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What was the impact of Ancient

Greece on our culture today?

How can the diversity among the
various Greek city-states be
The Acropolis
Built for the local deity
Always on the top of a
fortified hill

Built for housing gods &

The Assembly
Built in an area large
enough to hold the
citizens when voting
What was the Acropolis?

How was the Acropolis different from

the Temple?
What was the Assembly?
The Parthenon
Built in Athens out of white marble for Athena
goddess of wisdom, war & art
Began in 446 BC and finished in 437 BC
Temple is enclosed by 46 columns 34 ft. tall
Contains 2 rooms each with 6 columns at their
Main room is bordered with 21 more columns &
had a golden statue of Athena
Smaller room was the treasury money & city
valuables were stored
What was the significance of the
How was the Parthenon constructed?
Using the information you just learned, identify
and label the various buildings within a Polis.
Color each building you labeled a different
color so that it can be easily identified.
Answer the question below the activity in at
least 3 complete sentences.
Work on your vocabulary log when you have
3 Main Styles of Greek Architecture
Doric, Ionic, Corinthian

All different but had details common to each

All 3 styles still used today in modern design

How many styles were there in Greek
Describe the styles.
The oldest and simplest form

Plain-looking columns with no base

Simple squares or circles at the top


Columns are slightly tapered at the


Columns are thicker than the other


Each column usually contains 20

grooves around it (channels) they
meet at the top
Describe the Doric style?
Thinner more elegant columns
than Dorian
Capitals are decorated in scroll-
like design (volute)
Volute directly above egg &
dart molding (series of half
ovals & arrowheads)
Columns have a base to
separate them from the floor
More slender than Doric
Have thinner grooves usually
about 24
Compare and contrast the Doric and
Ionic forms?
Rarely used by Ancient Greeks

Very popular during Roman civilization

Columns and bases similar to Ionic (slender with more grooves

than Dorian)

Columns have VERY fancy stonework on the capitals (flowers,

leaves, & vines)
How are Corinthian columns different
from Dorian and Ionic forms?
Analyze each image of a Greek column.

Identify whether its form is Dorian, Ionic or

When you have the answer write it on the
space provided.
At the bottom of the paper answer the
following question: How has Ancient Greek
architecture influenced our world today?
Answer in complete sentences
Must be at least 3 sentences