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Test FAQs
1. How much weightage does AMCAT test have in the selection for the Teach For India Fellowship?
AMCAT is an Eligibility test for the Teach For India Fellowship. It is NOT OPTIONAL. Failure to take the
test will result in an automatic disqualification from the selection process.

2. I have taken the AMCAT test in the past. Do I need to re-take it?
Yes, you will be required to take the test again as we do not have access to previous test scores or the
authority to use those scores for our selection process.

3. What to do if the link is not working/test is not loading?

If the problem persists, do try attempting it in a different web browser or different system. We have
checked that the test works in the following browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet
Explorer. Please do ensure good internet connectivity as well and make sure that no other windows are
open while the test is in progress as this may slow down the speed at which the test questions download.

4. Can I take the test from my cellphone?

No, you cannot take the test from your cellphone.

5. Will you be providing a computer/centre to take the test?

No. The test can be taken from anywhere and at any time within the 4 day window mentioned in the
email. You do not have to come to a particular location to take the test. You can take it from your own
personal system.

6. How will I know if my test was submitted and scores registered in the system?
A confirmation email will be sent within 2 hours after the test is successfully submitted.

7. Can I view my test scores once I have completed the test?
We will not be sharing individual test scores. The test is assessed in conjunction with your application
form and hence only one email will be sent with the status of your application.

8. When will I hear about the status of my application?
Please expect to hear from us about the status of your application and next steps at the date mentioned
on the website.

9. Once submitted, can I go back and change my answers?

No, once submitted you cannot go back and change your answer.

10. Will there be negative marking?
There is no negative marking.

11. What do I do if I have to take an emergency break?

There will be one minute optional break at the end of each module. If you need to take an emergency
break you are free to do so, but the clock will not stop ticking.

12. What happens if I finish my answers before the stipulated time?
a. Can I go back and redo some of my questions?
b. Can I carry forward that time to the next module?
a. You cannot go back and change your answers at any point of time.
b. Any leftover time in a module lapses, you cannot carry it forward to the next module.

13. Can I make use of calculators or other gadgets or online resources to assist me in the test?
You are strictly not allowed to use calculators or other gadgets while taking the test as it will be
considered as cheating.

14. I logged out by mistake. Can I retake the test?

As mentioned in the test instructions, you need to complete the test in one sitting. Therefore, please be
careful not to logout or exit the test while it is in progress as on doing so your login credentials will expire.
If this happens please write in to

15. I forgot to note down my AMCAT ID. Will I need this?

We ask that you note down your AMCAT ID so that you can continue the test with this ID if you happen to
face a power cut or a system shutdown while the test is in progress. However, if you have successfully
completed the test you will not require this ID for any other stage in the process.

16. If there is an interruption while taking the test (due to power failure/internet disconnection) what do
we do?
If there is an interruption while you are taking the test and the test stops (due to power failure/internet
disconnection) wait for five minutes. Then login again using the same login details as before. After
entering the username and password click on Resume Test. Select your AMCAT ID and then re-enter
Username and Password to re-confirm your credentials. You may then complete the test. You will not
lose out on any time, the clock will start ticking at exactly the same point as it stopped due to power
failure. You need to resume the test within 2 hours of it getting interrupted else your login credentials
will expire.

17. What do I do if I am unable to take the AMCAT test within the 4 day window due to unavoidable
Please email us at stating the reason due to which you were unable to take
the test within stipulated time frame. However, we urge you to make sure that you do take the test
within the 4 day window. We will not be able to regenerate the test for you except for in extenuating