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Amilcar Montanez

Professor Collins

ENGL 1301

13 April 2017

American Civil Liberty Union

The 2000 American Civil Liberties Union depicts two total in different human beings

Martin Luther King and Charles Manson. Martin Luther King was a United States civil rights

activist from 1950s to his death in 1968, while Charles Manson is one of the most feared serial

killers. Based on Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.

He started impacting the United States, and by the 1950s, he was a minister and a civil rights

activist. He received a Nobel Prize in 1964 and in 1964 he was assassinated. Charles Manson

was born in Ohio in 1934. He is considered one of the craziest killers in United States history. He

has killed around 35 people and has been freed from jail for the 12th time in 2012. This

advertisement expresses racism saying "The man on the left is 75 times more likely to be stopped

by the police while driving than the man on the right". This shows that many people now

currently are being stop because of their skin color and race. The audience targeted in this image

is minorities. The purpose for this is making people donate money for the association. The use of

ethos, pathos, logos, and symbolism in the 2000 American Civil Liberties visual shows how

society minorities are being discriminated against and urges them to fight back.

Ethos is used by the American civil liberty union, so people will believe what they are

saying. If they do not make people believe then they will not get the money and supporters they

need. When they say Support the ACLU which is the American Civil Liberty Union, they refer
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to the donors so they can get money. By entering the website of the ACLU can help people

understand how important the racism and the rights of the people are. What really makes this

association so important is the power of having the best lawyers. The website also provides

people of different countries and skin color. The ACLU provides an option where donations can

be made for them. It is important to make people believe the rights of the people are one of the

most important things to have, because without this there will be no respect for any citizen.

Credibility is important in persuading people to support the American Civil Liberty Union.

Pathos is used in the visual to evoke angry emotions of human rights by putting a serial

killer and a man who represented peace and civil rights of people next to each other. The visual

makes the audience mad by placing Charles Manson next to Martin Luther King. Any respectful

person should not compare King with Charles Manson. The poster says that "in Florida 80% of

those stopped by and searched were blacks and Hispanics, while they constituted only 5% of all

drivers. People will also fear going out, because police will just stop you because of your

appearance. The emotions in the poster can help the individuals connect by showing the issue of

racism in present time. Pathos is beneficial in communicating that minorities suffer in the society

because of how they are visualized and treated.

Logos is used in the image to establish facts that help prove that the information is

reliable. The article states that searching minorities without probable cause is illegal and must be

stopped. Many people are aware that the minority population has increased in the United States.

Even though citizens see people of every race and color, we as citizens must treat one another the

correct way because all people have their rights to respect. African-Americans comprise only

13% of the U.S. population and 14% of the monthly drug users, but are 37% of the people

arrested for drug-related offenses in America(11 Facts). This can tell us how bad the
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discrimination in the United States is. Facts and evidence are important in proving that not only

people of different color are bad, but anyone can be terrible for harming a country.

Symbolism is used in this text to help people understand what type of people they are

specifically talking about. The visual has two pictures one with Martin Luther King making him

represent the good and opposite is Charles Manson who represents the bad things of a human

being. The images can be interpreted as two wanted people. We can also visualize by the image

different races and that it does not matter who one is talking to or seeing one is should not judge

by their physical appearance. Loyola professional Bill Quigley reports that African Americans

are arrested for drugs higher than white people in the United States (Quigley). One famous quote

by Martin Luther King was, I have a dream that one day my four little children will one day live

in the nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by their content of their

color. This can tell how sincere he was when it came the time to fight for the rights of the

minorities. Symbolism is valuable in proving that it is impossible that because of just a skin color

they will stop a random black guy while sometimes police know that a person from another

country is a true criminal.

Based on what is being said in the argument and the pictures that placed in it, one can

analyze that the difference between these two human beings are totally different in terms of

following the law rules and fighting for human rights. People should contribute to this

association, because in the long run, it will help racism and the rights of the people. There is

racism everywhere; that is why supporting the American Civil Liberty Union should be

supported so we can lower it and make a world unified.

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