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Savannah Baxter

Tarleton State Student Publications Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Caleb Chapman
In this position, I plan all internal/external events and marketing
opportunities for the JTAC Newspaper, The Grassburr and the Student
Publications department as a whole. I spend around 15 hours in office each
week and if there as an event that week, then extra time is put in. I also
manage all the social media accounts for The Grassburr.
Beyond the Discipline
I have learned many different skills from my public relations and event
classes that have helped me at this internship. The Event Coordination
course taught by Dr. Wakefield was the very first event course I took in the
Spring of 2014. Dr. Wakefield taught me the basics of planning any event.
Without her teachings, I would have had no starting point.
A more recent event course I took was Event Management with Dr.
Winslow. This course gave me knowledge essential to my internship, because
Dr. Winslow required our class to work with a real life client. We had the
opportunity to work with a client and plan their event from start to finish.
Through this opportunity, I was able to gain hands-on experience and the
skills/knowledge to plan full scale events for the Student Publications
I have also learned a variety of helpful skills from my lower level core
classes. With my technical writing minor, I have learned how to properly
write and format a document. With these skills, I have successfully created
inter-office memorandums, donation letters and much more at this
internship. These technical writing skills are skills that I am going to be able
to use in any of my future endeavors.
Beyond Academics
Being in my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, has helped me in this internship
position. Firstly, I held two different positions (social coordinator and special
events coordinator) that gave me insight into planning and executing
medium to large sized events. Secondly, the connections I have made by
being in Greek Life made my internship easier. A lot of the events I have
planned have had sponsorships from various Greek organizations on campus.
If I hadnt previously known other people in Greek Life, it would have been
harder to get these sponsorships.
All three of these areas (PREM courses, core courses and my sorority
involvement) have given me different skills that interconnect to give me the
ability and knowledge to effectively and efficiently plan, develop and execute
events. Each of these areas has focused on different concepts, but they all
come together to help me be a better intern. With being a better intern,
these areas are resume builders and again will help me in all of future event
planning endeavors.
Global Awareness
This internship has opened my eyes to a whole different side of the
events industry. In the past, I have focused on weddings and wedding-related
events. At this internship, all of the events and marketing opportunities I do
are university student focused.
Broader Implications
By having this brief internship, I have realized that I do not want to
continue my experiences in the wedding industry, but instead do something
different. Now I know that I want to pursue a career in corporate events. I
have furthered my research into corporate events and have been applying to
corporate event positions in Austin, Texas.