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Individualized Education Program

Student: Godbolt, Taija A. PRESENT LEVELS OF PERFORMANCE IEP Meeting Date: 01/25/2017

Describe how the disability affects participation in the general education curriculum or activities; Parent concerns and priorities for the education of the student:
or for preschool students, how the disability affects the participation in appropriate activities. Taija's parents had several concerns. The overall concern is how Taija gains appropriate attention. He
Taija exhibits significant behaviors typical of Autism Spectrum Disorder, a developmental disability climbs on furniture to gain attention. They would like to know how the staff at Spectrum handles snack
affecting verbal and nonverbal communication and social interaction that adversely affects his educational rewards for Taija. He has had several concerning behaviors inside the home. The frequency and rate
performance. of his behavior are also concerns.
Overall, it would also be very efficient if what is being done in the classroom is also being done in the
Student Learning Strengths/Preferences: Input from General Education Teacher:
Taija is a happy young man that seems to enjoy school. Taija is a very active student. He follows the class Taija does not access the general education curriculum.
schedule and firm instructions given to him by adults. He's started to become very vocal in the classroom
and is starting to communicate expressively.
Vision: Unable to test. Date of Testing: 01/20/2017 Low Incidence Disability: No Yes
Lateralized to 5/5 noisemakers in Hear Kit;
Hearing: Date of Testing: 01/20/2017 Blind/Visually/Impaired Yes No
Braille Instruction/Use: Yes No
Health Care Plan Location: On File in Nurse's Office
Appropriate Reading Medium:
Student Health/Medical Needs: Deaf/Hard of Hearing Yes No
Taija weighs 83lbs. and is 61" tall; weight is appropriate for age and height. Dental screening done; Describe the communication needs of the student:
suggest routine cleaning. child is allergic to Amoxicillin. According to record, chronic disorder=autism
spectrum. Child seems happy; enjoys jumping and running-adequate gross motor skills.Taija needs
both the Tdap vaccine (Pertussis booster) AND MMR#2, prior to 7th grade; state law. Please bring
Orthopedic Impairment Yes No
shot records to nurse's office by June 1st. Thank you!
Does the students behavior impede learning of self or others: No Yes If appropriate, any specialized services, equipment, materials, or services needed for the
Behavior Intervention Plan student with a low incidence disability that has not been documented elsewhere in the IEP:
Behavior Contract
Behavior Goals
Consideration of Assistive Devices and Services
Does the student require assistive devices and/or services to make progress toward IEP goals at this
time? No Yes, the following is recommended:
Picture/Photo system
Weighted Sensory Items
Tactile Sensory Items

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