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Entrepreneurship Project

Maaz Ghulam Ullah
Sufyan Ur Rehman
Muhammad Anas
Nouman Arshad

Green on wall Purpose and goals

Our main purpose is to set green plants on buildings and villas in this country
to achieve our objective of having a total green environment. The
introduction of greenery on villas and buildings here could make this
environment a less warm place to live on because the introduction of
greenery in the urban environment it creates a natural cooling process such
as photosynthesis. This is a very profitable business many organizations in
other countries have been benefiting this business and helping the
environment is one of the main catch in this and what attracts the most.
Spreading urban greenery in this part of the world is one of our main

The temperature is increasing a lot here in urban areas because of growing

population due to which theyve been constructing buildings after building
and causes more humid and this results in conversion of sunlight into heat.
So our planting of vegetation on the buildings would help us in this way that
the vegetation will cool down the surrounding area because of more and
more vegetation plantings in all of them and it will shade down the areas and
reflects less heat. The greenery can also help the people to have decent
health and mental well being and the buildings and villas would more
aesthetically beautiful and more attractive to the people.

Business description:

We are starting a business of vertical garden the name of the company will
be Green on wall it will provide a different variety of plants for indoor and
outdoor wall which will make it possible to have greenery in small place. Our
company will be located outside city and there will be offices in Sharjah and
Dubai as a startup.

The company will be owned by Maaz, Sufyan, Muhammad and Nouman.

Everyone like gardens but due small lawn no one can make a garden on floor
so vertical garden is the way to make garden in small places and have green
and healthy environment. The trend is getting popular, according to research
people are showing interest so it is the right time to start such business. At
present we have very less competitors and the trend vertical garden is
growing day by day due to green movement, health conscious generation,
unique decoration of wall and easily maintenance.

We will provide a wide range of services such as plant wall (indoor and
outdoor), plant maintenance, plant containers and also interior and exterior
landscaping. Our target market demographic structure will 30 to 60 aged
people with salary of 25k and onwards and those whose are interested in
health and fitness and have social interaction/life. Price of our services will
be according to size and plant packages. Our promotion will be done on
internet, garden show. The mission of our company will be to make profit and
make the company multinational and to have significant role in healthy
environment. Our short -term goal is to secure financing in the first year to
support the business. A long-term goal is to achieve revenues exceeding $
million within 10 years.

Market analysis:
The concept of green wall is rapidly increasing and is catching the eyes of
many people in UAE. The industry experts believes that its ability to improve
energy efficiency had a great impact on the thinking of many people, also
adding that it also acts as a powerful noise and pollution filter.
The global importance of green walls is evidenced by the fact that it has
been seen in all the majority cities around the globe. And the trend has been
shifted towards UAE in making it a sustainable and pleasant place for the
people to live in. according to the experts, there has been a great shift
towards sustainability, and especially in terms of building urban spaces. If we
look into the government plans of UAE for expo 2020, sustainable economic
development is the main focus of the government and they are doing
everything for it. As a result, finding ways to ensure green walls or urban
landscaping development is been carried out using latest technologies and is
becoming an area of major focus for the developers, architects, planners In
the region. One of the most interesting technologies that have been
developed with sustainable economic development in the mind is the
concept of green walls, "the experts said". Building and construction is the
booming industry in UAE and there has been many constructions happening
in the region, and the leading players in the industry are discussing ways to
boost the green wall concept in the region. According to the experts the
concept of green wall s seems to be catching on in Dubai. The construction
boom and development in Dubai had some great consequences on the urban
environment. In order to minimize the negative impacts of the construction
on the natural environment and to improve the ecological performance of the
buildings are one of the main concerns of the sustainability practices in the
region. Various concepts and technologies have been adopted to develop
energy efficient buildings and cooling load avoidance.
Dubai with its hot climate and which is characterized by scarce rainfall and
high level of temperature, humidity and sunshine. In summer times the
weather is very hot and humid with a temperature ranging from 35 to 50
degree celsius during the daytime while in winters the temperature ranges
from 25 to 35 degree celsius. Therefore, the weather is a major concern for
the region and the government wants to do something about it. They are
coordinating to plan new buildings that are efficient and environmentally
friendly. Inactive cooling design strategies, which are recognized
fundamentally in the old Dubai, are vitality effective and can be considered
as a decent contrasting option to mechanical cooling frameworks. Green
roofs and faades are passive techniques and Include more advantages not
just to reduce the reduce the energy demand of buildings, additionally for
giving environmental benefits, including visual relief, accessible green
spaces, and enhancing air quality. Lately, greening system have been
rehearsed in numerous hot urban areas, including greening directly on to
roofs and walls, greening the cavity amongst walls, and fusing greening
systems inside the development of the walls. Green rooftops are much of the
time utilized as a part of urban areas like Dubai however honing green walls
innovation is still new in spite of its incredible advantages.

Competitive analysis:

Vertical Gardens LLC:

Its a company providing green solutions to the market. It is mostly reliant on

artificial greenery as they feel that it is more easily maintainable. They are
mostly reliant on improving the visual aspect of the buildings whilst ignoring
the benefits of actual live plantation on the walls which will make the
buildings cooler and also have ecological benefits on the environment in

Gover Horticulture LLC:

Its a firm that has many varieties of vertical gardening and making
green/living walls for buildings and the environment that is already built.
They are grown beforehand in a unique manner and is designed in such a
way to have minimum water usage and maintenance but one of the
drawbacks of using such products of this particular company is that they are
rather expensive as compared to the price tag that our firm Green on Wall is

Marketing Strategy

Direct Marketing

The first and foremost method that will be applied would be that of direct
marketing. This would entail reaching out to the customers and approaching
them directly. This would be ideally done through approaching big real estate
and property developers who would be interested in such a unique look and
feel to their buildings. The business development executive will meet their
representative personally and give them a proper presentation about our
products and services and how Green On Wall can give their buildings a bit of
a novelty whilst making their buildings more eco-friendly. It will be explained
to them how this will also be likely to attract the customers as a lot of
customers these days are conscious of the environment and are looking for
eco-friendly options wherever they can find them. This type of marketing will
be done only to the property developers as this will only be beneficial if we
can attract a client big enough to make our time and effort worth it.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing will be a heavy feature in the venture. We at Green

on Wall consider our project to be a modern, futuristic concept which must
be, in our opinion carried through modern means such as social media
marketing. It also has the advantage of being relatively less costly whilst
being an effective tool in promulgating the message of the company. It is
also something that can reach the common users thus popularizing the
concept among the actual people that are going to live in such apartments
making the developers naturally adjust to peoples demands. It is also
something that is being increasingly used by different companies so our firm
can also utilize this latest trend to attract some quality, low cost marketing.

Location Segment

The target market will be mainly the high projects going on in Abu Dhabi,
Dubai and the Northern Emirates. We will mainly target the section of
buildings where people with incomes in access of 20,000 aed and more
reside as such costs are likely to be undertaken by developers having the
customer base with such an income. This segment has the monetary
capability of affording such high end novelties. The biggest and most
important target market will be Dubai where the willingness of developers to
outdo each other can be utilized to our own benefit.

Management and personnel:

Our main idea behind management in business development is that we will

do a direct marketing. We will go directly to the customers and try to
approach them and tell them about our services and the products that we
will be providing to them. Our member maaz will be handling the marketing
department and he will be going and meeting the customers directly and
trying to convince them to sign a deal with them. He will try to explain them
in detail that what actually our services are and what type of environmental
friendly and effecient products we are providing. We will also be doing social
media marketing since social media now a days plays a major role in the
marketing field. Our member Anas will be handling the social media
marketing and will be looking to advertise online about services. Our
members sufyan and Nouman know more about this field and they have
experience working in this field so they will be trying to handle the labor and
supervising them and assigning them the work. They will be there with the
labor all the time and will be telling them how to work.

Financial Data and Projections

The initial investment will be of 200,000 aed in which Sufyan, Anas, Nouman
and Maaz will be equal partners. The initial balance sheet for the first year is
as follows.
Initial Capital 200,000 aed
Licensing Fees. 20,000 aed
Office fees. 40,000 aed
Plants and equipment. 80,000 aed
Office equipment. 15000 aed
Staff Salaries. 30,000 aed
Transportation Costs. 20,000 aed

We hope that our venture will attain break even in one year. The forecasted
income statement for the first year is as follows

Net Sales. 200,000 aed

Materials and production. 80,000. Aed
Marketing and Admin expenses. 80,000 Aed
Other Expenses. 40,000 Aed

The initial cost of the business will be high but once we enter the second
year we should be able to reduce these costs and slowly but surely should
increase thus the business would start making profits by the second year.

Critical Risks Segment

Product risk:
Since in the starting every business face risk of losing. We are establishing as
a venture and we might also face different type of risk. One of the risk we
might face is the product risk. Since we are dealing in living products
therefore if we dont take care of our products properly we might lose money
in it. Secondly, we will be importing products from other countries so it is
possible that the products can get damages on the way which will be a loss
for us. Thirdly, if our customers dont buy our products on time so we need to
store them in a pleasant place where they couldnt be damaged therefore for
that we need planting nursery and a good labor who can take care of it.

People risk:
Since we are dealing in an industry which is not easy to run and requires a
trained staff and labor to operate it. Therefore, if we need to hire people that
have a good and known experience in this field. We cannot afford to lose our
trained staff because if in doing so we will not be able to complete our tasks
on time and offer a good service to the customers which will be bad for the
company. Making green walls need a lot of architect and skills, so if we lose
any of our experience staff we can lose money in the market.

Market risk:

Market is an important factor for any business operating in. If the developers
dont like our product we might face a problem of where to install these
products. Therefore we need to have a good idea of the customer
perspective as well. Market crises is another factor which can cause a
problem for us, if the market is not pleasant no customers will buy products
from us and therefore we will go into the loss .

Milestones And Schedules Segment

The milestone is to reach break-even within one year of the operation. The
goal is to have worked on atleast 10 buildings within the first four months
and 40 buildings within one year,