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Review text adalah teks yang ditujukan untuk meninjau suatu karya, baik film,

buku dan sebagainya, untuk mengetahui kualitas, kelebihan serta kekurangan

yang dimiliki oleh karya tersebut. Tujuan koomunikatif dari Review text adalah to
criticise an art work, event for a public audience (melakukan kritik terhadap
peristiwa atau karya seni ataupun lainnya untuk khalayak umum).


Setiap jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris memiliki struktur umum yang berbeda.
Setiap struktur tersebut disesuaikan dengan tujuan komunikatif yang akan
disampaikan kepada pembaca. Di dalam Review text, terdapat empat struktur
kalimat, yaitu:

1. Introduction

Bagian ini berisikan gambaran umum tentang sebuah karya atau benda yang
akan ditinjau. Gambaran umum tentang karya atau benda tersebut dapat berupa
nama, kegunaan dan sebagainya.

2. Evaluation

Bagian evaluation ini memberikan gambaran yang lebih mendetail terhadap

suatu karya atau benda yang akan direview. Gambaran tersebut dapat berupa
bagian-bagiannya, keunikan ataupun kualitasnya. Pada bagian ini hindari
memberikan terlalu banyak deskripsi mengenai karya atau benda tersebut,
untuk menjauhkan kesan mengajarkan pembaca. Istilah yang digunakan dalam
struktur umum yang kedua ini adalah tidak jauh dari kata baik atau tidak
karya atau benda tersebut.

3. Interpretation

Bagian ini menjelaskan pandangan dari penulis mengenai karya atau benda yang
direviewnya. Bagian interpretation dilakukan setelah melakukan evaluasi yang
cukup terhadap karya atau benda tersebut. Tidak jarang, penulis akan
membandingkannya dengan karya atau benda yang mirip. Hal ini dilakukan
untuk mendukung dan memperkuat pandangan penulis.

4. Summary
Penulis memberikan kesimpulan pada bagian terakhir dari Review text yang
menjelaskan apakah karya atau benda yang direviewnya berharga atau tidak
kepada pembaca.

Pengertian Review Text

Secara harfiah, review bermakna "tinjauan, ringkasan, tinjauan ulang." Jika ada
frasa book review berarti bermakna tinjauan buku. Karenanya, review text bisa
diartikan secara harfiah sebagai teks yang difungsikan untuk meninjau. Apa saja
yang ditinjau? ya apa saja lah, baik buku, produk kecantikan, mobil, hp, laptop
dan lain sebagainya.

Social Function Review Text

Ternyata review text bisa berfungsi sebagai to criticise an art work, event for a
public audience. (untuk memberikan kritik terhadap suatu karya seni, ataupun
lainnya untuk khalayak umum).

Generic Structure Review Text

Generic Structure dari Review Text terdiri dari :

Orientation : places the work in its general and particular context, often by
comparing it with others of its kind or through an analog with a nonart object or
event. (menempatkan karya yang ditinjau pada konteks umum ataupun khusus,
biasanya dengan membandingkan dengan karya lain yang sejenis atau melalui
analogi obyek yang bukan karya seni.)

Interpretive Recount : summarize the plot and/or providers an account of how

the reviewed rendition of the work came into being.(meringkas alur cerita "jika
mereview buku" bagaimana cara penyampaian karya tersebut)

Evaluation : provides an evaluation of the work and/or its performance or

production; is usually recursive.(memberikan sebuah evaluari karya ataupun
penampilan, produksi; evaluasi ini biasanya berulang-ulang)
Sebenarnya, susunan umum (generic structure) review text ini tidak harus sama
persis seperti di atas, mungkin karena alasan "meringkas" pelajaran, jadi ketiga
susunan tadi bisa sebagai gambaran umum saja, oke.

Masih bingung? Yang nulis juga bingung :) Okelah mari kita langsung saja
memberikan beberapa contoh review text, yang semoga bisa menambah
pemahaman kita tentang review text.

review text

Contoh Review Text (1) - A Book Review

Rhymes of the Times By: Harold Matthew Nash

Publisher: Booksurge

Reviewed by: John Lehman

I particularly liked the first few pages of this book where the poet acknowledges
those who have helped him and tells us something about his life. Too often
writing is a lonely task and poetry so personal that it excludes others until they
read the final result. But both poets and audiences are intimately involved in the
process. Readers are not consumers looking for a pair of shoes, but people trying
to discover something about how they feel, as well as understand the emotions
of the person writing the poem. This spirit of openness and participation is right
here from the start in this collection.

Harold is one of nine children, raised by his mother. In the Introduction he tells us
about public moments that have shaped his life (Martin Luther Kings I Have a
Dream speech, Muhammad Alis I can float like a butterfly and sting like a
bee.) as well as very private ones like attending the wedding of a girl he was
still very much in love with. This not only gives us an insight into the person
behind these poems, it helps us understand their inspiration and connection to
things outside of the words. The Bee in the Web draws on the butterfly/bee
of Alis boast, yet expands on it to a message of racial harmony as opposed to
one of militant aggression and separatism.
There are some great titles (The Martian and the Wino, W Stands for Wrong",
Fasten Your Seatbelt) and lines that make us think (Sometimes I feel that lifes
a curse, has front-wheel drive and no reverse and the very poignant I hate in
order to protect yourselfyou pack a gun or mace. So why dont I say what the
hell and hate the human race.) There are also some bad lines: Her skin is
cream, her body is slim. Looking at her makes the average saint sin.perhaps,
but what or who is the average saint? The book ends with a sweet poem by
Charla Angeline Hultmann (and I really like the candor of her bio) called Gift
and giving is the real spirit of this book of poetry.

I will be honest, I am not a fan of rhyme. There is a delight in adjacent sounds

rubbing togethervowels held and savored, consonants clicking in a rowbut
easy rhymes (head/dead; love/dove; moon/prune) tend to
overshadow poetic subtleties, determine word choice and the words themselves
lose their meaning, becoming clichs. But this is the music of this poets
generation, and there is no denying that poetry is more alive, more meaningful
and more accessible than it has ever been at any other time during my life. PS I
do love the Osama mama rhyme. In general I think it would benefit Harold
Nashs development to read more of the published contemporary Black poets.

But form aside, this is an honest (courageous and unflinching) look at life today
one we need to share together for the survival of us all. That is Rhymes of the
Times message. And it is a good one.

Contoh Review Text (2) - Product Review

Acer Iconia Tab A100


Reviewed By mikeandrew

While the 10-inch tablet market is very crowded and highly competitive right
now, when it comes to 7-inch powerful and reliable slates, there are still some
gaps that need to be filled. The Iconia Tab A100 wants to do just that, being a
very interesting, portable and snappy gadget.
Design and display

When talking about 7-inch tablets, the aspect is very important. The Tab A100
does not disappoint from this point of view, being elegant and classy. The front
face is surrounded by glossy black plastic, while the back of the tablet is a dark
gray plastic with Acers logo in the middle. In terms of portability, the Iconia Tab
A100 is also a more than a satisfying device, being about the same size and
weight as the HTC Flyer, for example.

The 7-inch touchscreen with 1024x600 pixels resolution offers great image
quality, contrast and brightness, but does more of a mediocre job when talking
about viewing angles. Still, the display is overall decent and holds the
comparison with the HTC Flyer or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.

Performance and software - The Iconia Tab A100 features the already classic
Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM memory and is therefore at
least as snappy and powerful as any other 7 or 10-inch tablet on the market right
now. The cameras are surprisingly decent, the 2 MP front-facing and the 5 MP
rear-facing devices offering pretty much the best image quality you might hope
to find on a slate.

In terms of software, Acers 7-inch tablet is set to be a pioneer, being the first
slate of its category to be powered by the Android Honeycomb OS. Not only that,
but it will run on the latest 3.2 version of the operating system, which means
that you will get loads of apps and snappy performance.

Connectivity and pricing - The Iconia Tab A100 is set to feature WiFi and
Bluetooth compatibility, as well as a micro-USB port and a micro SD slot card. It
would have been perfect if it would have featured HDMI as well, but still it is
pretty decent for a 7-inch tablet.
As far as pricing is concerned, the Acer Iconia Tab A100, which has not yet been
released on the market, will be available for 329 dollars( the 8 GB version) or for
349 dollars( the 16 GB version). This is consistently less than HTC Flyers or
Blackberry Playbooks prices, to name two of the important 7-inch tablets right

Wrap-up - While the Iconia Tab A500 is still struggling to become one of the
important names in the tablets world, the from this Android tablet review it looks
like a winner right away. Packing good technical specifications, as well as a
decent display and a revolutionary software for a 7-inch tablet, Acers new slate
also comes at an affordable price tag and will probably mesmerize technology
fanatics all around the world.

Sumber ENGLISHINDO.COM Referensi Belajar Bahasa Inggris Online:
Review Text: Definition, Generic Structure, Language Features


Review text is an evaluation of publication, such as a movie, video game, musical

composition, book; a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer;
or an event or performance, such as a live concert, a ply, musical theater show
or dance show.


Review text is used to critic the events or art works for the reader or
listener, such as movies, shows, book, and others.

To critique or evaluate an art work or event for a public audience

Generic Structure:

Orientation/Introduction: General information of the text.

Interpretative Recount: Summary of an art works including character and


Evaluation: Concluding statement: Judgment, opinion, or recommendation.

It can consist of more than one.

Summary: The last opinion consist the appraisal or the punch line of the art
works being criticized.

Language Features:

1. Using the present tense

2. Focus on specific participants

3. Using adjectives form example like ad, good, valuable, etc.

4. Using long and complex clauses

5. Using metaphor (in Indonesia its called Majas/Pengandaian