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Kelas : 4 ( Empat)

I Chose the correct a, b, c, or d the to answer the questions!

1. She.long hair. a. drinking
a. have b. eating
b. has c. thirsty
c. like d. wearing
d. likes 12.May I.your green jacket?
2. ., may I clean my hands. a. borrow
a. look at b. drinking
b. good c. eating
c. excuse me d. thirsty
d. yes. It is 13.I want sleeping in the..
3. It..two long arms. a. dining room
a. two b. bedroom
b. three c. bathroom
c. four d. living room
d. five 14. Mr. Thomas ..two cars but he has sold one.
4. How many eyes do you have? a. has
a. one b. have
b. five c. had
c. ten d. having
d. two 15. If you want to cooking. You can go to.
5 My name Putra a. bathroom
a. am b. kitchen
b. is c. dining room
c. are d. living room
d. isnt
6. Susan..baking chocolate cookies
II.Please Translate Into Indonesian
a. is
b. are
1. Azizah has a round face :.
c. was
2. I have a pointed nose :.
d. were
3. May I help yo? :...
4. Can you help me to sweep the floor :
7. Adrian is holding .can opened in his hand.
a. an
b. a
5. What do you have in your bag?
c. her
d. his
8. I see the zoo
III.Please Translate Into English
a. Clock
b. snake
1. Bolehkah saya meminjam bukumu?
c. chair

d. hen
2. Dapatkah anda membersihkan papan tulis?
9. The.are studying in the class now.

a. study
3.Ini adalah kamar saya.
b. student

c. students
d. pupil
4.Dita memakai sepatu hitam
10. There are many.In the garden
a. flowers

b. wood
c. papers
5.Kami memakai seragam merah putih
d. vegetable
11. Dony isa purple T-shirt.

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