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Official e-Newsletter of the Rotary Club of Holy Spirit

The Dove
April 11, 2017 Rotary Club of Holy Spirit Club No. 69935 RI District 3780 Philippines Vol. IX No. 28

6th annual 100-day milk feeding & nutrition program to

save children from malnutrition, results in dramatic im-
provement in status of 50 wasted pupils
lected by the school faculty based on cess of the feeding program has been
Results of Milk Feeding & their respective body-mass indices the passionate care provided by
Nutrition Program of RC based on height & weight measure- Teacher Lorna B Corre, Feeding Coor-
Holy Spirit ments. dinator, with assistance from Teachers
Florence and Jaide, parent volunteers,
The children gained weight, with The program involved daily feeding of and some Grade V student volunteers.
an average increase of 3.8 kilo- fresh carabaos milk and bread, plus a RCHS Feeding Program team con-
grams daily dose of multi-vitamins. The pur- sisted of IPP Angel Castro assisted by
pose of the program has been to im- ASP Peth Rivera, PP Beth Sy and other
Nutritional Status of the children
prove the nutritional status and safe- members.
have improved in varying degrees:
guard the health of the children.
At the start
27 Severely Wasted After almost 100 school
23 Wasted days, the nutritional status
of the children has re-
At the end-line markably improved.
40 improved to Normal
Implementation of the 6th
8 still Wasted annual program was made
Sept 19, 2016 program launch
2 Severely Wasted possible through the gener-
ous support of Mr Parks
The 6th annual milk feeding and nutrition Bread and Cakes, the Que-
program of RC Holy Spirit D3780 for 50 zon City Realtors Board,
malnourished Grade I pupils of Dona RCHS Honorary Member
Juana Elementary School, a public PDG Robert Kuan, PP Mor-
school in Barangay Holy Spirit, began in ris Agoncillo of RC Loyola
September 2016 and ended in March. Heights, and members of
RC Holy Spirit.
The participating pupils have been se-
the suc-

Rotaractors of Holy Spirit celebrate WORLD ROTARACT WEEK by helping

wind down activities of the Milk-Feeding Program on March 16, and by remind-
ing the pupils about why and how of Rotarys WASH to safeguard their health.
Christmas treat December 16, 2016
A Promise Fulfilled !
Keynote message delivered by District Governor Dwight Ramos during the District Conference
of RI District 3780 held March 31-April 1, 2017 at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City

More than a year ago we set out on End Polio Now. We truly celebrated TRFs Centennial, and
a journey as the incoming district all our clubs did their share to make it a memorable and
leaders of District 3780, Quezon meaningful year for all Rotarians in the District.
City. We were dubbed as the All
Stars, and we were ready, able and
We are, of course, on target to top our Annual Giv-
willing to take on the challenge that
ing and achieve another highest amount of contribution by
Rotary Year 2016-2017 had in
the District. To date, we already have US $ 305,000 of con-
store for us. In the words of RI
tribution. And also, we have registered the highest contribu-
President John Germ: The opportu-
tion so far to Polio Plus, made possible by our Oktoberfest
nity, and yes our responsibility to
2016, and by donating an additional US $ 20,264 from our
carry forth the tradition of Rotary
DDF. Likewise, to really show our districts commitment to
Serving Humanity!

We could not have chosen a better theme song for

us then than, Ill be there, in which we said together, Well
be there. And to us, this was of course a promise not only
to ourselves, to our clubs, to our beneficiaries, but also to
our God whom we truly glorify with every service that we do
for our fellow human beings.

help End Polio Now, we had this morning our March (since
its still the month of March) to End Polio, which was a Fun
Run to raise additional funds and awareness to our cam-
paign. We were also joined in by my fellow incumbent gov-
ernors from other districts and their spouses.

Talking about our DDF and March, we are now ob-

serving Water and Sanitation Month, and so I am proud to
say that this year, we did our share in having Rotarian-led
projects that provide millions of people with access to clean
water and adequate sanitation facilities. This is one of the
As a team, we had another battle cry, that together six critically important issues that our Foundation is address-
in our journey and just like every All Star who delights as ing today.
much in and assist as in a goal, we will be there for each
other, and that in District 3780, No Club Shall be Left Be-
When our study was
made, we found that in our
city there were 300 Day
Fast forward to today, I am truly glad to stand before Care Centers. Unfortu-
you during our 30th District Conference as a One-City, One- nately, about 85 of them did
District, which is of course the fitting culmination of our year not even have a simple facil-
together. An event of inspiration, fellowship and fun to usher ity where the kids can wash
in the next Rotary leaders and prepare for yet another year their hands after playing,
of service above self, in which we, as Rotarians, will do even eating or going to the rest-
much more again with the promise that in Rotary, the best room. Immediately, we saw
is yet to be! the danger of such unsani-
tary condition, and so we
mobilized our DDF and,
That is what we said when we began our year, and
thanks to the Rotary Clubs in
truly we have set out to make District 3780s Rotary Year
D-3780, all day care centers,
2016-17 the best ever yet. As you know, it is our Pearl Year,
100% of them, now have
the 30th Year of our One-City One District and the 100th Year
lavatories! RC Broadway in Manunggal Day
of The Rotary Foundation giving great focus to our goal of
Care Center
Source: D3780 GML April 2017
A Promise Fulfilled . . .
Our Foundation was conceived in 1917 to do good in the gave us miles upon miles of great public Image for TRF in the
world and that is exactly what it has been doing for 100 City, which our clubs truly took advantage of by going to the
Years. To celebrate this milestone, we now encourage all our malls.
Rotarians to make a special centennial contribution to ensure
that we continue our urgent and transformational work in the As I move on, I want you to watch the video that we
city and throughout the world. And that is why we have, for prepared in hope to capture the year that was. Because if I
this year only, the TRF Centennial Wall at the Rotary Center, were to mention all that our ASPs and Clubs have done, it
i n may take us days and we will not even finish.

You may have noticed that in all previous occasions,

our song has always been Ill be there by Michael Jackson.
Today I have changed it to, Im glad that youre here by
Alphonse Mouzon. A tribute to all Rotarians and Clubs in Dis-
trict 3780, at a time that I can now truly say a Promise has
been Fulfilled. When we started, we said Well be there.
which all the names of the Paul Harris fellows for RY 2016-17 Throughout the year we fulfilled that promise by focusing and
will be inscribed and permanently displayed on record. increasing Rotarys Humanitarian Service. With the help of the
District Team and Committee Chairs and members, we have
seen great strides by our clubs in all areas, thereby making a
In membership, we have made great strides this Ro- big difference in our communities.
tary Year with 240 new members joining our 105 Clubs. Two
new clubs have been chartered and total membership in the
So when we said, We will be there, we truly deliv-
district now registering a growth of 10 %. We will continue to
ered. And so to me, it is now our beneficiaries singing back to
recruit some more, and we hope that as promised by our All
all of us their own song saying, We are Glad that you are
Star Presidents, retention will likewise be the best as it has
ever been this Rotary Year. Lets work for a 100% retention,
Truly, it has been a year of great promise and of ex-
cellent delivery. To our All Star Presidents, all the Clubs in the
In Public Image, we had several coups this year that District, our Youth, Family of Rotary, Partners in Service, and
we are truly proud of! Our GML is in full swing and distributed of course to all Rotarians and District Leaders, Rotary Year
globally through print, digital email, and online platforms. We 2016-17 has been a year of Rotary Serving Humanity!
had the best ever coverage not only in print, TV and broad-
cast, but in social media as well. The billboards by our clubs
are everywhere and our continuing partnership with UNTV is Service to Humanity has been the cornerstone of Ro-
providing us unprecedented mileage. tary since its earliest days, and has been its main purpose
ever since. Paul Harris said, Individual effort may be turned
to Individual needs, but combined effort should be dedicated to
Let me at this the service of mankind. The power of combined effort knows
point express our no limitation.
gratitude to the Que-
zon City government And so, it is in no other year that we saw this power of
for passing an ordi- combined effort- by all the Rotarians in their Clubs, and all the
nance that levied an Clubs in the District. In the area of service, there was no club
additional One Peso left behind. In Rotary Year 2016-17, in our responsibility to
to all moviegoers in achieve good deeds, it was truly our privilege to carry forth the
the city during the tradition of Rotary Serving Humanity!
month of November 2016 in celebration of TRFs centennial.
In addition to generating for us an additional US $ 12,000, it Thank you and Mabuhay!

This page of The Dove e-bulletin serves as home page
of the virtual website of
Rotary International District 3780

Officers & Members About the Service Gallery What is Club

Chairmen Club Projects Rotary? Bulletin

RC Holy Spirit officers at the 2017 District Conference March 31-April 1, 2017

RC Holy Spirit members

pose in a round table
with friend District Youth
Service chair PP Thelma
Uanang seated at PP
Marites left side.
PP Marcia not in the pic-
ture as she was then
participating in the delib-
erations of the District
Nomination Committee.

PP Beth Sy was in an important discussion when this

shot was taken.

RC Holy Spirit is on . .
D3780 1905 History of Rotary
Amid recent series of strong earthquakes (April 4, 2017 magnitude 5.4 in
Tingloy, Batangas; April 8 magnitude 6.0 in Mabini, Batangas; April 12 magni-
tude 6.0 in Wao, Lanao del Sur), Phivolcs again reminds residents of Metro
Manila to prepare for The Big One, magnitude 7.2 to be generated by West
Valley Fault


Click on the image to view and download

the seminar presentation slides.
REMINDER from Holy Spirit. - Without the
This Way transcript of notes taken of the comments,
NOT This Way clarifications and answers to questions raised
during the forum, this document is an incom-
plete presentation of the facts.

West Valley Fault System is one of several faults and trenches around MM

Parts of Barangay Holy Spirit lie one or 2 kms from the West Valley Fault System; other sub-
divisions in QC are situated near or atop the West Valley Fault System


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
Philippine Institute of Volcanology & Seismology (PHIVOLCS)
Click on LINKS.
Holy Spirit family. From September 2014, Rotarians,
Interactors and Rotaractors have informed them-
selves and their communities about disaster prepar-
edness & risk reduction. Rotary may need to resume
this initiative in the face of warnings & reminders
from Phivolcs experts.

By Rotary Club of Holy Spirit: By Interact Club of Holy Spirit National

Organized and sponsored disaster preparedness High
forums presented by Red Cross QC Chapter for: Briefings, demonstrations and drills for -
Members of RC Holy Spirit 80 SPED pupils of Dona Juana Elementary
Officers and representatives of homeowners 3 class sections in Dona Juana Elem, July 1
associations New members of the Interact Club, Aug 8
Officers & members of -
Don Antonio Heights Homeowners As- By Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit
sociation Forum with full briefings, on-screen Powerpoint
Don Enrique Heights Homeowners As- presentation of prepared slides, showing of A-V
sociation clips, demonstrations & drills -
BF Homes Homeowners Association For 40 adult residents of the Barangay Holy
Spirit August 23, 2015
Conducted training for Rotaract Club of Holy Spirit With Rotaract Club of Midtown QC co-
and Interact Club of Holy Spirit National High facilitating, 270 Grade 8 students of New Era
School in disaster preparedness and risk reduc- High School in three batches, Sept 24
tion. Provided information and hands-on training op-
portunity for president and some officers of RaC
Midtown QC on how to do the presentations them-
selves for other sections in New Era High School

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Suggested Earthquake Survival Kit
FB post by RIDN PDG Raffy Garcia April 12, 2017
(Edited for space)

I. WATER - Normally, one can survive without food in-

take for 5 days as long as there is water intake. Pre-
pare clean water in clean airtight containers for wash-
ing, drinking and cooking:
- 1 gallon (3.78 litres) per person per day [1 ltr for drink-
ing and 3 ltrs for washing]
- Water purification supplies (One purification tablet can
purify a liter of water)

II. FOOD - Store only non-perishable food.

- You can put protein/granola bars, dried fruit, crackers,
cereals, canned goods like tuna, beans, sausages, etc.
(It is recommended to store easy-to-open cans.)
- Food should be sufficient for three days consumption
of every family member.
- Disposable plates and utensils.

III. EMERGENCY TOOLS / GEAR - Plastic laminated

ID card for family member(s) with special concerns and
for children who cannot speak
- Emergency numbers to call (Red Cross Opcen, Red
Cross Chapter, fire station, hospital, etc.)
- Red Cross 143 Emergency / Disaster Guide explain- V. IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AND MONEY
ing what to do in various types of disasters - Keep these in a plastic envelope.
- Maps with indication of evacuation sites and routes - Money should be in the form of cash and loose
- Whistle (This is highly suggested, use a whistle that is change
loud and has a compass on it.) - Prepaid cards
- Flashlight with extra batteries (self-powered flashlight - List of important information (security insurance num-
is suggested) ber, driver's license, passport number, bank account
- Multi-purpose knife details, insurance policy, etc.)
- Matches or lighter and candles (Do not use until you - Important legal documents: Birth certificates, marriage
are certain there are no gas leaks.) contract, insurance certificates, land titles, etc.
- AM radio transistor with extra batteries or self- - Other important documents: academic credentials,
powered vaccination records, medical records, etc.
- Fully charged power-banks for phones
- Glow sticks VI. SPECIAL NEEDS (of elderly, children, infant or sick
- Plastic sheeting or garbage bag (For floor mats, cover member of the family)
items so as not to get wet, or use as a rain coat.) - Emergency medication (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen,
- Heating blankets (thin, easy to carry and warm) anti- diarrheal, for cough and colds, children's medica-
- Ropes tion, etc.)
- Sleeping bag - Prescription Medication
- Children's food and infant formula
- Extra Clothing - Undergarments VII. FIRST AID KIT (Standard)
- Antibacterial soap
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste
- Hand towels
- Comb/ hair brush
- Hand sanitizer or alcohol
- Sanitary napkin 7
Practical Lindol Tips

Malaki ang chance na magkaron ng sunog after

LINDOL TIPS ng lindol at malaking baha kung magkatsunami/
magcollapse ang mga dam na malapit sa west valley
FB Post by Floro R. Francisco as supplement to Survival fault. Magprepare ka rin ng mahabang tali na matibay/
Kit suggested by RIDN PDG Raffy Garcia. empty gallon para magamit for rescue if ever na matrap
ka sa bahay niyo.
Wag muna kayo magbeach/magouting around

Batangas area kasi hindi natin alam kung ano pang

mas malalang mangyayari, may possibility na magka- Magtago ng emergency money kahit 1-5k lang
Tsunami once na lumindol talaga ng malakas. dahil sigurado down system ang mga atm machines/
bank/remittance centers.
Wag muna tayo mamasyal sa mga tourist attrac- Bili ka ng whistle at gawin mong keychain ng wal-
tion na nasa West Valley fault na may mga lumang let or ilagay mo sa emergency pouch mo. Gamitin mo
buildings/infrastructures/malls, etc. sobrang laki ng pag natrap ka at gusto mo magbigay ng signal kung
chance na guguho sila agad. nasaan ka.

As much as possible wag muna gumala around Dapat practice-in mo na kung saan ka magtatago/
Bulacan kasi once na dumating yung big one, magco- tatakbo if ever magkalindol. Okay lang magmukhang
collapse ang Angat dam and there's no way out, mawi- tangga basta prepared.
wipe out ang buong Bulacan at some areas sa Manila
at Pampanga.
Kapag nagkataong nasa supermarket ka pag nag-
kalindol wag ka magtago sa part na puro canned
Dapat may game plan na kayo ng loved ones niyo goods/tools/babasagin o kaya mga alak, lumabas ka
kung saan saan kayo magkikita if ever magkalindol. nalang agad o kung naharangan ka, punta ka section
Sigurado mawawalang ng communication at transpor- na puro diapers/napkin at least hindi ka masyadong
tation sa araw na yun kaya lakad lang ang option. Mag- masasaktan lalo na ang ulo mo kung madaganan ka.
plano kayo na kapag hindi niyo na macontact ang isat
isa within 2 hours simula ng lindol, then magkita na
Kung nagtatakbuhan ang mga tao, wag kang
kayo sa napagusapang place.

manunulak para lang maunang lumabas, magca-cause

ka ng stampede at mas laong maraming mapapa-
Make sure na palagi full battery ang phone at may hamak. Pwede kang magpanic pero at the same time
power bank na full batt rin kasi napakalaking tulong ni- nagiisip ka parin ng tama at iniisip mo rin ang ka-
yan to ask for help pag natrap ka/pwedeng flashlight at pakanan ng kasama mo.
ma-update mo ang loved ones mo kung buhay ka pa o
kung ano mang condition mo.
Kung tatakbo ka palabas ng kalsada, tignan mo
muna sa taas at tignan mo kung ano yung mga possi-
Dapat may isang bottle ng water/candies o sugar ble na bumagsak sayo like poste/matataas na build-
na nakaplastic para hindi ka manghina kahit hindi ka ings, kung risky, maghanap ka nalang ng masisilungan
marescue agad/2 Sky flakes/2-4 cotton balls/alcohol/ na matibay at makakahinga ka pa.
importanteng documents ka na nakalagay sa maliit na Stay safe everyone and be vigilant. Magpray po tayo
pouch at ilagay mo malapit sayo para just in case mag- palagi.
kalindol kahit ma-rattle ka palabas, dadamputin mo


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District 3780 GOVERNORS MONTHLY LETTER The Rotarian March 2017

April 2017

March 2017 THE DOVE of RC Holy Spirit D3780
Issue 27 of Year 9 March 28, 2017

RI Presidents April 2017 Message Foundation Chairmans April 2017 Message

Globally, in developed as well as in develop- In communities worldwide, Rotarians are
ing countries, child mortality is on the decline finding creative ways to celebrate The Ro-
and life expectancy on the rise. In 1960, 182 tary Foundation centennial and showcase
of every 1,000 children born died before our Foundation's century-long commitment
turning five; today, that number is down to to doing good in the world.
43. A child born in 1960 could expect to live
an average of just 52 years; by contrast, a Rotarians have arranged for a commemo-
child born this year can expect to live to 71. rative postage stamp to be issued in Paki-
stan, sponsored a cruise on the Danube
Then as now, the factors most likely to deter- River with some proceeds going to our
mine a child's fate are set at birth: where he or she is born, the Foundation, and sold bottles of wine with "100 Years Doing
educational and economic condition of the family, the availabil- Good in the World" printed on the label in Vancouver, B.C.
ity of medical care. Yet one of the most important advances in
public health has reached every country and must now reach And, of course, there have been scores of centennial dinners.
every child: immunization. In Arch Klumph's hometown of Cleveland, Rotarians gathered
to celebrate the centennial and honor the father of The Rotary
The use of vaccines has, in many parts of the world, nearly Foundation with a banquet and concert by the Cleveland Or-
eliminated diseases that once were widespread, such as diph- chestra. In addition to raising more than $2.1 million for our
theria, tetanus, and rubella. Thanks to vaccines, 20 million lives Foundation, the event paid tribute to Klumph's virtuosity as a
have been saved from measles since 2000. Smallpox has been flutist.
eradicated and polio is next.
Some Rotarians are honoring the Foundation by sponsoring
Thirty years ago, there were an estimated 350,000 cases of global grant projects. They are fighting dengue fever in Indone-
polio per year worldwide. As this issue of The Rotarian went to sia, providing sanitation facilities in Colombia, and promoting
press, only 37 cases of polio had been recorded in 2016 the early detection of breast cancer in Turkey.
lowest number in history. All of the other cases, and the paraly-
sis and death they would have brought, were prevented through Rotaractors and Interactors have answered the call to perform
the widespread use of a safe, reliable, and inexpensive vaccine. 100 acts of good this year in honor of the centennial. They are
donating blood, visiting the elderly, and volunteering at food
Overall, the World Health Organization estimates that immuni- pantries, to name just a few of the activities this challenge has
zation prevents an estimated 2 million to 3 million deaths every inspired.
year. It also averts a tremendous burden of disability and eco-
nomic loss. Yet we could be doing so much better: An additional By celebrating this milestone, we are sharing our success sto-
1.5 million deaths could be avoided by improving vaccine cover- ries with the world. In 2016, cable news channel CNBC named
age worldwide. The Rotary Foundation one of the "Top 10 Charities Changing
the World," citing our PolioPlus program as well as our financial
This month, from 24 to 30 April, we join WHO, UNICEF, and the health, accountability, and transparency of reporting. In addi-
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in celebrating tion, the Association of Fundraising Professionals named The
World Immunization Week, raising awareness of the incredible Rotary Foundation the World's Outstanding Foundation for
impact that vaccines have had on global health. This year's 2016.
theme is "Vaccines Work" and they do. Increased use of vac-
cines has broader repercussions for public health: controlling Our centennial year is not over yet. You still have time to plan a
viral hepatitis, reducing both the need for antibiotics and the special event, make a centennial contribution, and add more
development of antibiotic-resistant microbes, and reaching acts of good. In June, I hope you will join me for the biggest
more children and adolescents with essential health interven- centennial celebration of the year at the Rotary International
tions. In every part of the world, routine immunization is as cru- Convention in Atlanta.
cial as ever to ensure that all children have the best chance at a
healthy future.
In an uncertain world, vaccines offer something remarkable: a
Trustee Chair 2016-17
way to protect our children throughout their lives. By working
together to safeguard all children against polio and other pre-
ventable diseases, Rotary is truly Serving Humanity now
and for generations to come..

President 2016-17