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inside & out!
Its a season of bundling up and getting
cozy. Warm layers and layers of flavour.
Indulge all your senses, from gorgeous
presentations, to savory flavours and
rich aromas.

Theres no better way to warm up on

a crisp, cold day than with something
satisfying shared with friends.

Winter 2017
4 - 11 Microwave
12 - 13 Ovenware
14 - 19 Serving
20 - 23 On-the-Go and Outdoors
24 - 29 Kitchen Preparation
30 - 37 Dry Storage and Home Organisation
38 - 41 Fridge Storage
42 - 45 Kids and Babies
46 Guarantee
47 Distributorship List

Ingredients to make Pap in the Method: 7. Spoon pap mixture into a
microwave: 1. Combine the maize meal greased shallow dish or
and salt with 500 ml cold baking tray and press down.
750 ml maize meal
water in the Microwave Rice Allow to cool and set, at
7 ml salt Maker Large bowl, mix with a least 1 hour.
500 ml cold water Paddle Scraper. 8. Cut pap into squares and
1,25 L boiling water 2. Add 1 L boiling water to the shallow fry in hot oil. Drain on
mixture and stir. kitchen towel and arrange on
Ingredients for Spinach 3. Cover with Rice Maker inner a serving platter.

Topping: and outer cover and push 9. Topping: melt butter in a

down securely. large pan, saut onions until
3 tbsp of butter/margarine
4. Place in the microwave and transparent, add mushrooms
1 chopped onion and spinach, stir. Fry over
cook on high for 10 minutes.
150 g sliced mushrooms (Cooking time may vary as gentle heat until spinach has
1 bunch chopped spinach per your microwaves power.) wilted and mushrooms are
soft. Season to taste and add
Salt and pepper to taste 5. Remove from microwave and
cream, cook for a further 5
250 ml cream stir the mixture to break it up.
6. Add 250 ml boiling water and
10. Spoon spinach mixture over
stir, place in the microwave
Oil for frying the pap squares and sprinkle
on high for another 10
Micro herbs for serving with fresh micro herbs before
minutes. (Add less water for a
stiffer texture)

Microwave 3
Microwave Rice Maker
Cook, serve and store in the same container.

No mess, no fuss - NO
the unique double cover BURNT
avoids foam overflow.

Scan to watch
This product is ideal to cook 122994
rice, pap and samp in a fraction Microwave Rice Maker
of the time. Large (3 L)
Cook, serve and store all in one
R215 container!

1 2 3

Step 1: After filling with your Step 2: Before closing the Step 3: Microwave and enjoy.
ingredients, make sure to cover, make sure the handles
place the separator insert on of the seal are perfectly
the base with the two small aligned with the handles of
handles side up. the base. Press the cover
downwards to close.

4 Microwave
Microwave Pasta Maker
Make pasta quickly and conveniently in the microwave.

COOKING Refer to engravings
inside the Pasta Maker
cover for directions.

Microwave Pasta Maker (1,9 L)
Cook spaghetti and most types of other pasta
varieties to perfection.
Save time and energy by measuring, cooking,
draining, serving and storing pasta - all in the
same container.
29,9cm x 15,4cm x 11,8cm high

1 2 3

Step 1: Fill the base of the Step 2: Place, uncovered, in the Step 3: Remove the Pasta
Pasta Maker with pasta to the microwave oven and cook. Maker carefully from your
desired level. Add COLD tap microwave oven. Drain above
water. the sink and enjoy!

Microwave 5
Serves 1

Ingredients Method:
125 g spring onions 1. Slice the spring onions thinly. Place in the Microwave
2 tbsp water ( 30 ml) Omelette Maker, add the water, cover, and microwave for
50 ml heavy cream 6 minutes at
600 watts, stirring halfway through. Allow to stand for
50 ml milk
1 minute, then drain.
2 tbsp all-purpose flour
2. Mix the remaining ingredients in the Quick Shake.
( 30 ml) Pour onto the spring onions inside the Microwave
2 eggs (medium sized) Omelette Maker.
20 g grated cheese 3. Cover and microwave for 5 minutes at 360 watts.
5-6 basil leaves, chopped Allow to stand for 2 minutes.
Salt and pepper 4. Unmold and serve with a salad.

6 Microwave
Microwave Omelette Maker
Cook, store and reheat wholesome and healthy meals in minutes.

COOKING Microwave Omelette
Scan to watch
Maker (430 ml)
Start your day right with a good
hot breakfast made in just
A variety of egg based recipes
can be made quickly and easily.

A healthy alternative no fat or

oil needed.

1 2 3

Step 1: Break 2 to 4 eggs into Step 2: Place ingredients into Step 3: Cover and microwave.
aQuick Shake. Add 15ml water the base and pour the egg See product leaflet for more
or milk. Mix together. mixture over. information.

Microwave 7
Cook and serve your family meals and desserts quickly
in your microwave.

1. MicroCook (1,5L) 2

2. MicroCook (2,5L)
Scan to watch

Made of strong, durable and high temperature- The soft seals can withstand temperatures from
resistant material, which withstands -25C to room temperature.
temperatures from -25C to 200C. MicroCook Round 1,5L: 9,25 cm high.
Unbreakable and stain resistant when used in MicroCook Round 2,5L: 13,45 cm high.
normal conditions. 22 cm diameter with handles, 18,5 cm diameter
Store the prepared food in the fridge or freezer in without handles.
the same container.

8 Microwave
Pressure Cooker
When you combine the speed of a microwave with that
of pressure cooking, meals come together so quickly
youll have lots of reclaimed time for other things.

During cooking, the sealed 116552

container and the safety lock Microwave Pressure
provide the pressure to raise Cooker (2 L)
the inside temperature above R1 609
The pressure helps to combine
an even heat distribution, a
preservation of the flavours, a Scan to watch

conservation of colours and

3 faster cooking.

Step 1: Place and turn the lid


into place.

Step 2: Click down the safety

lock handle to secure the lid.

Step 3: Microwave and enjoy!

Microwave 9
1 2 3

Step 1: Fill Water Tray with Step 2: Fill Colander Tray Step 3: Place complete
water. and Steamer Base with Steamer in the microwave.
10 Microwave
Microwave Masters
The perfect way to serve healthy meals to
your family in a fraction of the time.
REHEATABLE The divisions allow
food to be kept
Divided Dish Large separate.
From fridge to microwave to
table you will save valuable
time. Only the base is
microwave reheatable.
22 cm diameter x 6 cm high
with seal.

Scan to watch


MicroGourmet Steamer
2 levels Metal lining blocks microwaves
from cooking foods directly and
allow you directs the waves to the Water
to steam 2 Tray, making it the best way to
foods at steam cook.

once. Steaming does not mean bland

cooking. It preserves both
vitamins and flavour of foods.
26,3 cm diameter x 13,7cm
R1 009

Microwave 11
UltraPro Ovenware
No one could guess by looking, that UltraPro handles the oven
as well as the microwave, the table as well as the fridge.
But you know!


994759 994765
1. UltraPro (3,3L) 2. UltraPro (5,7L)
Base: 36,3 x 26,6 x 7,4 cm high Base: 36,3 x 26,6 x 11,8 cm high
Large cover: 36,3 x 26,6 x 3,9 cm high Large cover: 36,3 x 26,6 x 3,9 cm high
R1299 R1555

The sleek design and heat-

resistant material can endure FREE
temperatures up to 250C. RECIPE
Made from lightweight material BOOK
that is easy to clean.

12 Ovenware

Ovenware 13
14 Serving
Warmie-Tup Range
The graceful design of the Warmie-Tup range will embrace
every table setting. These modern servers feature double-
walled insulation to retain the temperature of the food
longer whether you need your food to stay warm or cool.

Dual bowl system
Scan to watch KEEP FOOD
creates an air gap that
90 MINUTES insulates. No need to
add water.

Warmie-Tup Set
Consists of:
Warmie-Tup (3,25 L)
Warmie-Tup Spoon

Inner and outer bowls

can be used separately.
Hook on the cover allows it to
rest vertically - so moisture
drains into the bowl.
Serving 15


4 x Handy Mugs (300ml)
The unique shape of the handle
prevents fingers from burning.

16 Serving
Serving Companions
Set the table for a special occasion or just to
make every day feel more special.


4 x Legacy Plates
Perfect plates to serve your
meals outdoors and indoors.
Diameter 26cm.


6 x Legacy Bowls (400ml)
This versatile set of bowls is
ideal to serve soups, stews,
salads and desserts.
Serving 17
Ingredients Method:
125 g butter, softened 1. Preheat oven to 190C. Lightly grease a loaf tin.
180 ml castor sugar 2. In a Thats a Bowl cream together the butter and sugar,
2 eggs beat in eggs and salt.
3 ml salt
3. In a separate bowl sift together cake flour, maize meal
375 ml cake flour and baking powder, add to creamy mixture, add milk
250 ml maize meal and beat until mixture is smooth.
5 ml baking powder
4. Fold in corn kernels and spoon into loaf tin. Sprinkle
125 ml milk
grated cheese on top. Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes,
125 ml canned corn kernels,
or until skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.
5. Serve warm or cold with butter and marmalade.
125 ml grated cheddar cheese
6. Store in the Bakers Delight to keep fresh for longer.

18 Serving
Bread and Butter
Serve in style and turn an every day meal
in to an entertaining experience.

Keep baked goods

fresher for longer

Bakers Delight
Store a variety of breads, rolls and
baked treats in this large Bakers
Delight. Grooves inside ensure
airflow, to keep baked goods fresh.
The cover can also be used as a
serving tray.
32 cm x 26 cm x 12,5 cm high.

Butter Dish (500 g)
Store and serve butter in this elegant Butter
Dish, which complements the Bakers Delight.
The Butter Dish fits a 500 g block of butter.
15,5 cm x 8,1 cm x 7,5 cm deep.

Serving 19
20 On-the-Go and Outdoors
Always Refreshing
Staying hydrated sure looks good on you.

Flip-top cap
Screw-top Cap


Eco Bottle (1 L)

750 ML

Screw-top Cap 124608

Eco Bottle (750 ml)


124382 These arent only reusable,

Eco Bottle (500 ml) but have a liquid-tight cap
and are eco-friendly too.
Tested, trusted and proven to
be usable for a lifetime.
Only the best material for
safe handling of drinking
water is used.

On-the-Go and Outdoors 21

22 On-the-Go and Outdoors
For Every Craving
From salads to sandwiches, breakfast to snacks, anything you
could want fits in one of these handy, travel-smart containers.

Air-tight seal

Snack Set
Consists of: 2 x Snack Containers (850 ml)
These square containers are ideal for serving
and storing a variety of snacks. Also perfect
for lunch on-the-go.

On-the-Go and Outdoors 23

24 Kitchen Preparation
Thats A Bowl
As the founders of fresh, weve spent over six decades
perfecting the art of the bowl. Each Thats A Bowl features a
built-in thumb handle and easy-to-remove, liquid-tight seal.

1. Thats A Bowl (1,4 L)

2. Thats A Bowl (3 L)
3. Thats A Bowl (7 L)

3 4. Mega Thats A Bowl (10 L)

5. Jumbo Thats A Bowl (14 L)
Multi-purpose bowl ideal for
4 preparing, mixing, storing and
serving a variety of foods and
Easy to remove liquid-tight seal.
The unique built-in thumb
handle allows for a tight grip
while mixing.

Kitchen Preparation 25
Multi Measuring Spoon
Measures: 1 ml, 5 ml, 15 ml, 25 ml


Smooth and serrated

blade - just rotate
Rolling Pin the handle!
The Rolling Pin offers
an option to fill the
base and adapt the
temperature of the water.
Surface: 33,2 cm Capacity: 1,4 L

Grate n Measure
16 cm x 11 cm wide x 21 cm high

Food collects AS YOU
in the GRATE

Universal Peeler
5 cm blade, 8 cm handle, 11 cm long
* Blades are not covered by the Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee. Wooden Boards not included.
26 Kitchen Preparation
Kitchen Essentials
Tupperwares kitchen range simplifies kitchen preparation.

The built-in grids allow

marinade to flow around
the food for even coverage

Marinader Small
The smartest container
around to marinate meat,
chicken, fish and vegetables.
24.5cm x 19.5cm x 7.5cm high

Quick Shake (500 ml)
Measure, shake, mix and 130363
pour - all in one container! Utensil Rest
R169 R35
Kitchen Preparation 27
Click Series
From start to finish, the Click Series allows you to breeze your
Scan to watch
way through making a meal.


122781 Vertical head to peel hard fruits and vegetables and make
Click Series Set shavings from hard chocolate and semi-hard cheese.
Consists of: Universal head has two sides: One side to peel hard fruits
3 x Different Heads and vegetables, the other side is serrated to peel fruits and
1 x Handle vegetables with a soft skin.
1 x Storage Box Wide head has a wide blade of 8 cm to slice long vegetables,
R399 and fruit and semi-hard cheese.

28 Kitchen Preparation
Extra Chef
A fantastic time-saving solution for chopping and blending various
types offood quickly and easily.
Scan to watch

No electricity
needed just FREE
http://www.tupper- pull the cord. RECIPE

Extra Chef with Pull cord
Blades chop 288 extra-fine knife
cuts in less than 15 seconds!
Whisk is ideal for making
marinades and smoothies.
Funnel makes the perfect
mayonnaise with minimal effort.
Capacity: 1,35L with
measurements up to 1,2L.
15,6 cm diameter x 19,5 cm high.

CONTAINER! Spinning Chef (3,9 L)
Brake technology to easily
stop the rotations.
Generous size bowl with seal
to store in fridge.
23,1 cm diameter x 18 cm high.

Kitchen Preparation 29
Space Savers
No matter the size of your kitchen, we can almost guarantee
you can find more space with just a little organization.

30 Dry Storage and Home Organisation


Slim, easy-grasp

Oval 1 Oval 2 Oval 3 Oval 4 Oval 5

6 x 18,5 cm 12 x 18,5 cm 17 x 18,5 cm 23 x 18,5 cm 28 x 18,5 cm

Space Saver Oval

Colour Choose from:
Product Size Price Black C/Aqua P/Daisy
Oval 1 500 ML R132 994515 994649 995219
Oval 2 1,1L R161 994516 994650 995220
Oval 3 1,7L R191 994517 994651 995221
Oval 4 2,3L R213 994518 994652 995222
Oval 5 2,9L R237 994519 994653 995223

This stackable, easy-open range, makes the foods

you reach for every day easy to store, pour and enjoy.

Dry Storage and Home Organisation 31

Space Saver
Storage Capacities
Compact 1 (850ml) Square 1 (1,2 L) Round 1 (200ml)
1 kg salt 500g dried fruit 150g baking powder
500g baking powder 500g ground coffee 150g bicarbonate soda 100g nuts
500g castor sugar 500g icing sugar 125g gelatine 100g curry powder
500g custard powder 250g Pro-Vita biscuits 100g glac cherries herbs and spices
500g dried beans 250g cocoa
500g dried fruit 250g biscuits
500g flour
Round 2 (440ml)
500g salt
500g peanuts
500g raisins Square 2 (2,6 L) 250g sunflower seeds 200g curry powder
1 kg oats 250g baking powder 125g cocoa
500g rice
1 kg macaroni 250g chocolate chips 700 toothpicks
500g sago
1 kg milk powder 250g gelatine 25 tea bags
250g tea leaves
500g biscuits 250g raisins 12 Boudoir biscuits
250g ground coffee
125g cocoa 500g bran 250g bicarbonate soda cinnamon sticks
500g coffee
50 tea bags
200 tea bags
Round 3 (650ml)
18 Weetbix 1 kg salt 500g peanuts
500g flour 500g raisins
Compact 2 (1,9 L) Square 3 (4 L) 500g cornflour 200g instant coffee
1 kg biscuits 500g kidney beans 200g pkt Marie biscuits
2,5 kg mealie meal
1 kg brown sugar 2,5 kg mealie rice
1 kg coffee creamer 2,5 kg samp Round 4 (890ml)
1 kg dried fruit 2,5 kg sugar 500g baking powder drinking straws
1 kg flour 2,5 kg flour 500g castor sugar 250g cornflour
1 kg icing sugar 2 kg dried fruit 500g dried beans 250g custard powder
1 kg mealie meal 1 kg biscuits 500g popcorn 250g dried fruit
1 kg milk powder 1 kg instant coffee 500g rice 250g gravy powder
1 kg peanuts 500g All Bran Flakes 250g sweets 250g ground coffee
1 kg Taystee Wheat 250g tea leaves 250g milk powder
12 pkts soup/sauce mix
500g coconut 250g bread crumbs 250g coconut
500g infant cereal
500g Pro-Nutro Square 4 (5,5 L)
500g shell noodles 5 kg sugar Round 5 (1,1 L)
250g cocoa 2 kg oats 1 kg spaghetti
300g All Bran Flakes 1 kg rusks 1 kg castor sugar 500g milk powder
100 tea bags 500g crisps 500g coffee creamer 500g peanuts
30 bran muffins 500g icing sugar breadsticks
24 cupcakes 500g macaroni candles
750g cornflakes

Oval 1 (500ml) Oval 3 (1,7 L) 500g Nesquick

500g salt stock cubes 1,25 kg dried beans 500g cocoa 500g peanuts
250g baking powder 250g custard powder 1 kg flour 500g coconut 500g sweets
250g bicarbonate soda 250g gravy powder 1 kg icing sugar 500g ground coffee 500g wheatgerm
250g dried fruit 250g cornflour 1 kg mealie meal 500g infant cereal 500g Pro-Nutro
250g sesame seeds 250g raisins/sultanas 1 kg rice 500g macaroni 300g All Bran Flakes
250g breadcrumbs 250g chocolate chips 1 kg Taystee Wheat 500g Milo 100 tea bags
250g gelatine 250g sunflower seeds
200g nuts 125g cocoa
Oval 4 (2,3 L)
2 kg sugar 1 kg milk powder
2 kg castor sugar 1 kg sweets
1 kg coffee creamer 500g instant coffee
Oval 2 (1,1 L)
1 kg castor sugar 500g icing sugar 1 kg muesli 500g shell noodles
1 kg salt 500g sago 250g tea leaves
1 kg lentils 500g raisins 500g dried beans Oval 5 (2,9 L) 500g All Bran Flakes
1 kg sugar 500g peanuts 500g dried fruit 2,5 kg flour 1 kg wheatgerm 500g bran
500g breadcrumbs 500g milk powder 500g flour 2,5 kg mealie meal 1 kg coconut 500g marshmallows
500g coffee creamer 500g matzo meal 500g gravy powder 2,5 kg sugar 1 kg macaroni 350g Rice Crispies
500g cornflour 500g muesli 250g instant coffee 2 kg rice 1 kg Pro-Nutro 200 tea bags
500g custard powder 500g Taystee Wheat 50 tea bags 2 kg brown sugar 750g instant coffee 24 ice cream cones

32 Dry Storage and Home Organisation

Choose from:
Shape makes it easy to
scoop contents out.

Square 1 Square 2 Square 3 Square 4

6 x 18,5 cm 12 x 18,5 cm 17 x 18,5 cm 23 x 18,5 cm

Space Saver Square

Colour Colour
Product Size Price Black C/Aqua P/Daisy Product Size Price Black C/Aqua P/Daisy
Square 1 1,2L R190 994525 994640 995026 Square 3 4L R274 994527 994642 995028
Square 2 2,6L R242 994526 994641 995027 Square 4 5,5L R323 994528 994643 995029

Choose from:

2 x Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5

6 x 9 cm 12 x 9 cm 17 x 9 cm 23 x 9 cm 28 x 9 cm

Space Saver Round

Colour Colour
Product Size Price Black C/Aqua P/Daisy Product Size Price Black C/Aqua P/Daisy
2 x Round 1 200 ml R85 994520 994644 995244 Round 4 890 ml R88 994523 994647 995247
Round 2 400 ml R67 994521 994645 995245 Round 5 1,1 L R110 994524 994648 995248
Round 3 650 ml R72 994522 994646 995246

Dry Storage and Home Organisation 33

Makes 32 squares

Ingredients Method:
1 cup rolled oats 1. Preheat oven to 180C.
1 cup desiccated coconut 2. Place the oats, coconut, flour, sugar, cranberries and seed
in a Thats a Bowl.
1 cup nutty wheat or whole
wheat flour 3. In a small pot, melt the butter and honey together. Remove
from the heat and add vanilla essence, bicarb and hot
1 cup brown sugar water. Mix vigorously and pour into the dry ingredients. Mix
100 g dried cranberries (or well until combined.
other chopped dried fruit of 4. Line a 25cm baking tray with baking paper. Press the
your choice) mixture into the lined tray so that it is compact.
cup mixed seeds (pumpkin, 5. Bake for 15 minutes then reduce the heat to 160C, and
linseed, sunflower and bake for a further 15 minutes.
sesame) 6. With a sharp non-serrated knife, cut into 8 x 4 columns to
make 32 squares while still hot.
125 g salted butter
7. Allow to cool , then break apart and store in a Signature
1 tbsp honey
Line Square container.
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tbsp boiling water

34 Dry Storage and Home Organisation

Signature Line
With easy-open hinged covers and a stackable design, this range
is sure to become one of your favourites.


Tupperwares Signature Line 125836 125838

containers are versatile and 1. Signature Line Square 1 3. Signature Line Square 3
classic. (1,2 L) (4,0 L)
Use in cupboard or on R250 R335
countertop to store items you
use often.
125839 125837
The hinged cover is easy to
open and is sheer so contents
2. Signature Line Square 2 4. Signature Line Square 4
can be viewed at a glance.
(2,6 L) (5,5 L)
R305 R385

Dry Storage and Home Organisation 35


124328 Generous sized containers ideal to store

1. Keep n Carry, Large (14 L) large quantities of dry ingredients.
R445 Alternatively use to store cool drink cans,
childrens toys, hobby items, blankets or
cleaning supplies.
129213 The solid handle clips onto the top of the
2. Keep n Carry, Small (6,5 L) container for easy carrying.
R305 Large - 32 cm x 19 cm x 32 cm high
Small - 32 cm x 19 cm x 16 cm high

36 Dry Storage and Home Organisation

Home Organisation
Eliminate clutter and simplify your life!

Home Organiser
Perfect for storing and
organising everything in
the home.
4 cm x 26 cm x 8,5 cm


TIP Use the top part of the Carry Away,

High as a Modular Server with cover. Ideal
for cold meats, snacks and treats.
Carry Away, High
Carry it all in this 2-compartment, large
Carry Away, High with handle, for easy
Separate food using the inner tray, and safely
carry to picnics and parties.
37,5 cm x 18 cm x 17,2 cm high.

Dry Storage and Home Organisation 37

38 Fridge Storage
Fridge Storage
Fill your fridge with single portions or entire meals in
these classic containers designed to stack and store.

5 x Small Square Rounds (400 ml)
4 x Large Square Rounds (800 ml)

Designed to be modular,
stackable and space saving.

With easy to apply

air-tight seals, these
attractive square
rounds are great 111652
for fridge, drawer, Handy Diner (1,4 L)
cupboard and R159

Fridge Storage 39
Modular Jug (1,9L)
Air-tight seal
This handy jug has an air-tight,
flip-cap seal for easy pouring of
Designed to fit in the fridge door.

40 Fridge Storage
Fridge Smart
Keep ingredients fresher for longer, with
these innovative Fridge Storage solutions.

Innovative CondensControl
grid keeps moisture out
and smell in!

Scan to watch
107870 The CheeSmart reduces the problem of
CheeSmart Rectangle moisture, mould and strong smells when
R205 storing a variety of cheese in the fridge.
The CheeSmart consists of a tray, acover and CondensControl grid.
Use the tray to serve cheese directly from
the fridge to the table.
30,5 cm L x 20,4 cm W x 8,5 cm H

Ice Cube Tray (300 ml)
The tray is sealed and wont spill on 125205
the way to the freezer, or in the freezer! CheeSmart Square
Ideal to store and freeze homemade 21,2 cm L x 20,4 cm W x 8,5 cm H
baby food. R189
30 cm x 11,3 cm x 4 cm high
Fridge Storage 41
42 Kids and Babies
Childs Play
Good eating habits as an adult start when theyre
little. Capturing their attention with bright colours
and fun shapes makes it so much easier.

Large Wonder (600 ml)
The Large Wonders are air-tight and
liquid-tight for spillproof storage.
16,7 cm diameter x 4,5 cm high.

Handy cover keeps

the spout clean

995436 123812
4 x Hang on Spoons Tumbler with Spout (200ml)
Perfect for feeding time and hang The Tumbler is an excellent drinking
on the edge of a feeding bowl. solution for young children. Easy grip
R64 handle for convenience.

Kids and Babies 43

Pots of Fun
The Pots of Fun teaches
colours, shapes and
creates a full sensory

Shape O Toy
Can be used
as a rattle, ball,
shape sorter and
numbers game.

44 Kids and Babies

Ideal for transporting
3 measures of formula

Formula Dispenser
Just turn the seal to the correct
compartment and dispense.
9,5 cm diameter x 9 cm high.

Easy one-hand opening

117054 117234
Wipes / Tissues Dispenser (1,5L) Wipes Dispenser (650ml)
Perfect to hold a box of tissues. Wipes retain mositure perfectly with the
Keep one handy in the bathroom, kitchen air-tight seal.
and office. Slim design keep one in your car, baby
bag and handbag.
22,6 cm x 15 cm x 7,8 cm high.
22,6 cm x 15 cm x 3,9 cm high.
Kids and Babies 45
Our World Famous Lifetime Guarantee
All Tupperware Brand products are guaranteed by Tupperware
Tupperware South Africa (Pty) Ltd to perform under
and Safety
normal domestic use for the lifetime of the product.
Tupperware Brands
At Tupperware, we have proudly backed our continue to be
products with a lifetime guarantee for over 50 years, distinguished by a
so you can buy with confidence! legacy of ongoing innovation
and high quality products
and is fully committed to
Non-Guarantee their reliability and safety.
Products are NOT guaranteed against staining and stickiness, melting We always use materials
or scratching. approved for food contact by
governing bodies around the
world and test our finished
products with qualified
external laboratories.
Staining and Melting Scratching
Tupperware products in
If products touch the dishwasher Products may
Food stains, element, stove top burner or even an scratch under South Africa have BPA
discoloration and extremely hot metal object, heat can normal use. migration results far below
stickiness are NOT melt the product at the place of contact. Scratching is NOT
covered under the Melting is NOT covered under the covered under limits authorised by EU or US
guarantee. guarantee. guarantee. standards.

Though Tupperware Brands

Guarantee products are not intended to

be recycled, for nearly 70 years
Products are guaranteed against chipping, warping, peeling, stress
our extensive, durable product
cracking and splitting.
line continues to encourage
households worldwide to
reduce waste, save energy
and lead healthier lifestyles.
Chipping Peeling Splitting Stress Warping We actively seek to find
Cracking new and creative ways to
preserve the environment. This
Note includes new opportunities for
Tupperware Southern Africa will replace, through their Distributors, any
Tupperware product that under normal domestic use, shows a defect
Tupperware material reuse and
on material or function. reduction.
With the exception of our Cooking & Reheating range and
To learn more about our
products indicated by the microwave reheatable sign, which are
microwave repeatable, our products are NOT recommended for commitment to preserving
microwave oven use. our future, please visit
All defective returns will be assessed by our Quality Control http://preservingyourfuture.
department at our manufacturing plant. This procedure will take a
minimum of 3 months.

Find your nearest Distributorship
Gauteng KwaZulu-Natal
Alberton, Southern Jhb 011 869 7157 Durban (Central) 031 309 1681
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When it comes to a career as a Tupperware consultant, its all about you. What you put
in - your hard work, time and vision - and what you get out - your success, satisfaction and
self-determination. Join us and see exactly where your own dreams will take you. Whether its
having extra cash for a fun family vacation or becoming an entrepreneur in your own right.
Call us to get started today.

Your Tupperware Demonstrator All prices are recommended and subject to change.
Building C, Wedgeeld Ofce Park,
17 Muswell Road South, Bryanston
Tupperware is the registered trademark of
Tupperware Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.
P.O. Box 67063, Bryanston, 2021
Reg. No. 1937/010039/07
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