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Anna Walle

Sounds of the Enchanted Castle

Performance Instructions: Count off by ten to see which number you will start with. Locate your

number on the list below and do the action listed until your teacher signals you to go to the next

action. Complete all 10 actions and you are done.

1. Make your arms into the handle and spout of a teacup like

Mrs. Potts. Now pour out some tea!

2. Play with Chip the teacup and make popping noises to pop

the bubbles that he blows!

3. Run around the castle with the footstool and bark like a

4. Sing Tale as Old as Time and pretend to slow dance with

your prince or princess!

5. Lumiere is teaching you how to be a candlestick, stand

straight up with your arms up holding up the lights!

6. Make clock ticking noises like Cogsworth does!
7. Roar like the Beast!
8. Gallop like youre Phillipe the horse and make galloping

9. Make muscles like Gaston and say Im the strongest man

in the village!
10. Kick your legs out and sing Be Our Guest!