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Wudad Shedewa

CIS 221
Eve Chowdhury
22 April 2017

Lesson Plan
Name Wudad Shedewa (CIS-221)
Grade(s) 8th Grade
Subject(s) History
Length of Lesson 40 minutes
Lesson In this project students will be able to use technology, such as a
Overview/Rationale computer and a printer. Students will choose a character from the civil
rights Era for their project. Students will create any type of diagram
that will describe their character that they choose. The type of
software students will use is called "inspiration". This software will
allow them to create and choose any type of diagrams they wish to
Curriculum Michigan common Core State Standards for:
d Civil Rights in the Post-WWII Era
Examine and analyze the Civil Rights Movement using key
events, people, and organizations.
Civil Rights Movement Analyze the key events, ideals,
documents, and organizations in the struggle for civil rights by
African Americans including

International Society for Technology in Education: ISTE Standards for

Students Standard
2: Communication and Collaboration Standard
3: Research and information Fluency Standard
4: Digital Citizenship Standard
5: Technology operations and Concepts
Page 124
Learning Objectives The student will be able to summarize and understand complex texts
that would provide the student's facts and background knowledge
social studies. This will help students critical-think, problem-solve,
and analytical skills. Teachers will use visual-thinking and concept-
mapping software that lets both teachers and students to organize and
outline their ideas visually on desktops, laptops, and tablets. By using
Inspiration Software students will be flexible in visual-thinking and
thinking creatively. The tools for Inspiration software include graphs,
symbols, charts, voice, and other organizing devices that students can
use to complete their project.
Technology Uses Both teacher and students will use technology in this lesson plan.
Wudad Shedewa
CIS 221
Eve Chowdhury
22 April 2017

Both teacher and student will use a computer with internet

The teacher will start off with a word documents where he/she
will create instructions for the project that he/she will present
to the class.
The teacher will use a printer to print copies of the guideline
for each student.
The teacher will then use a promethean board to show the class
what their assignment is and then go over it with the class.
After going over the guidelines, the teacher will then
demonstrate how to use the Inspiration software.
Student will then start using the schools computers to do a
little research on google Chrome or Internet Explorer about
their character.
Students will then use the computer to create a diagram of their
choose by using inspiration software.
Students will also use printers to print out their diagrams to
turn it at the end of the class period.
Materials The materials that will be used are:
Promethean board
History book
Teachers guidelines for project
Procedure 1. During this group lesson plan, the teacher will start off by
introducing the project to the class.
2. The teacher will then pass out a guideline to the class, which
explains step by step to how to do the project.
3. The teacher will then go over the guidelines with the class
explaining and analyzing the steps for the students to
understand everything that is being asked from them.
4. The teacher will then mention the software that he/she wants
the students to use for their project, which is the Inspiration
5. The teacher will go over how to download the Inspiration
software and how it works for the students to have a better
understanding of it.
6. The teacher will then demonstrate the tools and diagrams that
the software includes that the students can use.
7. Students will be asked to use either their history book for facts
and info about their character or the web.
8. Students will have a few minutes to analyze and brainstorm
Wudad Shedewa
CIS 221
Eve Chowdhury
22 April 2017

their ideas before starting on the computer.

9. Students will then be asked to go to the computer room where
they will start their project.
10. The teacher will walk around and assess each students with
whatever help is needed.
11. After the students are done, they must "Save As" and print
their work and turn it in.
12. Each student must be done by the end of the period to earn full
13. If not completed students may finished their work at home and
turn it in the next day, but they will lose a few point for turning
it late.
Inspiration Software:

Assessment To determine whether the student understood the Civil Rights Era,
students will be tested on it after they have complete the project. This
will help me determine whether or not they understood the concept of
the chapter.
Wudad Shedewa
CIS 221
Eve Chowdhury
22 April 2017

Grading Rubric
15pts 10pts 5pts
Content Topic is very clear Includes essential Content is
and understanding. information about minimal or has
the topic but there several factual
are 1-2 factual errors.
ion Content is well Content is logically There was no
organized and easy organized for the clear or logical
to read and follow most part. organizational
up. structure.
Requirem All requirements are One requirement More than one
ents met and exceeded. was not completely requirement was
met. not met.
Time Completed Assignment was Completed the
assignment before turned in on time assignment but
the deadline and is but was was turned in a
completed. incomplete. day or more late.
nt Score:
Wudad Shedewa
CIS 221
Eve Chowdhury
22 April 2017