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The Progress Report

To date, we have achieved the followings:

I. Data Collecting

After contacting many companies and searching for long time, two datasets with known upper &
lower specification limits for the same company have been collected (129 & 130) samples. And
in addition to that we found the acceptable quality level (AQL), the rejectable quality level (RQL),
producer's risk (alpha) and consumer's risk.

II. literature review

Many resources (published papers, books and articles) have been studied carefully to have a
good idea about the different techniques and approaches which been used in such project.

III. Problem description

The problem has been defined carefully and the main objectives from the analysis have been
decided clearly.

V. Data analysis

The data has been summarized and presented by using different techniques to model and
describe the quality characteristics of the process and the suitable conclusions have been drawn,
taking variation in the data into account.

b. The Descriptive Statistics

c. The Histogram

d. The Stem-and-Leaf

e. The Probability Plot

f. The Time Series Plot

g. The Box Plot

h. The Probability Distributions

i. Hypothesis test (Statistical Inference for Two Samples).

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IV. Statistical analysis

The control charts in addition to the capability analysis, have been used to test and then
ensure that the manufacturing process is stable and capable, and as a result of that will
be able to assign the main causes of variability in the process.
a. Xbar-R Chart

Future work

We will continue with more statistical analysis to assign the main causes of the variability in the
process, and will continue to use different techniques such as (DMAIC) for more analyzing that
lead to improve the process.

Moreover, acceptance sampling will be conducted based on the same data and suitable
sampling plans to be decided

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