at him and thwacked the back of his head. Can it, Dino Breath. Everyone knows that you spend at
least thirty minutes in there just shaving your legs.

Jonghyun instantly blushed and sat up straight, all traces of tiredness gone. I do not! I dont shave my legs I dont
shave my legs! he said loudly to the other band members and the driver.

Kibum snorted. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Theyre not on fire! Jonghyun protested. So Im not lying!

Kibum quirked a brow. Oh yeah?

He suddenly shot his hand out and squeezed Jonghyuns crotch.

Ki-Kibum! Jonghyun squeaked, face turning even redder.

Whats that, Jjong? Kibum asked. Not on fire, huh? he mocked, applying more pressure.

Kibum the guys

Oh, hush, Kibum commanded, eyes focused on his hand doing the dirty task. They seem to be enjoying the scene

Jonghyun didnt dare look, but he sneaked a peek anyway.

Right now, Taemins face was red, his eyes wide. He stared for a second longer before finally coming to his senses
and slapping his hands over his eyes. Minhos eyes were wide in shock too (not that Jonghyun could tell, anyway).
He just looked away and muttered something that sounded suspiciously like thats what Jonghyun hyung gets for
not giving Kibum any.

Only Jinki was the one grinning and laughing like a moron, clapping his hands together like a retarded seal.
Jonghyun wanted to groan and punch the lights out of his hyung, but Kibum squeezed a particularly sensitive spot
and Jonghyun gasped.

Oh, God, Kibum not now he moaned. He could see the driver just rolling his eyes at them and focusing
back on the road, a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

Tch. Fine, Kibum growled and he snatched his hand back. Have fun jerking off once we reach home, he
muttered under his breath, his arms folded and eyes trained to the moving view outside the van, swinging his leg
carelessly over the other.

Jonghyun glared at him and cupped his chin under his hand, staring at the scenery through his window as well.

It took around five minutes for the air in the van to be normal again, and Jonghyun was currently nodding off.
Something sent a sharp slap on the back of his head and he yelped silently. Now fully awake, he harshly turned
around to glare at Jinki.

What? he hissed, only loud enough for both him and Jinki to hear.

Want revenge on Key? Jinki whispered back with a sneaky grin as well as a pedophile-like raised brow.

Jonghyun raised his own as confusion as he slid a peek over to Kibum. Kibum was currently dozing in his chair, the
side of his head plastered on the van window, the cold mist outside obscuring his pretty face from any unwanted
public view. Jonghyun looked at Jinki, glancing at the two sleeping maknaes then back at the leader.

How? Jonghyun whispered.

Jinki quietly cleared his throat. Easy. Seeing as Key is asleep now and considering what youre gonna do to him
later he muttered before regaining his previous volume, hell be awake a looooong time. Just bring him to your
shared room. Dont look for me.

Jonghyun stared at him. Youre not going to try anything on him, are you?

Jinki waved a hand carelessly. Course not. Oh! And where are your sex toys? he asked with a cheeky grin.

In a black shoebox under my bed, Jonghyun said absent-mindedly. A couple of seconds later, Jonghyuns face
flushed bright red. I well hyung!

Whaaat? Jinki asked innocently, hands flying from his grip on the head of Jonghyuns chair to the air. Im the
leader, I know this kinda stuff. Besides, you guys arent exactly quiet when it comes to your sexy time.

Jonghyuns face, if possible, went even redder. But then

Jjong, please. Dammit, hyung! Dont tease me with that fucking vibrator!, can you unlock these handcuffs now?
and Jjong! That things fucking expensive! are some of the few things that Key tends to say out loud.

Rather than finding his lovers screams embarrassing, Jonghyun dived into another matter. But arent you
affected at all?

Jinki shrugged. Hey, when you stay with the SuJu hyungs whenever two of your bands noisiest members having
sex you know what Im saying.

And that was when Jonghyun learnt never to ask anything from Jinki anymore.

Ugh I wanna sleep, Minnie Kibum groaned as he followed Minho and Jinki through the front door. Cant
you just order or something? His sentence was punctuated with a yawn.

But, umma~! Nothings open at this time! Jonghyun glanced at the clock in the living room and had to agree with
Taemin. Which manager was brave (or crazy) enough to open his store at two in the fucking morning?

Maybe the bar, but thats another story.

Oh, Kibum! Jonghyun seized his chance when Taemin slumped onto the couch sulkily when Kibum shot him
down with his sharp tongue. Um, Im gonna make Taemin a sandwich. You just go to our room and rest, okay,
yeobo? he said with a smile.

Kibum gave him a tired but cheerful smile in return that almost made Jonghyun call off the evil scheme that evil
Jinki had in his evil mind.


Thanks, babe Kibum said, kissing him softly on the lips. They broke apart and Kibum smiled a dreamy one
before stroking Jonghyuns cheek once and walking sleepily towards their room.

T-Taemin, Jonghyun called out, forcing his attention somewhere else.

Mmph, Taemin responded tiredly, trying not to sleep.

Do you like bacon or turkey?

Taemins face lit up and he immediately bounded towards Jonghyun. Oh, thank you sooo much, hyung~! he
cheered, puckering his lips and kissing Jonghyun on the cheek his typical child-to-hyung kiss he use on Jinki and
Jonghyun just covered his mouth to stifle a yawn and went to the kitchen to prepare Taemins sandwich. As Taemin
bounded up to Jonghyun, a yelp and a crash were emitted from Jonghyuns and Kibums shared room.

Taemin quickly glanced at the room with the expression of a caught rat. Jonghyun just gulped. Was was that
Taemin looked over at Jonghyun, Key umma?

Jonghyun just shrugged and opened the jar of mayonnaise. He must have stubbed his toe or something, he said,
trying to sound nonchalant.

There was a muffled but still clearly audible FUCK! AGH, DAMMIT MMPH! that followed a few moments

There was a few moments of silence, and Taemin looked back worriedly. Should one of us check or something?

Jonghyun froze momentarily.

Ill do it. But in a few minutes.

Taemin nodded and watched Jonghyun finish preparing his sandwich, occasionally voicing out his preferences like
please dont use too much mayo, hyung,, could I have half bacon and half turkey? and a bit more bacon?

Jonghyun wondered how Kibum put up with Taemin. He should be thankful, actually. At least the kid didnt whine.

Taemin kissed Jonghyuns cheek once more as he took the plate with the sandwich and skipped merrily to his and
Minhos shared room.

Thanks, hyung~!

Jonghyun cleaned up a bit and was greeted by Jinki at the doorway of the kitchen when he was about to leave.

All yours, Jinki said with a smirk and a look of self-satisfaction on his face.

Jonghyun gulped. Jinki happy was never a good sign. Never. Now Jonghyun had two reasons to be scared of
entering the room the first being lashed out by Kibum.

Jonghyun took slow, tentative steps towards the dreaded room. When he finally reached the door, he could only stare
at it in horror.

Oh, just get on with it, a whisper hissed behind him. Jonghyun turned around and saw an annoyed Jinki with a
somewhat amused expression. Jonghyun, pretending that he hadnt screeched like a girl in shock, glared at Jinki
with a huge blush on his face.

Sh-shut up! he muttered. Ill enter using my own timing!

Jinki rolled his eyes. If you used your own timing, the end of the world would have come and go and youre stuck
in space still staring at the damn doorknob! Now just enter already or Key will bite your head off!

Jonghyun stared.

Hes in a very uncomfortable position, if you know what I mean, Jinki said.

Jonghyun looked back at the door and gulped, reaching for the handle slowly.

Oh, for the love of GET IN! Jinki said, opening the door himself and shoving Jonghyun in.

He slammed the door and locked it from the outside (the doors in their apartment were designed in a way that once
you locked it from the outside, you can only open it from the outside), leaving Jonghyun to glare at the door.



Jonghyun halted in his actions of trying to pound down the piece of wood and turned to face the bed where the
source of the sound came from. His eyes widened, his jaw dropped and his face turned a brilliant shade of red.

There was a person lying with his limbs spread wide open, showing Jonghyun all of his naked glory. His wrists and
ankles were tightly wrapped with rope?

The person had an irritable but shy face on, and Jonghyun knew exactly who it was.


Said rapper was struggling against the bonds as best as he could. He grunted as he tried to tug the ropes, but ended
up with painful red marks around his wrists and ankles. Kibum gave up, relaxing his body and breathing for oxygen

MOTHERFUCKER! he suddenly yelled, and Jonghyun almost jumped a foot in the air.

IM GONNA KILL LEE JINKI, I SWEAR! Kibum shouted again, thrashing wildly against the restraints. NO

YOU! Kibum suddenly directed at Jonghyun, and the latter blinked. ARENT YOU GONNA HELP ME OUT

There was a couple of knocks on the door, and Jonghyun automatically asked, Who is it?

There was silence, followed by a sleepy moan and, Jjongie hyung~ Its already going to be two-thirty in the
morning. Im full and sleepy, but I cant sleep. Can you please just give Key umma some sex already so that the rest
of us can have some sleep?

Jonghyun was frozen, staring at the door. They heard Taemin yawn and shuffle back to his room, closing the door
behind him.

The older of the two looked back at Kibum and Kibum glared back.

As I was saying, Kibum said, voice now soft, it fucking feels as if Im being torn apart. Please untie me?

The words torn apart knocked some sense into Jonghyun, and suddenly there was this animalistic grin on his face,
along with lust clouding his dark eyes.

Kibum stiffened.

Feels as if youre being torn apart, you say? Jonghyun purred, venturing towards the bounded boy and sitting on
the edge of the bed, running a long finger alongside the inside of one of the thighs.

Kibum shivered and blushed, instantly knowing what Jonghyun was talking about.

Okay, um, not really Kibum muttered, looking away. But it feels like it

But not exactly? Jonghyun asked softly, his voice dangerous as his fingers inched closer to the hardening member.

Kibum didnt notice the hand.

Well, not really, he repeated. It feels painful on the outside, because my limbs are being stretched from my body.

Jonghyun smirked and used that moment to touch the slit of the member, pressing down firmly.

Kibum sucked in a huge mouthful of air, totally not expecting the action. Blush painted his cheeks and his cock
stiffened fully.
Jjong ! he gasped, as Jonghyun added more pressure to the slit and leaned forward. Jjong, I

Kibum gasped.

Jonghyun had slowly wrapped his pouty lips around the head of Kibums cock, lolling his tongue around the slit but
not touching it. Kibum always wondered why Jonghyun loved the slit so much.

Precome began to drizzle out, and Jonghyun slurped up every drop with no hesitation. Jonghyun ran his tongue
down the length and nibbled gently with his teeth, creating some sort of massaging feeling for his lover.

Kibum groaned.

Jonghyun flicked Kibums balls playfully, running a finger down the underside of Kibums cock to in between his
balls and teasingly rimming the little entrance.

And all that while Jonghyun was humming and sucking the head.

Why does the bastard have to be so good with blowjobs?

Im so glad I let hyung do this, Jonghyun muttered as he slid Kibums dick from his mouth. He glanced down and
saw the familiar box. There was a white paper just placed gently on top of the cover.

Yah, do you know how many freaking black shoeboxes are under your bed?! >.<
Be more specific next time! D:<
But at least you can have your revenge on Key~ ^.^
Choose your wisest ones I have a feeling hell snap at you before you could even touch the third one ._.
Dubu Leader

Jonghyun rolled his eyes at the stupid message and let it flutter to the floor. He opened the lid and pondered upon
what he should use on Kibum.

After a few moments of playing a one-sided staring contest with the sex toys, Kibum growled impatiently and
Jonghyun instantly knew what he wanted.

Ill be gentle, babe, Jonghyun whistled cheerfully as he extracted three items and laid them beside him on the floor
a butt plug, a not-too-big egg vibrator and a remote control. Kibum eyed the three items fearfully and instantly
tried to break free from the ridiculously tight ropes. Jonghyun eyed him with amusement.

screamed, and Jonghyun pressed a finger against his lips, effectively shutting up the rapper.

Its all these or I take you dry, Kibum, Jonghyun said with a smile, pulling out the vibrator and twirling it in his
long fingers. You choose. Either way, its gonna be your ass on the line. Literally.

Kibum made a high whine at the back of his throat, completely giving up and looking away. Just be gentle
he whispered, blush coloring his pale cheeks.

Jonghyun smiled and bent down, giving Kibum a reassuring kiss on the lips. I will, promise, he said softly,
stroking the rappers face. Kibum closed his eyes and smiled, a peaceful expression on his face.

Jonghyun snatched the opportunity of Kibum being distracted and teasingly lined the toy to Kibums entrance and,
with one smooth push, shoved the egg inside. Kibum arched his back from the sudden intrusion, but groaned when
the tip of the toy hit his prostate dead on. It was like he could fucking come without a single touch to his cock.

Damn, hes good.

Part 2
Tags: !fanfic, !oneshot, fandom: shinee, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: smut, pairing:
jonghyun x key, position: bottom!key, position: top!jonghyun, rating: nc-17

I'm: Trying to get my brain power back OTL

I'm feeling: exhausted

I'm listening to: Bad Girl -

"What's that? You saw Key naked?"

Your Reward.2
Part 1

Relax, babe, Jonghyun whispered uselessly, licking away all the sweat that had already formed on the youngers
face. He flicked on the remote, switching it to the lowest setting.

Kibum was instantly a mewling mess, jerking his body as he tried to feel more of the pleasure. Feeling slight pity for
his lover, Jonghyun travelled his hand down one of the slim legs and undid the ropes.

It was slightly harder to do since the diva was kicking harshly.

With one leg free, Kibums noises became louder, now that he was able to writhe as he pleased so that the vibrator
was tickling his prostate just right. Jonghyun, feeling very sadistic, pressed the small button, changing the vibrator to
the next setting.

Kibum screamed as quietly as he could, whipping his head side to side from the waves of pleasure washing over
him. He felt his other ankle go free, and he instantly kicked Jonghyun in the chest.

The elder, completely not expecting the accidental attack, fell backwards and smacked his head on the wall.

Ouch. That was a total turnoff.

Oh my gosh, hyung! Kibum gasped, freezing instantly. Im so sorry! Come here let me hug you with my legs!

Jonghyun was rubbing the back of his head as he clambered forward. He didnt blame Kibum; he was the one who
was pushing his limits too far.

The lead vocalist settled himself on top of Kibums body and hugged him, Kibum trying his hardest to forget about
the vibrator in him. He wrapped his legs around Jonghyuns hips and sighed contentedly.

Jonghyun glanced up and saw that Kibums eyes were closed. He reached down carefully butt plug in hand and
shoved the thing inside Kibums entrance.

Kibum gasped and kicked Jonghyun off again, his kick lighter this time.
Fucker! Kibum cursed, and a scream tore from his throat. You did that on purpose! Youre so gonna get it from
me later, you son of a bitch!

Jonghyun stuck out his tongue childishly and flicked the switch to its highest setting.

Guttural moans left the divas lips and he bucked his hips, hoping to find any kind of release. The butt plug was
pushing the vibrator harder against Kibums sweet spot, and fuck, if Jonghyun didnt have his dick up in him right
now, hes gonna break free from the ropes and leave Jonghyun blue-balled.

Jonghyun? Kibum panted, struggling to form coherent sentences.

Yes? Jonghyun replied with a smile, pants already undone and hand stroking his cock. Kibum eyed the erection
and shivered.

Fuck me, he ordered, voice barely above a whisper.

Im sorry what was that? Jonghyun asked with a confused look. He really couldnt hear what Kibum was saying.

I said fuck me.

I still cant hear you. You have to speak louder than that, Jonghyun murmured, going closer towards Kibum and
pressing the toy deeper into Kibums prostate.

The movement drove the vibrator even deeper of Kibum, causing the rapper to lose it.

FUCKING BREATHE! Just please Kibum whimpered, back arching in search of more friction.

Jonghyun smiled and removed the butt plug, positioning his dick to Kibums entrance. Youre so much more
prettier when youre helpless.

Fuck you, Kibum groaned.

Jonghyun hummed in reply, and shoved his hips forward, inserting his dick inside of Kibum. Kibum nearly
screamed, as having your lovers cock inside of you as well as a vibrator is the best feeling ever.

Mmm, even when you were having your hole stretched with the butt plug and this thing, youre still tight,
Jonghyun moaned huskily, nipping his teeth to Kibums earlobe.

Just shut up and fuck me.

Jonghyun rolled his eyes but did as he was told, maintaining a slow and steady pace. Kibum was still groaning, not
caring if it was bad for him or if he was in pain. As long as Jonghyun was moving inside of him, hes all good.

Their room was filled with moans and pants and mantras of the others name. Jonghyuns speed had increased, and
he was snapping his hips forward as Kibum kept writhing underneath him, his hand tightly grabbing hold of the
ropes bound around his wrists.

Jonghyun didnt need to touch his prostate the vibrator alone was already working wonders on it.

H-hyung Kibum whispered, the familiar feeling dwelling in the pit of his stomach. Im com ah!

Jonghyun was quiet the whole time, his voice only voicing out Kibums name. He had spilled his load inside of
Kibum, cutting off the youngers warning as he filled Kibum with himself. Kibum came immediately, shooting his
come all over Jonghyuns shirt.

Panting, Jonghyun pulled out and removed the vibrator by the string. He switched it off and threw it onto the dresser.
Jonghyun took off his shirt, pants and boxers.
Fuck, that was my shirt for tomorrow, he groaned. He slowly and sleepily freed Kibum from his bonds and threw
the ropes somewhere.

Sleep now, he groaned, flopping an arm around Kibums collarbone. You can get Lee fucking Jinki later on in
the photo shoot for all I care

Kibum said nothing, knowing that Jonghyun was drifting off to sleep.

Nah, he said softly, pulling Jonghyun to his chest as he flicked off the lamp Jinki had turned on. I think Im
gonna thank him later for giving you the reward. I should refuse things and tease you more often

Kibum yawned, sleep hitting him like a ten-ton brick.

He swore he felt Jonghyun smile against his collarbone.

A/N: I cant believe I blushed while reading the there was a person lying with his limbs spread wide open, showing
Jonghyun all of his naked glory sentence. How can I continue writing smut like this? Simple. I dont. Cause lets
be honest here, people this is the crappiest smut Ive ever written. Im done. Thats it. Goodbye, end of story, full

Tags: !fanfic, !oneshot, fandom: shinee, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: smut, pairing:
jonghyun x key, position: bottom!key, position: top!jonghyun, rating: nc-17

I'm: Trying to get my brain power back OTL