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nclude both cmputr-gnratd ciphrs &

those creatd by encryption methods. d
diferent types of ciphers dpend on
alphabetcal, numrcal, computr-based, o
ader scrmbling methods. ease of use
makes cipher popular
1. substitution
gnral types of ciphers
2 transposition
require cipher alphabet 2 replace plaintxt
substitution cipher
w ader lters o symbols
shufling of leters n a word 2 make d
word incomprehensible
1. simple substitution
types of substitution cipher
2. multple substitution
a prtculr leter o symbol s substitutd 4
each leter. d leters r substitutd n der
smple substitution ciphers
nrmal order, usualy w nrmal word
also "polyalphabetic cipher", a keywrd o
# s employed. d 1st mesage letter myt b
multple substitution
enciphered by ading 2 it d numrcal value
of d 1st letter of d key word.
merely changing d order of d letters w/n
transposition cipher
a word
1. code s a system, wc uses words as d
smallest elemnt
dstnction btwen codes & ciphers 2. encoders mus hav a keycode, canot
gnrate msges wo it
3. imposible 2 break wo codebook
8 s only wen our ryts r invaded o
seriously menaced dat we resent injuries
o make preparations 4 our defnse. d
movmnts n ds hemisphere r intimately
president james monroe doctrine concted. we owe 8 to d world 2 dclare
dat we shud cnsider any attempt 2
extend injurious systms 2 any part of ds
hemisphere as dngerous 2 our peace &
although d UN plays a leading prt n
makng lastng freedom posible, d US shal
not realize 8s objctve, howevr, unles we r
wiling 2 help free people everywer 2
truman doctrine maintain der fre institutions against
aggresive mvmnts. totalitarian regimes
imposed on fre peoples, drectly o
ndrectly, undrmine d foundations of
internationl peace & hnce scurity of d US.
let evry nation know, weder 8 wishes us
wel o ill, dat we shal pay any price, bear
kennedy doctrine any brden, meet any hrdship, suport any
friend, oppose any foe 2 asure d survival
& suces of liberty
d ovrwelming dpndnce of western
nations on vital oil supplies frm middle
east, & d pressures of change n many
carter doctine nations of d dvelopng world cnstitute a
threat 2 global peace, 2 east-west
relations, & to regionl stablty & to d flow
of oil
1. aggravation- dfernces of opinion
2. humilation-embarasing leadrs
3. manipulation- lowering morale
4. deprivation- forcing ndustrial shortage
5. intimdation- agresive movmnts
rank order of natonal security dangers
6. subvrsion- making weak &corrupt
7. domnation-controling whole
8. devastation-mass destrction o death
9. annihilation- dstroying whole societies
steams frm d charactr of d people & from
d type & stabilty of d govt & d soundness politcal strngth
of 8s foreign policy
stems frm a cmbnation of fctors such as
geographic location, climatic cndtions,
supply of natural resources, ndustrial
cpcty, intrnal & extrnal comncation economic strngth
systems, internationl trade, & d size,
health & techncal cmptnce of d
stems frm d natl unty, d social & moral
fiber of d people & d things dey believe
in, & frm d nature & vigor of natl cultural strength
institutions-politcal, social, religious,
educationl, scientfc & cultural.
s d ablty of a nation 2 exert pressure by
armed force n furthernce of natl policy. 8
consusts of d strength of ol armed 4ces n
cmbnation w ader elemnts of natl power,
dpndng heavily on natural resources,
miltary strngth
econmc strength, a broad base of war
indstries & a vigorous population, mltary
strength s influenced by a # & quality of
d nation's mltary, econmc, & pltcal
d objctve 4 satsfction line of aspiration
prson contentment frm d govt provisions
expctation level
of needs
people's complaints wen dey do not meet
contentmnt frm d govt provisions of vulnerable zone
prson lvng n a vulnrable zone whose
vulnrable prson
provision lvel s below d expctation lvel
provsions of needs by a replacemnt host
slowly attaining d expctation level bcause
zone of contentment
d incumbent host can not provide wat s
cndtion of weaknes among pepol but n
no way dscribes der express attitude & vulnerable
ovrt actions
a revolutionry ledr may convnce vlnrable
pepol o finds hs folower wen he provides
vulnerable pepol
d org wc cnvrts d potential enrgy n2
kinetic actvties
1. new faces n d area & unusual
gatherings among d populace
2. dsruption of nrmal social paterns
3. strange/uncomon barrio vstors such
as dctors, mmbrs of religious sect such
as priest/nuns, salesman &
gnral actvty of insurgent orgs
mountainners, new setlers hu may stay
prmanently o jus transients.
4. trends ndcatng a rise n rumor
5. gnral threats 2 peace & ordr n d lcalty
6. adr threats 2 peace & order n d lcalty
1. unexplained dsappearance of young
2. refusal of peasnts 2 pay rents, taxes o
loan paymnts
actvty 2 gve d support of d pepol
3. trend of hstlty on d part of d local
population 2ward gvrnmnt 4ces/agncies
4. ocurnce of actions cnsdred taboo by d
1. strangrs atempting 2 join local secrty
2. unexplained dstrction o los of govt
actvty by insurgnt groups against d govt
identfcation paprs & increased 4geries
3. mrdrs & kdnaping &/o harasmnt of
local gvrnmnt ofcials
1. overestmation
2. undrestmation
3. subordnation of intelgnce to policy
4. lack of comuncation
5. unavailablty of n4mation
reasons 4 intelgnce failures
6. receivd opnion
7. mirror-imaging
8. over-confdnce
9. complacency
10. failure 2 conect d dots
ds s perhaps d mos comon reason 4 intel
failure, & 1 wc, f uncorectd, cn lead 2 d
cntnuation of eror 4 a long tym. exmples
include d long cold war priod n wc d US
consistntly ovrestmatd d missile gap over-estimation
btwen d US & S Unioin. crtcs of d Iraq
war say ds was d main kind of teror dat
hapened n estimatng saddam hussein's
ds ocurs wen intelgnce o pltcal ldershp
seems unwiling 2 b recptve 2 wrnings, o
cmpletely misread d enemy's intentions.
d clasic exmple s STALIN n 1941, hu underestimation
ddnt want 2 hear about d posiblty of
Hitler nvadng russia,evnthu d brtsh &
amrcns tried 2 tip him off.
ds hapens wen jdgmnts r made 2
produce reslts dat speriors want 2 hear
instead of wat d evdnce indcates. w
9/11, der s d posiblty dat a "hand-off" subordnation of intelgnce 2 policy
polcy 2wrds Saudi Arabia intrfered w
intelgnce ovr d hijackers, many whom
wer frm Saudi Arabia
regulations & bureaucratc jealousies r
sometyms d cause of ds, but d mos
comon prblem nvolves restrctions on d
unavailablty of n4mation
crculation of snstve n4mation. wen der s
vrtualy no intelgnce @ ol, ds s caled
something else, ignornce
ds s also called "convntional wsdon" &
consts of asertions & opinions dat r
genraly rgrded n a favorable lyt, but hav
nvr been suficiently nvstgatd. sometyms received opinion
d pepol n a bureaucracy r forced 2 make
"best guesses" on d basis of lmitd
ds s techncaly defined as "d judging of
unfamiliar situations on d basis of
familiar ones" but mos often nvolves
asesing a threat by analogy 2 wat u wud mirror-imaging
do n a smlar position. 8 s also d prblem
of havng too many area specialists, lyk
Kremlinologies o Sovietologist
ds hapens wen u know d enemy myt do
something, though u r not sure wat o complacency
wen, & yet u do nothing anyway
ds ocurs wen d conctions btwen bits of
intelgnce r not put 2gether 2 make a
coherent whole. 8 s most easily obsrved
failure 2 conect d dots
n hindsyt, & s prhaps d main cause bhind
d 9/11 atacks caught American oficials
by surprise
1. pertinence
2. accuracy
3. clarity
7 basic charactrstcs of a good report 4. unbiased
5. completeness
6. conciseness
7. timeliness
pre-requisite to a good reporting 1. a precise undrstnding of d asignmnt
2. ablty 2 go wer d desired n4mation s
3. ablty 2 colect & retain acurately & n
4. ablty 2 trnsmit d colctd n4mation as
soon as posible
PNP's msterplan for anti-criminalty SANDIGAN
PNP's Internal Security Operation Master
PNP's mastr plan 2 help protct & presrve
our environmnt, cltural proprties & SANGYAMAN
natural resources
PNP's mastr plan 4 d campaign against
illegal drugs
PNP's mastr plan on secrty preparations SANG-INGAT
PNP's mastr plan 4 disaster preparedness SAKLOLO
size of police blotter 18x12 logbook w hardbound vover
1. innermost containment ring
2. inner containment ring
components of POLICE SECURITY
3. middle containment ring
4. outer containment ring
5. outermost containment ring
brgy tanods, CVOs, NGOs, & ader cvilian
PSCRS innermost containment ring groups dat provde localized & needed
police srvces 2 d BRGYs
foot ptrol 4 police vsblty / dtctve n cvilian
PSCRS inner containmnt ring
attire 4 police prsnce
bicycle/motorcycle mountd ptrol @ cntrol
points hu ptrol d residntial areas & make
PSCRS middle containmnt ring
loading & unloadng areas as stanby
specialzed units lyk mbile deployed @
PSCRS outer containmnt ring chckpoints 2 prvnt d escape of fleeing
crmnal & react 2 call 4 police asistnce
SWAT o anti terorists units & mbile
PSCRS outrmost cntainmnt ring
1. PRM
10 staff directorates of d PNP
9. PCR
1. logstcs suport srvce
2. cmptr srvce
3. fnance srvce
4. health srvce
adminstratve support units of d PNP
5. comnction srvce
6. chplain srvce
7. lgal srvce
8. headquartrs suport srvce
1. crym lab
2. martime grp
3. aviation
4. nrcotcs group
5. intelgnce
oprational suport units 6 SAF
7. HPG
8. PCR
9. Crmnal Invstgation Grp
10. scrty group
11. cvil scrty grop
a PNP mmbr o ofcr w @least 5yrs of 1. ineficiency based on poor pr4mnce
acumulatd actve srvce shal b spratd drng d las 2 sucesve anual ratng priods
based on d ff fctors: 2. inefficiency based on poor pr4mnce 4
3 cumulatve annual rating
3. physcal &/o mntal incapacty 2 prform
police fnctions & duties
4. failure 2 pass d required entrnce
exmnation twice &/o fnish d required
career courses excpt 4 jstfiable reasons
silver stars
silver sampaguita cluster
bronze anahaw leaf
rank insignia chevron
*executve spo-spoIV chevron n wyt
sampaguita clustr @ d cnter flanked by
gold laurel leaves
above d ryt pocket on d top of ctation
aha ibutang & cmbat ctation badge?
aha ibutang ang parachutist/eod/pilot above d left pocket on top of d srvce
wings/techncal srvce badges decorations
s formulatd plan, lsting things 2 b done. programming
c ncludes d steps of planning & n adition,
d preparation of a srvey report o study
adequately documntd w suporting facts &
completed staff work
fgures having annexed 2 it ol
implemntng documnts, such as letters,
ordrs, schedules, dirctves, etc.
deals on d competnce of d prsons hu wil
prform d task. aside frm dr cmpetnce,
prctblty of d plan
der morale, interest, enthusiasm &
quality of ledrshp
deals w d outsyd influence of d comunty
& ader agencies. r dey against o wiling 2
cooprate 4 d acomplshmnt of d plan? s d
feasibility of d plan
plan 2 b pursued due 2 davorble fctor o b
8 held n abeynce until such tym dat
unfavorable fctors cease 2 exist?
primary line function patrol
secndary line fnction trafc mngemnt, crmnal nvstgation
s clasicaly defined as d antcpation,
recogntion & appraisal of crym risk & d
crime prevntion
initiation of positve action 2 remove o
reduce risk
s d modrn approach n crime cntrol wc
deals w apprehnsion, nvstgation, trial, crime suppression
corction & punshmnt of crmnal
s d proces by wc a policeman mrged w d
comunty n order 2 know dem. ds cn immersion
easily done thru patrol
1. der s no impenetrable barrier
2. enmy agnts must hav access
concepts of physcal securty
3. sureptitious vs non-sureptitious entry
4. each installation s difernt
not exceed 2 inches, f d fnce s not taut
slack @ d botom of barrier
den 8 shud extnd evn closer 2 d ground
atleast 2 inches n diameter & d H-Beam
steel fence post type mus measurable no les dan 2 inches
@ d smalest diameter
shud b set n concrete o n firm soil usng
fence posts comrcial drive anchors, to a depth of 3
feet; max dstnce btween posts s 10ft
d soroundng shud b clear of trees &
vgetation & debris o ader matrials wc
fence area
wud ofer concealmnt 2 d intruder o wud
aid him n scaling
shud b limitd 2 d # necesary 4 eficient &
fence gate
safe operation of d instalation
ol opning n d fence n exces of 96 inches
must b locked, barred, o screened n such
fence opening
a way dat dey only b unlocked & opened
frm d insyd & only by slctd prsonnel.
multple fence f used, mltple fnce shud b atleast 10ft
apart & d ovrhang on d top of d inner
fence shud point inward rather dan away
frm d installation max dstnce any 2
parallel fences shud not exceed 150 ft
2 gnral types of barrier
1. natural
2. structural
kinds of barrier 3. human barrier
4. animal barrier
5. energy barrier
ds r features cnstructd by man rgrdles of
der orgnal intent dat tends 2 delay d structural barrier
1. outline d physcal limits of an area
2. create a physcal & psychologcal
deterent 2 unauthorized entry
3. prvnt pnetration derin o delay
intrusion, thus, fcltating aprehnsion of
gnrally, a barrier s used 4 d ff purposes
4. asist n mor eficient & econmcal
employmnt of guards
5. fcltate & improve d cntrol & vehculr
a medium o strcture wc defines d physcal
limits of an instalation o area 2 restrct o
impede acces derto. a physcal barrier permtr barrier
used 2 supplemnt d protction of an insyd
o outsyd perimtr
a line adjcent 2 prtctd area, & passing
thru points of posible entry nto d area,
insyd perimtr
such as doors, windows, skylights, tunnel
o ader points of acces
a line of protction suroundng but
somewat removed frm a prtctd area, outsyd perimetr
such as a fence
wire fence cn b barbed wire, chain link or concertina
cn b used as temporary roadblock concrtna wire
r attrctve & low n maintenance cost; dey
offer les hazrd 2 pepol bcause of d
wire fences
absnce of barbs, & d openings r small 2
prvnt passage of pilfred articles
1. cnstructd of 7ft matrial excludng top
2. 9 gauges or heavier
3. mesh opnings r not 2 b lrger dan 2
inches per side
4. twistd & barbed slvage @ top &
dscribe chain link fence
5. fastened 2 rigid metal o reinforced
6. 8 mus reach w/n 2 inches of hard
ground o paving
7. on soft ground, 8 mus reach blow
srface deep enough 2 cmpensate 4
shftng soil o sand
1. stndrd cncrtna brbed wire s comrcialy
mnufctured wire coil of high strength
steel brbed wire clipped 2gedr @ intrvals
dscribe concrtna wire fnce
2 form a cylinder
2. opened cncrtna wire s 50ft long & 3 ft
n diameter
1. gate & doors
2. side-walk elevators
perimeter barrier opening
3. utilities opening
4. clear zone
wen not n use & cntroled by guards, 8
shud b locked & frequently inspctd by
guards. lock shud b changed frm tym 2 gates & doors
tym & shud b covered undr protctve
locks & key cntrol
cler zones of 20ft o mor shud exist a clerzone of 50ft o mor shud exist
btween d perimtr barriers & exterior btwen d perimtr barrier & strcture w/n d
strctures, prking areas & naturl o man- protctd areas excpt wen a buildng wall
made features constitutes part of d perimtr barrier
wndows o opening les dan 18ft above
ground, roof, ldges, etc. o les dan 14ft
dirctly o diagonaly, oposite to
uncontroled wndows n ader walls, fire, yes
escapes o ader opning of 96square
inches o lrger shud b grilled o hav steel
bar prtctions.
45dgre angle. 3 - 4 strands of brbed wyr
dscribe top guard spaced 6 inches apart. increases prtctve
height & prvnt easy aces
nrmaly prvided @ main perimtr entrnces
2 secure areas lcatd out-of-doors, &
manned by guards on ful tym basis. guard cntrol stations
sentry station shud b near a perimtr 4
surveilnce @ d entrnce
protction n depth sign notices to warn intrudrs shud b done
1. dtect intrudrs
function dat mus b acomplished by ds 2. sound alarm
guard systm 3. apprehnd unauthorized prsonel
4. idntfy authorized prsonel
1. mus b elgble 4 scrty clernce
2. vgorous & physcaly able 2 srve n d
cpcty of a guard
3. intlgnce necesary 2 acomplish d guard
guard procuremnt-selction criteria
4. ablty 2 make rapid decisions & react n
a calm way 2 emrgncies
5. loylty & dscretion r requird attributes
6. exprience s highly desirable although
not usualy mndatory
1. fixed post
guard employmnt
2. patrols
1. prsonal sprvsion
guard suprvision
2. artfcial suprvsion
1. recrded tour- guard takes w hm on hs
tour of duty a form wc mus hav d tym
punched on 8 as each station
exmples of artfcial suprvsion of guards
2. suprvisory tour- guard sends sgnals 2
guard headquartrs frm each station dat
he checks
1. provdes suficient ilumnation 2 d areas
durng hours of drknes
purposes of protctve lighting 2. help improve vsblty so dat intrudr cn b
seen & idntfied &, f posible aprehnd
3. 8 srves as deterent 2 wud-b thieves
1. continuous lyting
*glare projction type
*controlled lyting
types of prtctve lyting
2. standby lyting
3. movable o portable lyting
4. emrgncy lyting
8 consts of fixed luminaries @ range to
flood a gven area continuously durng d continuous lyting
hours of drkness.
d intensity s focused 2 d intruder wyl d
obsrver o guard remained n d
glare projction type
comparatve drkness, d lyting s 2wrd of d
aproach of an entrnce 2 an installation
d lyting s focused on d pile of items,
rader dan d bckground. d width of d
controlled lyting
lyted strip cn b controled & adjstd 2 suit
d secrty needs.
designed 4 resrve o stanby use o 2
suplemnt continuous systms. a stndby
stndby lyting
systm cn b mos useful 2 slctvely lyt a
prtculr area n an ocasional basis
ds systm s manualy opratd & s usualy
made up of movable search o floodlyts
dat cn b locatd n slctd o special locations movable o prtable lyting
wc wil require lyting only 4 short priod of
8 s d least xpnsve n trms of enrgy
cnsumed & has d advntage of provding incndescent lamp
instant ilumnation wen d switch s on
considred mor efficient dan dat of d
incndescnt & used widespread n exterior
lyting. ds emits a purplish-wyt color, mrcury vapor lamp
caused by ab elctrc curent passing thru a
tube of cndcting & luminous gas
hs smilar physcal apearnce 2 mrcury
vapor but provdes a lyt source of higher metal halide
luminous eficiency & beter color rendition
provides gud color rendition, high lamp
eficiency as wel as long lyf. however, 8
canot projct lyt ovr long dstnce & thus r
not desirable as flood type lyts
gained aceptnce 4 exterior lyting of
prking areas, roadways, buildngs &
comrcial interior instalations. cnstructd
on d same prncple as mrcury vapor high presure sodium vapor
lamps, dey emit a golden wyt 2 lyt pink
color & ds provde high lumen eficiency &
relatvely good color rendition
1. flood lyts
2. street lyts
types of lyting equipmnt
3. serch lyt
4. fresnel lyts
cn b used 2 acomodate most outdor
scrty lyting needs, ncludng d ilumnation
of boundaries, fnces & buildngs & 4 d floodlyts
emphasis of vital areas o prtcular
1. prtctve lyting neds @ instalation &
fclties dpnd on each stuation & d areas 2
b protctd. each stuation requirs creful
study 2 provide d best vsblty prctcble 4
secrty duties idntfcation of badges &
pepol @ gate, nspction of vhcles,
prvntion of ilgal entry, & dtction of
intrudrs nsyd o outsyd d buildngs & ader
strctures & nspction of unusual o
suspcious crcmstnces.
2.wen sch lyting provsions r imprctcal,
adtionl scrty posts ptrols,sentry dog
ptrols, o ader scrty means wil b ncsary
protctve lyting requiremnt
3.prtctve lytng shd nt b used as a
psychlgcal dtrnt only.8 shd b used on a
primtr fnce line only wr d prmtr fnce s
undr cntinuous o priodc obsrvtion
4.prtctve lyting my b dsrble 4 dos snstve
areas o structures w/n d primtr, wc r
undr spcfc obsrvtion.such areas nclud
cital bildngs storage,& vlnrble cntrol
points n comncation,powr & watr
dstribution systm. n interior areas wr nyt
oprations r cndctd,adquate lytng on d
area fcltates dtction of unauthorzd prsns
aproachng o atmptng malcious acts
n planing a prtctve lyting systm,d ownr 1. d dtrmnation of lyting needs mus b
of d instalation o hs scrty drctor mus gve dpndnt upon d threat,prmtr
specfic cnsdrations 2 d ff areas: xtremities,srveilnce cpblties, & availble
guard 4ces
2. prtctve lyting mus b designed 2
dscurage unauthorzd entry & 2 fcltate
dtction of intrudrs aproachng o
atempting 2 gain entry n2 protctd areas
3. d prtctve lyting mus b continuously
oprate drng priods of redced vsblty,& dt
stndby lyting s maintaind & priodcaly
tstd 4 use drng tyms of emrgncy &
mblzation alrts
4. cleaning & replacemnt of lamps &
lumnaries,prtculrly w rspct 2 costs &
means r required.
5. d efct of locl weder cndtions may b a
prblm n cases wer fluorscnt unts r used
6. fluctuatng o eratc voltages n d primry
powr sources.
7. requiremnts 4 groundng of fxtures &
use of comon ground on an entire line 2
provde a stable ground prntial
1. prmtr fence
2. buildng face prmtr
3. pdestrian gate- 25ft on either syd d
range 4 vehcular gates shud b twice
4. vhclr gate-nrmaly manned by guards
areas 2 b lytd
inspctng credentials
5. prking area
6. thoroughfare
7. storage, lrge open wrkng areas, pier,
docks, & ader snstve areas
an aural o visual sgnal gven by d
innunciator 2 securty wen, intrudr alarm
actuates device n a prtctd area.
8 assists d scrty n dtctng impding o
dtering ptential scrty threat n d protctve alarm
1. sensor o trigger device
3 basic parts of alarm system 2. transmission line
3. enunciator
8 s d sgnaling systm dat actvates d
a crcuit wc trnsmit d msg 2 d sgnaling
transmission line
8 emits d aural o vsual sgnals o both sensor o trigger device
cntralized mntor of d proprietary alrm
systm s locatd n d indstrial frm 8self w a
proprietary system
duty oprator. n case of alrm, d duty
oprator cols watevr s d primry need.
cntrol station s locatd outsyd d plant o
instalation. wen d alrm s sounded o
central station system
actuatd by sbscriber, d cntral station
ntifies d police & adr pblc safety agencies
ds systm consist of ringing up a vsual o
audble alrm near d objct 2 b protctd.
local alarm
wen an intrudr tries 2 pry a wndow, d
alrm derat goes of
1. central station system
2. proprietary system
3. local alarm
types of protctve alarm system
4. auxiliary alrm
5. local alrm by chnce system
6. dial alrm systm
1. audio dtction dvice
2. vibration dtction dvice
3. mtalic foil o wire
kinds of alrm
4. laser beam alrm
5. photoelctrc o elctrc eye
6. microwve motion
a laser emitter floods a wall o fncng w a
beam so dat wen ds beam s dstrbed by a laser beam alrm
physcal objct, an alrm s actvatd
an invsble/vsble beam s emited & wen ds
s dsturbed o wen an intruder break photoelctrc o elctrc eye device
cntact w d beam. 8 wil actvate d alrm.
r placed on d floor n such a position dat foot rail actvator
telers may actvate d alrm by placng d
front of der foot 2 engage d actvation
do not reqire any obvious use of d teler's
hand & der hands may kept n full view of
d robers 4 reason of safety.
usualy place n d teller's cash drawer &
conctd 2 d alarm system usng a wire
bill traps or currency actvation dvices
conctor. wen curency s removed frm d
dvice, d alrm s actvatd
ds r installed nsyd d desk o teller station
wc cn b actvatd by knee o thigh presure.
dey r comonly found n location wer knee or thigh buttons
prsonel usualy prform der duties frm
seatd position
requires presure on both side of d dvice
& derfore d probablty of acdntal alrm s double squeeze buttons
mechancal, hydraulic, o elctrcal device
designed 2 prevnt entry nto a building, lock
room, container o hiding place
a key dat wil open ol d lock w/n a prtculr
sub-master key
area o groupng n a gven fclty
shud b made 2 d prson responsible 4 key
cntrol frm d prsonel deprtmnt ndcatng ol
prsons hu hav left o wil leave d company.
daly report
n d evnt dat a key has ben isued, steps
shud b initiatd 2 insure dat d key s
1. key cabinet
2. key record
key control 3. inventories
4. audits
5. daily report
1. a key dpositor 4 secrng keys drng
non-wrkng shud b cntraly lcatd,locked &
kept undr sprvsion of scrty prsonel
2. key isued on daily basis,o ds isued 4 a
spcfc on tym prpose,shd b acountd daily
3. key shd b countd & signed 4 by scrty
sprvisor @ d begning of each wrkng day
4.wen d key s los,d crcmstnces shd b
nvstgatd & st forth n wrtng. n sum
nstnce,f d los key prvdes aces 2 snstve
area,lock shud b chnged
prncple of key control 5.ol keys shud b physcaly inspctd
priodcaly 2 insure dat dey hav not ben
los through unrprtd as such
6. creful rcrd shud b kept. d lis shud b
reviewd priodcly 2 dtrmne wder ol those
authorzed shud cntnue 2 hold
7. mstr key shud b n mnmum
8.key shud not b mrked o shud not idntfy
doors. code ms b used
9.mstr key shd b mrked 2 b idntfied as
mstr key
10. chnge atleast ONCE A YEAR
any prson hu shal wo lawful cause hav n
posesion of picklocks o smlr tools
espcialy 2 d comision of d crym o robery,
shal b punished by aresto mayor n 8s
max priod 2 prision corecional n 8s Art304 RPC-posesion of picklocks o smlr
minmum priod. tools
d same pnlty shl b imposed upon any
prson hu shal make sch tool. f d ofndr s
a locksmith, shal sufer d pnlty of prision
corecional n 8s medium & max priod.
1. d tool mntioned n art304.
2. genuine keys stolen frm d owner
d term "false key" shal b deemed 2 3. any key ader dan those intnded by d
include ownr 4 use n d lock 4cibly opened by d
any safe dat weigh ls dan 750lbs shud b
anchored 2 a buildng structure
a safe shud not hav @ any one tym a
fire endurance
temperature above 350dgres fahrenheit
test 2 dtrmine f sudden rise n
temperature wil not cause d safe to
rupture. f d safe cn w/stnd 2000 dgrees explosion hazard test
fahrenheit 4 30 mins & wil not crack o
open, den 8 passed d
aimed @ dtermning d strength of a safe
2 w/stand d colapse of a buildng during fire & impact test
vault floor shud b higher by ____ inches
w soroundng flor & f n level w d floor
butons, storage cntainer shud b raised @
least __ inches above d floor
vault shud not b made part of d wall due stndrd vaults, 2 reduce storng of too
2 moisture & condensation caused by much record, shud not b mor dan
temprature 5000cubic ft
vault mus b fire resistant up to 6 hours yes
d ventilation of a fileroom shud b from d door
d file room shud b @ most b ___ ft high 12
d interior cubage of a fileroom shud not
10000cubc ft
fileroom mst hav watertight door &
fireproof for atleast
d suporting structure of a fileroom shud
walls, floor & roof
b fire proof
1. d sstm shud hav a cmplete rcrd of ol
bdges & idntfcation crds
isued,retrn,mutlatd o lost by srial # &
cros indexed alphabtcaly
badge & pass control 2. d sprvisor frm tym 2 tym 4 its acuracy
& authentcty shud chck d lists
3. pases & bdges rprtd los shud b
valdatd & scrty @ entrnce b n4med thru
conspcuous postng
1. bdge mus b tamper-rsstnt wc mean
dat dey shud b printd o embossed on a
dstnctve stock w a series of design dfcult
2 reproduce
2. shud cntain a cler & rcent photogrph
of d bearer,prefrbly n d color
prsonel idntfcation 2 b efctve
3. d phtgrph shd b atlest 1inch square &
shd b updatd evry 2 o 3 yrs o wen dr s
any sgnfcnt chnge n facial apearnce
4. shud adtionaly cntain vital statstc sch
as date of brth, height, colr of hair &
eyes, sex & tumbprints
1. vstors logbook
2. photogrph
vstors mvmnt cntrol 3. escort
4. vstor entrnces
5. time traveled
sprate access 4 vstors & employees of d
establshmnt shud b provided
f der s a long delay o tym lapse btwen d
dprture & arival, d vstors maybe requird time traveled
2 show cause 4 d delay
package movmnt cntrol 1. no pckages shal b authorizd 2 b
brought nsyd d industrial
installation,ofces & work area wo propr
authority. ds bsc precpt hlp rduce f not
elmnate piferage,ndstrial espionge o
2.outgoing pckges carried by prsonnel
shud b closely inspctd & those n vhcles
shud also b chcked.
3. any prsonel/vstor entring d instalation
w a pckage shud dposit d same 2 d scrty
& in retrn receives a #d tag, wc he/she
wil use n claiming hs/hr pckge upon
1. prvtely owned vhcle of prsonel/vstor
shud b rgstred & r sbjct 2 d idntfcation &
admtnce procdure
2. vhcles shud b sbjctd 4 serch @ d
entrnce & exit of instalation
3. ol vstors w vhcle shud prvde d scrty
as 2 s cmplete dtails of der duration of
stay,prsn 2 b vstd & adr n4mation
4. ol vhcles of vstors shud b gven a
vhicle movmnt cntrol & idntfcation
sign/stcker 2 b placd on d windshield
5. trfc wrning signs shud b instaled n ol
entrnces n ordr 2 guide d vstors n der
dstnation as wel 2 prvde dem w d
necsary sfety precautions wyl dey r insyd
d instalation
6. scrty prsonel mus constantly suprvise
prking areas & make frequent spots
srches of vhcles found there
1. 2 insure dat a firm hires those
employes bst suitd 4 d firm
purpose of prsonel scrty 2. once hired, to asist n provding
necesary scrty 2 ds employes wyl dey r
carying out der functions
1. prsonel scrty invstgation
scope of prsonel scrty
2. scrty education
1. 8 srves as a screning dvice n hiring
suitble employees.
2. 8 provdes bckground nvstgation
srvces of both ptntial & prsnt employes,4
posible asignmnt 2 snstve position
3. 8 hndles invstgation of employes
sspctd of wrng doing
key fnctions of prsonel scrt
4. 8 dvlops scrty awarenes among
5. 8 atempts 2 ensure d prtction of
employes frm dscrimnatory hiring o
trmnatng procdures as wel as unfounded
alegations of ilegal o unethcal actvties &
s a prces of inquiry n2 d charctr,
reputation, dscretion, intgrty, morls &
prsonel scrty invstgation
loylty of an ndvdual 2 dtrmine d suitblty
4 apointmnt o acces 2 clasfied mater
s d proces of inspctng o exmning w
careful thoroughnes. d esence of vetting
s a prsonal intrview cndctd undr stress. 8
s based on n4mation previously gven by postve vetting
d aplicnt. adr n4mation isued drng d
nterview, sch as those dscvred n d BI, wc
cnfrms o denies wc gven by d aplicnt
s d proces werby a sbjct's reaction s a
future crtcal stuation s predctd by
obsrvng hs bhavior, o by interviewng hm,
o analyzng hs rspnses 2 a questionaire,
sch as an hnsty tst. reid rprt s an honsty
1. BI
2. postve vetting
3. prowling
gnral technques n PSI 4. dcption dtction tchniques
5. fnancial & lyfstyle inquiry
6. undrcovr invstgation
7. exit intrview
objctves of scrty education 1. guidnce 4 ol suprvsory & exctve lvels
of d orgnzation
2. a mndtory ndctrnation on scrty 4 ol
new prsonel b4 der asignmnt 2 der
rspctve jobs
3. dvlpmnt of a high dgre of scrty
consciounes among d slctd sprvisrs & adr
key prsonel n a prgram dat shd b
continuing & sprtd by top mngemnt
4. a down-d-lyn scrty prgrm aimed @
instilling consciousnes & dedcation thru
dmnstration,lctures, mtvations &
5. 2 let ol employee 4ce b n4med dat
dey ol blong 2 d orgnzation & dat non-
awarenes 2 d scrty prgrm s tantamount
2 dsloylty
6. dat d prgrm s also 2 dvelop
dscpline,lylty & belongingnes
1. intial intrview
2. orientation & training
phases of scrty edcation prgram 3. refreshr cnfernce
4. scrty remindrs
5. scrty promotion
8 s d frst cntact of prospctve employe
werin d intrviewer dtrmines d suitblty of
d applicnt 4 employmnt thru hs gven
answrs on d dfrnt type of Qs being
cndctd. 8 s n ds stage wer, d intrviewr
initial interview
my strt prvdng d necsary n4mation as 2
d ovrview of cmpny scrty plcies & @ d
same tym on d employe acountblty &
corespndng pnlties dat cud reslt frm
violation derfrom
8 s n ds stage wer new employes rceive
dtailed prsntation of prsonel scrty policy.
usualy handouts o employe manual r
being dstributd 4 refrnce. new employes orientation & training
also rquestd 2 sign acknwldgemnt dat
dey hav ben aware of d exstng cmpany
policies & wil abide d same
8 s designd 2 remind employes of d
cmpany about der rsponsiblities, review
guidelines & policies, ntrodction of new
refresher confernce
policies & rgulations & a movmnt of
geting employes fedback about d cmpny
policies dat s being implemntd
ds s employd as an indirect approach of
edcatng d employes, such as postng scrty remindrs
scrty postrs & dstributng fliers
act of emphasizing d imprtnce & role of
scrty achievng d cmpany goals &
scrty promotion
objctves. 8 invlves scrty employe
coopration & suport
1. deter & impede potential spy
2. assist n scrty nvstgations by keeping
prpose of protctng clasified mtrials acurate rcrds of d moments of clasified
3. en4ce d use of "ned to knw"
1. prsonal
2 kinds of documnt
2. oficial
1. creation
2. clasifcation
3. storage
documnt/in4mation cycle 4. retrieval
5. retention/purging
6. trnsfer
7. dsposition
1. n4mation wc cntains reportble tym
snsitve, ordr of battle & sgnfcant
2. 8 shud b gven priority bcause 8 s
wat r category A documnts?
crtcal n4mation
3. mus b 4wrded wo delay
4. crtcal 2 friendly opn
5. requires imediate action
wat r category B documnts? 1. anything dat contains comuncations,
cryptographs documnts, o systms dat
shd b clasified as scrt & requirs special
2. higher authorities shud declasify 8
1. ader n4mation, wc cntains something
dat, cud b an intelgnce value
2. cntains exploitble n4mation rgrdles of
wat r catgory C documnts?
8s contents
3. unscreened mtrials/docs shud b
catgorizd as Ctgory CCC
1. no value, yet lwr lvel wl nvr clasfy
docs as D
wat r ctgory D docs? 2. no dcision mus b made @ d lowr
echelon dat documnt has no value. 8 s d
rspnsblty of d higher HQ
1. prsonel r d weakest link n d scrty
2. trainng s mprtant 2 make scrty
3 scrty cncpts prsonel conscious & realize d value of
3. training s necesary 4 d prctce of "need
to know"
top scret "green"
scret "red"
colors of clasified matters
cnfdntial "blue"
rstctd "wyt"
1. clafcation accdg 2 content
2. d ovrol clasfcation of a file o of a grup
of physcaly conctd derin.
pages,prgrphs,sctions o cmponnts derof
may bear dferent clasfcations. dcumnts
spratd frm file o group shl b hndled n
acrdnce w der ndvdual clasfcation
3. trnsmtal of docs o endrsemnts wc do
not cntain clasfied n4mation o wc cntain
n4mation clasfied lower dan dat of d
rules of clascfcation of documnt
precdng elmnt o enclosre shl nclude a
notation 4 automtc dwngradng
4. crespndnce, indexes, receipts, rports
of posesion trnsfr o dstruction, ctalogs, o
acesion list shal not b clasified f any
rfrnce 2 clasfied mater does not dsclosed
clasfied n4mation
5. clasfied mater obtained frm ader
dprtmnt shal retain d same orgnal
s n4mation dat n some special way
relates 2 d status o actvties of d posesor
& ovr wc d posesor aserts ownrship. n
busines comnty, 8 relates 2 d structure, proprietary in4mation
prodcts o busines methods of d org. 8 s
usualy protctd n some way against
causal o gnral dsclosure
ol proprietary n4mation s confdential but
not ol cnfdential n4mation s proprietary.
1. class I - vital documents
2. class II- important documnts
types of documnts
3. class III- useful documnts
4. class IV- non-essential documnts
n ds category ds r rcrds dat r
irreplaceable, rcrds of wc reprodction
does not hav d same value as d orgnal;
rcrds neded 2 rcovr cash, 2 replace
class I - vital docs
buildng, equipmnts, raw mtrials, fnshed
prodcts, & work n proces & rcrds neded 2
avoid delay n rstoration o prodction,
sales & srvces
ds ncludes rcrds whose los myt cause
inconvenience but cud b readily replaced
& wc wud not n d meantym presnt an class III- useful documnts
insurmountable obstacle 2 d prompt
restoration of d busines
ds rcrds r daily files, routine n nature evn class IV- non-esential documnts
f lost o dstroyed, wil not afect opration o
admnstration. ds clas represnt d bulk of
recrds wc shud not b evn atemptd 2 b
protcted n d event of disasters. dey shud
howevr, b kept n ordnary files ready 4
refrnce, f neded, & usualy dscrded ofter
some priod of tym
1. trade screts
types of proprietary n4matio
2. patents
any 4mula, pattern, device o compilation
of n4mation wc s used n one's busines &
wc gves him an oportunty 2 gain an trade screts
advntage over competitors hu dont know
o use 8.
ds s a grant made by d govt 2 an invntor,
conveying o scuring 2 him d exclusive ryt
2 make, use, o sell hs invention 4 term
of years
1. policy & procdure statemnts rgrdng ol
snsitve n4mation
2. pre & post employmnt screning &
3. non-disclosure agremnts frm
proprietary n4mation protction prgram employes, vndors, cntrctors & vsitors
4. non-competitive agremnts w slctve
5. awarenes prgrams
6. physcal scrty measures
7. nformed mntoring of routine actvties
1. he s d mos dngerous 4 hum scrty wil
hav 2 deal w wyl planning & implemnting
scrty measures & techniques
2. he s an ordnry loking as d nxt guy but
n hs mind, he has d training n dcption,
describe a saboteur
knwldgeable n incendiaries, explosves,
chemstry, bcteriology, mchancs &
3. he cn work alone, n-groups, o
simultaneously n svral places.
1. use of an ificient, alrt & trained guard
2. use of physcal scrty aids lyk
barriers,prsonel & vehculr cntrol,intrusion
dvices,comncation systems,& elctrc aids
3. propr screning of prsonel
4. idntfcation & movmnt cntrol systm
5. searches on ncoming vehcles
countrmeasures against sabotage
6. safeguardng of clasfied n4mation
7. dsignation of rstrctd areas
8. nvstgation of breaches of scrty
9. scrty ed & ndoctrination
10. good housekeping mthods
11. efctve & cmpatble emrgncy planing
12. rgulr audit
13. contnuing bckground chcks
1. he s very dngerous advrsary & hs skils
n dception & hs cunning shud nvr b undr
2. he s usualy a prson of extnsve training
& wil b highly efctve n gaining d cnfdnce
of pepol & of extrcting in4mation of value
describe a espionage agent
2 b relayed 2 hs employr o hndler
3. evn how well-trained an espionage
agent he myt b, he s human lyk d
saboteur & he cn b dfeatd n hs own
game f propr methods & tchnques r
some methods employed by espionage 1. stealng of n4mation frm employes
agent 2. stealing n4mation frm rcrds o ader
3. using various methods of reproducing
documnts, prodcts, equipmnt o wrking
4. using "front" as comrcial cncrns, trvel
agencies, asociations, busines groups &
ader organzations 2 obtain cnfdntial
n4mation o data
5. using various 4m o threats 2 obtain
6. usng blackmail techniques by exposing
intmate & prsonal dtails cncrning an
ndvdual o org
7. picking o scurng n4mation n social &
ader gatherings
8. penetration & oprationl tctcs
1. careful & complete pre-employmnt
measres designed 2 cntrol threats of
ndstrial espionage
2. continuing prsonel chck on employes
& prtculrly prsonel on snsitve positions
evn already employed
countrmeasures against indstrial 3. prvntion of unauthorized entry 2 d
espionge plant o indstrial instalation
4. restrcting of movmnt of prsonel n d
premises of d plant
5. controled dsposal of waste papers
ncluding crbons n clasfied work
6. only proprly clered prsonel shud hndle
clasfied documnt
1. d spreadng of rumors, writen mtrials,
slogans o any ader devices 2 confuse d
work population & dscredt d govt shud b
imediately rportd
2. labor & ader cmpany unions cn b
infltratd so dat strikes & "slow downs" cn
b called 2 dsrupt d nrmal opn of a plant
3. scrty 4ce shud b alrtd 4 prson trying 2
countrmeasures 2 subvrsve actvty recruit aders n organizng movmnts 4
peace, anti-colonials, anti-trade & anti-
4. employes o outsyd prsonel seeking
mmbrshps n papr orgs shd reprt ds
actvty 2 scrty
5. ader metods of subvrsion lyk untied
fronts, mob action, terorism & sabotage
wil do to gain subvrsve ends
1. s one of d most annoying & comon
human hzrds wc scurty has 2 deal w. ds
actvty f uncontroled cn bcome fnancial
drain f not a menace 2 smooth & ordrly
dcribe pilferage as a busines hzrd
2. failure 2 dtct shrtage & inacurate
invntories wil coz nvntory loses, wc may
b labeled as pilferage
1. wer need o desire exists & oportunty s
presnt theft s almost sure 2 result
anatomy of pilferage 2. pilfrage occurs evrywer. oportunties 4
pilfrage increase wen suplies o goods r
trnsprtd o trnsfered frm 1 place 2 anader
1. location of d items 2 b pilfered
factors cnsidered by a pilferer 2 b 2. access 2 d items
succesful 3. removal of item
4. disposal of items
techniques cn b frm fake docs, bribing of
guards, outsmrting scrty, creatng access to items
dstrbnce & ader methods 2 divrt atention
ds cn b done by wearing d stolen shoes remval of item
countr measures for casual pilferage 1. spot check on outgoing vhicles &
2. an agresive secrty education &
indoctination prgrm w emphasis dat
crime does not pay
3. supriors shud set exmple of intgrty &
desirable moral climate 4 employes n d
4. ol employes mus b enjoined 2 rprt o
pay any loss 2 scrty
5. invntory & cntrol metods shud b done
espcialy 2 pilferble items
6. cntrol of tools, equipmnts & sets
1. guards & elctronc srveilnce on ol exits
2. pckage & mtrial cntrol sstm
3. prkng area outsyd primtr fnce of
4. careful screning & bckground chcks on
aplicnts 2 weed out potntial thieves
5. nvstgation of ol loses quickly &
eficiently 2 dtrmne "modus oprndi" o
ontain clues
6. alrt ol ptrols 2 chck areas & buildngs 4
posible cncealmnt of stolen proprties
7. instal mchancal,elctrcal,elctronc
dtction & alrm devices wer neded &
countrmeasures 4 systmatc pilferage
8. estblish an efctve lock & key cntrol
9. use of apropriate prmtr fncng & lyting
4 prking fclities & areas 4 vhcles &
10. store bulk quantities of pilferble
items n enclosd scrty areas & dstrbute
dem usng sction n lmitd quantities
11. estblsh acurate nvntory & acountng
metods 4 procuremnt, use & dsposal
12. estblsh close liaison w gvrnmntal law
en4cemnt & intel agncies
one o mor prsons acompanying anadr 2
gve guidnce o prtction o 2 pay honor
1. area scrty
2. prmtr scrty
3. advnce scrty
organzation of VIP scrty
4. close-in scrty
5. resrve scrty
6. routine scrty
cvrs d soroundng areas of engagemnt.
cndcts prophylctc opn n d area of area scrty
scures d imediate areas suroundng d
place of engagemnt. usualy unifomed perimtr scrty
they sanitize d engagemnt area advnce scrty
acompanies d VIP wer evr he goes. max
close-in scrty
of 4 prsons
neutralize d posible route of d VIP prty routine scrty
1. patrol
prophylctc opn n VIP scrty
2. chckpoints
1. vctim
2. assasin
4 common elmnts n ol assasination
3. mo
4. oportunty
1. obsrve d pepol n vcnty espcialy der
2. weapons shud b ready
3. shud antcpate ptential atacks
4. f threatening stuation ocurs remov d
VIP frm d area
protction techniques 4 VIPs wyl mving on 5. f 2 bodyguards. 1 wil neutralize d
foot threat d ader 1 shd remove d VIP frm d
area. primary objctve s 2 protect d trget
prson, not aprehend d atacker.
6. f 1 bodyguard s utlized he wil walk n
front & slytly 2 d left of d VIP
7. f 2 1 n front 2 d left, d ader @ d rear
& slytly 2 d ryt
1. moving attacks
attack tactics against a vhicle
2. ambush attack
d approach wil usualy b made frm d left
o passing syd, & d atacker wil atmpt 2 moving attack
mov ovr n2 d path of d vctim's vhcle
d kidnaper wil atempt 2 stop d vctim's
car w n a zone he established by ambush atack
blocking d roadway o by shoting d driver
1. neither opportunities nor novice
4 categories of kidnapers 2. religious o pltcaly mtvatd
3. mntaly derange
4. profesional crmnals
ds constrained of poor planning & lack of
novice crmnals
true crmnal expertise
ds r d DO o DIE hu r wiling 2 scrfice der
lives & o wiling 2 kil der vctims 2 religious o politcaly mtvatd
publicize a cause
dey may kdnap o kill 4 d thrill, frm
mentaly derange
confusion due 2 psychosis
aha ibutang ang police badge? left breast pocket
1. stndrd brbed wire s twstd, double-
strand, 12gauge wyr w 4 point barbs
spaces on equal dstnce apart
dscribe brbed wire fence 2. brbed wire fencing shud not b les dan
7ft excludng top guard
3. dstnce btwen strnds wil not exced 6
inches & midway btwen prts
1. shud initiate d alrm upon intrusion of
a human being n d area o vicinity upon
intrusion of humn being n d area o vcnty
2 d prtctd area o objct
2. panel board cntral enunciator opratng
console-montoring actvties shud b
manned @ ol tyms
3. an enunciator consle ndcatng d audble
desirable charctrstcs of intrusion alrm
& o aural sgnal & d specfic location of
ncdent so dat propr action cn b made by
scrty & ader units
4. fail-safe features wc gve alrm n d
enunciator wen someting s wrong w d
5. systm shud b dfcult 2 tamper o rnder
inefctve by outsiders, competitors o
elctrcal conduit into d vault shud not ___
inches n diamtr
ds ncludes rcrds d reprodction of wc wil
cause cnsderable expnse & labor, o class II- important document
cnsiderable delay
1. requiremnts 4 obtaining a patent r
spcfc; invntion mus b mor dan novel &
useful. 8 mus represnt a postve
cntribution byond d skil of d avrage
primary dstnctions btween patents &
2. a much lwer nvelty s required of a
trade screts
trade scret
3. a trade scret remains scret as long as
8 cntnues 2 met trade scret tests wyl d
exclusve ryt 2 patent protction expires
aftr 17 yrs

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